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General Vacuum Equipment Ltd. became part of Bobst Group (Switzerland) early in 2004. Bobst Group is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of equipment providing solutions for the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible packaging industries. All of the Group's products are marketed world-wide through a dedicated sales & service network, with a presence in more than 50 countries. General, together with the well established world leading brand names of Atlas, Titan and Midi (UK) and Rotomec (Italy), have now joined Schiavi (Italy) to create one of the world's largest manufacturing groups of converting equipment for flexible materials. Bobst Group's Business Area Flexible Materials (BA-FM) provides solutions for a comprehensive range of converting processes including slitting, rewinding & handling; vacuum metallizing; coating & laminating; gravure & flexo printing; and slitting & separating for aluminium foil. Please visit our website for more information:

High Performance Vacuum Metallizing

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The K5000 metallizer is an innovative machine designed to meet the demands of today's plastic film metallizing industry. Higher quality coatings produced at higher production rates give the owner of the K5000 a distinct advantage in today's marketplace.

Cycle Time

Cycle Time

Higher Productivity

The K5000 metallizer outputs more tonnes of metallized film per hour than its closest competitor. The machine has a base coating speed of 720m/min for 2.2OD. It is able to handle up to 1200mm diameter reels, proportionately reducing the effect of non-metallizing time in the production cycle. The K5000 metallizer also consumes lower levels of electricity and aluminium wire per square metre of metallized film produced.

Standard Cycle Time

20% Larger Diameter Roll

metallizing time close vessel pumpdown source warm up accelerate decelerate cool and vent open vessel roll change source clean every run shields clean source clean boat change

Diameter Pie

Width Pie

Diameter Pie

Ease of use

Reducing the amount of non coating time is key to increasing a metallizer's productivity. Making easier each task that the operator has to perform reduces downtime. · The K5000's higher collection efficiency means less aluminium to clean · Its smooth surfaces are easier to clean · The innovative edge shields are easier and faster to set up · Reduced noise levels mean a more relaxed, safer environment with fewer mistakes · Comprehensive maintenance and trouble shooting screens make it easier to keep the metallizer working at peak output

Overall width

Overall length Overall height

Coating Quality

World leading plasma treatment units give the K5000 metallizer the ability to coat with better WVTR, OTR and adhesion than other machines. Winding quality is maintained due to loadcell control and servo driven unwind and rewind layarms. The layarms can work in gap or contact mode. The gap can be set at any desired value and automatically maintained.

Max web width (mm) Min web width (mm) Max roll diameter (mm) Max line speed (m/min) Average power consumption (kW) Average water consumption (m3/hr) Overall length (mm) Overall width (mm) Height above floor (mm) Estimated annual output (tonnes)

2050 1025 1200 1000 284 18 20430 4700 2975 5300

2450 1225 1200 1000 328 19 20830 4700 2975 6500

2850 1425 1200 1000 393 21 21730 4900 3100 7600

3250 1625 1200 1000 424 22 21930 4900 3100 8700

3650 1825 1200 1000 463 23 22730 4900 3100 9700

4050 2025 1200 1000 549 24 22930 4900 3100 10800



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