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Electrical Switchgear and Anchoring Equipment



3 Footswitches 4 Control Boxes & Solenoids 5 Circuit Breakers & Battery Switches 6-7 Handheld Remote Controls

Anchoring & docking solutions to meet your needs.

Imtra® has searched the world to find the very best anchoring and docking products available today. Whether you're looking for an anchor windlass, a bow thruster or just a new anchor rode, Imtra can help create the right system for you. We have the brands that boatowners and builders ask for by name. Our ability to coordinate all types of marine products makes us a valuable resource for leading manufacturers and individual customers. Imtra's real strength begins with its people. Our highly trained national sales force is supported by the knowledgeable team at our headquarters in New Bedford, Massachusetts who are dedicated to the highest level of customer service. We'll work closely with you to develop a specific program that meets your individual needs. As part of this strategy, we can put together complete systems that enhance the value of each product and increase overall performance. For more than 40 years, Imtra has built a solid reputation as an organization that understands the marine industry and gets results. To find out more, contact us today or visit us online at

8 Panel-Mount Remote Controls

Anchor Chain

9 Anchor Chain & Rodes


10-11 Anchoring Accessories


12-15 Anchor Rollers

Imtra Corporation 30 Barnet Boulevard New Bedford, MA 02745 U.S.A. 508-995-7000 Fax: 508-998-5359


High-Amperage Footswitches

Covered and uncovered high-amp footswitches that can handle windlass loads without an external solenoid or control box. 200 Amp continuous rating at 12V (600 Amp "make and break"). Uncovered footswitch features a chrome-bronze trim ring. Covered versions include rugged, fiberglass-reinforced polyester hinged cover that opens flat on deck while switch is in use; when not in use, cover closes over switch to prevent accidental operation. 4" (100mm) diameter.


Low-Amperage Footswitches

Imtra and Lofrans low-amp, covered electronic footswitches are perfect for compact installations. These footswitches require only a small 1/4" hole in the deck for the wires to pass through. Must be installed with solenoids or a windlass control box. 21/4" diameter.

SPA-10500 SPA-10502 SPA-10504

Heavy-Duty Footswitch Heavy-Duty Covered Footswitch, Black Heavy-Duty Covered Footswitch, White

Imtra Low-Amp Footswitches Imtra low-amp switches offer color-coded boots with arrows to designate direction and an open cover to allow finger operation when the cover is closed.

SPA-10510 SPA-10511 SPA-10510W SPA-10511W Black Cover, Grey Boot Black Cover, Red Boot White Cover, Grey Boot White Cover, Red Boot

Replacement Footswitch Parts

Parts for High-Amp Footswitches

SPA-10505 SPA-10505W SPA-10506 SPA-10507 SPA-10508S Bezel & Cover, Black Bezel & Cover, White Bezel, Chrome Rubber Cover 5 /16" Hex Nut

Parts for Low-Amp Footswitches

SPA-10515 SPA-10515W SPA-10516 SPA-10517 LWP906 LWP907 LWP900L LWP905L Bezel & Cover for Imtra Switches, Black Bezel & Cover for Imtra Switches, White Boot for Imtra Switches, Grey Boot for Imtra Switches, Red Boot for Lofrans Switches, Red Boot for Lofrans Switches, Black "Up" Label for Lofrans Cover "Down" Label for Lofrans Cover

Lofrans Low-Amp Footswitches Lofrans low-amp switches have a stainless steel trim ring and a solid cover.

LWP900 LWP905 Footswitch (Up), Black Boot Footswitch (Down), Red Boot

Photo courtesy of Navigator Yachts.

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Switchgear 4

C o n t ro l B o x e s & S o l e n o i d s

Windlass Control Boxes

Watertight and pre-wired, our dual-solenoid control boxes are available for 2/4 or 3-wire windlass motors. Rated for continuous duty to 150 Amps (surge to 500 Amps)

Simple Solenoids

Continuous duty solenoids in 12V or 24V to control one windlass operation (up or down).

SPA-10600 SPA-10624

Continuous Duty Solenoid, 12V Continuous Duty Solenoid, 24V

Control Boxes for 2- and 4-Wire Motors

SPA-10695 SPA-10696 12V, 200-1200W 24V, 200-1500W Typical Wiring Diagram

Control Boxes for 3-Wire Motors

SPA-10700 SPA-10724 12V, 500-1500W 24V, 500-2000W

Conductor Sizes (Gauge) for 3% Drop in Voltage

12 Volts

Total Current On Circuit 30 Amps 40 Amps 50 Amps 60 Amps 70 Amps 80 Amps 90 Amps 100 Amps Length of conductor from source of current to windlass and back to source - in feet. 20 6 6 4 4 2 2 2 2 25 6 4 4 2 2 2 1 1 30 4 4 2 2 1 1 0 0 40 4 2 2 1 0 0 2/0 2/0 50 2 2 1 0 2/0 3/0 3/0 3/0 60 2 1 0 2/0 3/0 3/0 4/0 4/0 70 1 0 2/0 3/0 3/0 4/0 4/0 80 1 0 2/0 3/0 4/0 4/0 90 0 2/0 3/0 4/0 4/0 100 0 2/0 3/0 4/0

24 Volts

Total Current On Circuit 30 Amps 40 Amps 50 Amps 60 Amps 70 Amps 80 Amps 90 Amps 100 Amps

Length of conductor from source of current to windlass and back to source - in feet. 20 10 8 6 6 6 6 4 4 25 8 6 6 6 4 4 4 4 30 8 6 6 4 4 4 2 2 40 6 6 4 4 2 2 2 2 50 6 4 4 2 2 2 1 1 60 4 4 2 2 1 1 0 0 70 4 2 2 1 1 0 0 2/0 80 4 2 2 1 0 0 2/0 2/0 90 2 2 1 0 0 2/0 2/0 3/0 100 2 2 1 0 2/0 2/0 3/0 3/0

ABYC Chart

Based on minimum CM area ©1998 American Boat and Yacht Council, Inc.

C i rc u i t B re a k e r s & B a t t e r y S w i t c h e s

Magnetic Breakers

Panel-mounted magnetic circuit breakers provide protection for windlass motor and vessel's electrical system. They also function as power switches. Indicator light warns against leaving your windlass on. 50A and 100A models are 31/4" x 41/2"; 150A is 31/2" x 63/4".


Battery Cut-Off Switches

Our high-current single and double-poled battery on/off switches are designed to isolate a windlass, bow thruster or the vessel's main DC supply. All three feature M10 connections and require thru-bulkhead mounting; all three are engineroom safe.

SPA-10050 SPA-10100 SPA-10124 SPA-10150

50 Amp Magnetic Breaker, 12V 100 Amp Magnetic Breaker, 12V 100 Amp Magnetic Breaker, 24V 150 Amp Magnetic Breaker, 12V

Battery On/Off Switch The SPA-460232 is rated for 1000 Amps at 12VDC for 5 seconds and 250 Amps continuously. It also features a removeable key (with lanyard eye) and supports power supplies up to 24V.

SPA-460232 SPA-460310 Battery On/Off Switch w/ Removeable Key Spare Key for SPA-460232

Thermal Breakers

Panel-mounted, thermal-actuated circuit breakers. On/Off switches from 35-125 Amps. 2"x 31/8".

Battery Master Switch

LWP61035TR LWP61070TR LWP61100TR LWP61125TR 35 Amp Thermal Breaker with Panel 70 Amp Thermal Breaker with Panel 100 Amp Thermal Breaker with Panel 125 Amp Thermal Breaker with Panel

The SPA-ECE101W and SPA-ECEM191 utilize "T"grip handles for a positive on/off. They support up to 450 Amps continuous (2500 Amps for 5 seconds) at 12V.

SPA-ECE101W SPA-ECEM191 Battery Master Switch, Single Pole Battery Master Switch, Double Pole

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Switchgear 6

H a n d h e l d R e m o t e C o n t ro l s

Multi-function handheld remote controls for windlasses, gangways, davits and other applications. Watertight and compact, with marine plug and socket included. Most models offer a choice of 7-foot spiral cord or 33-foot straight cable.

2-Function Handheld Remotes

2-Function (Up/Down) with 7' Spiral Cord SPA-10570/10 2-Function (Up/Down) with 33' Straight Cable SPA-10570

6-Function Handheld Remotes

6-Function (Up/Down, Left/Right, Up/Down ) with 7' Spiral Cord SPA-10580/10 6-Function (Up/Down, Left/Right, Up/Down ) with 33' Straight Cable SPA-10580

4-Function Handheld Remotes

4-Function (Up/Down, Up/Down) with 7' Spiral Cord SPA-10575/10 4-Function (Up/Down, Up/Down) with 33' Straight Cable SPA-10575

8-Function Handheld Remotes

8-Function (Up/Down, In/Out, Left/Right, Up/Down ) with 7' Spiral Cord SPA-10585/10 8-Function (Up/Down, In/Out, Left/Right, Up/Down ) with 33' Straight Cable SPA-10585

SPA-10575L1 SPA-10575L2

4-Function (Up/Down, Left/Right ) with 7' Spiral Cord 4-Function (In/Out, Up/Down ) with 7' Spiral Cord

2-Function Handheld with Digital Chain Counter

2-Function Remote with Chain Counter and 7' Spiral Cord SPA-10590/10 2-Function Remote with Chain Counter and 33' Straight Cable SPA-10590

L1 and L2 versions of the 4-function remotes have icons reflecting use as davit controls

Cable options include 7' spiral cord (far left) or 33' straight cable



Handheld "Vega" Remotes

LWP810 LWP814 Vega 2-Function Remote (Up/Down) Vega 2-Function Remote (Up/Down) with "Slow Retrieval" Feature

Handheld "Orion" Remote with Chain Counter

LWP877 Orion 2-Function Remote (Up/Down) with Chain Counter

Replacement Parts for Remote Controls

Imtra stocks a complete selection of replacement parts for our handheld remote controls. If you are not sure which part is correct for you, please visit our website at for pictures and more complete descriptions. Deck Sockets and Plugs

SPA-10572 SPA-10577 SPA-10581 SPA-10589 SPA-10597 SPA-10571C SPA-10584 LWP812 LWP877P Deck Socket & Plug for 2-Function Remotes Deck Socket & Plug for 4-Function Remotes Deck Socket & Plug for 6-Function Remotes Deck Socket & Plug for 8-Function Remotes Deck Socket & Plug for 2-Function Remotes with Chain Counter Deck Socket Cover Only for 2- and 4-Function Remotes Deck Socket Cover Only for 6- and 8-Function Remotes Deck Socket & Plug for Vega Remotes Deck Socket & Plug for Vega Remote w/Chain Counter

Deck Sockets with Wire Leads & Covers

SPA-10571 SPA-10576 SPA-10583 SPA-10587 SPA-10594 Deck Socket w/ Wire Lead & Cover for 2-Function Remotes Deck Socket w/ Wire Lead & Cover for 4-Function Remotes Deck Socket w/ Wire Lead & Cover for 6-Function Remotes Deck Socket w/ Wire Lead & Cover for 8-Function Remotes Deck Socket w/ Wire Lead & Cover for 2-Function Remotes with Chain Counter

Sensors and Sensor Kits for Remotes with Chain Counters

SPA-10593 SPA-10596 LWP878 Sensor Only for SPA-10590 Complete Sensor Kit for SPA-10590 Complete Sensor Kit for LWP877

Photo courtesy of Pearson Yachts.

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Switchgear 8

P a n e l - M o u n t R e m o t e C o n t ro l s

Electronic Windlass Control Panels with Chain Counters

Imtra offers two styles of electronic windlass controllers with integrated chain counters. The Auto Anchor 500 comes in two versions: one for all chain and one to accurately monitor rope/chain combination rodes. These innovative controllers feature a large LCD display, backlighting for nighttime operation, choice of measurement in feet or meters, safety lock and a clever "one touch" automatic function to deploy or retrieve a preset amount of chain. Required mounting area: 51/2" x 51/8".

SPA-AA500C SPA-AA500RC SPA-AA500RCX Auto Anchor 500 for All-Chain Rodes Auto Anchor 500 for Rope/Chain Rodes Auto Anchor 500 for Rope/Chain Rodes with "Soft Dock" & Solid State Switching

Electronic Windlass Control Panel

Our space-saving, dash-mounted windlass control features a special "slow-retrieval" mode to help safely retrieve those last few feet of rode and stow the anchor. A separate on/off switch (with indicator light) will automatically shut down panel after 75 seconds - a key safety feature! Size: 2" diameter x 2" deep.

LWP815 Windlass Control Panel with "Slow-Retrieval" Function

Combination Breaker/Control Panels

This panel incorporates a high-capacity breaker (with indicator light - 12V only) and remote control into one compact unit. Available in four different amperages to work with a wide range of windlasses. The momentary rocker switch ensures safe and easy operation and is also available as a separate switch only. Size: 31/2" x 23/4".

SPA-2TR35 SPA-2TR70 SPA-2TR100 SPA-2TR125 LWP610000C Panel with 35A Breaker & Rocker Switch Panel with 70A Breaker & Rocker Switch Panel with 100A Breaker & Rocker Switch Panel with 125A Breaker & Rocker Switch Rocker Switch Only (incl. Mounting Block)

Toggle Up/Down Panels

Available in two versions with either Imtra or Lofrans branding. Both feature a momentary switch for safe windlass operation. Rubber toggle covers ensure trouble-free performance in exposed locations. Size: 2" x 31/8".

SPA-10550 LWP811L Panel-Mount Up/Down Remote, Imtra Panel-Mount Up/Down Remote, Lofrans

Anchor Chain


Anchor Chain & Rodes

ACCO ® Anchor Chain

Imtra offers the popular ACCO brand of anchor chain in three configurations; all meet ISO specifications. ACCO's Grade 40 (G4) hot-galvanized, high-tensile has become an industry standard, combining high strength in a short-link chain that runs easily in anchor windlass gypsies. Although not as strong as the G4, ACCO's Grade 30 BBB-chain (3B) also runs well on many windlasses for a lesser price. ACCO's 316 stainless steel chain comes in all popular link sizes and makes an attractive and functional alternative to galvanized chain, especially on rope/chain combination rodes.

Anchor Chain Sizes

Item No. Per Foot AC40402 AC40502 AC40602 AC40702 AC40802 AC41002 AC60302 AC60502 AC60602 AC60802 AC80402 AC80502 AC80602 AC80802 AC81002 Item No. Half-Drum AC40402H AC40502H AC40602H AC40702H AC40802H AC41002H AC60302H AC60502H AC60602H AC60802H AC80402H AC80502H AC80602H AC80802H AC81002H Item No. Full-Drum AC40402F AC40502F AC40602F AC40702F AC40802F AC41002F AC60302F AC60502F AC60602F AC60802F AC80402F AC80502F AC80602F AC80802F AC81002F Chain Size /4" /16" 3 /8" 7 /16" 1 /2"

1 5 5 8 3


Working Load 2600 lbs. 3900 lbs. 5400 lbs. 7200 lbs. 9200 lbs. 13000 lbs. 800 lbs. 1950 lbs. 2750 lbs. 4750 lbs. 2000 lbs. 2400 lbs. 3550 lbs. 6500 lbs. 9800 lbs.

Weight Per 100' 79 lbs. 116 lbs. 153 lbs. 216 lbs. 271 lbs. 399 lbs. 44 lbs. 118 lbs. 167 lbs. 287 lbs. 77 lbs. 112 lbs. 157 lbs. 249 lbs. 430 lbs.

Full Drum Length 800' 550' 400' 300' 200' 150' 800' 550' 400' 200' 800' 550' 400' 200' 150'

Drum Weight 632 lbs. 636 lbs. 610 lbs. 648 lbs. 541 lbs. 599 lbs. 353 lbs. 647 lbs. 668 lbs. 574 lbs. 616 lbs. 616 lbs. 628 lbs. 498 lbs. 645 lbs.

Dimensions Length Width 0.84" 1.03" 1.22" 1.40" 1.59" 1.79" 0.78" 1.00" 1.09" 1.58" 0.84" 1.03" 1.22" 1.59" 1.79" 0.40" 0.48" 0.57" 0.65" 0.74" 0.90" 0.37" 0.50" 0.62" 0.72" 0.41" 0.51" 0.59" 0.76" 0.95"



/16" 5 /16" 3 /8" 1 /2" /4" /16" 3 /8" 1 /2" 5 /8"

1 5



Custom or extended lengths of chain are available upon request by special order.

Anchor Rodes

Imtra assembles custom anchor rodes to meet our customers' requirements. Working together with New England Ropes, we have created a proprietary anchor line that is durable, strong and works well in rope/chain anchor windlasses. With ropes from 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter and ACCO chain from 1 /4" to 1/2" in size, we can make the perfect rode for your boat. In addition to our custom program, we stock the most popular combinations.

SPA-I1H15A SPA-I1H20C SPA-I1H300C SPA-I2H15A SPA-I2H25A SPA-I2H25B 200 ft. - 1/2" 3-Strand Nylon Line & 15 ft. - 1/4" HT chain 100 ft. - 1/2" 3-Strand Nylon Line & 20 ft. - 1/4" HT chain 300 ft. - 1/2" 3-Strand Nylon Line & 30 ft. - 1/4" HT chain 200 ft. - 9/16" 3-Strand Nylon Line & 15 ft. - 5/16"HT chain 200 ft. - 9/16" 3-Strand Nylon Line & 25 ft. - 5/16" HT chain 200 ft. - 5/8" 3-Strand Nylon Line & 25 ft. - 5/16" HT chain

Photo courtesy of Intrepid Yachts.

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Accessories 10

Anchoring Accessories

Imtra has collected a variety of products to complete your anchoring system. All of these items are of the highest quality and were selected specifically to work with Imtra's Lofrans and Muir windlass lines.

Stainless Steel Chainstoppers

Our stainless steel chainstopper accomodates chain from 1/4 -3/8" and features a removal pawl (with lanyard). Safe working load of 5,000 lbs. Mounts with two 3/8" fasteners (not included) and has a footprint that is 23/4 -31/8".

SPA-6988S Stainless Steel Chainstopper for 1/4 -3/8" Chain

Chrome-Bronze Chainstoppers

Imtra offers the Muir modular chainstopper system for larger applications. These stoppers are available in their base form but can be upgraded to include a Devil's Claw assembly with the optional conversion kits. Available in two sizes: 5/16 -3/8" or 7 /16 -1/2". Larger sizes are available by special order. These stoppers can also be ordered in stainless steel on special request.

MCLKBRZC10A MCLKBRZC13A MDCKIT10 MDCKIT13 Muir Chainstopper for 5/16 -3/8" Chain Muir Chainstopper for 7/16 -1/2" Chain Devil's Claw Conversion Kit for MCLKBRZC10A Devil's Claw Conversion Kit for MCLKBRZC13A

Anchor Swivels & Shackles

Complete your anchoring system with our stainless steel anchor swivels and galvanized shackles. Our anchor swivels are constructed of rugged 18-8 stainless steel that is buffed to a polished finish. Their streamline design ensures free running through bow rollers and chocks. Imtra offers "D" shackles from ACCO made with the same materials and workmanship that make their high-tensile chain the finest in the industry.

Sizing for Anchor Swivels & Shackles

Item No. SPA-801 SPA-802 SPA-803 SPA-40040 SPA-40050 SPA-40060 SPA-40070 SPA-40080 Description Swivel, Small Swivel, Medium Swivel, Large Shackle, /4" 5 Shackle, /16" 3 Shackle, /8" 7 Shackle, /16" 1 Shackle, /2"


Spread Between Eyes: Working Load Chain Size Chain End Anchor End 1 /4 -5/16" 0.39" 0.62" 1550 lbs. 3 /8 -7/16" 0.55" 0.82" 4500 lbs. 1 /2" 0.62" 1.10" 5880 lbs. 1000 lbs. 1500 lbs. 2000 lbs. 3000 lbs. 4000 lbs.

3 1

Pin Diameter: Chain End Anchor End 0.27" 0.39" 0.47" 0.51" 0.55" 0.59" 5/16" 3/8" 7/16" 1/2" 5/8" N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

/16" /4" 5 /16" 3 /8" 7 /16"

0.47" 0.53" 0.66" 0.72" 0.81"



Chain Markers

Imtra offers these handy, color-coded chain markers to make it easier to keep track of your chain deployment. Offered in five colors (red, blue, green, yellow, white) and supplied in bags of 10 each. For 1/4" and 5/16" chains only.

SPA-01.500.06R SPA-01.500.06B SPA-01.500.06G SPA-01.500.06Y SPA-01.500.06W SPA-01.500.08R SPA-01.500.08B SPA-01.500.08G SPA-01.500.08Y SPA-01.500.08W Chain Markers, 1/4" Red (Bag of 10) Chain Markers, 1/4" Blue (Bag of 10) Chain Markers, 1/4" Green (Bag of 10) Chain Markers, 1/4" Yellow (Bag of 10) Chain Markers, 1/4" White (Bag of 10) Chain Markers, 5/16" Red (Bag of 10) Chain Markers, 5/16" Blue (Bag of 10) Chain Markers, 5/16" Green (Bag of 10) Chain Markers, 5/16" Yellow (Bag of 10) Chain Markers, 5/16" White (Bag of 10)

Snubbers & Chain Hooks

Anchor snubbers are an important add-on when using an all-chain rode. After setting the anchor, simply slip the hook onto a link of chain and tie off the 3-strand nylon tail. You can then let out additional chain with the windlass, which transfers the anchor load to the snubber from the windlass. This makes for an easier and quieter ride as the nylon tail will stretch slightly as the load of the boat on the anchor changes. We use high-strength ACCO chain hooks in our snubbers and offer these as separate items so you can build a snubber to fit your own specifications.

SPA-SNUB1 SPA-SNUB2 SPA-SNUB3 SPA-HK1 SPA-HK2 SPA-HK3 Anchor Snubber for 1/4" Chain with 20' of 1/2" 3-Strand Nylon Line Anchor Snubber for 5/16" Chain with 25' of 9/16" 3-Strand Nylon Line Anchor Snubber for 3/8" Chain with 30' of 5/8" 3-Strand Nylon Line Chain Hook Only for 1/4" Chain Chain Hook Only for 5/16" Chain Chain Hook Only for 3/8" Chain

Anchor Tensioners

Imtra anchor tensioners hold the anchor snug against the bow roller. The construction is of rugged stainless steel for long life in a marine environment. The clamp has a safe, over-center action with a maximum of 21/2" of take-up. The quick-release locking pin has a retaining cable. Suitable for anchors to 100 lbs. and for chain sizes up to 1/2".

SPA-462501 SPA-462502 Anchor Tensioner for 1/4 -5/16" Chain Anchor Tensioner for 3/8 -1/2" Chain

Photo courtesy of Tartan Yachts.

Boat Shot

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Anchor Rollers 12

Imtra Anchor Rollers

All Imtra anchor rollers are made of heavy-duty stainless steel and are extremely durable. Electro-polishing removes any surface impurities and provides an attractive, smooth, bright finish that does not corrode and requires no maintenance. Please refer to the diagrams on page 15 to find the anchor roller that's the best fit for your needs.

Anchor-Specific Rollers

Many of our rollers are sized to hold specific anchor types and sizes. These units are marked with icons to represent the anchor types and sizes that fit in each roller:


BR-11 An inexpensive open-front roller for Danforth and other fluke anchors up to 20 lbs.


BR-16/23 These two short-profile rollers hold plow anchors to 60 lbs. Features include bent tabs and three securing positions.

IABR-16 IABR-23 up to 60 lbs. 30-60 lbs.


up to 20 lbs.

BR-15 Series Narrow rollers (2" wide) for anchors up to 20 lbs. Available in three versions.

IABR-15 with standard bail IABR-15P with securing pin IABR-15HB with split bail up to 20 lbs. up to 20 lbs. up to 20 lbs.

Delta® 20 This double-wheeled roller has a securing pin with multiple positions to fit Delta anchors from 14 to 44 lbs.

IADELTA-20 14-44 lbs.

E-8 This roller is designed to be flush-mounted and the anchor stowed with the flukes below the bowsprit. Suitable for anchors up to 50 lbs.

IAE-8 up to 50 lbs.

BR-21 Series Pivoting roller to promote self-launching of the anchor. Perfect for use with remotely operated windlass. "N" version is 1/2" narrower than standard version.

IABR-21 standard width IABR-21N narrow version up to 20 lbs. up to 20 lbs.

See page 15 for diagrams showing roller dimensions.


CQR®-20/30 Designed specifically to hold CQR plow anchors. Multiple positions of the securing pin ensure a proper fit for most plows.

IACQR-20 IACQR-30 up to 45 lbs. 45-75 lbs.

BR-22 Series These versatile rollers fit Bruce, Delta and fluke anchors up to 60 lbs. Available in two lengths and featuring double-rollers for proper stowage when used with a windlass. "L" version is 4" longer than standard version.

IABR-22 standard length IABR-22L extra long version up to 60 lbs. up to 60 lbs.

BR-20 Series Available in two widths ("N" version is 1/2" narrower) with rounded bail and extended tabs to secure fluke-style anchors.

IABR-20 standard width IABR-20N narrow version up to 35 lbs. up to 35 lbs.

Delta 23 This heavy-duty roller accepts Delta anchors up to 60 lbs. The top of each side has a flange for strength with a flared front for reduced chafe. Heavy bail controls the rode.

IADELTA-23 30-60 lbs.

BR-24 Heavy-duty roller with robust flat bail for larger fluke anchors.

IABR-24 up to 60 lbs.

Bruce 25 / CL-25R These rollers are designed to fit Bruce and Claw up to 44 lbs. Bruce-25 features a third wheel to ensure self-launching. Securing pin with multiple positions.

CQR-40 / CL-40 These extra-large anchor rollers hold larger Bruce, Delta and plow anchors. Forward tabs hold the anchor in place when stowed. CL-40 has second roller to secure Bruce type anchors when stowed.

IACQR-40 IACL-40 105-140 lbs. 88-125 lbs. 66-110 lbs.


11-44 lbs. 11-44 lbs.

Photo courtesy of Intrepid Yachts.

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Anchor Rollers 14

General Purpose Rollers

Imtra also offers rollers for general purpose applications and may fit a wide range of anchor types and sizes.

BR-1 This roller is designed to fit over the stem plate of many sailboats using existing bolts. This keeps the deck clear and offsets the roller so the anchor does not interfere with the forestay.


BR-5 A heavier duty version of our popular BR-3 platform roller, the BR-5 will hold anchors to 80 lbs.


BR-3 Series These platform-mounting rollers accept a range of anchor types. Available in standard and narrow widths. Flared flanges hold the flukes of Danforth-type anchors securely in place when stowed.

IABR-3 standard width IABR-3N narrow version

BR-2 Series These small utility rollers can be used as fairleads, for controlling lines or for stowing small anchors.

IABR-2 without bail IABR-2B with bail

Part Number Diameter IAW1-24 IAW1-3 IAW2-16 IAW2-24 IAW2-25 IAW25-24 IAW25-25 IAW25-3 IAW25-35 IAW25-4 IAW3-518 1" 1" 2" 2" 2" 2-3/8" 2-3/8" 2-3/8" 2-3/8" 2-3/8" 2-3/4"

Length 2-7/16" 2-15/16" 1-9/16" 2-3/8" 2-1/2" 2-3/8" 2-1/2" 2-7/8" 3-3/8" 3-7/8" 5-1/8"

Fitted Standard in Bow Roller Models as listed below: IABR-21N IABR-21 IABR-2, IABR-2B, IABR-3N, IABR-12, IABR-15, IABR-15HB, IABR-15P IADELTA-20, IABRUCE-25, IACL-25R IABR-22, IABR-22L IABR-20N, IABR-21N IABR-11, IABR-16, IABR-23 IABR-1, IABR-20, IABR-21, IADR-16D, IAE-8 IABR-3, IABR-24, IACQR-20, IADELTA-23, IABR-5, IAAB-22 IACQR-30 IACQR-40, IACL-40

Replacement Roller Wheels

Imtra offers the Delrin wheels used in our rollers as standalone items, perfect for custom applications and as replacements.

ACCO is a registered trademark of FKI Industries. CQR and DELTA are registered trademarks of Lewmar, Ltd. DANFORTH is a registered trademark of Rule Industries.

Dimensional Information for Anchor Rollers


IABR-15 / IABR-15P / IABR-15HB



IABR-21 / IABR-21N

"N" version is 1/2" narrower than standard version.



IABR-20 / IABR-20 N

"N" version is 1/2" narrower than standard version.


IABR-22 / IABR-22 L

"L" version is 4" longer than standard version.






Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Imtra Corporation 508-995-7000 Fax: 508-998-5359


Photo courtesy of Cabo Yachts

© 2003 Imtra Corporation, 30 Barnet Boulevard, New Bedford, MA 02745 IMTRA is a registered trademark of Imtra Corporation

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