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Lithium Ion Battery Reviver Kit


· · · · · · · · Revives Depleted* Lithium Ion Battery Packs. Designed for simplicity. Technical expertise is not required. Almost instant, on-site assessment of battery. Battery pack remains sealed and intact. Hazardous shipping & certification avoided. 12 month warranty. Global compatibility, operates worldwide.

Package Includes:

· · · · Reviver Tool-Kit. Digital Instrumentation. Illustrated instructions. Global support & help facility. o Email o Telephone o Skype

Background Information:

The Lithium Ion batteries fitted to Segway PTs are capable of storing a lot of energy. This amount of energy may be dangerous in uncontrolled circumstances. We observe that Segway has taken a number of `controls' to ensure that batteries are always safe. One `control' in particular, is that heavily depleted batteries are locked out of re-charge. This is a safe and conservative approach, however when an otherwise good battery has been simply ignored and allowed to discharge, it must be replaced. * This reviver kit is designed to safely revive such depleted batteries.

Likely Expectations:

Complex battery products may fail in a number of ways. Realistic expectations from a Reviver Kit are: Simply depleted batteries can be revived. Failed or otherwise broken or damaged batteries CANNOT be revived. Batteries with damaged internal cells or damaged electronics CANNOT be revived. Worn out batteries CANNOT be revived. After revival, a number of tests are performed to ascertain, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the revived battery is safe to use. Our worldwide experience is that typically 50% of `dead' batteries presented to dealers fall into the first category and can be successfully revived. Some dealers have reported success rates as high as 75% and even higher.

NOTE: Statistics will vary, perhaps better or perhaps worse, especially with small samples of batteries.

iWarn Pty. Ltd. Trading as Segway Southern Cross: ACN 005 664 693

Proven Global Success:

DGB International, Lithium Ion Battery Revivers have been successfully used globally, including in: · · Asia Pacific Europe

· · · · · ·

North America South America Africa Central America Middle East Australia

Our customers tell us that the most appealing characteristics of the DGB International, Battery Reviver Kit include; · The ability to easily solve the battery problem locally, rather than having to ship heavy and hazardous batteries to a distant `laboratory or solution location'. · The comfort and confidence that comes with a detailed procedure, with simple measurements. · Robust and safe to use electrical connectors.

Ownership Benefits for Dealers:

· Ability to assist customers promptly, on-site. o o o o o · Saves time. Saves transport costs. Saves paperwork & record keeping. Keeps customers happy. Enhances dealership reputation. · Enables additional income $treams. o o o Offer `revival' services to owners. Increases value of PT trade-ins. Attracts customers to your store and gains the opportunity to up-sell additional items.

Ability to revive depleted stock batteries.

Customer Feedback:

· · · · "I earned the price back on the first day". "I expect to use this almost every day". "Appears to have worked great with the 3 batteries we tried initially. We are definitely excited." "We revived 24 out of 27 `dead' batteries."

Legal Disclaimer:

This product is neither supported nor backed by Segway Inc.

Battery Guidelines:

This product is specifically designed to revive Li-ion batteries that are used for the Segway PT. Use for any other application is discouraged. AA, AB, AC series batteries: may be used on generation 1, Segway HT only. A4, AD, AE, AF series batteries: may be used on either generation 1 or 2 HT / PTs. Charge all stored batteries ( revived or otherwise ) at least once per month.

Forward Looking Statement:

We continually strive to improve existing products, and to release new products. All customer feedback is welcomed. We expect to release further `Battery Reviver' range products in the foreseeable future.

Available internationally & locally from:

Shipping Information:

Mr. Stephan de Penasse New Hampshire USA Tel: (603) 860-3046 Skype: StephanSegway or SegwaySX Email: [email protected] Package Dimensions: 31 x 23 x 12 cms 12½ x 9 x 4½ inches

Package Weight: 0.7 Kg 1 lb. 8 oz.

iWarn Pty. Ltd. Trading as Segway Southern Cross: ACN 005 664 693


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