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HUMAN BIOLOGY ­ BIO120 (4 Credits)

Instructor: Salvatore Secondo Email address: [email protected]

Office Location: Room 309 Office Hours: Monday 12 ­ 3:30 Tues./Wednesday/Thur. 2:30 ­ 3:30 Lecture Day, Time, and Room Number: Lab Day and Time: See your registration sheet. Prerequisite/Co-requisites: SCI 101 or Departmental Permission Room Number: 230

Voicemail: 860.698.0873

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Login name: bio120 Course Description

This course introduces the basic principles of human biology. Lectures topics include: chemical basis of life, cellular organization and function, physiological regulations, genes and the basis of heredity and evolution. In addition, various organ systems and their interrelationships will be explored. The laboratory portions of the course are coordinated with lecture content, exploring human biological systems, and involving some dissection.

Password: bio120

Course Materials

Textbook: Mader, Sylvia S. Human Biology, 12th Edition, McGraw-Hill Publishers, 2012. Lab Book: Secondo, Salvatore. Human Biology Laboratory Manual and Workbook, 10th Edition, 2011.

Other required items: Lab coat, approved safety glasses, dissecting kit, set of colored pencils, and

number 2 pencils.

Course Organization

Material will be presented primarily in the form of lectures, PowerPoint, discussions, videos, and lab experiments & procedures; also text-reading assignments, study guides, diagrams and worksheets.

Class Policies

Students should come to class prepared. This means have all your materials such as books, pens, pencils, notebook, lab manual, colored pencils, etc. If you are late to an exam, you will not be given extra time to complete it. It is up to you to take your studies seriously and be there on time. No cell phones, PDA's, pagers, beepers, Bluetooth, iPods, or other electronic devices can be used during class. Phones can be left on vibrate for emergencies and no obnoxious rings should be going off during class. A verbal warning will be given for the first offense and you will be asked leave the class or lab on the next offense for disrupting the class. This includes texting. No children will ever be allowed in lecture or lab.

Methods of Evaluation and Grading Evaluation Types Lecture Unit Exams, Chapter Quizzes, Assignments Comprehensive Final Exam Lab: Lab Practicals (75%), Lab Work - Lab Reports ­ Worksheets - Workbook Diagrams (25%) Please note:

No curving of the Final Grade or any grade will ever occur Extra credit is never an option in this course.

Percentage of Grade 55% 20% 25%

Learning Objectives, Outcomes and Assessment Methods for the Course

Learning Objectives To demonstrate an understanding of: Responsibility for learning Cellular and biological processes and the various factors, which can affect them Major organ systems of the human body and how they work together to maintain the organism as a whole Main structures of the major organ systems and their functions Group or team skills in organizing and working together Critical thinking Safe and correct technique for a variety of laboratory procedures Using the correct methods of scientific style and format Learning Outcomes At the end of this course, students will be able to: Attend class regularly and on time Initiate methods for understanding, completing and (when necessary) making up assignments Identify and discuss important cellular / biological processes Identify and describe the major organ systems of the human body Summarize how organ systems work together to maintain the human body Identify / name / list main structures of the major organ systems of the human body and their functions Formulate clear and concise questions; identify, gather and assess relevant information Effectively contribute to a small team or group of peers working together Use safe and correct technique for a variety of laboratory procedures Interpret and present data in experimental reports using the correct scientific style and format Assessment Methods As measured by: Attendance Weekly quizzes 4 Exams 3 Lab Practicals Cumulative Final Discussions In-class Activities Lab Reports Lab Work

Attendance ­ Class and Lab

Attendance is mandatory to student success in the course. Attendance will be taken every time we meet. Missing one class is equal to missing one week of course work. Plan to attend every class. Any student excessively late to lecture or lab will be marked absent. Any student excessively late to a lab or absent will receive a zero for work missed. Instructions will be given only at the beginning of the lab. (No Make Ups) Any student late or absent for a quiz will receive a zero. (No Make Ups) Any student late or absent for a Lab Practical will receive a zero. (No Make Ups). If you leave after half of the class/lab or during break, you will be marked as absent and receive a zero for that days assignments. Any student missing class or lab must contact the professor as soon as possible and leave a message. If you are out for a long period of time you will need documentation, such as a Doctor's note upon your return. Vacations taken during the semester are not acceptable absences. You are responsible to obtain all assignments, handouts, and any announcements made during the class period. Emergencies happen to all of us from time to time. Please let me know if you are unable to attend a class or lab due too serious illness or a tragic emergency. You can contact me by email, voicemail or call the school and leave a message. Remember: Labs, quizzes and practicals cannot be made up. Any student that misses a lecture exam for a serious reason (death in family or severe illness) will have 5 days from the date of absence to make up the exam. It is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor and arrange for the make up at the professors convenience. Documentation must be provided, such as a Doctors' note. If I have to cancel a class due to an emergency I will let the main office know and have a note placed on the door of the room. The material will be covered in the next class.

General Lab Policies

Labs are a very important part of your course work. All students must participate in all labs in order to pass. NOTE: If you do not do your own lab work you will not pass. No cell phones, PDA's, pagers, beepers, Bluetooth, iPods, or other electronic devices can be used during class. Phones can be left on vibrate for emergencies and no obnoxious rings should be going off during lab. A verbal warning will be given for the first offense and you will be asked leave the lab on the next offense for disrupting the class. This includes texting. All work areas must be cleaned, disinfected and scrubbed down after every use. No students leave until all work areas have been cleaned and chairs pushed in. Bring all lab materials unless told otherwise. This means have all your materials such as #2 pencils, notebook, lab manual, colored pencils, ruler, etc. Plan ahead. Practicals are hands on exams. They take time to prepare and start when they are ready. The lab will be locked until then. Please wait quietly. I WILL COME FOR YOU WHEN I AM READY. DO NOT EVER KNOCK ON THE DOOR. NO student will be allowed to talk once they enter the lab. You must be prepared and have your own supplies. Failure to have materials may result in a zero. Remember: Labs, Lab Quizzes, and Practicals cannot be made up if missed. If you are late to a practical you will not be allowed in.

Lab Safety Policies

All safety procedures and lab rules must be followed. Lab rules and safety procedures are listed here and on pages 1-3 in your Lab Manual. No sandals, flops, crocs, clogs, open toe or backed shoes are ever allowed in the lab. No high heels. Wear completely enclosed shoes that cover the instep of the foot or you will be asked to leave. No shorts, skirts or Capri pants. You must wear long pants, slacks, or jeans that cover the entire leg to the ankle. You must cover your legs at all times, or you will be asked to leave. No tank tops, cropped shirts, spaghetti straps or no sleeve shirts. Scrubs are recommended. When required, all students MUST wear lab coats and safety glasses or goggles, which must meet OSHA standards (ANSI Z87-1 requirements) and be approved by the instructor. Students must wear their hair pulled back and no hats during labs the instructor determines this is required for safety reasons. No applying any lip products or hand lotions. In the laboratory, NO consumption of ANY food, candy, gum, or beverage will occur. NO beverage (including water) will be brought into the lab (regardless of whether the material is in a closed container). No student will engage in horseplay in the lab. Fooling around will never ever be allowed or misuse of lab materials. No student will engage in violent, threatening, or destructive actions to persons or lab equipment in the lab. Such behavior will result in an automatic grade of zero and possible removal from the class permanently or even expulsion from Goodwin College. ALL students will follow the instructors' lab procedure instructions; if uncertain about the experiments' protocol, the student must ask the instructor. ALL students must know the location of escape routes and location of all safety equipment in the lab. ALL students will report ANY injury that occurs in the classroom or lab immediately to the instructor. ALL students will report any broken glassware or lab equipment and upon the instructor's direction properly dispose the material. ALL students will properly clean up their lab materials and lab spaces as prescribed by their instructor. Failure to do so will result in loss of grade points for the lab and/or loss of grade points for the course. The above-mentioned safety policies are NOT limited to this document any may be amended by the instructor as needed. Per Goodwin College policy, no Student will be allowed in the lab without an instructor.

Chemical Safety Statement

Please note that a variety of chemicals will be used in these labs. If you have any concerns or medical conditions that may be affected by the use of chemicals, a list of chemicals and the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will be made available to you at no cost. We encourage you to discuss your individual concerns with your physician.


Unless indicated by the instructor, all assignments submitted for this course must be prepared using a word processor and printed out. Handwritten or sloppy work is not acceptable. All work must be completed and turned in on time in order to pass this class. All work that is assigned is due at the beginning of the next class or lab. Lecture work handed out is due the next lecture. Lab work is always due the next lab.

Study Guidelines

Students are expected to come to all classes prepared. Class preparation includes: Reading the text and lab materials prior to coming to class. Failure to prepare is not an excuse. Timely review of all lecture notes and handouts. Timely preparation for exams, quizzes, and lab practicals. Each lecture hour corresponds to an average of 2-3 hours of study time. Practice good study habits. If possible find a study partner who is in your class. Lecture notes are meant to be an aid, and not a replacement for reading the materials. You should be taking many notes. This is a part of learning and this course. You need to ask questions to better understand topics. Don't hesitate to ask for help or seek additional explanations when needed.


Tutoring services are available in the Learning Resource Center. Any student seeking tutoring assistance should fill out a request form in the Academic Office.


Tutoring is available online at any time through the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium. If you would like to use this form of tutoring, contact Ms. Castello-Butler, Assistant Dean of Student Services, in the Academic Office at (860) 528-4111 ext 6712 or [email protected] for more information about these services.

Academic Integrity

The Academic Integrity Code prohibits cheating, fabrication or falsification of information, multiple submissions of academic work, plagiarism, abuse of academic materials, and complicity in academic dishonesty as well as other forms of fraudulence. It is the students' responsibility to know and observe the requirements of the Goodwin College Code of Academic Integrity. The entire Policy on Academic Integrity is available through the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and on the college website.

Special Needs/Disabilities

Students with documented disabilities are eligible to receive accommodations as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students may request accommodations by contacting the Assistant Dean/Registrar located in the Academic Office as soon as possible.


An Incomplete is a temporary grade that can be issued at the discretion of the instructor at the end of a term if the student has unfinished coursework due to medical or other emergencies, which must be documented. The Incomplete is generally given for a two-week period. Students should see their instructors prior to the end of the semester to make a written request for the incomplete. Students who take an incomplete in prerequisite coursework will not be able to take the next level coursework in the following semester.

Withdrawals and Leaves

Students may officially drop this course by the end of the second week. The dropped course will not appear on the transcript, will not count as credits attempted, and will not count in the GPA. Students may officially th th withdraw from this course by the end of the 5 week, if it is a 7-½ week course, and by the end of the 13 week, if it is a 15-week course. The course will appear on the transcript, will count as credits attempted, but will not affect the GPA. Official course withdrawal forms are located in the Academic Advising Office. Students needing to Withdraw from the college or take a Leave of Absence must fill out official paperwork in the Registrar's Office located in the Academic Office. The student as well as a representative of the Registrar's Office and a Financial Aid Officer must sign all such requests.

School Closings

Unscheduled school closings, late openings, and early dismissals due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances will be announced on the following stations no later than 6:30 am for day classes and 3 pm for evening classes. WTIC - 96.5 FM WTIC - 1080 AM WRCH - 100.5 FM WZMX - 93.7 FM Channel 3 - WFSB-TV Channel 8 - WTNH-TV Channel 30 - WVIT-TV

Students may also access school closing information by calling 860 528-4111 or by checking the College website

How to Access Grades and Unofficial Transcripts

Grades and unofficial transcripts are available on the internet using your student SonisWeb id.

The Link is:

Semester course grades will be posted on the internet at SonisWeb within three days of the semester end date.

Registration for Next Semester

The Official Registration Period for the subsequent semester is Week 10 of the current semester. Students must complete all registration activities by the end of the 10th week of the semester to avoid the late registration fee. Information concerning registration is available at both the Academic Office and the Academic Advising Office.

This course adheres to all policies outlined in the Goodwin College catalog. For further information, see Academic Regulations as stated in the catalog.

Human Biology 120 Syllabus Understanding

This class syllabus was passed out to our class and gone over. I have been given the opportunity to ask all questions concerning this course. I also understand that I am expected to work to my full potential, take my studies seriously, and ask for help when needed. ___ Initial When I have questions about a class matter such as how grading is calculated I will refer to my syllabus first and then if needed make an appointment with my professor. ___ Initial I understand that if I am late to or miss a quiz for any reason; I will forfeit the opportunity to take it. ___ Initial I understand that I must attend and take all Exams on the Exam date and if I miss an Exam I will not be allowed to make it up unless I am seriously ill or have a tragic emergency. ___ Initial I understand that if I was to miss an exam due to a serious illness or tragic emergency, I must follow the procedure in the syllabus and contact the professor. I will only have 5 days from the date of the missed exam to make it up at a time given by the professor. ___ Initial I understand that if I am late to a practical, I will not be allowed in and will not knock on the door. If I miss a lab practical, there will be no makeup. ___ Initial I understand there is No Early or Late Final Exam. All Students MUST take the final with their class on the day assigned by the college. ___ Initial I understand that Goodwin College has an Academic Integrity Policy and will honor it. ___ Initial I have a copy of the Human Biology 120 syllabus and I understand all the statements and rules. I understand all policies as far as cell phones, exams, quizzes, labs, assignments, practicals, lateness, absences, and all things that affect grades are concerned. ___ Initial

Student name (Print): ______________________________________________________________________

Signed: ___________________________________________Date: ______________


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