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Geophysicist ­ Senior Geoscientist

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: Expat /Petronas Carigali (Kuala Lumpur) : [email protected] : 46 : ALGERIAN / Canada permanent resident : Married : Senior geoscientist


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: 20 years

: Ingénieur d'état en géophysique "State geophysical engineer". : 03 month after interview. : 6016 955 4869 :0015144854848 : 2129, avenue hingston apt 102 cote des neiges, H4A2H9 ,Montréal, CANADA : [email protected] SEG Associate Member

Key Services:

Providing geophysical analysis and seismic interpretation services for over 20 years. 2D/3D Project interpretation and prospect generation through structural and seismic stratigraphy mapping and seismic attribute analysis. Velocity and time depth conversions, integrating geologic data to deliver depth contoured structure maps and structural modelling trough petrel 2007, 2008 and 2009. Integration of AVO, inversion based modelling, for seismic characterization Hampson russel. Seismic attributes analysis, such attributes maps and volume attributes Prospect analysis and ranking, volumetric calculation. Seismic data analysis, rank the seismic data and look for the best solution for reprocessing to enhance the seismic image.

Software Platforms:

Landmark Graphics® SeisWorks 3D and 2D: GeoProbe: PostStack : SynTool: ZMap+: Geophysical seismic interpretation and mapping 3D visualization of data volumes and geologic surfaces Geophysical data loading and post-stack processing tools Synthetic seismogram generation Gridding and contouring, depth conversion, geological mapping and modelling OpenWorks,ORACLE: Geological database project setup, data loading and management PostStack/Pal(Advance): Seismic processing and attribute analysis. Depth Team express: Time to depth Conversion. GeoQuest Shlumberger® GeoFrame,Charisma: Geophysical seismic interpretation and mapping Mistie : misties analysis and computation. PostStack: Geophysical data loading and post-stack processing tools Synthetics: Synthetic seismogram generation. InDepth: Time to depth Conversion. CPS3: Gridding and contouring, depth conversion, geological mapping and modelling Geoviz 3D visualization of data volumes and geologic surfaces Hampson Russell ®: AVO:

AFI: eLog: EMERGE: ISMap: Pro4D, ProMC STRATA View3D:

Analyze pre-stack seismic data, evaluating and modeling Amplitude Versus Offset anomalies. AVO Fluid Inversion. Manipulations on the logs such as editing, smoothing, and log Correlation. merge well log and seismic data for extracting for predicting well log data using seismic attributes. Geostatistics depth conversion. ( only on training course) post-stack or pre-stack inversion of seismic data. view wellbore paths, well data, seismic data and attribute data as a three dimensional volume

Petrel 2007 & 2008, 2009.2: Quick seismic interpretation, time to depth conversion, gridding and mapping and structural modelling, attributes analysis. SMT Package

Recent Projects:

Domestic International Basins SONATRACH :Ghardaia area bloc 420, Petronas : Deep water Atlantic passive margin, 419, 422. Mauritania ALEPCO Sirte Basin, Libya SONATRACH : Bloc 436 ALEPCO - GAHDAMES, Libya SONATRACH ­ TUBBA FIELD SONATRACH: BLOC 350 SONATRACH : bloc 438 . Sonatrach Ahnet-Gourara Bassins

Activities :

September 2009 until now: Petronas Cargali Kuala Lumpur, senior geoscientist in charge of the seismic interpretation, and prospect generation, in the deep water in the Mauritanian offshore basin. Main targets are the basin fan floor, channels feeder and incisive canyon, crevasse and frontal splays. Using seismic volume attributes, map attributes such as RMS amplitudes map, geomorphology maps, edge maps and others. Computing the Net to gross estimation, using the band limited impedance. AVO analysis based on the 3D volume Near, Mid and far offset stack and avo modelling. Mapped 03 new prospects, within the upper cretaceous (area more than 99 sq km); and another one within the Miocene sequence. January 2001- June 2009 Gravity and magnetic interpretation of the prospect area of the Ghardaia blocs, the residual gravity map confirm the proposed prospect for drilling 2D seismic design (830 km ) and gravity-magnetic design ( 1400 station) acquisition for structural and stratigraphic purpose Chief project in charge of the Ghardaia assets, witch includes 3 blocs, "in charge of the exploration aspect, and prospect generation and ranking". Recommended a new prospect of about 45 Km² witch was accepted and planed to be drilled on 2009. Generate 4 leads for about 25 Km² areas to be controlled with new seismic acquisition and gravity due to the hard land not suitable for vibroseis. In charge as chief project of sonatrach Task force , in accordance with the NOC Libyan team for preparing a bid round concerning the ALEPCO bloc's, including data room and contractual contract terms, economical study of the project President of technical committee, of the Sonatrach-Sinopec TCM Association, since January 2005 up to March 2008.

350 Km² 3D seismic acquisition preplanning and a tender bid procedure preparation and submission. Gravity interpretation combined to 2D seismic interpretation for the GHARADIA PERMIT (Bloc 419,436,420) . Four Prospects generated within the area, and a new play's was identified by the residual gravity map. 2D seismic interpretation of blocs 419, 436 in the Ghardaia permit, prospect ranking, "CPS mapping, depth conversion, synthetic calibration by using geoframe module". Velocity anomaly study due to the surface condition. Main results is a new 4 way deep closure prospect, with 15 Km² area. Preplanning and design new 3 D acquisition in the 315 bloc "Djofra permit". The 3D survey is laid on 550 Km² area and acquired for a better structural and stratigraphic prospect definition. Planning a 700 Km 2 D seismic acquisition stack array method in the 314 bloc. 2 D seismic interpretation of bloc 350, the main objective of the study was a seismic characterisation of the Devonian Barr's extension by using a seismic attribute's analysis 3D seismic interpretation in 438b block, "meandering system of Triassic sandstone reservoir". 2D seismic interpretation and prospect revaluation for the 438a block in Oued Mya basin (two time maps, velocity maps, depth map. Isopach maps). Involved in a special project for the west Hassi R'MEL field area. This project was concerning the interpretation of the870 Km high 2D seismic acquisition for structural and stratigraphic play interpretation. The study integrates the seismic inversion and true amplitude (Attributes interpretation). A total of 870 km 2D seismic "high resolution" planning and acquiring on 350 bloc west of Hassi R'mel Field

Previous Experience

January 1997- Marsh 2001 2D Seismic interpretation and evaluation of 245 block in the ILLIZI basin. Generating a good prospect of 25 Km² area, this prospect was drilled by the sonatrach and Rosneft association, and was good commercial discovery 2D seismic acquisition and supervision in Libya bloc NC 168 and processing supervision in LONDON, Robertson Research Centre. 3 D Seismic acquisition and processing supervision (SWATH METHOD). Interpretation using GEOFRAME "CHARISMA" software 3D seismic

2D Seismic interpretation and static's problem study of the 422 block in the Oued -Mya basin (Deep up hole evaluation)

2D seismic acquisition (concession NC-16 Sirte basin) and processing supervision with CGG centre in LONDON, also seismic interpretation 2 D seismic interpretation of Ghardaia bloc's 422, 420 et 419

June 1992- Septembre 1996 SONATRACH Seismic reservoir characterisation of F3 sandstone in the Ghadames basin using seismic attributes , AVO analysis and seismic inversion Seismic interpretation and prospect evaluation of the Tubba field in IRAK. 2D /3D Seismic acquisition supervision with ARCO Company and Sonatrach. Seismic interpretation, attributes and AVO analysis in the AHNET-TIMIMOUN basin (ALGERIA) . The main scope of the study was a seismic reservoir (F3 - DEVONIAN) characterisation. The main result of the study is the detection of gas accumulation, drilling position and production planning.

The effect of the Velocity variation on the seismic image and mapping in the TRIASSIC province OUED MYA and HASSI BIRKINE basin. This study integrates the gravity also due to the presence of thick sequence of salt in those basins Gravity and magnetic acquisition and interpretation of the ATLAS Mountain in north Algeria.


Poject management (still on, one week per month until December 2008) with OPTIM. Openwroks, seisworks, syntool, DTE, Zmap with Halliburton 06 weeks (Halliburton) Hunting oil with IFP. INTERWELL EASY TRACE "BEICIP". Geological structural style in petroleum BOURNEMOUTH ENGLAND. SMT course in London for 01 week Seismic STRATIGRAPHY course with BEICIP (I.F.P) PARIS FRANCE for 3 weeks. OTHER course training and workshop in ALGERIA with BHP, OGCI, IHRDC, ARCO covering the acquisition, processing, interpretation and AVO analysis, seismic -inversion, reservoir characterization. Seismic Processing and interpretation course with AGIP in MILANO ITALY for Six weeks.


September 1984 to June 1989 :

On September 1984, I joined the National Hydrocarbon and Chemistry institute in BOUMERDES. The period is divided into part the first cycle, which concern the Mathematics, physics, chemistry and mechanic modules The second cycle, is concerning the geophysics courses. Witch including courses or modules with practical workshop and geological trip. The main courses are Electronic, Seismic (acquisition, processing, interpretation), Geology, Gravity-magnetic, signal theory, electric prospecting method and computer programming (FORTRAN, BASIC ). At the end I got my geophysical state engineer diploma ( Five years full study) after a practical study done in the Exploration department of Sonatrach JUNE 1983 : Science Baccalaureate equivalent to high school diploma


- Seismic reservoirs Characterisation (attribute seismic analysis AVO) Ahnet timmimoun basin presented during the JST 3 1998. -AVO analysis and seismic inversion in the ghadames basin for direct hydrocarbon detection presented for Sonatrach and National oil Company libya Sheraton hotel 2000. - Effect OF THE SENONIAN EVAPORITIC LITHOLOGY VARIATION ON 3D SEISMIC IMAGE. 1er journée Exploration en Afrique juin 2005 hôtel Riad Alger


Geophysicist - Seismic Interpreter

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