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SACRAMENTO, CA January 11, 2010

Effective Second Language Acquisition

s Learn Effective Instructional Strategies that Speed Language Acquisition s Dozens of Ideas to Develop and Sustain the Language & Literacy Skills of All Your Students

SO. SAN FRANCISCO, CA January 13, 2010

Professional Growth Hours Verification Available

s Increase Comprehension in All Content Areas s Learn to Strengthen Your Entire Program with Evidence-Based Instruction

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s Apply and Integrate Language Learning Across Your Curriculum s Increase Achievement for All English Learners Including: Title I, Title III, Special Education & Gifted Students



Dr. Stephen Krashen has motivated thousands of professional educators and administrators each year with his evidence-based methods for effective second language acquisition...and his dynamic style! A renowned pioneer in his field, Dr. Krashen is constantly in demand as a Professional Development Consultant and keynote speaker. Professor of Education, Emeritus, at the University of Southern California, he works with teachers and their students...and knows the realities and challenges you face every day! Dr. Krashen is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and the author of many internationally acclaimed books...most notable are: The Power of Reading, Condemned Without A Trial: Bogus Arguments Against Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Teaching: The Easy Way. Whether you are struggling, improving or succeeding with your second language students ...this inspirational seminar is an absolute MUST for you!

Effective Second La


Dr. Stephen Krashen will arm you with evidence-based research and the most effective instructional strategies. You'll learn to increase the learning levels and achievement of ALL your English Language Learners. Starting with the most recent second language theories, Dr. Krashen will show you why you don't have to be a "multilingual magician" to teach your multilingual class. You will learn how to build a solid academic foundation for your students...and then take them from basic literacy to more advanced levels. Dr. Krashen shows you incredibly effective ways to increase your teaching effectiveness, boost your students' self-esteem and send their achievement soaring! Spend a "never to be forgotten" day with him and learn his classroom-proven second language acquisition strategies!

In Just One Day You Will Learn...

s s

Evidence-based techniques that speed language acquisition and improve literacy

What works best for your diverse students s How to strengthen your ongoing ELL program s Why you need to teach language acquisition skills throughout the day


How Sheltered Content teaching can be successful s The importance of creating a library that will build literacy in all subject areas s How a student's anxiety can be replaced with self-esteem


The connection between self-selected reading and fluency s How "voluntary" reading can boost academic language!


"Dr. Krashen gives an excellent, practical review of strategies that make sense." ­ Terry Miller, 8th Grade English Teacher "He makes facts entertaining, but supports them with evidence-based research." ­ Dina Ruiz, ESL Teacher "A great day! The presentation was informative, easy-to-follow, and engaging." ­ Loretta Holmes, 4th Grade Teacher "Thank you for confirming my beliefs on what is best for ELLs." ­ Kelly Jensen, ELL Coordinator

This Comprehensive Seminar Includes...

A FREE Resource Handbook with follow-up materials to share with your colleagues. Sustain your professional development! Evidence-based research on language theory and effective instructional strategies for your classroom Recent studies on the role of grammar in language acquisition An in-depth look at "comprehensible output" Ideas on how "narrow listening" and "narrow reading" can boost literacy skills in your classroom Ways to dramatically improve skills with "Sheltered Content" Extensive lists of Professional Resources to use tomorrow

anguage Acquisition


s Putting Evidence-Based Strategies into Daily Practice · Learn evidence-based strategies that accelerate student learning · How ELL kids really acquire second language and literacy! · See how to increase fluency and accuracy for your students · How to integrate language acquisition throughout the day s How Students Can Achieve Higher Level Language Ability · How to help your students build language and improve literacy · Practical ideas to build academic and conversational language competency · How to advance second language acquisition · Reduce anxiety and raise self-esteem in your classroom s Strengthening Literacy: Effective Reading and Writing Instruction · How to expand comprehension and vocabulary · How students acquire grammar...without "formal" instruction · See how to accelerate kids' cognitive development with reading materials · Learn about the connection between phonemic awareness and literacy development · How to increase your students' use of literature s Accelerate Language Development: "Voluntary" Reading · Books or computers? When to use each · See how "voluntary" reading builds a bridge from conversational to academic language · Using silent reading, pleasure reading, and self-selected reading to sustain language development · Create a library to build literacy in all subject areas s Developing Literacy, Cognition, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving · Teaching writing to increase cognition and literacy · Increasing your bilingual students' intellectual and linguistic achievement · Teaching multiple ability levels: From Title I, Title III and Special Gifted · Effective instructional strategies to use in your classroom s Sheltered Content Instruction · Using "sheltered" subject matter to accelerate learning · Implementing a comprehensible curriculum in your classroom · Transferring first language ability to the second language · Integrate Language Arts across your curriculum




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Call (800) 678-8908

Complete registration information is on the back page of this brochure. The Leader in Professional Development since 1974! CEEA is proud to announce its recent merger with their national organization, Staff Development Resources. SDR is the leading provider of effective and sustainable professional development for educators. Together, SDR & CEEA will offer an array of timely topics presented by speakers who are chosen for their practical experience and extensive knowledge in their fields. Professional Requirements SDR verifies participation hours for continuing education and recertification requirements. University Credit Earn one semester hour of graduate elective credit through Chapman University for a fee of $65 and completion of a follow-up assignment. Details will be provided at the seminar. If you intend to use this credit to satisfy degree, state credential or district requirements, please verify acceptance of credit prior to enrolling. Credit is not applicable for state licensing in Vermont. Exhibits, Resources & Materials Take this opportunity to review and purchase the latest educational materials from national and local publishers. For information on exhibiting: Call (800) 973-6326. On-Site Professional Development Contact SDR at (800) 678-8908 to bring this or another seminar to your school.

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SACRAMENTO, CA, Jan. 11, 2010 SO. SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Jan. 13, 2010

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Effective Second Language Acquisition


PHONE: FAX: MAIL: Call (310) 534-2934 or (800) 678-8908 Between 7:00 a.m. -- 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time Fax Registration Form to: (310) 534-1002

REGISTRATION FEE: (payable in advance) $199 per person. Checks, VISA, MasterCard accepted; no cash, please. Fee includes: Attendance, refreshments, and all seminar materials. No confirmation will be sent. Your canceled check or your credit card statement will be your receipt of registration. SUBSTITUTIONS AND CANCELLATIONS: Substitutions may be made at any time. Your paid registration fee is fully refundable if you can't attend and notify us at least seven calendar days prior to the program. Late cancellations receive credit toward a future seminar. MEETING SITES & HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: Please make your own hotel reservations directly with the hotel at least three weeks in advance. Mention Staff Development Resources when making room reservations to obtain the seminar rate. FOR DIRECTIONS AND A MAP: Please visit our website ( or call the hotel. SACRAMENTO, CA, January 11, 2010 ­ Sterling Hotel, 1300 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 448-1300. Nearby public parking lots $5.00 to $15.00. SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 13, 2010 ­ South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 South Airport Boulevard, South San Francisco, CA 94080, (650) 877-8787. Accommodations at the Holiday Inn, 275 South Airport Boulevard, South San Francisco, CA 94080, (650) 873-3550.


Send Registration Form to: SDR P.O. Box 3168 Torrance, CA 90510-3168 ONLINE:



All seminars are scheduled 8:30 a.m. -- 3:30 p.m. Registration is at 8:00 a.m.


Grades K-12 Classroom, Reading, ESL/Bilingual, Foreign Language, Mentor Teachers and Adult Education Teachers, Current and Prospective Language Development Specialists, Teachers of Title I, Title III, Title VII and Gifted Students, Curriculum Coordinators, Administrators and Paraeducators. POSSIBLE FUNDING SOURCES: ARRA, IDEA, Title I, Title II, Title III, Title V, Title VII, No Child Left Behind Funds, Innovation Funds, Improving Teacher Quality Enhancement Funds, Charter Schools Funding, Program Improvement Funds, SELPA, Professional Development Funds and Parent Teacher Organizations.


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