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TERMINOLOGY DEWATERING TECHNOLOGY Sumps Dewatering Wells Wellpoints Eductors/Ejectors SPECIFICATION APPROACH Performance Prescription (Owner/Engineer Design) Approach DEWATERING FLOW ESTIMATES Universal Well Formula Flow Nets Computer Models INFORMATION NEEDS Hydraulic Conductivity/Permeability Aquifer Thickness DEWATERING IMPACTS Settlement Well and Stream Interference Wetlands Discharge Concerns DEWATERING CHALLENGES Deep Excavations Broad Shallow Excavations Artesian/Confined Aquifers Excavation near or into an Aquitard TYPICAL CONTRACTING PROBLEMS Change of Conditions Contractor Misdiagnoses Dewatering Requirements Contractor Asks for More Money Unreasonable Expectations by Owner/Engineer Schedule Delays INEVITABILITY OF CHANGE OF CONDITIONS? HOW BAD CAN DEWATERING LITIGATION REALLY GET?

Construction Dewatering Workshop

Presented by: Larry West, LHG, REG Time: Audience: 60 ­ 90 minutes (allowing for questions/discussion) Project Engineers / Project Managers

This is a presentation on the issues and lessons learned on design and construction projects requiring excavations below the water table. Larry will focus on dewatering solutions during the design and contract document preparation phases of projects. He will also discuss how "Differing Site Conditions", change orders, and potential litigation could result in significant cost increases for owners.

About Larry West

Larry West, a hydrogeologist/engineering geologist with a career spanning 38 years, specializes in groundwater management, development, control, and protection. His experience includes several years as a contractor where he designed, installed, and operated construction dewatering systems. He has also developed and managed contract drilling operations in Oregon and California and was a licensed drilling contractor in the State of Oregon. Larry's comprehensive experience with dewatering systems includes the design and installation of simple sump and deep well systems or wellpoint systems to complex combinations of wells, wellpoints, eductors, and sumps with injection well systems to mitigate dewatering impacts. His background as a hydrogeologist and dewatering contractor gives him a unique perspective on construction dewatering challenges and solutions. Larry is currently Vice President and Director of Groundwater Services for Shannon & Wilson. He has also managed a number of geotechnical and environmental firms in the Northwest.

Schedule a Presentation

Contact Larry West ([email protected]) at 206-695-6870.


July 2, 1997

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July 2, 1997