Read Outdoor boiler piping diagram text version

Sample Installation Diagram for use with Outdoor Wood Fuel Boilers

Supply to Building heating zones

Return from Building heating zones

SEC recommends the use of unions to connect the piping to the heat exchanger.

Boiler water flow direction By-Pass see note 4

Return flow to Outdoor boiler


V-5 V-3 V-4 V-1

Boiler water flow direction

Refer to `Recommended flow directions" instruction sheet supplied with the heat exchanger for other piping orientations

Boiler, oil, gas or electric

Boiler circulator pump

Outdoor Boiler water flow direction

Outdoor boiler Pump


NOTES: 1- Damage to the heat exchanger due to improper water chemistry is not covered under the S.E.C. warranty. 2- This is only a conceptual drawing provided as a guide. Actual installation must comply with local code requirements. 3- A qualified installer, certified to local regulations, must assess each individual installation and design a working system which will operate in accordance with the specific building heating loads and requirements. 4-Valves V-4 and V-5 are used in conjunction with the by-pass piping to isolate the heat exchanger when the wood fuel boiler is not in operation for extended periods of time. 5-Circulator pumps must be sized correctly to provide; sufficient flow to meet the building load and to over-come head resistance of the piping, fittings, valves and equipment.

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Outdoor boiler piping diagram

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