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Security Management System

Model S5375

HID MaxiProx Reader


The S5375 MaxiProx Long Read Range Proximity Reader is ideal for parking control applications. Its secure potted electronics is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.


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125kHz transmit frequency Includes a tamper switch to provide electronic notification of reader tampering Mount on non-metallic surfaces for optimal read range indication provides multicolor LED (red/green) and beeper sounds


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Dimensions: 11.8" x 11.8" x 1" Power requirements: 12 or 24 VDC configurable Power consumption: 200mA avg/700mA peak at 12 VDC, 260 mA avg/1.2A peak at 24VDC Operating temperature: -22F to 150F 51 oz. Cable distance: 500' with 22AWG 5 conductor stranded with overall shield Read ranges: HID ProxCard II ­ up to 24" HID ISOProx II Card - up to 20" HID DUOProx II Card- up to 20" HID Smart ISO/DUOProx II Card up to 20" HID ProxKey II - up to 17" HID ProxPass - up to 8' (8 feet)

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Universal compatibility with all HID cards Made with a Polycarbonate UL 94 enclosure and provides a consistent read range Power up diagnostics and self test routine S5375 is provided with Wiegand communication protocol

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Over 137 billion unique codes are available


S5375 - Reader with Wiegand protocol or Clock & Data output interfaces (magnetic stripe) configurable

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