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1. SEBI Mumbai is desirous of installing customised EV&CSMS at Reception Desk and Rear Gate at SEBI Bhavan. Plot No. C4 - A, "G" Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai - 400 051 2. The suppliers should be reputed OEM or authorized channel partners. The suppliers fulfilling the following criteria may apply:The vendor should have implemented at least two to three similar systems (a) with at least one client with over 500 visitors and 200 labour entry a day. (b) The supplier should be in the field of supplying and maintaining the system during the past few years. (c) The vendor should have good experience about the subject matter, thorough in software, and well equipped to provide support to software as well as hardware queries wherever required The supplier should have an authorized service centre in India and (d) preferably at Mumbai. (e) Relevant hardware to be provided by the vendor. (f) The software should cover basic as well as operational work cycles. Sound knowledge of hardware to understand and solve timely the software (g) related problems. The vendor should be in a position to do data migration and (h) customizations required. (i) Requirement of a multi-user/ LAN / WAN/ Internet version and up gradable to multiple location handling of the application software. The software should have been/should be tested for thorough ethical hacking. Scope of Work. 3. The scope of work will include the following: (a) Installation / Commissioning of ELECTRONIC VISITOR & CONTRACTUAL


(b) Customization as per SEBI needs, (c) Training. (d) Integration with existing SEBI Oracle Access Management system. (e) Customization of existing reports as per user specifications. (f) Setting and generating various kinds of reports.


(g) Maintenance and troubleshooting. (h) Supply of consumables (i) Supply / Maintenance of necessary Hardware (PC, Camera, Barcode reader, Backup device etc) required for the solution. (j) Cabling. (k) Ensuring standby equipment in case of failure. (l) Monthly visit after the post installation. (m) Update/Changes in the system to be covered under the Warranty/Support. (n) Provide the lamination machine for quality based and longer lasting ID cards on request basis. (o) Provide statistical data about stationary / consumables for colour, black & white printers. Proposed Systems. 4. The systems should meet the following requirements: (a) Be very effective for other than employees photo ID card (colour / black & white) based access for contractual staff, contract labour, and types of visitors which is user configurable. (b) Browser based and multi location compliant (should support IE/Firefox). (c) Requirements for reporting as per ISO 27001: 2005, BS 7799 information security management reporting. (d) Allow unlimited user creation. (e) Security / Audit modules on the changes, creation, action taken etc. (f) Statistical reports with relevant e-mail alerts. (g) Online serviceable. (h) Should support any type of BarCode Reader, Scanner, Camera, Biometric input devices etc. (i) Maintain combination of encrypted barcode photo ID and biometric verification. (j) Provide instant and online reporting and tracking for checking on incidence reporting. (k) Required hardware and software should be tested and easily replicable with locally available cost accessories and consumables. (l) The cards should maintain information to area of work, work skills and valid up-to-date information. (m) Be able to create different types of cards for different types of individuals. (n) Provide visitor & contractual staff separate card sets. (o) System backend should be compliant to existing SEBI database. (p) Integration with HRMS, and Access Control System.


(q) System should be browser based and can be synchronized / integrated to the existing SEBI portal for single sign on (SSO) feature (Oracle Single Sign-On application). Software Requirement . 5. The comprehensive software features are as given in succeeding paragraphs.

(I) Visitor Management . (a) A user-friendly still a very stringent security system. (b) Intranet/Internet based interface for version control and access control. (c) Ability to print temporary visitor ID with photograph. (d) Bar-code / biometric enabled interface for easy check-in and check-out. (e) Archival data for organizations / visitor etc. (f) Alert generation for violation of security rules. (g) Appointment based entry system. (h) Visitor Gate Pass with photo ID. (i) Multiple types of passes can be created. (j) SEBI staff should be able to create and approve appointment of visitors. (k) E mail based intimation on arrival of visitor. (l) No need to take photograph every time the user visits. (m) The software to store and retrieve the photographs and visitor details stored in the database for further usage. (n) Should provide facility for users to book conference/meeting rooms. (o) Should provide facility for redirecting visitors within the office. (II) Contractual Staff Management . Photo ID generation using digital camera along with specific validity (a) period. (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) (k) (l) Barcode, biometric, business card interface, signature interface enabled. Online email based / real-time alert generation. Powerful data analysis module. User-friendly. Building wise / floor wise access control. Report mails would be sent directly via email. Facility to link to employee attendance system. Possible to block/ restrict entry to specific department or floor. User settable security alert levels. Powerful data mining tools. Multiple type pass creation.


(m) (n) 6.

HR / employee data updating tool. Should facilitate asset/material movement and tracking.

Pricing .

RFP Qty Delivery, Installation Operationalisation Schedule & Unit Price /Value (Amount in words & figures)

Item Material Description

Customised electronic Visitor & Contractual Staff Management 01 System (EV&CSMS) for 01 each SEBI Mumbai (Reception Desk & Rear Gate) A 02 All computers and other s equipment required for equired r (specify) successful implementation and Six weeks operationalisation of customized EV&CSMS with technical specifications of such equipment. 03 Installation, configuration, testing and operationalisation of customized EV&CSMS at SEBI Mumbai (Specify exact amount or percentage discount, Excise, ST charges, transport, packing & forwarding, Octroi, etc. as applicable). The prices quoted by the vendor shall be in Indian Rupees Only. Terms and Conditions Documentary proof with respect to eligibility criteria as laid in Paragraph 2 above 7. shall be furnished along with the RFP. This will include names and addresses of at least two to three reference sites where similar systems and products of proposed solution were offered, installed and operationalised by the Vendor in the last two years shall be furnished for reference of SEBI. Warranty . The selected Vendor shall give warranty for a minimum period of 8. Three year from the date of implementation and acceptance of the systems by SEBI. During the warranty period, the Vendor will have to undertake comprehensive maintenance, updating and up gradation of the hardware, software and accessories supplied by the Vendor. This must be supported by bank guarantee for reasonable amount. The vendor must bond for necessary provision in case of down time of system is more than 12 hrs on working days and more than 36 hrs on non working days.


Reliability . The vendor should provide complete support to the installed security 9. software and attending the queries of the end users with minimum down time. Helping the security and related staff and end users in process error as and when they arise telephonically or otherwise. The proposed system must not have a single point of failure. It must have a proven availability. The system should have 99.99% uptime on 12 hours /6 days a week basis. Right to Verification . The SEBI reserves the right to verify any or all statements 10. made by the Vendor in the RFP and to inspect the Vendor's facility, reference site as indicated by the vendor, if necessary, to establish to its satisfaction about the Vendor's capacity to perform the job. Clarifications . All clarifications concerning the RFP document may be brought 11. to the attention of the person nominated below in writing, emailed to him. 12. 13. SEBI will compile the same and make every effort to reply on a timely basis. SEBI reserves the right to decline responding to any or all such clarifications.

Under no circumstances should the vendor enter into negotiations concerning this 14. RFP with representatives other than the authorized. Failure to comply with the above requirements may result in disqualification of the RFP response. 15. Payment Terms & Conditions . SEBI's payment terms is as follows:(a) 50% After Delivery of the product proposed (b) 40% After the successful implementation and Acceptance Test by SEBI. (c) 10% After performance Bank guarantee for warranty period

Pricing Types . Price : Firm, inclusive of all packing & forwarding charges, 16. taxes, duties, levies, transportation upto SEBI Bhavan. However, octroi is payable extra against original receipt. The vendor should provide Bill of Quantity against each item (01 to 03). Since the 17. space provided is not sufficient, Bill of Quantity for each item (01 to 03) should be furnished in separate Annexure (I to III). Deadlines. Price Reduction: Contractual delivery, installation and 18. operationalisation schedule of EV&CSMS shall be six weeks from date of placement of order by SEBI Mumbai. In case of delay in execution of the order beyond the date of delivery as stipulated in the order or any extensions sanctioned, SEBI Mumbai may at its option : (a) Accept delayed operationalisation at SEBI Mumbai at price reduced by a sum equivalent to one percent of the total value for every week of delay or part thereof, limited to a maximum of ten percent of the total value. (b) Cancel the order in part or full and purchase such cancelled quantities from elsewhere on account and at the risk of the vendor, without prejudice to its right under (a) above in respect of goods delivered. The proforma of the RFP is available on our website 19. same may be downloaded. and the


Please submit your proposal on under mentioned address with 'RFP' written in 20. red on the envelope containing your offer by 14 Aug 2008 in to bid system (Technical and Commercial):General Manager Protocol & Security Division, Securities and Exchange Board of India,

SEBI Bhavan,

Plot No. C4 - A, "G" Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East) Mumbai - 400 051 The RFP shall be submitted strictly in conformity with the specifications given in 21. this document and as per mandatory response format. Any deviations from the specifications and/or the terms and conditions of the RFP should invariably be furnished by the Vendor. NON-MENTION OF DEVIATIONS SHALL IMPLY COMPLIANCE TO SEBI's SPECIFICATIONS. The commercial bid duly signed and sealed on each and every page of the said 22. RFP should be submitted by the vendors attached in a sealed cover. The RFP submitted in the prescribed manner or incomplete in any sense are likely 23. to be rejected. 24. RFP received after due date are liable to be rejected.

The SEBI is not responsible for non-receipt of RFP within the specified due date 25. to any reason including postal delay or holidays. The SEBI reserves the right to accept or reject any bids without assigning any 26. reason thereof, and any decision in this regard will be treated as final. The SEBI reserves the right not to process the Commercial Bids in case the 27. Technical Bids is found to be unsuitable / not fulfilling the requirements as specified in the RFP Document. 28. Vendors should submit Technical and Commercial Bids, separately in sealed covers. The Vendor should enclose two separate CD's, one for Technical Bid and second 29. for Commercial Bid. Vendor should also insure that both hard copy and soft copy match with each other. The soft copy of the Technical Bid & Commercial Bid should be submitted in MS Word and MS Excel format respectively on two separate CDs. CDs to be enclosed in their respective envelopes. No costs incurred by the applicant in applying, in providing necessary 30. clarifications or attending discussions, conferences or site visits will be reimbursed by the SEBI.



Evaluation Process . RFP responses submitted will be evaluated by SEBI and some of salient (a) points are as follows Responses will be technically evaluated by SEBI to determine whether all (b) of the RFP requirements have been met. Technical disqualification of any vendor will not be eligible for the (c) commercial bid. Evaluation of the vendor's experience in building intelligent network (d) infrastructures and implementing technologies as proposed in this RFP. SEBI may request Vendors to demonstrate and justify the capabilities of their suggested solution and how SEBI's requirements are handled through a set of solution presentations to the selection committee. This may require benchmark tests & simulating actual application environment / Pilot tests / Demo. Such activities have to be done by the Vendors at their own cost. (e) SEBI will evaluate the merit of each proposal in accordance with the (f) criteria defined in the RFP, the solution presentations and any other criteria as it deems fit. (g) Only technically qualified vendor's commercial proposal will be opened.

The above is an indicative internal process of SEBI and not subject to any (h) discussion or negotiation with the vendor. Only the final result of the evaluation will be intimated to the vendor concerned at the discretion of SEBI. (i) The SEBI reserves the right to place order for any quantity as he may desire, which may or may not be in line with the quantity specified in the RFP.

General Manager (Information Technology Division)



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