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Japanese Counting Ichi Ni San She Go Roku Shichi Hachi Ku Ju Pronunciation English

Itch Knee Sun She Go Rook Shitch Hutch Koo Joo

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten

Kata Taikyoku Shodan Heian Shodan Gekisai Dai Ichi Saifa Bassai Dai Sanseru Seiyunchin Hangetsu Empi Seipai Jion Shisochin Kanku Dai Sochin Nijushiho Kanku Sho Kururunfa Sanchin Tensho

Tack-ee-yo-koo-show-dan Hee-anne-show-dan Geck-ee-sigh-die-itch Sigh-far Bass-eye-die Sun-sere-roo Say-oon-chin Hun-get-soo Em-pee Say-pie Jee-onn She-sotch-inn Can-koo-die Sotch-inn Knee-jew-she-hoe Can-koo-show Koo-rar-roon-far Sann-chin Ten-show

First Course ­ Level 1 Peaceful Way ­ Number 1 To destroy Introduction Number 1 To smash and tear to pieces Storming the fortress (major) 36 Hands To control, suppress and pull Half Moon Flight of the swallow 18 Hands Jion-ji Temple/Kind and graciousness To destroy in 4 directions To view the sky/gazing skywards (major) To preserve the peace 24 Steps To view the sky/gazing skywards (minor) Holding on and striking suddenly Three Battles Rotating Palms


Microsoft Word - Numbers & Kata

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