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Fall `00

Actress, Singer Diahann Carroll Accepts Starring Role in Annual Wreath Campaign

Work Experience: 78-year tradition

turns Christmas wreaths into "Circles of Hope" for troubled teens. A Southern California Christmas tradition will return for its 78th consecutive year, when students and staff of Boys Republic, one of the nation's oldest and largest residential treatment centers for abused and troubled teenagers, begins production of the agency's famous Della Robbia wreaths for the 2000 holiday season. Over a period of three weeks following Thanksgiving day, teams of teens and adults working in a converted brick gymnasium on the main Boys Republic campus, here, will handmake, package and ship more than 50,000 of the fresh, all-natural wreaths to customers in all 50 states and at least a dozen foreign countries. And this year, noted actress and singer Diahann Carroll will lead the Della Robbia campaign as its Honorary National Chair. Ms. Carroll joins a long line of prominent Americans from the fields of the performing arts, public service, professional sports and industry who have assisted the Della Robbia program by

serving as its honorary head over the years. Della Robbia wreaths are made of fresh noble fir and California redwood boughs dotted with fresh Winesap apples, fresh

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Singer, Actress Diahann Carroll

The accomplished actress and singer Diahann Carroll is Honorary National Chairperson of Boys Republic's 2000 Della Robbia wreath campaign. In a career spanning over four decades, she is one of America's major performing talents. From nightclubs to Broadway stage and Las Vegas headliner,

Della Robbia Program Provides Year-Round Training, Helping Disadvantaged Teens Learn Proper Work Habits

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lemons and clusters of pine cones, seed pods and other natural materials. They have been called "Circles of Hope" because they provide Boys Republic students with both work experience and a chance to repay part of their own programs of education and self-improvement. Since 1907, Boys Republic has helped more than 22,000 young men and growing numbers of young women to overcome childhood abuse, abandonment and trauma and to find new direction and purpose in their lives. For the great majority, making Della Robbia wreaths was an important part of the reorientation and learning process. The Della Robbia campaign is probably the largest student-run, self-help effort undertaken by any child-care agency in the United States. Income from annual wreath sales combined with the agency's own farm operations and charitable donations each year account for approximately one-third of Boys Republic's operating budget.

WORK AND WORTH: In addition to learning important work-related habits, students acquire a sense of personal accomplishment. Through participation within the Della Robbia program, they help to earn some of the funds that pay for their care.

and from motion pictures to television, Diahann Carroll is a Tony Award winner, an Emmy and Grammy nominee and a Best Actress Oscar nominee. She recently completed a cross country sell out concert tour starring in "Almost Like Being in Love ­ The Lerner & Loewe Songbook". Recently, her work in television and film has included starring roles in "The Courage to Love" and "Eve's Bayou". She has recorded a new album, "The Time of My Life". Throughout her lifetime, she has given generously of her time in support of civic and humanitarian concerns. Ms. Carroll has been an outspoken advocate of early cancer prevention and detection. She is also well known for her work on behalf of AIDS research.


Award Ceremony Recognizes Effort, Accomplishment, Good Citizenship

Boys Republic students discover that versatile awards are well worth the effort it takes to earn them. A scholarship may further one's education, but just as often, it may buy tools, training or appropriate clothing to qualify for a job.

A total of $22,925 was awarded to students and recent graduates of Boys Republic and Girls Republic, during the agency's Annual Awards ceremony, on September 14. Altogether, thirty-eight of the agency's teens received financial recognition ranging from $100 clothing allowances to $2,000 scholarships for outstanding scholastic achievement and overall program success. Nine others received certificates of scholarship eligibility. Over the course of the last year, Boys Republic distributed a total of $104,582 in scholarship awards. The youth agency offers scholarships that are more broadly focused than found in traditional schools, which typically offer educational awards, exclusively. At Boys Republic, awards are given in three vital areas to meet deserving students' immediate and long-term needs. Traditional educational scholarships help a student continue academic pursuits after leaving the agency's care. Vocational scholarships may be used to acquire the skills necessary to secure work in a trade. And, finally, Aftercare Assistance awards help students attempting to establish themselves on their own with funds for bus transportation, food, rent deposits, clothing, or tools necessary for a job. The awards are carefully monitored. Award funds are disbursed on a monthly basis, in order to monitor the student's progress and his or her responsible utilization of the award toward its intended purpose.

FALL, 2000

Among the awards presented at the ceremony were: Transitional Assistance award of $1,000 to Erik Lyons; Boone Family Scholarship of $1,000 to Patty Perez; Frank and Marianne Graves Scholarships of $700 to Aaron Jackson; $575 to

(Please turn to page 6) ALUMNUS SPEAKER: John Houser encouraged students by drawing upon personal lessons learned while a student at Boys Republic. He went on to a successful career in professional football and, later, in business.


AT THE THROTTLE: Though Trotter keeps a hand in production, the bulk of his time at X-Press Press is spent providing quotes for new accounts. He intends to give the business to his son and start a new venture.

lumnus Rick Trotter is no stranger to hard work. Operating within the competitive industry of commercial printing, he owns X-Press Press, a company he founded in 1988. "I'd worked in every facet of the printing trade for a number of companies, but always dreamed of being self employed," Trotter fiddles with the controls of his A.B. Dick 360 sheet-fed press. "The opportunity came when I was laid-off of my job during an industry slow down." He took $5,000 he'd saved, purchased a couple of presses and a paper cutter, and began operating out of his garage. "I went door-to-door, primarily to companies, and told people what I could do. Some of my early accounts are still with me today." The business grew. Today, X-Press Press has seven employees and operates out of an industrial building in Rancho Cucamonga. "It all started at Boys Republic. As a teenager, I was a real rebellious, hell-raising kind of kid. I was placed at Boys Republic and, while there, had an opportunity to work in the campus print shop. That's where I got my passion for printing." Richard Partida, print shop instructor at Boys Republic's Chino Hills campus, remembers Trotter, "He was exceptional in that he was always curious about the printing process and equipment and he was never afraid to ask questions. Rick was remarkably confident and mechanically inclined." Says Trotter, "Printing is like any endeavor -- you get back as much as you put into it. I credit all my business to the guy upstairs, though." A firm believer in tithing, Trotter is an active participant in two religious organizations: a local church and a Los Angeles-based church that figured prominently in his turnaround.



News Briefs

Candy Stripers Kids like to feel useful and, given the opportunity, they will prove that they can be contributing members of their communities. Beginning last summer, students of the agency's Girls Republic program volunteered at Santa Teresita Hospital, in Duarte. The girls don "candy-striper" uniforms, primarily helping residents in the convalescent program.

White House on Cribbing Boys Republic's oldest building is elevated, here, to receive a new foundation and first-story floor space. A crumbling foundation threatened the building's upper structure. The project is slated for completion late this fall. It will almost double the building's size and will include a new video lab for the agency's journalism students. Masonry class students, shown with their instructor at right, examine bricks they salvaged from demolition of the old foundation. Students will use the 80 year-old bricks in other construction projects around campus.

Baseball Field Upgrade The baseball field at Boys Republic's main, Chino Hills campus received a thorough renovation, last year. The project included installation of an irrigation system, fencing and an electronic scorekeeping system. At right, the Rams baseball team poses in front of a newly constructed scoreboard. The field upgrade made possible Boys Republic's hosting of its first-ever tournament, the interscholastic Field of Dreams Baseball Classic.

FALL, 2000


Death of Director Edward J. Korbel A Loss to Boys Republic

Board members, staff and friends of Boys Republic mourned the loss of one of the agency's longest-tenured, dedicated members. Ed Korbel, who since 1979 served with outstanding leadership upon Boys Republic's volunteer Board of Directors, passed away last August 20. Mr. Korbel was born in Douglaston, New York, on June 22, 1929. He graduated from Duke University, in 1952, where he was president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. He served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, Photo and Air Intelligence, and as President Officer's Mess on the USS Coral Sea. He spent twenty years with Allied Signal in New York City and Morristown, New Jersey, serving as President of various divisions. He moved from New Jersey to Pasadena, California in 1977 and served as President of Jacobs Engineering Company. Most recently, he provided management consulting services to numerous high-tech start-up companies. Mr. Korbel served three productive terms as President of Boys Republic's Board of Directors. Under his leadership, the agency undertook numerous construction and renovation projects, as well as a significant business endeavor in connection with the Pasadena Auxiliary's Thrift Shop. Highly respected for his knowledge of management and finance, his wise counsel averted potential negative impact of the Chino Hills development. Ed Korbel is survived by his wife Patricia, his sons Stephen and Bradley, his daughter Tracy, and four grandchildren.


Students Reap $22,925 in Awards at Annual Ceremony

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Francisco Cuevas; and $500 each to Joseph Chavira, Corey Jones, Cody Lane, Justin Liberman, Miguel Meza and Albert Monteil; John R. Babcock Scholarship of $500 to Ruben Gutierrez; Charles and Ray Leavitt Scholarship of $500 to Jerry Yang; Steve McQueen Scholarship of $1,000 to Ponciano Castellano; Kline Family Scholarships of $1,000 each to Courtney Davison, Victor Palomares and Eddie Gomez; Oscar Morrison Scholarship of $700 to Lakion Fowler Jane Houser Scholarships of $1,000 to Brian Van Winkle; and $500 each to Jonathan Ruiz and Nathaniel Henderson; James Graham Scholarship of $500 to Ananias Balajadia; Frederick Rees Scholarship of $700 to Michael Lainez; Los Solteros Scholarship of $1,000 to Jose Rojas; C. A. Gammel Scholarships of $1,000 each to Ramon Cano and Wallace Harris; Pasadena Auxiliary Bridge Club Award of $750 to Jason Bilby; Pasadena Auxiliary Past Presidents Scholarship of $1,000 to Donny Briones; Virginia Pease Hunt Scholarship of $2,000 to Mohammed Raheem; Mark M. Davids Leadership Award to Victor Palomares; Certificates of Scholarship Eligibility to Megan Abbott, Samuel Anderson, Cane Dekharn, Michael Jones, Daniel Ornelas, Germaine Robison, Albert Santiago, Kenny Surrell and Shau Xiong; Alumnus of the Year to Donald Luckham;

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Memorials Honor Special People, Events, Thru the Lives of Children

A memorial contribution to Boys Republic and Girls Republic is a meaningful way to honor a special person, a special event or the memory of a friend or loved one. Your gift will reap a second benefit as well by contributing directly to the programs of Boys and Girls Republic. In this way, the honor paid the designee will live on perpetually in the lives of the deserving young people you have helped. The following are memorial and commemorative contributions made from May 1 through August 31, 2000. Donor/In Memory of: Mrs. Ursula Bartel/ Willard E. Bartel Mr. & Mrs. William L. Rawn/ Bee Jay Bennett Mrs. Louise M. Laub/ Sam Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. Bill Russell/ Don Biddison Mr. & Mrs. Richard Williams/ John I. Bolin Mrs. Joey B. Murphy/ Tom Brown Mrs. Frances R. Didier/ Luther W. Chambers Mr. & Mrs. William L. Rawn/ Margaret Dawson Ms. Marguerite K. Murphy/ Ed Dempsey Mr. & Mrs. Don Bridge/ William Doby Dr. Mary Louise Labrucherie/ William Doby Mrs. Lurline Elliott/ Keith Elliott

FALL, 2000

Mrs. Mildred H. Fischer/ Earle J. Fischer Foothill Citrus Tournament Baseball/ Jim Graham Capt. & Mrs. Eugene Malone/ Dorothy Hadley Mrs. Shirley White/ Robert Havenner Mrs. Odette Anderson/ Dottie Heguy Mr. & Mrs. Bob Cooper/ Betty & Les Hite Mrs. Esther Teare/ Lois Kelly Mr. Gerald Kelly/ Lois Kelly Mrs. Doris Clark/ Marjorie Long Ms. Bonnie Clark/ Marjorie Long Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Nina/ Jeremy E. Lawyer Mr. & Mrs. Max L. Scott/ Joe Lewis Mr. Dawson S. Mac Donald/ Margie Mac Donald Mrs. Dolores Masco/ John Masco Mrs. Terri Miller Reyes/ Joseph Miller Mrs. Yolanda M. Santos/ J. Stanley Mullin Mrs Henrietta B. Gregory/ Eloise Nicholl Mrs. Barbara Mc Lean/ Fred Packard Mr. & Mrs. Brian Zuk/ Harry Papilli Mr. Jack Patterson/ Kathryn C. Patterson Ms. Betty-Jane Rous/ Geraldine Marie Petty

Mrs. Tana Wilson/ Bill Piper Mrs. Bette Winkler/ Ruth Ms. A. Zoe Snider/ Ruth Mr. Rudolph V. Render/ Mrs. Lester Render Mrs. Wanda J. Bartlett/ John Snoke Ms. Patty Selaya/ Buddy Selaya Mrs. W. R. Woodard/ Roy Taecker Mrs. Martha Brooks/ Jerry Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Uriarte/ Tony Uriarte Mrs. Jess Witt/ Harold Witt Mr. & Mrs. Richard Williams/ Theresa Webb In Memory of Phyllis Bennet Mrs. Christine Gillis Pasadena Auxiliary of Boys Republic Mr. & Mrs. Max L. Scott Mrs. Virginia Sprigg In Memory of Oscar Morrison Mr. Derick Jones Ms. Geri Morrison Jones Mrs. Pat Morrison Mr. Gordon F. Rodda In Memory of Edward Korbel Annadale Golf Club Mr. & Mrs. John Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Howard Devol Mr. & Mrs. Robert Farmer Mrs. Josephine Felts Mr. & Mrs. Jim Gamble Mr. & Mrs. Boyd Higgins Mr. & Mrs. William D. Horsfall Jacobs Engineering Group Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Jenkins


Memorial Contributions

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Boys Republic Report

Boys Republic Report is published three times yearly by Boys Republic, 3493 Grand Ave., Chino Hills, CA 91709. (909) 628-1217. Boys Republic and Girls Republic are private, non-profit, non-sectarian agencies helping troubled children aged 13 to 18. Rules for acceptance and participation in these programs are the same for everyone without regard for race, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap. California Association of Services for Children

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick D. Johnson Ms. Vera L. Marine Mr. & Mrs. Frederick B. McLane Mrs. George W. Piercy Mr. & Mrs. Don Quinn Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Rogers Col. & Mrs. Charles K. Rose, III Mr. & Mrs. Max L. Scott Mr. & Mrs. William J. Stoutenburgh Mr. Stanford H. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Frank Tranzow In Memory of J. Watson Webb Ms. Frederica G. Gamble Ms. Frederica W. Gamble Ms. Kerry Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Gordon M. Scott Van Ness Films, Inc. Donor/In Honor of: Mrs. Debby Wedell/ Judge Eugene Bishop Mr. & Mrs. Darold D. Pieper/ Jeff Seymour

Annual Awards Ceremony

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Special Cottage and Residence Awards to Sheldon Stallworth, Robert Tamayo, Daniel Bueno, Rene Plancarte, Kyle Humphrey, Ruben Gutierrez, Donny Briones, Khammany Kayachith, Micaela Gonzales, and Chris Sevrence; This year, the Rams Head Award was presented to employee Jessica Ruiz.

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