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T6 N35: 35000-Litre UN Portable Tank T6 7820mm x 2550mm x 2670mm high Swapbody tank container, 4.5 bar test pressure, insulated & steam heated.



Metric Imperial 9246 US GALLONS 74956 LBS 9480 LBS

Capacity Maximum Gross Weight Tare Construction: Working Pressure Test Pressure Steam Working Pressure Steam Test Pressure Relief Valve

35000 LTR 34000 KG 4300 KG

3.0 BAR 4.5 BAR 6.0 BAR 10.0 BAR 3.3 BAR

43.5 PSI 65.3 PSI 43 PSI 145 PSI 48 PSI

Ambient Temp. Range Maximum Cargo Temp Shell Material Thickness Design Code Approvals Standard Fittings:

-40°C to +65°C 130°C Stainless steel, AISI 316 DIN 17441, 1.4401 4.2mm shell, 5mm ends ASME, section VIII, division 1

-40 F to +149°F 266°F

Bureau Veritas Construction Certificate, DOT UK IMO type 1, UIC, CSC, ADR, RID, TIR, Customs 500 MM (20") diameter, located centre. Volumetric stainless steel chart, nominal capacity 31000 litres. 40 MM (1½") Natco ball valve, outlet 1½" BSP, s/s screw cap.

Manlid Calibration Airline Relief Valve Top Valve Bottom Discharge Gaskets & Seals Insulation Steam Heating Compartment Temperature Gauge

80 MM (2½") FV maxi high flow flanged, operating pressure 3.3 bar. Provision for 3" clamped butterfly valve and 3" full length syphon tube 80 MM (3") FV high-lift foot valve, bolted to steam heated tank pad. External valve, clamped 80mm (3") FV butterfly valve. Outlet 3" BSP screw thread and cap. Parts in contact with cargo, PTFE/Teflon. 50 MM poly-isocyanurate, except round steam coils - 50 MM glasswool compressed to 25mm, overlaid with 25mm tanklite. 1.5mm maroon painted grp. 11m² effective surface area, external steam ducts, comprising 8 runs, ¾" BSP inlet/outlet and cap. Spill boxes to top fittings fitted with hinged lids. Analogue gauge fitted rear end: -20°C to +200°C Swapbody 7150 MM length fitted with straddle lift 4876 MM centres on base, top frame at ISO castings, base frame 4 bottom corner castings centred on tank and 4 castings at ISO positioned from the front end of the tank. End protection and side protection top & bottom. 475 MM wide Q grating non-slip aluminium. One longitudinal to manlid, transverse section at rear end. Stainless steel collapsible handrail fitted to outer side of walkway Fitted rear end.


Walkway Handrail Document Holder Page 1 of 2

T6 N35: 35000-Litre UN Portable Tank T6 7820mm x 2550mm x 2670mm high Swapbody tank container, 4.5 bar test pressure, insulated & steam heated.


Actual measurements and specifications may vary and are subject to confirmation. The authorised Dangerous Goods Advisor should confirm fitness for purpose of any tank and that the cargo is compatible and will not attack the tank vessel. Tank containers are supplied in accordance with a signed lease and GE SeaCo General Trading conditions. Page 2 of 2



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