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Indian Day

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"Voice of the Unconquered"

50¢ Volume XXIII · Number 14 October 18, 2002

Immokalee Indian Day

By Paula Cassels IMMOKALEE -- On Sept. 26, canoe races kicked off the start of the Immokalee Indian Day Celebration. At 3:30 p.m., as the kids returned from school, the fun began as the community splashed right in to the canoe races. After the races were finished, the community celebration continued at the softball field with the greased pig contest. Competitors had to tie a string around any part of the greased pig's body to win. The most popular activity, the Archery event, drew a crowd that was very knowledgeable and competitive. The contest lasted a long time and most of the contestants scored very high. Meanwhile, the turtle races were taking place. Most of the kids enjoyed this competition, many brought their own turtles and their Paula Cassels neighbors' turtles, to the Many brought their own turtles to the race. race. See IMMOKALEE, page 3

Jenny Snow displayed how to weave a ladle out of a Palmetto frond at the Brighton Culture Day.

Learning, Cooking, Enjoying: Culture Day

By Paula Cassels BRIGHTON -- On Sept.20, community members were hard at work, cooking and cleaning the catch of the day for the Brighton Culture Day. Behind the rodeo arena, Sheila Jones and Delaney Osceola were learning how to clean curlew. Over an open fire, Jenny Snow was cooking turtles, garfish and biscuits. While cooking, Jenny said that Seminoles eat all kinds of turtles. She tapped them on the side and back to check if they were done. When they crumbled or the back of the turtle shell cracked open, the turtle was ready to eat. See CULTURE DAY, page 3

2002 EIRA Awards Banquet

By Paula Cassels CLEWISTON -- On Sept. 21, the Eastern Indian Rodeo Association held the end of the year Awards Banquet at Sonny's Bar-B-Que Banquet room. Speaker Marty Johns announced the night's agenda and Betty Mae Jumper gave the invocation for the banquet dinner. The banquet guests enjoyed a videotape of the past year's rodeo highlights and bloopers during dinner. After dinner, Johns recognized rodeo sponsors President/Acting Chairman Mitchell Cypress, Brighton Board Representative Alex Johns, Big Cypress Board Representative Paul Bowers, Brighton Councilman John Wayne Huff, Sr., Big Cypress Councilman David Cypress, and Hollywood Councilman Max Osceola, Jr. Moses Jumper, Jr. presented special plaques to Marty Johns, Josh Jumper, Bennie Hernandez, and Ray Rivera for See EIRA, page 8

Paula Cassels

Brighton community members try to prod their turtles on to victory.

Brighton Indian Day

Paula Cassels

Laquita Jumper receives EIRA award from Big Cypress Board Representative Paul Bowers.

4th Annual American Indian Elders Conference

By Elrod Bowers OKLAHOMA CITY -- On Sept. 25-27, 20 Tribal members, including President/Acting Chairman Mitchell Cypress, Big Cypress Councilman David Cypress and Immokalee Council Representative Elaine Aguilar, participated in the 4th Annual American Indian Elders Conference, entitled "Native America: A Community For All Ages." The conference's stated purpose was to celebrate and honor the Indian family, focusing on Indian Elders, community based care and traditional values. The conference offered workshop, sessions focusing on Native American elders, on Social Security, Ta'i Chi, Home Safety, Pain Management, and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. Conference attendees also participated in arts and crafts demonstrations and received foot and body massages at the "renewal stations," which were staffed by students from the See ELDERS, page 3

BRIGHTON -- On Sept. 27, the Brighton Indian Day celebration began just before the crack of dawn with sign-ups for the gigging contest and 5-K walk-run event. The 5-K event started at 6:00 a.m. in the field office parking lot. The competitors walked down to the driving range and back, leisure walkers were welcome. Other Tribal members participated in the gigging contest. The rules for the gigging contest were to bank fish only, and fishing was limited to the reservation in limited areas. The competition was graded on the biggest and longest Gar

or Mudfish. Polly and Billy Walker, who caught a three-pound garfish, had the biggest catch until Kevin Tommie came back in with a four-pound garfish. At 10:00 a.m., the Brighton Reservation Indian Day events began with the Seniors Citizen Art Contest. The Brighton seniors have been attending art painting classes every Thursday at 12:30 p.m., a special display of colorful hand-painted pictures and wood carvings were set up under a chickee pavilion. See BRIGHTON, page 5

On The Set Of Bad Boys II And Fast and Furious II

Submitted by Paula Bowers-Sanchez On Monday, Sept. 9, 2002... I spent my first day on the set of Bad Boys II as a member of the background performers. We were featured in a number of scenes, including a shooting scene that takes place in downtown Miami. The lead actors are Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and Gabrielle Union (Bring It On, Two Can Play That Game). It is directed by Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor) and proSee BAD BOYS, page 3 Will Smith and Paula Bowers-Sanchez.

Elrod Bowers

Barbara Billie (in red) learns how to "Part The Wild Horse's Mane" during the Tai-Chi session.

Chamber Of Commerce Honors Mitchell Cypress

CLEWISTON -- On Sept. 17, the 54th Annual Clewiston Chamber of Commerce Dinner held a Social Time Dinner. Delivering the Keynote Address was Mitchell Cypress, President/Acting Chairman for the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Mitchell was introduced by Diane Buster and Sally Tommie, who presented him as a leader who has shown great perseverance and determination. During his address, Mitchell spoke of the ingredients needed to be a leader of the 2,800 plus tribe that has gaming and tobacco revenues as its income generators. Mitchell also clarified some misconceptions about Seminoles. One in particular was the myth that Seminoles do not pay taxes. Cypress explained to all in attendance that each Seminole pays every sort of tax, except property taxes because the Tribe's reservations are on trust land. He also noted the Tribe's efforts to establish positive ties and communication with the towns that surround its five reservations. Mitchell's address earned a round of applause from all of the attendees, who represent many of the businesses in the community. After Cypress's speech, President Nan Schmiedeberg presented him with a small sword as a token of the Chamber of Commerce's appreciation. Congratulations to Mitchell on his recognition by the Clewiston Chamber of Commerce for his leadership role in the Seminole Tribe.

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October 18, 2002

Big Cypress Indian Day

BIG CYPRESS -- The small community of the Big Cypress Reservation gathered at the baseball field for the Indian Day celebration. On the fourth Friday of September, Native American Indian tribes across the United States celebrate this personal holiday. This year, the day was spent participating in events such as a fry bread contest, clothing contest and sack races. Big Cypress, as a community indulged in fun community activities. Listed below are winners of the various contests held. Read on to see if you made the winner's list, or know someone who did. Arts and Crafts Kids: 1st place - Cooper Rivers, 2nd place - Serena Green, 3rd place Ashley Cornelius. Adults: 1st place - Sally Buster, 2nd place - Joe B. Osceola, 3rd place Lucille Jumper, 4th place - Patsy Billie, 5th place - George Billie, 6th place - Joe B. Osceola, 7th place - Louise Billie, 8th place - Lucille Jumper, 9th place - Mary Jane Koenes, and 10th place - George Billie. Fry Bread Women: 1st place - Tisha Walker, 2nd place - Marie Billie, 3rd Place Beverly Osceola. Men: 1st place - Brian Billie, 2nd place - Ferline "Chunky" Buster. Champ: Tisha Walker. Archery Kids: 1st place - Kegan Cypress, 2nd place - Daylyn Hall, 3rd place Emily Bowers. Adults: 1st place - Jake Osceola, 2nd place - Dakota Cypress, 3rd place Nathan Billie 2nd and 3rd place was a tie. Foot Races Group 1 (9-10): 1st place Catlen Tommie, 2nd place - Daylyn Hall, 3rd place - Kegan Cypress. Group 2 (girls): 1st place Danny Tommie, 2nd place - Cooper Rivers, 3rd place - Dalton K. Group 3 (7-8): Quenton Osceola, 2nd place - Dillon Cypress, 3rd place - Brantly Osceola. Log Peeling Men: 1st place - Chad Bettelyoun, 2nd place - Victor Billie, 3rd place - Brian Billie. Women: 1st place - Beverly Osceola, 2nd place - Janice Osceola, 3rd place - Mary Jane Koenes. Axe Throwing Men: 1st place - Danny Tommie, 2nd place - Jay Osceola, 3rd place Victor Billie. Women: 1st place - Janice Osceola, 2nd place - Cecilia Tigertail, 3rd place - Beverly Osceola. Clothing Contest Girls 0-1: 1st place - Carlee Billie, 2nd place - Shanna Balentine, 3rd place - Mya Cypress, 4th place Briana Bowers. Girls 2-4: 1st place - Tomilyn Billie, 2nd place - Amber Ahorarlo , 3rd place - Natoma Robbins, 4th place Dayra, 5th place - Asiana Billie, 6th place Sierra Bowers. Girls 5-8: 1st place - Danni Jumper, 2nd place - Malory Baker, 3rd place - Sarah , 4th place - Katlyn Osceola, 5th place Cooper Rivers. 18-53 Years Old: 1st place Sarah Osceola, 2nd place - Alice Billie, 3rd place - Isabell Garcia, 4th place Rosavell Billie. 54-64 Years Old: 1st place Louise Osceola, 2nd place - Mary Roberts, 3rd place - Louise Billie, 4th place - Patsy Billie. 65-Over: 1st place - Sally Buster, 2nd place - Mabel Frank, 3rd place - Lucy Billie. Boys 2-4: 1st place - Myron Cypress, 2nd place - Ethan Balentine, 3rd place - Dalton Koenes. Boys 5-8: 1st place - Bradley Osceola, 2nd place - Chiefy. Boys 9-12: 1st place - Catlen Tommie, 2nd place - Kaegan Cypress. 18-53 Years Old: 1st place Mike Smith, 2nd place - Danny Tommie. 54-64 Years Old: 1st place Thomas Billie. 65-Over: 1st place - George Billie, 2nd place - Joe Osceola.

Waget hachelapagen elepom -- Cow died near canal.



In Loving Memory Of Track Flames Sue

Seminole Tribune: My name is Ayze Jo Henry. I am fifteen years old and already have experienced alot of pain and triumph. This year in June, my number one horse was struck by lightning. Her name was Track Flames Sue. She was only seven years old and just entering her prime. The Florida State NBHA finals was the same weekend she died. I didn't feel like going because a part of me died with her. I don't think I've ever been so attached to anything before, not even my mom and dad. My dad talked me into going because I have never been so discouraged in my life. If it wasn't for my family, I would have missed out on something I was never able to do. My mom's horse, Boo The Band, won the Youth 4-D. I still think Sue had a part in it. When other girls challenged the 1-D time, Sue probably kicked down the barrel they happened to be turning. Therefore, no one beat the 1-D time. I had a long wait before the Youth competition was over. When I heard my name on the loudspeaker as Youth 4-D State Champion, the first thing I said was, "thank you Sue." I still miss her, she was my baby. The only "significant other" as you would say. I have her three year old, full blooded sister, Rain. Rain is a very good pupil when I am riding and teaching her. Next year, she'll be able to rope off of, and be an outstanding barrel horse.

Recently, Nauthkee and I traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to the Drysdales Supershow. Again, the Youth race was very close. The 1-D time was 15.579 and my time was 17.570. 1 was nine thousandths of a second too fast. The horse who ran that time was Boo. My other horse, Speedy, the replacement for Sue, won fourth in the 4-D. Speedy and I have to do alot of bonding. To me she is a rude, obnoxious horse, to the other horses, she is the Boss Mare. Nauthkee rode Bridgette, the

horse that started it all. She was my second horse. People call her "Bambi" because she looks like a deer when she runs. Her tail goes up and she picks her feet up high. Nauthkee had a time of 20.1, not good enough to place, but good enough for not riding for two or three months! Nauthkee, you make me proud!! I would like to thank David Cypress and Paul Bowers for making the trip to Tulsa possible. Ayze Jo Henry



Letters & E-mail

Editor, I enjoyed your website very much. I am organizing our thanksgiving celebrations at our preschool this year and we would very much like to give our children a broader view of the native people of the south. I am from Scotland and I find it disturbing that the only time the native culture in the USA is celebrated is at thanksgiving and even then the people are portrayed or 'lumped together' as one people. I would be very interested in any easy educational books or even any drawings or photos of your people past and present which would be suitable for our little children who are aged 2 -5. I am hoping to have each class be a different tribe and would also like to use any story books available throughout our school year. Hope you can help, Thank you, Moira Hutt [email protected] Editor, I live close to you & saw fireworks going off Friday 9/27/02. I was curious, was it a tribe holiday or celebration? It was beautiful to watch & hear. You are such a beautiful people. Lois [email protected] Lois, those fireworks were in celebration of National Indian Day, which is held every year on the fourth Friday of September. Editor, What is on the calendar for this season's pow-wow in Florida? Will there be crafts sold? Thank you so much for your site. It such a blessing to us Joan Gossett [email protected] Joan, The Seminole Tribal Fair will be held on Feb. 6-9, 2003. The Tribal Fair offers the public the chance to enjoy Seminole food, arts and crafts, clothing and culture. Please check the Calendar of Events on for the latest information on other Tribal events. Editor, My name is Frances Castro and I am a current graduate student at the University of Southern California. I am currently taking a course that deals with multicultural identity.

6300 Stirling Rd. Hollywood. FL 33024 I would like to do a case study on Native American and their experiences with cultural identity and discrimination. I would appreciate it very much if you could direct me to a resource in which I can interview someone of Native American descent. I may be reached via email or at 323.228.4698. Thank you, Frances Castro [email protected] Paul Buster, Culture Specialist, answers: My name is Paul "Cowbone'' Buster. I may be able to answer some of your questions. My e-mail is [email protected] Editor, Do you offer dove hunting? If so please provide details. Thank You George [email protected] Lucy Evanicki, Billie Swamp Safari Marketing Director, writes: We are not offering dove hunts this season, but we plan to in future hunt seasons. Thank you for the inquiry. Editor, Hi, I just went to a rodeo that the Seminole Tribe sponsored in Deland, Florida 9/28/02. Just wanted you to know that I thought it was an excellent bull riders rodeo. It was very organized, the show and music was excellent. I was so proud to hear that the Indians sponsored it. My dad (William Whidden) is from South Florida, my great-grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee. I've always been interested in the Indians. Take Care, Glenda Clements [email protected] Seminole County Public Schools 400 E. Lake Mary Blvd. Sanford, FL 32773 407.320.0071 Editor, Thank you for putting up such an informative web site. My daughter is doing a report for school about the Seminoles. Sincerely, Dan Hobbs Winter Garden, FL [email protected] Hello, I am a member of the Shoshone

[email protected]


Bannock Tribes out of Fort Hall, Idaho. I participate in rodeos throughout the nation, with various associations, and would like a poster of your upcoming rodeo in February. My friends that live in Florida have invited me to come down and compete in the EIRA All-Indian Rodeo. If you could please send me an e-mail of your Rodeo poster, or you should post it on your tribal website as a link. I and other guests would appreciate it. Thank you sincerely, Lizzie Dixey Rodeo contestant [email protected] Dear Sirs, I had the privilege to be invited to play in the Open Women's Division of the Randolph Clay Memorial Pool Tournament this weekend. My name is Ellen Van Buren and I am a Case Manager for a Crime Prevention Program in Miami. Pool is not only my hobby it is also my passion and I owe the Tribe and Betty Osceola a debt of gratitude for giving me a venue to compete against other women who like myself have full time careers and lives, but still have a desire to experience one of the freedoms that this great country affords us. The freedom to be whoever or whatever we want to be. I had a great time and met some of the most open and friendly people in South Florida. And the food was great too!! Looking forward to the next time the Tribe opens it's arms and it's tournament to women in South Florida like me. Thank You, Ellen Van Buren [email protected] (305) 374-1987 ext 30 HI! to the People of the Seminole Tribe, Just a quick hello from a lady in England who has been looking for the history on your people for a long time and now it looks as if I am lucky, so will be coming back time and again to visit your wonderful site. Bless you all. Love from a good friend, Denise Silverton [email protected] I'm 14, and in the 8th grade. Thanks to this web site, that I've been looking for, I can finish my project. Thanks . . . [email protected]

New Tribal Calendar!

The Seminole Tribune is hard at work on the new Tribal calendar entitled, "Seminole Women." The calendar will feature women from each of the eight clans. Each month will also feature a list of Tribal seniors who will celebrate their birthday, and spots for Tribal senior birthday messages and anniversaries are currently being reserved. Only a few spots are available at $10 for 20 words maximum, so if you would like to reserve a space, call the Tribune office immediately at (954) 967-3416.

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October 18, 2002

Community News v

Culture Day

Continued from page 1 Later that day, Jenny Snow also displayed how to weave a berry basket from a palm leaf. Next to Jenny Snow was Martha Jones, who had her own table under a chickee where she was teaching the children how to open and clean garfish. Garfish are hard to cut open, because they have alligator-like skin that is rough, wet and slippery. At one of the larger chickees, others were cooking deer meat, pork, curlew, fry bread, swamp cabbage and A few young Tribal members learned to clean Curlew at guava sofkee. Brighton Culture Day. Swamp cabbage is made in different ways some woman boil it with bacon and others like it with sugar. at one long table with benches. While all this cooking was going on, Happy When the food was done, Alice Snow gave Jones and few other elders was telling traditional sto- grace and everyone filled their plates and enjoyed the ries to all the children setting down listening to them food. Taught by Madeline Rugh, who studies Yang style Ta'i Chi and Tae Kwon Do, the room was packed with interested seniors and health educators. Rugh started by listing Ta'i Chi's benefits. Continued from page 1 "It's overall impact is on stress management," said Central State School of Massage. Rugh. "It's very good for cardio and the digestive Members of the Kiowa Black Leggings system, it's also good for circulation of breath." Warrior Society Color Guard opened the conference She then displayed the short form for the with the presenting of the colors and a prayer. audience. She then showed how to perform some of In "Social the preliminary moveSecurity Administration ments. and its Importance in the Rugh gave some Lives of American pointers on how to get the Indians," SSA representamaximum benefits out of tive Larry Jones answered the movements. "The questions about retirebody is a conduit between ment, disability and the heaven and earth," said future of Social Security. Rugh, "wear shoes with According to soles made of a natural Jones, if Social Security is material, such as leather, not changed, in 15 years it so the power can come up will start paying out more through the soles." than it is taking in. A few of the "Right now audience members were Social Security has a trilsurprised at the effects that lion dollar surplus," said the short demonstration Jones, "but in 2017 it will had on their bodies. Many be paying out 75 cents on felt heat, identified by the dollar." Rugh as chi, the body's This reversal energy, in their hands and would have begun 2-3 feet. Others said that the years earlier, but recent exercises had increased Senator Haney with President Cypress. calculations, based on the their appetite. latest figures and studies, At the final banquet, the delayed it to 2017. guests were treated to a Jones stressed that this will happen only if special keynote speaker, Oklahoma state senator Social Security system is not changed in the next 15 Enoch Kelly Haney. years. There are already proposals to face this comRecently, Haney ran for Governor of ing problem. Oklahoma, but his campaign ended after he finished However, none of the proposals, which third in the Democratic Primary. include cutting benefits and raising taxes, are very Haney thanked the Oklahoma Tribal citizens popular. for supporting him and was optimistic about his Another popular session was "Ta'i Chi." future.

Bad Boys

Continued from page 1 duced by Jerry Bruckheimer. On Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2002. I spent most of this day shooting different angles of the scene from Monday. However, I did get to meet and speak with Will Smith briefly through his wardrobe person, Robert Matta, who just happens to be a great friend of Marilyn McEuen. I presented Will with two Seminole Jackets for he and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. I was also lucky enough to meet and speak with Gabrielle Union. On Thursday, Sept. 12, 2002 I spent this last day re-shooting scenes that were rained out on Tuesday. Jada PinkettSmith visited the set and I had a chance to meet and speak with her briefly. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera so, no photos with Jada. Although the 12th was the last day of filming for the scene our group would be in, the movie does not wrap until December. So, hopefully, I will be called back for other scenes. It was quite interesting to see what all is involved in filming a movie. The three days of shooting we did only accounts for approximately 8 to 9 minutes of the entire movie. Isn't that amazing?!! On Thursday, Sept. 26,2002... This was only the second day of filming for Fast and Furious II, directed by John Singleton and starring Paul Walker and Tyrese (Vin Diesel will not be appearing in the sequel). Today, we shot a scene outside a restaurant in Miami, involving Paul and Tyrese. My Jeep was also used in the scene! I was called for just this one day, but the movie will be shooting for the


Actress Gabrielle Union and Bowers-Sanchez. next 5 months. So, hopefully, I will be called up again. Well, I just wanted to share my experience with you, and thank Marilyn McEuen for her continued help and support. It is such a wonderful feeling to have someone believe in your talent and ability and who will go out of their way to do anything to help you achieve your dreams.


Continued from page 1 At dusk, the kids enjoyed an egg toss competition. The raw eggs were amazing. No matter how far the egg was thrown, when it hit the ground, it didn't break. Until they tested it on someone's body. After the egg-toss, the axe-throwing event was held for the adults and seniors only. While this skillful event was being held, the egg and spoon race was held for the kids. As dark came upon the softball field and the mosquitoes came out to eat, everybody was covered in excitement and sweat as they started the sack races. The kids' race had to be held twice because the kids were hopping around so fast this way and that, that the judges couldn't tell who had won.

After the kids were finished it was time for the evening's funniest event, the adult sack race. The scene was a madhouse with one person carrying another while hopping with the sagging sack, another hopping on one foot and people were falling on top of each other. It was a great celebration, the Immokalee Indian Day was sponsored by the Immokalee Recreation Department.

Brighton Diabetic Polynesian Extravaganza

By Paula Cassels BRIGHTON­On Oct. 3, the Brighton seniors and community members of all ages enjoyed a Hawaiian Luau buffet dinner and Polynesian Show. The Luau performers were singer Tama Leao, and Polynesian Show with live traditional Hawaiian hula girl dancers and a Hawaiian fire warrior dancer. The Hawaiian buffet dinner was organized and severed by Beth Skinner, nutritionist for Brighton; Jeanne Hatfield, nutritionist for Hollywood and B.C. community; and Connie Whidden, Health Director. The Hawaiian Dinner and Polynesian Show was held to encourage tribal members to come to the clinic for a periodic checkup. The Health Department would like to check everyone's blood sugar including children and young adults, as well as the elderly adults. If diabetes remains untreated, it can lead to vision loss, heart disease, kidney disease, and a number of other serious problems. Diabetes is a disease that has touched the lives of many citizens of Brighton, and the community has made great strides in their efforts to battle the crippling effects of this disease. friends and family members with diabetes are in need of their support President/Acting Chairman Mitchell Cypress thanked the performers for putting on a wonderful show and for the community members for attending. A special thanks to Brighton Councilman John Wayne Huff Sr., Brighton Board Representative Alex Johns, Holly Billie, Barbara Boling, Connie Whidden, Suzanne Davis, Beth Skinner, Jody Goodman, Stan Frischman, Marvin Hines, Brighton Transfer Station, Brighton Construction Department, Landscape J&S Trees.



to Amend Corporate Charter Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.

Submitted by the President's Office By now you have received your package from the BIA on the upcoming Secretarial Election November 19. In the package is a sample of the ballots, and a Voters Registration Form. Please complete this form and send back in the enclosed envelope to the Seminole Agency by October 24th. If you have any problems in completing your form, please see your local Board Representative for assistance or go into the Seminole Tribal Office or the Seminole Agency in Hollywood. If you will not be able to vote on November 19, because you will be out of town or have a handicap or an illness, please complete the Absentee Ballot Request so that you will be able to place your vote under any circumstances. The Bureau of Indian Affairs is 100% behind us and encouraging us to amend the Charter. This amendment will enable the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc., to further their economic development. Come out and vote to assist in amending the Corporate Charter for the benefit of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc., and its Shareholders.

See Voter List on Pages 6 and 7

Seminole hula dancers get in on the act.

The Seminole Tribune


October 18, 2002

Healthy Grocery Shopping

By Kenny Bayon, C.PT It's the end of another bustling day. You're tired, sweaty, smelly and hungry. About the only thing more appealing than a hot shower is a hearty meal. Problem: The refrigerator's as bare as the shelves in an Afghanistan supermarket, and the pantry's serving as storage space for your old TV. Don't call Domino's just yet. We've already written about how to lean out, and now it's time to learn about healthy grocery shopping. Join us for a supermarket tour with Barbara S. Correll, a registered dietitian for 30 years and owner of Dietetic Consulting Services in the Florida area. Among other things, you'll learn how to reduce fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol in your diet; find great sources of protein and antioxidants; and better understand nutritional labels. The dividends: You'll feel great, improve your physique, and increase your life expectancy. Any complaints? BASIC GUIDELINES *Above all else, Learn To Read And Understand Food Labels. "They have to read the labels or they just won't succeed," Correll attests. While walking through a Publix in Hollywood, FL, we discovered many products, especially those with reduced fat, are loaded with enough sugar, salt and preservatives to fill a sand trap: there can be a huge gap in calories between similarlooking products (from 60 to 140 calories, for example, for a ½ cup of red pasta sauce); some are vague about their ingredients; and others don't even have labels - which means zero chance of us buying it. *Avoid foods with high contents of fat, which can cause heart disease and a plague of health problems (keep total fat to less than 20 percent of calories, with less than 10 percent from saturated); salt/sodium, which can cause high blood pressure (3,000-4,000 milligrams daily); cholesterol, which clogs arteries (200-300 milligrams daily); caffeine, which can raise blood pressure and cause dehydration; sugar, which often adds unneeded calories; and nitrates, which are heavily used in processed and smoked meats and can cause cancer. *Among fats, unsaturated are the lesser evil. The best fats are monounsaturated (canola and olive oils, nuts and avocado), which can lower harmful cholesterol (LDL) levels; followed by polyunsaturated (corn, soybean and sunflower oils; fish fat). Saturated fats (found in meats; dairy products; hardened butter and margarine; and coconut, palm and palm kernel oils) raise LDL levels. In recipes, try using fat substitutes such as apple sauce, bananas, pureed prunes, fat-free yogurt and egg whites. *Determine fat percentage based on calories, not weight. One gram of fat has nine calories (compared to four calories for a gram of protein or carbohydrate). So a 200-calorie nutritional bar with 4 fat grams (4 X 9 = 36 calories) is 18 percent fat. *Grab foods with high fiber content, such as whole grains, fruits, beans and other veggies. Fiber has many benefits: It keeps the stomach full so you'll tend to eat less; helps regulate blood sugar levels for maintained energy; fights off bad cholesterol; and aids in waste elimination. Correll recommends eating 25-35 grams daily. *Choose a wide variety of foods, especially from the produce section. Many fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which help fight off body-damaging and diseasecausing free radicals. As a general rule of fruits and veggies, Correll says, "The more colorful, the more nutrition value you'll get." Also, freshly frozen produce can be just as healthy as that picked off the pile. *Despite the recent trend toward low-carbohydrate diets, Correll advocates balanced nutrition plans. "Moderation in everything is my golden rule," she declares. To avoid overeating, she suggests using plastic bags to separate portions. Correll uses Exchange Lists, available from the American Diabetes Association and The American Dietetic Association, to help establish serving-size guidelines. *Don't neglect dairy products. They are a great source of calcium, which helps keep bones dense and strong. And it's not just women who need to worry about osteoporosis. "I'm finding more and more men with calcium problems," Correll says. *Look for cookbooks "that match what kind of plan they're on and what they want to get out of their foods," advises Correll. *Never shop for groceries on an empty stomach, which can lead to impulsive buying of junk food. *For eating on the greens, Correll recommends prepackaged foods such as granola, nutritional (Balance, Power) or protein bars. Drink water, and plenty of it -- perhaps a sports drink if walking the course -- but definitely no beverages with alcohol or caffeine. GRAB A SHOPPING CART (Note: This isn't a conclusive grocery list. We just offer tips; you make the choices. Also, all food listed are not necessarily the equivalent of those in similar categories under different sections. For instance, a "bad" cereal like granola can be more nutritious than a "better" snack like low-fat cookies.) DELI Bad: Processed meats such as salami, liverwurst, bologna; mayonnaiseor oil-based salads; heavy cheeses such as American, cheddar and Swiss. Better: Lighter lunch meats such as turkey or chicken breast, and lean roast beef and ham; reduced-fat cheeses (thinly sliced). Best: Grilled chicken breast (skin and fat pulled); freshly-carved turkey. BAKERY Bad: Pies, cakes, cookies, doughnuts and muffins (unless specified as lowfat). Better: Most breads, including bagels and pitas. Best: Whole-grain -- and therefore high-fiber -- breads. DAIRY Bad: High-fat products such as whole milk, butter, margarine, cream and the cheeses. Better: One percent milk; reduced-fat cheeses; butter/margarine with the keywords "No Trans Fatty Acids" and "No Hydrogenated Oils." Best: Skim milk; fat-free yogurt (sugarless if looking to cut calories); fatfree cheeses (if you can bare the taste). CEREALS, GRAINS and PASTAS Bad: Beef- and cheese-filled pasta (ravioli, shells, etc.); regular granola. Better: Grits; white rice; durum semolina pasta; couscous; low-fat cereal. Best: Brown rice (more fibrous than white); plain oatmeal; whole wheat or spinach pasta; wheat germ; sugar-free bran cereals. MEATS and PROTEINS Bad: Sausages; hot dogs; ribs bacon; ham; oysters (can have a high bacteria content, says Correll); chicken wings and thighs. Better: Lean beef (eye of round, filet mignon, and tenderloin); lean ground turkey; drumsticks; pork tenderloins ("Pork is a much leaner meat than it used to be," Correll says, "but I don't consider it `the other white meat.'"). Best: Skinless chicken/turkey breasts and tenderloins; eggs (pull out yokes to eliminate fat and cholesterol); all fish (if canned, make sure packed in water and not oil); seafood (shrimp, lobster, mussels, etc.); . PRODUCE Bad: None Better: Canned fruit (light syrup); iceberg lettuce. Best: Dark green, leafy veggies (spinach, romaine); broccoli; cabbage; sweet potatoes; tomatoes; carrots; beans, lentils and peas (high in fiber and protein; can be used as meat substitutes); oranges; guavas; strawberries; watermelon; papayas; mangoes; bananas; apples. BEVERAGES Bad: Beer, liquor and non-red wine; regular sodas. Better: Red wine (one glass daily is good for the heart); decaffeinated diet sodas, tea and coffee; sports drinks (but only during or after strenuous physical activity). Best: Water; fresh juices; green tea (high in antioxidants). SNACKS Bad: Cookies; cup cakes; fried chips; chocolate. Better: Reduced-fat peanut butter; mints; jelly beans; licorice; sucking candies; low-fat cookies and baked goods. Best: Sugarless gum; pretzels (preferably unsalted); rice cakes; baked or fat-free chips; low-fat granola bars; butterless popcorn (season with herbs and fatfree condiments); dried fruits. CONDIMENTS Bad: Regular mayonnaise; highfat dressings; Alfredo sauce (Correll calls it "heart attack on a plate.") Better: Salsa; ketchup; honey; low-fat versions of all sauces, dressings and marinades (dilute with water to make even healthier). Best: Vinegar; mustard; curry powder; apple sauce (no sugar added); lemon and lime juice; pepper; garlic; spices and herbs. COOKING AGENTS Bad: Saturated fats (listed under Guidelines) Better: Unsaturated fats (listed under Guidelines) Best: Water; cooking wine; chicken and veggie broths; low-fat and sodium soups. FROZEN Bad: Take your pick -- pizzas, Salisbury steak, burritos, cheese sticks, ice cream... Better: Low-fat, low-sodium meals (Correll likes Healthy Choice); fatfree ice cream, yogurt or sherbet. Best: Bagged dinners with lean meat, starch and vegetables; veggie burgers; reduced-sugar, fat-free desserts. This article was done with the assistance of Darren Liebman. Darren is a personal trainer living in Tampa, Fla.

Miami Dolphins/NFL Flag Football Festival

OCTOBER 26, 9-4:00 P.M. BAMFORD SPORTS COMPLEX 3800 SW 92nd Ave, Davie, FL Free Admission. Boys and girls of all ages welcome! Free goody bag & T-shirt for participants NFL flag football clinics & skills games Learn how to play football like the pros! Fundamental skill training for boys and girls. Get involved with NFL FLAG! FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Autographs and Pictures with Dolphins Alumni & Cheerleaders, Team Mascot, Face Painters, Gatorade Sampling Interactive Elements, Free NFL FLAG merchandise give-a-ways Raffle entry for first 500 kids who sign-up: Free game ticket give-a-ways!! For more information, call 1-800-NFL-SNAP

The Seminole Tribune


October 18, 2002

Leasing Versus Buying An Automobile

By Ken Goosens [Editor's note. Ken Goosens works for the Tribe in Housing Finance and counsels Tribal members on loans and their credit. The opinions he expresses are his own.] We have all seen the advertisements touting leasing. For some surprisingly low cost per month, you can drive some surprisingly expensive or luxurious car. For the same price you pay to buy some putt-putt, you can have this prestigious automobile you really would prefer but feared you could never afford. And automobile salespeople are trained how to give a comparative analysis that invariably shows that leasing is advantageous. But are these leasing offers good deals for you? Leasing is seldom the lowest cost option. The lowest cost option for most people is to buy a vehicle with a topnotch record of reliability that gets good gasoline mileage, service the car faithfully and routinely (oil changes, checkups, waxing), and keep the car for at least five years and preferably 10 years or more. Most of the bad mistakes people make in deciding whether to buy or lease concern leasing. The most common and serious mistake people make is to underestimate the true cost of a lease. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that a lease is better simply because it has the lowest monthly payments. You have to look at the total cost of the lease, and not just the regular payments per month. Leases are long-term contracts with special risks. For one thing, you are obligated to make all the payments for the full period of the lease, which usually is 2 to 4 years. If your circumstances change and you don't want or can't afford the lease, expenses, especially if the manufacturer's warranty expires. You are also liable for damages as well as unusual or excessive wear on the auto when you turn it in. Finally, you must pay for automobile insurance and if the car is totaled, you may find yourself liable for thousands of dollars on a car you are longer able to drive. Leasing cars also has disadvantages for your credit history. In the world of credit, leases are simply rents ­ perpetual debts that never build any wealth or assets. On a loan for a mortgage, debts on an automobile you are buying will stop counting against your borrowing limit whenever the auto will be paid off within 10 months. However, a lease debt will continue to count against you no matter how soon the lease will be over, because the expectation is that you will need an auto and will have to lease again. In addition, leased autos do not count as an asset on a loan application, whereas autos you are buying do. Despite the many risks, leasing does make good sense in a few circumstances. If you are self-employed and primarily or exclusively use a vehicle for business purposes, leasing may have a significant advantage due to benefits on tax returns concerning expenses and depreciation. If you must have an auto and really cannot afford to buy, a lease with little or nothing down and lower monthly payments may be all you can get. For the rest of us, owning an auto builds our credit, establishes an asset, and has the best chance of minimizing long-term expenses.

Community Dinner & Talent Show

Come and join us to celebrate Fall Festival & Red Ribbon Week Tuesday, October 29 at 6:00 p.m. at the Seminole Gym $500/ $300/ $100 Prizes Adult Division, Child Division To sign up, contact Tina at Family Services (954)964-6338 Sponsored by Recreation & Family Services.

you can't simply turn the auto back in early. You will incur substantial additional charges for "breaking" the lease, which you may not be able to afford and did not plan on making. If you think that the great thing about a lease is that you can simply turn the car in after the full lease period at no additional cost, you have made the second most common mistake. The lease contract stipulates several ways you may be liable for special fees upon return of the auto, somewhat like charges you may incur after you vacate a rental apartment or house. Leases cap the mileage, typically at 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year. Exceed that and you will be assessed a surcharge per additional mile that could easily be several thousand dollars. If you commute to a job, or you live on the more rural reservations or regularly make trips to reservations to see family, you can easily drive 20,000 miles each year. You may specify higher mileage limits in your lease contract, but will have to make higher monthly payments. Most leases call for you to be responsible for repairs and maintenance during the lease. While newer cars have lower costs, you may still have substantial give everyone a practice round, but the rain started coming down and stopped the event. They set up in the rodeo arena, and as soon as they were ready, the rain stopped. Everyone was provided with longbows, the big winner was Sidney Gore. In the pole peeling contest, there were men and women's categories. In the women's category, it was a close race. The contest was a timed event, which Ethel Gopher peeled in to top speed for first place. Inside the rodeo arena, there were Box and Gopher Turtle Races. At first, there was one gold turtle. The next thing you know, all of the turtles were gold, except for one, which had red polka dots on it's back. If you thought the fumes from the paint would keep the turtles from walking straight, think again. Brighton Board Representative Alex Johns paint-


Continued from page 1 At 11:00 a.m., the judging began for the Rez Car Show. Debbie Carter's 1990 steel blue Silverado was looking good and hard to beat. No Indian Day celebration would be complete without a Pumpkin Bread Contest. This was a women only contest. The basic ingredients were provided (pumpkin, grease, flour and sugar). The participants had to provide their own special ingredients and the cooking was done at the culture ground over an open fire. Judging was based on the bread's overall appearance, taste and consistency. The Archery contest had a little trouble getting started. They tried to

ed his box turtle gold from head to toe, and it ran all the way to the finish line for first place. The last contest was the Horse Race, which took place behind the culture grounds. This race had men and women divisions, enter at your own risk and participants had to ride bareback. In the first stretch, Alex Johns was in the lead, until his horse jumped into a large water puddle, leaving Johns in the mud. Koty Brugh and Sidney Gore passed him by, running neck and neck on the back stretch for a tie win. In the women's division, Emma Browd kept a short lead in front of the rest of the riders throughout the race. Brighton Indian Day was very entertaining, a lot of fun and was sponsored by Councilman John Wayne Huff, Sr.



1st American Tobacco Shop

OPEN 24 HOURS 288 Brands Generics Canadians DRIVE THRU

· Custom Made Tikis · Wood Decking · Patios & Bars · Native American Artifacts

5791 S State Rd. 7 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314 (954) 581-8411

: ion lect e e eS arg minol L Se irts Sk ts ke Jac lls Do

Anhinga Indian Trading Post

5791 South State Road 7 (441) Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314 954-581-0416 954-581-8411 Fax: 954-316-5003

Silv er Ind & Tur ian quo Bra Jewelr ise ce y Rin lets Nec gs klac es

The Seminole Tribune


October 18, 2002

United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs Seminole Agency 6075 Stirling Road Hollywood, Florida 33024 ELECTION NOTICE SEMINOLE TRIBE OF FLORIDA Members of the Seminole Tribe of Florida are hereby advised that an election will be held on November 19, 2002, for the purpose of voting on the proposed amendments to the Corporate Charter. This election is being conducted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in accordance with Part 81 of Title 25 of the Code of Federal Regulations (25 CFR Part 81). Pursuant to the requirements of 25 CFR 81.6(f), adult tribal members who register to vote in this election shall be entitled to vote for the ratification or rejection of proposed Amendments to the Corporate Charter. A notice is being mailed to all tribal members eighteen (18) years of age and older at the address listed on the current tribal membership roll with a voter registration form enclosed. Any member who does not receive such a form by mail should request one from the Seminole Agency, 6075 Stirling Road, Hollywood, FL. 33024 or from the Election Board, Seminole Tribe, 6300 Stirling Road, Hollywood, FL. THE REGISTRATION FORMS MUST BE RECEIVED AT THE SEMINOLE AGENCY OR THE SEMINOLE TRIBAL OFFICE BUILDING NO LATER THAN 5:00 p.m. ON OCTOBER 24, 2002. If any adult member is unable to vote at a designated polling place because of temporary absence from the reservation, illness or physical disability, the individual may vote by absentee ballot. Requests for absentee ballots must be designated on the voter registration forms. It is particularly important that only adult members who register to vote in this election will be permitted to cast ballots on the adoption or rejection of the proposed amendments to the Corporate Charter. Immediately after the ballots are counted, the results of the election will be posted at the Seminole Agency and the Seminole Tribal Administrative Office. Joe Frank Chairman of Election Board Acting Superintendent Seminole Agency Registered Voters - Big Cypress Alexander, Catherine, Janell Alumbaugh, Beverly, Kay Baker, Marissa, Kay Balentine, James, Junior Balentine, Jerry, Lee Bert, Jody, Tigertail Bert, Tony, Shawn Bert, Dusti-Jo, Ann Bert, Georgina, Kaye Bert, Minnie, Tigertail Billie, Pilot Billie, Thomas, Tommy Billie, Markell, Alan Billie, Vanessa, Marie Billie, Melissa, Diana Billie, Mariann, Ruby Billie, Bobbie (Lou), Bowers Billie, Jessica, Jo Billie, Joe, Don Billie, Margie, Tess Billie, Heath, Floyd Billie, Clinton, Albert Billie, Thomas, Mark Billie, Linda Billie, Marilyn, Sandra Billie, Mary, B. Billie, Danny Billie, Amos, Moses Billie, Matthew, Jason Billie, Loni, Michelle Billie, Rebecca Billie, Bobbie, Jamie Billie, Almira, Kathleen Billie, Loraine Billie, Eddie, C. Billie, Olivia, Ann Billie, Rosavell Billie, Lesley, Yesenia Billie, Eldean, Jo Billie, Christopher, Lee Billie, Clifton, Lewis Billie, Brian Billie, Richard, D. Billie, Clea, Nel Billie, Norman, Jeffery Billie, Doreen, Rose Billie, Sheila, Joyce Billie, Cheyenne, Bobbie Billie, Alice Billie, Carradine Billie, Susie, Jim Billie, Tommi, Agnes Billie, Jason, Lee Billie, Roger, J Billie, Leroy Billie, Marlin, Jay Billie, Joe, Junior Billie, Edmond, Perry Billie, Henry, John Billie, Lonnie Billie, Minnie Billie, Nancy Billie, Virgil Billie, Marie Billie, Louise, B. Billie, Ronnie Billie, Alice, Mckinley Billie, Patsy Billie, Amos Billie, Osceola, Mckinley Billie, Junior Billie, James Billie, Allen, M. Billie, Texas Billie, Frank Billie, George Billie, Frank, J Billie, Rosie Billie, Jr., Nicodemus, Leon Billie, Jr., Roy, Weaver Billie, Sr., Marvin, Jason Billie, Sr., John Billie, Sr., Ronnie, Bobby Billie, Sr., Nicodemus

Bowers, Clarissa, April Bowers, David Bowers, Charlilee, Seneca Joe Bowers, Evelyn Bowers, Toahooke, Billidine Bowers, Ginnie Bowers, Richard, Junior Bowers, Neal, Martin Bowers, Pauletta, Jan Bowers, Rosetta, Jan Bowers, Nadine Bowers, Jr., Paul Bowers, Sr., Paul Buster, Paul, Ferlin Buster, Dana Buster, Christopher Buster, Esther, Cypress Buster, Ira, Billy Buster, Daisy, M. Buster, Sally Buster, Jr., Alvin Chadwick, Jennifer, Lucretia Coppedge, Mary, Jean Cornelius, Erin, Dawn Cornelius, Errol, Trent Cypress, Terry Cypress, Patsy, Jane Cypress, Arnold Cypress, Mitchell Cypress, Raymond, H. Cypress, Jonah, Frank Cypress, Sue, Jane Cypress, Tonia, Ann Cypress, Cornelius, Theodore Cypress, Leatrice, Beth Cypress, Charley, Whitney Cypress, Lydia, L. Cypress, Shane Cypress, Clorine, Cathy Cypress, Shannon Cypress, Solomon Cypress, Mary, Frances Cypress, Mary, Lou Cypress, Donna Cypress, Andy Cypress, Michaelene, Evelyn Cypress, Michael, Barry Cypress, Janice, Lee Cypress, Amanda, Earlene Cypress, Charlie Cypress, Elijah, Roger Cypress, Jeannie Cypress, Andrea, Kay Cypress, Charles, Stanley Cypress, Regina, Jo Cypress, Eugenia, Gayle Cypress, Eugene, Myron Cypress, Herbert, Mills Cypress, Patrina, Victoria Cypress, Miranda, Emogene Cypress, Helena Cypress, Angie Cypress, David, Roger Cypress, Simona, Jolene Cypress, Patrick Cypress, Lorraine, L Cypress, Devin, Mindy Cypress, Roy, Henry Cypress, Eric, Macy Cypress, Marcia, Ann Cypress, Claudine, Candy Cypress, Carla Cypress, Jeannette, Billie Cypress, Sadie, Tommie Cypress, III, Stanley Cypress, Jr., Stanley Cypress, Sr., Robert, Donald Dintsch, Margaret, Ann Doctor, Martha, Ann Doctor, Claudia, Cypress Doctor, Richard, Lee Frank, Mabel, Tiger Frank, Joe, Frank, Camilla, Adrienne Frank, Jeroboam, Sam Grasshopper, Joseph, Michael, . Grasshopper, Dale, Evans Grasshopper, Jason, Richard Green, Christopher, Ray Hall, Jeremiah, Hall, Deana, K Hall, Cherelee, Kristen J Hall, Fred Hall, James Hall, John, Jr. Hall, John, Sr. Henry, Joey, Wahoo Henry, Brenda, Lee Henry, Michael, Buck Hernandez, Lydia, Lee Herrera, Jose Herrera, Fernando Herrera, Vera Hill, Robert, Louis Jim, Tina, Lee Jim, Lottie Jim, Mabel Jim, Stephen Jim, Violet Jim, Judy, Ann Jim, Ruth, Osceola Jim, Jennifer, Ann Jim, Kaniah, Lou Jim, Lenny, Ray Jim, Elias, (Noah) Jim, Jr., Louis, Dixie Jim, Sr., Louis, Dixie Jimmie, Wendy, Carolyn Johns, Mary, Louise Johns, Billie, Sr. Jumper, Annie, Pocahontas Jumper, Nelda, Vanessa Jumper, Yvonne, Mary Jumper, Cathy, Myrna Jumper, Teresa Jumper, Calvin Jumper, Phillip Jumper, Louise, Billie Jumper, Joshua, Abe Jumper, Cecil Jumper, Lucille Jumper, Tommy Jumper, Myra, C Jumper, Desiree, Kari Jumper, Sherri Jumper, June, Ashley Jumper, Susie, Cypress Jumper, III, Moses, Happy Jumper, Jr., William, Lee Jumper, Jr., Henry Jumper, Jr., Moses Jumper, Sr., Josiah, Alan Jumper, Sr., Henry Jumper-Frye, Danielle, Janine King, Betty, Ann King, Lindsey, Cypress Koenes, Tj Koenes, Toi, Justin McDuffe, Edna, Johns Mercer, Donelda, Mcduffie Miller, Mary, Magdelene C Motlow, Agnes, Billie Motlow, David, Sr. Nelson, Terrijo, Denise Osceola, Carol Osceola, Janice, Martha Osceola, Mornin, Ann Osceola, Louise, Georgia

Osceola, Obadiah Osceola, Justin, Bruce Osceola, Glenn, Emmons Osceola, Lupe Osceola, Joe, Benjamin Osceola, Genesis Osceola, Marcus, Joel Osceola, Randall, Anthony Osceola, Carl, Jason Osceola, Mary, Ann Osceola, Sara, Billie Osceola, Tahama Osceola, Rudy Osceola, Ruby, Ann Osceola, Cicero, Quentin Osceola, Tony, Hank Osceola, Rochelle, Jean Osceola, Raleigh Osceola, Freeman Osceola, Caroline, Sue Osceola, Jr., Jacob Osceola, Sr., Jacob Osceola, Sr., Samuel, C. Osceola, Sr., Joe Perez, Cynthia, Jane Phillips, Marie, Coppedge Robbins, Tara, Dale Robbins, Mary, Jane Robbins, John, Franklin Robbins, Jr., Bernard, Doyle Roberts, Genell Roberts, Jasper Sanders, Arlene, Melissa Sherlock, Roberta, Martinez Smith, Oneva, Janet Smith, Mike, Allen Smith, Larry Smith, Tracey Tiger, Manuel, (Mando) Tiger, Melissa, Rose Tigertail, Alice Tigertail, Duane, Marlon Tigertail, Sheli, Faye Tigertail, Marina, Rene Tigertail, Little Tigertail, Cecelia Tigertail, Mary, Foster Tigertail, Alfonso, Guevara Tigertail, Betty Tigertail, Louise, Doctor Tommie, Virginia, Pearl Tommie, Irene Tommie, Daniel Tommie, Charlotte, Linda Tommie, Janthina Tommie, Samuel Tommie, Minnie, (Mittie) Tommie, Kenneth, Aguilar Tommie, Sally, Agnes Tommie, Norma, Lee Tommie, Danny Tommie, Harry Tommie, Wovoka, Ian Tommie, Alexandra Tucker, Ricky, Ray Tucker, Julie, Balentine Waggerby, Mary, Billie Waggerby, Merry, Lynn Waggerby, Eileen, Marlo Waggerby, Jr., Gary, Neal Walker, Tisha, Lee Wilcox, Cory, Brookes Williams, Constance Willie, Frances, Billie Yates, Anita, Lou Yates, Louvella, Eunice Registered Voters - Brighton Ashley, Amy, Johns Bailey, Rinella, M. Baker, Bobbie, Jennie Baker, Preston, Levern Baker, Adrain, Michael Baker, Vernon, Lee Baker, Kasey, B Baker, Charlene Baker, Tanya, Marie Baker, Jason, Jay Baxley, Oneva Baxley, Neil Baxley, Scott, Lee Baxley, Lottie, Johns Baxley, Jr., L.D. Bearden, Timi, Cherie Bert, Pernell, Hosea Bert, Reese, Pernell Bert, Agnes, Johns Billie, Gary, C Billie, Robbie, Devane Billie, Jack Billie, Merle, Shane Billie, Rachel, Ann Billie, Selena, Maude Billie, Jesse Billie, Keith, D Billie, Rosie, Jane Billie, Betty, Mae Billie, Dwayne Billie, Jr., Sandy Billie, Sr., Sandy Bowers, Danette, Pearl Bowers, Theresa, Louise Bowers, Norman, Andy Bowers, Marvin, Patrick Bowers, Agnes Bowers, Marian, Cypress Bowers, Ada Bowers, Dan Bowers, Jr., Andrew, Jackson Braswell, Janice, Kay Brown, Emma, Vernice Brugh, Perrie, Brett Buck, Lonnie, Canard Buck, Arica, Ann Buck, Shane Buck, Weems Burton, Micki, Jolene R Carter, Deborah Chalfant, Robert, Ellis Cypress, Louise, C. Cypress, Michael, Jean Dorgan, Salina, Nora Garcia, Neka, Lynn Garcia, Wesley, Guston Girtman, Sr., Hosea Gopher, Sammy Gopher, Lorene, Bowers Gopher, Sampson, Julian Gopher, Justin, John Gopher, Shannon, Beth Gopher, Bradford, John Gopher, Rita, Jayne Gopher, Christie, Lynn Gopher, Lola Gopher, Matthew, John Gopher, Louise, Jones Gopher, Leslie, John Gopher, Beulah, Lynn Gopher, Martin Gopher, Ethel, Jean Gopher, Jr., Willie Gore, Patricia, Lu Gore, Augustina, Gopher Gore, Donnie, Wayne Gore, Sydney, Ray Hall, Sr., Mike Haught, Mable, Johns

Haught, Connie, Margaret Holata, Kevin, Quinn Holata, Jay, Elliot Holata, Valerie Howard, Larry, Lee Huff, Lottie, May Huff, Catherine, Madrigal Huff, Jimi, Lu Huff, Chad, Christopher Huff, Lacy, Morgan Huff, Lisa, Renee Huff, Vickey, Lynn Huff, Jr., Frank Huff, Jr., John, Wayne Huff, Sr., John, Wayne Hunsinger, Charlene, Sizi John, Shawn, Sherwood John, Jill, Zan John, Joe, Lester Johns, Monica, Sue Johns, Arlene Johns, Willie Johns, Timmy, Barnett Johns, Mary, Frances Johns, Joe Johns, Martin, Royce Johns, Stanlo Johns, Stanlo, Jeffery Johns, Wonder Johns, Todd, Christopher Johns, Norman, Eric Johns, Alexander, Patterson Johns, Jennie Johns, Holly, Nicole Johns, Jo, Leigh Johns, Anthony, Hank Johns, Norman Johns, Billy, Joe Johns, Jr., Archie, Hank Johns, Sr., Archie, Hank Jolly, Mollie Jones, Duane, Shore Jones, Patrick, Allen Jones, Jennifer, Louise O Jones, Annette, Michelle Jones, Martha Jones, Parker Jones, Happy Jones, Johnny Jones, Farrah Jones, Oneva, Osceola Jones, Danny, Scott Jones, Ginger, Irlene Jones, Stacy, Marie Jones, Shule, Snow Jumper, Joyce Jumper, Thomasine, James Jumper, Agnes, Irene Jumper, Wildcat, Naha Jumper, Pamela, Irene Jumper, Sr., Cordell, D. Koontz, Grace, Marie Lara, Maggie Lara, Elsie, Tommie Madrigal, James, Barnett Madrigal, John, J. Madrigal, Mahala, Ruth Micco, George, Barry Micco, Leon, Brandon Micco, Reina, Lou Micco, Charlie, B. Micco, Jack Micco, Billie Micco, Mary, Jo Micco, , Howard Minnick, Leah, Johns Motlow, Deanna, Lynn Nunez, Theresa, Ann Nunez, Dallas Olivarez, Claudia, Malisa Osceola, Ryan, John Osceola, Richard, Francis Osceola, Leanne, Jo Osceola, Ricki Osceola, Marvin Osceola, Addie Osceola, Reno, Adam Osceola, Jeffery, Lee Osceola, Rodney, Adrian Osceola, Lisa, Kimberly Osceola, Johnny Osceola, Larry Osceola, Virginia, Louise Osceola, Joanne, Susan Osceola, Tony, Lee Osceola, Vinson, Phillip Osceola, George, Henry Osceola, Onnie, Shore Osceola, Camellia, Lynn Osceola, Billy, Jimmie Osceola, Vanessa, Lynne Osceola, Dana, Marie Osceola, Howard Osceola, Alice, Tony Osceola, Pony, Ann Osceola, Jr., Russell Osceola, Sr., Russell Pigeon, Rachel, Bowers Puente, Avalon, Susie Robinson, Janelle, K. Sampson, Sarah, Ann Shore, Jennie, Mae Shore, Beverly, Karen Shore, Elton, James Shore, Eddie Shore, Nancy Simmons, Leoma, Smith Simmons, Zena, Elizabeth A Smedley, Dionne, N. Smith, Diane, Snow Smith, Crystal, Gayle Smith, Leona, Toni Smith, Lillian, Joni Smith, Nellie Smith, Roger Smith, Lauri, Beth Smith, Elsie, Johns Smith, Lois Smith, Jeremy Smith, Lois Smith, Amanda, Ruby Smith, Walter, Daniels Smith, Jamie, Tulane Smith, Jr., Jack Smith, Sr., Jack Snow, Earle, Jenson Snow, Diane, Jim Snow, Jennie Snow, Elbert Snow, Alice, Micco Snow, , Roy Thomas, Laverne, Denise Thomas, Dollie, Michele Tiger, Joe, Henry Tiger, Rose, Marie Tiger, Billie, Kerri Tiger, Amos Tommie, Wanda Tommie, Eugene, Ray Tommie, Wallace Tommie, Linda, Sue Tommie, Juanita, Smith Tommie, James Tommie, Maxie, Lee Tommie, Miranda, Kashyra Tommie, Cynthia, Marianne Tomrnie, Virginia, Lee Tommie, John, Wesley

Tommie, Bessie Tommie, Jason Tommie, Stella, Marie Tommie, Freddie Tommie, Jr., Walter Tommy, Nadine, Snow Tongkeamha, Madeline, Gopher Tucker, Jr., Johnny Turtle, Donna, Madrigal Urbina, Emma, Jane Villa, Josephine, Huff Waldron, Patty, Johns Walker, Billy, Lestes Walker, Andrea, Polly Whidden, Connie, Johns Willie, Cynthia, Ann Youngblood, Brenda, Scott Youngblood, Suraiya, Tiffany Youngblood, Robert, Taylor Youngblood, Bryan, Kelly Registered Voters - Hollywood Bain, Rhonda, Lou Baker, Judy, Ann Baker, Victoria, Sue Baker-IV, Gustavus, Adolphus Balentine, Ollie, Tiger Balentine, Larnce Battiest, June, Lena Baxley, Elton, Carl Baxley, Windy, Carla Baxley, Luke Bert, Cheyanna, Pauline Billie, Benjamin Billie, Ralph, Conley Billie, Jana, Rae Elizabeth Billie, Michelle, Louise Billie, Tommy, Henson Billie, Jason, Don Billie, Michael, Henson Billie, Wanda, Lee Billie, Twila, June Billie, Mark Billie, Sally, Tommie Billie, Stephanie, Lee Billie, Barbara Billie, Jordan, Shane Billie, July, Jamie Billie, Laura Billie, Kyla, Jae Billie, Rebecca, Jean Billie, Hannah Billie, Denise Billie, Austin, Lee Billie, Aaron Billie, Vincent Billie, Seth, Adam Billie, Susan, Erin Billie, Ivan, Jared Billie, Susanne Billie, Chawndra, Jo-Ellen Billie, Eva, Cypress Billie, Verna, Louise Billie, Linda, Joyce Billie, Jr., John Billie, Jr., Joe, Paul Billie, Sr., Peter, Joe Bowers, Patricia, Ann Bowers, Philmon, Gene Bowers, Mildred, Booth Bowers, Freeman, Joe Bowers, Steven, David Bowers, Mary Bowers, Eugene, V. Bowers, Elrod, Daniel Bowers, Wanda, Faye Bowers, Mary Bowers, Elsie, Jean Bullard, Daniel, Lee Buster, Jessica, Frances Buster, Paul Buster, Darline Buster, Diane Clay, Michael Clay, Laura, Mae Clay, Brande, Elicia Clay, Shirley Coppedge, Christalee Courtney, Yvonne, Jane Cypress, Billy, Wm L Cypress, Tyrone, John Cypress, Janine, Catrina Cypress, Gail, Lynn Cypress, Jason Cypress, Louise Cypress, William, Dempsey Cypress, Monica, Marie Cypress, Anthony, Leo Cypress, Brenda, Joy Cypress, Amy, Michelle Cypress, Carol, Frank Cypress, Katherine, Courtney Dawson, Ruth, Marie DeHass, David, Daniel DeHass, Deborah, Louise DeHass, Ella, Frances Deitz, Erica, Marie Deitz, Bruce, Harvey Delgado, Vivian, Angela DeMayo, Melissa, Joy Diaz, Glory, Leanne DiCarlo, Carlene Doctor, Patrick Doctor, Ronnie Doctor, Maryann, Marie Doctor, Virgil Doctor, Toka, Carrie Doctor, Minnie, Billie Doctor, Veronica, Sue Doctor, Nathan, Dean Drake, Kristin, Marie Drake, Ronald, James Felton, Lewis, Osceola Fewell, Naomi Fish, Leslie, Renee Frank, Rena, Michelle Frank, Maude, Geneva Frank, Diane Frank, Larry Frank, Linda, Marie Frank, Vanessa, Lane Frank, Cacha-Loni, Morgan Frank, Sunny, Hayes Frank, Anthony Frank, Brandon Frank, Alexandra, Georgetta Frank, Edna, Lane Frank, Amos, Thompson Frank, Sunshine Frank, Sampson, Phillip Frank, Cindy, Jane Frank, II, Joel, Matthew Frank, Jr., Robert, Bronson Frank, Sr., Joel, Matthew Gopher, Esther, Lee Gopher, Daniel, Enoch Gopher, Hyde, Jim Gopher, Roberta, Lynn Gopher, Henry, Jim Gore, Claudette, Ann Gowen, Nathan, Carl Gowen, Connie Grant, Rosie, Lucy Green, Marcella, Angelene Green, Brett, Archer Andrew Griffin, Remus, Lars Harjo, Jennie, Ann

The Seminole Tribune


October 18, 2002

Harjo, Ashley, Kay Harjo, Paula, Ann Harvey, Tisha, Jolene Hernandez, Ricardo, Fortino Hiers, Sr., Charles, Billie Holt, Clinton, Wade Holt, II, James, Lester Howard, Danielle, Rene Huggins, Melanie, Rena Isaac, Gwendolyn, Gay Jim, Rose, Lee Jim, Juliet, Alice Jim, Linda Jim, Amber, Rose Jim, Herbert, Rainey Jimmie, Irene Jimmie, Annie Jimmie, Melinda, Carla Jimmie, Phillip, Ira John, Joletta, Kay Johns, Toby, Libra Johns, William, Edward Jones, Cassandra Jones, Betty, Faith Jones, Linda, Faye Jones, , Mingo Jones, Brandi, Katrina Jones, Judy Josh, Coleman, Jerome Josh, Joshua Jumper, Symphoni Jumper, Jerome, Ray Jumper, Roger, B. Jumper, Elgin, Gregory Jumper, Boettner, Roger Jumper, Annie, Osceola Jumper, Scarlett, Marie Jumper, David Jumper, Regina, Lou Jumper, Andre, David Neil Jumper, Blue, Jay Jumper, Kiel, Evans Jumper, Betty, Mae Jumper, Daniel Jumper, Rhonda, Sue Jumper, Harley Jumper, Jr., Josiah, Alan Kennedy, Gwendolyn Kippenberger, Joseph, Scott Kippenberger, Jr., Robert, Preston Lacey, Tina, Devito McDonald, Sarah, Marrero Micco, Sam, Charlie Micco, Joey, Wade Micco, Vincent, William Micco, Loretta, Jean Micco, Sherri, Marie Micco, Jr., Jerry Moses, Mabel, Osceola Motlow, Bonnie, Lou Motlow, Timothy, Henry Motlow, Kristy, Leean Motlow, Vince, Ross Motlow, Jack, Henry Motlow, Jr., David, Henry Mowatt, Samantha, Laura Nelson, Sr., Theodore, Scott Nevaquaya, Christine, Elizabeth Niles, Lawanna, Osceola North, Josephine, Motlow Osceola, Lawrence, Richard Osceola, Joann Osceola, Cornelia Osceola, Juanita Osceola, Tate, Charles Osceola, Judybill Osceola, Leslie, Joyce Osceola, Mitchell, Buck Osceola, Judy, Ann Osceola, Geraldine Osceola, Curtis, Allen Osceola, Earlene, Nellie Tony Osceola, Jim, John Osceola, William, Thomas Osceola, Mark, Steven Osceola, Sharon, Debbie Osceola, Laura, Mae Osceola, Gem, Thorpe Osceola, Brian, Richard Osceola, Joe, Dan Osceola, Dennis, Luke Osceola, Tammy, June Osceola, Raymond Osceola, Jimmie, O'Toole Osceola, Betty Osceola, Curtis, Kent Osceola, Trudy, Jo Osceola, Jack, (Mason) Osceola, Christopher, Scott Osceola, Moses, Bernard Osceola, Mary, Gay Osceola, Maggie Osceola, Ruth Osceola, Jacqueline, Kennedy Osceola, Leoda, Josephine Osceola, Eric, Leo Osceola, Maydell Osceola, Marie, Willie Osceola, Lila, Jean Osceola, Eteau, Anita Osceola, Jake, Hyde Osceola, Amy Osceola, Willie, McKinley Osceola, Sally, Kristie Johnette Osceola, Summer, Tada Osceola, Ramsey, Alexander Osceola, Matthew, Paul Osceola, Allison, Marie Osceola, Everett, Willie Osceola, Gerret, William Osceola, Milo, Louis Osceola, Virginia Osceola, Trisha, Ann Osceola, Charles, Anthony Osceola, Mercedes Osceola, Doris Osceola, Christian, Tyrone Osceola, Geraldine, Lee Osceola, William, Kenneth Osceola, Francine, Marie Osceola, Petties, C. Osceola, Leah, Joan Osceola, Blake, Hamilton Osceola, Jo-Lin, Dawn Osceola, Stephanie, Lorraine Osceola, Doreen, Michelle Osceola, Marl, Anthony Osceola, Wade, Parrish Osceola, Richard, Lyle Osceola, Travis, Ryan Osceola, III, Max, Bill Osceola, III, Jimmy, Hank Osceola, Jr., Jimmy, Hank Osceola, Jr., Joe Osceola, Jr., Max, Bill Osceola, Jr., Marcellus, Wm Osceola, Jr., Dan, Charlie Osceola, Sr., Dan, Charlie Osceola, Sr., Marcellus, Wm. Padilla, Heather, Joyce Poole, Leoda Poore, Leoma, Jane Primeaux, Christopher, Dent Primeaux, Prima, Sue Sanchez, Clifford Sanchez, Alicia, Jane Sapp, Mia, Da'Wana Sharp, Daniell, Avanita

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The Seminole Tribune


October 18, 2002

Sports & Recreation v

3rd Annual Malcolm Tigertail Memorial Basketball Tournament

Women squared off and went head to head at the beginning of the championship game. It soon became apparent that the Miccosukee Women had a firm hold on the first place spot. Throughout the first half, the Miccosukee Women stayed 8-10 points ahead of the Lady Seminoles. Both teams displayed impressive defense and shooting skills. However, the second half of the game decided the winner. The Miccosukee Women played relentlessly enough to become this year's tournament champions. In the men's division, it was up to the Clash to try to defeat the Hurricanes for the title. The game action was intense. As the battle got underway, the Clash had to play with everything they had. The Clash did well in the first half, but due to some great offense moves by the Hurricanes, they were Malcolm Tigertail tournament champions the Hurricanes soon left behind in points. When the power was restored, the tournaIt soon became obvious that the Hurricanes ment continued as five men's teams and five women's would become champions. In short order, the teams from three reservations met on the court to bat- Hurricanes were 30 points ahead of the Clash. tle it out to be deemed tournament champions. This winners for the tournament for the The tournament favorites in both divisions men's division are 1st place - the Hurricanes, 2nd were the Miccosukee teams. B.C. Recreation and place - the Clash, and 3rd place - Big Cypress Lady Seminoles each had tough games when they Recreation. faced the Hurricanes and Miccosukee Women. For the women's division 1st place The playoff game proved to the pivotal for Miccosukee Women, 2nd place - Lady Seminoles, the Lady Seminoles when they shut out the B.C. and 3rd place - Big Cypress Women. Women, who ended up taking third place. Congratulations to the winners, who The Lady Seminoles and Miccosukee received jackets, T-shirts, and gym bags. By Alexandra Frank BIG CYPRESS -- The 3rd Annual Malcolm Tigertail Memorial Basketball Tournament took place at the Herman Osceola Gymnasium on Sept. 27-28th. The games were briefly interrupted on Friday night when the power went out for about two hours.

Tony Billie came from the loser's bracket to win the Adult Men's Singles.

6th Annual Randolph Clay Memorial

HOLLYWOOD -- Tony Billie and Theresa Boromei topped a field of 70 men and women players in the 6th Annual Randolph Clay Memorial Pool Tournament, on Oct. 4-5. Play began on Friday night with the Youth and Seniors divisions. Pearson Hunsinger and Phalyn Osceola won the Youth divisions, and Jimmy Bert and Annie Jumper won the Seniors divisions. The Adult divisions were played on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon. Tony Billie came from the loser's bracket to top a field of over 40 Seminoles to capture the men's singles while Theresa Boromei beat Juanita Osceola to capture the women's title. Youth Boys- 1) Pearson Hunsinger 2) Tony Sanchez III 3) Anthony H. 4) Roy Stewart 5) Jordan Jones 6) Christian Youth Girls- 1) Phalyn Osceola 2) Sherrie Jones 3) Ruby Harrell 4) Krystal Cypress 5) Ali Nunez 6) Kie-Ya-Le Osceola Senior Men- 1) Jimmy Bert 2) Moke Osceola 3) Eugene Bowers 4) Russell Osceola 5) Keeno King 6) Buddy Sweat Senior Women- 1) Annie Jumper 2) Mable Osceola 3) Louise Osceola 4) Alice Sweat 5) Juanita Osceola 6) Betty Osceola Senior Scotch Doubles- 1) Keeno King/Annie Jumper 2) Betty Osceola/Jimmy Bert 3) Moke Osceola/Jenny Johns 4) Ronnie Doctor/Mable Osceola 5) Russell Osceola/Juanita Osceola 6) Mitchell Cypress/Louise Osceola Adult Men- 1) Tony Billie 2) Elrod Bowers 3) David Cypress 4) Mingo Jones 5) Salaw Hummingbird 6) David Bowers Adult Women- 1) Theresa Boromei 2) Juanita Osceola 3) Linda Tommie 4) Nora Billie 5) Linda Jones 6) Emma Jane Buck Adult Scotch Doubles- 1) Boogie Nunez/Linda Jones 2) Shane Buck/Arica Buck 3) Jack Billie/Emma Jane Buck 4) Floyd/Nora Billie 5) Salaw Hummingbird/Louise Jim 6) David Nunez/Carlene DiCarlo.

Hollywood Indian Day Sports Results

Seminole Golf Classic Marl Osceola, Keeno King, 75 2) Salaw Hummingbird, Brett Green, 77 3) Gina Allardyce, Josh Harrison, 79 4) Harry Kennedy, Bo Young, 80 5) Joe Frank, Jimbo Osceola, 82 Most Honest Team- Alan Jumper David Dehass Longest Drive- Harry Kennedy, Gina Allardyce Closest to Pin #3-Harry Kennedy #12- Max Tommie, Marcela Green #17- Jimbo Osceola Horse Shoe Contest Men- 1) Leroy King, David Jumper 2) Andre Jumper, Travis Osceola Women- 1) Cornelia Osceola, Trisha Osceola 2) Tammy Osceola, Amy Osceola. 3-On-3 Basketball Results Men- 1) Amos Huggins, John Osceola, Mason Doctor 2) Tyrel Osceola, Pete Osceola, Mike Gentry 3) Tracey Smith, Gavin Williams, Travis Osceola Women- 1) Virginia Osceola, Lila Osceola, Francine Osceola, Tasha Osceola 2) Cassandra Jones, Brandi Jones, Janel Billie, Angel Billie. Cody Wilcox Memorial Basketball Tournament Results Men- 1) Team Pompano Tigers 2) Hurricanes 3) Immokalee Women- 1) Lady Seminoles 2) Miccosukee Women 3) B.C. Women Slam Dunk Contest- Bernard Heard


Continued from page 1 helping the tribe provide its own livestock to the rodeos. Big Cypress Board Representative Paul Bowers also helped hand out some awards to volunteers who helped out the rodeo this year. After the presentations of Buckles and Plaque, a General Meeting and Election for the Eastern Indian Rodeo Association was held to designate new Officers and Directors for this year's rodeo season. EIRA Awards- Cicero Osceola, Josh Jumper, Robert Youngblood, Janice Deveaugh, Adam Turtle, Marty Johns, Alex Johns, Lisa Osceola, Moses Jumper, Jr., Sidney Gore, Willie Johns, Boogie Jumper, Kim Johns, Debbie Johns, Benny Hernandez, Ray Rivera, Laquita Jumper. 2002 All-Around Champion Cowboy -Naha Jumper

L-R: Alex Johns, Rudy Osceola, Marty Johns.

A high-flying entrant in the Slam-Dunk Contest.

B.C. Hosts Florida High School Rodeo

By Paula Cassels BIG CYPRESS -- On Sept. 28, the Florida High School Rodeo competition was held at the Junior Cypress Rodeo Arena. With the blazing sun beaming down on the contestants, the heat was definitely on this season's high school rodeo students. Seminole cowboys and cowgirls competing in the rodeo were 16-year old Trina Bowers (Breakaway, Barrels, Poles, Team Roping, Goat Tying), 16-year old Jade Braswell (Barrels), 16-year old Kari Kroeplin (Poles, Barrels), and 16-year old Steven Billie (Bull Riding).

Brighton Recreation News

Submitted by Stan Frischman Recreation Director Weight Loss Program Begins Lose weight, get fit, feel great, and make money! These are just some of the incentives for getting involved in the fun and rewarding contest. If you've needed a little incentive to get you to shed those unwanted pounds you've been lugging around, then now is the time to "go for it." What kind of incentives are we offering? How about a $500 cash prize to the Tribal member who loses the most weight, $250 for the Tribal employee losing the most weight and $10 for every pound lost by everyone who officially enters the contest. Just think of it! You can look great, feel good and have a pocket full of extra cash! Contest Guidelines *Weigh in Oct. 4, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. at the clinic. *All participants will use a clinic gown for weigh in purposes. *All weights will be kept confidential. *Tribal member and family category for adult men and women. *Tribal member category for youth and Teen girls and boys, 10-17. *Tribal employee category for men and women. Contest Sponsors Councilman John Wayne Huff, Sr., Chairman's Office, Health Education and Nutrition, Recreation. The Recreation Department will be offering a variety of programs and activities to help you lose weight and get fit. You can participate in programs like aerobics, weight training, water aerobics, volleyball, basketball, walk or jog on our treadmills or swim laps in our beautiful pool. You will also want to attend nutritional classes given by Clinic nutritionist, Beth Skinner. Information given out at these classes along with a regular exercise program will be your key to success.

Trina bears down on the target during Breakaway Roping.

The Seminole Tribune


October 18, 2002

Job Opportunities v

For an application or more information, please contact the Human Resources Department at 954-967-3403 The Seminole Tribe of Florida is a drug free workplace. Drug Screening is a requirement of employment. We exercise Native American preference. HOLLYWOOD Position: Admin. Asst. Department: Corporate Board Acctg. Position Opens:3-21-02 Position Closes: 4-4-02 Salary: $Negotiable with benefits. * Position still available* Position: Alligator Wrestler Department: Okalee Village Position Opens: 9-10-01 Position Closes: 9-24-01 Position still available * Position: Counselor Department: Health Position Opens: 9-16-02 Position Closes: 9-30-02 Salary: $ Negotiable with benefits. Position: Education Advisor Department: Education , ( DSO) Position Opens: 10-7-02 Position Closes: 10-21-02 Salary: Negotiable with benefits Position: Receptionist Department: Education Position opens: 9-30-02 Position Closes: 10-14-02 Salary: $18,720.00 annually with benefits Position: Data Entry Clerk (A/P) Department: Accounting Position Opens: 9-16-02 Position Closes: 9-30-02 Salary: $20,800 annually with benefits. Position: Real Estate Services. Mgr. Department: Residential Services Position Opens: 6-27-02 Position Closes: 7-11-02 Salary: $ Negotiable with benefits. * Position still available * Position: Chief Operating Officer Department: President's Office Position Opens: 8-5-02 Position Closes: 8-19-02 Salary: $ Negotiable w/experience, w/benefits Position: Senior Surveillance Officer Department: Gaming Compliance and Regulations Position Opens: 9-16-02 Position Closes: 9-30-02 Salary: $ Negotiable with benefits. Position: Skilled Carpenter (3) Department: Housing Position Opens: 6-6-02 Position Closes: 6-20-02 Salary: $ 29,120 ­ 33,280 annually with benefits. * Position still available * Position: Skilled Laborer (2) Department: Housing Position Opens: 6-6-02 Position Closes: 6-20-02 Salary: $ 20,800 ­ 29,120 annually with benefits. Position: Maintenance Worker Department: Building and Grounds Position Opens: 9-30-02 Position Closes: 10-14-02 Salary: $16,640.00 with benefits Position: Snake Handler Department: Okalee Village Position Opens: 9-10-01 Position Closes: 9-24-01 Salary: $20, 800 with benefits Position: Working Superintendent (2) Department: Housing Position Opens: 6-6-02 Position Closes: 6-20-02 Salary: $35,360 ­ 37,440 annually with benefits. * Position still available * BRIGHTON Position: Foster Care Worker Department: Health Position Opens: 8/26/02 Position Closes: 9/9/02 Salary: $ Negotiable w/benefits Position: Lifeguard Department: Recreation Position Opens: 10-7-02 Position Closes: 10-21-02 Salary: $21,840 annually with benefits Position: Maintenance Worker Department: Recreation Position opens: 10-7-02 Position Closes: 10-21-02 Salary: $16,640 annually with benefits Position: Medical Assistant Department: Health Position Opens: 3-14-02 Position Closes: 3-28-02 Salary: $ 20,800 annually with benefits. * Position still available * Position: Recreation Aide Department: Recreation Position opens: 10-7-02 Position Closes: 10-21-02 Salary: $13, 520 - $18,720 annually with benefits Position: Tag Clerk Department: Secretary Treasurer Position Opens: 8-26-02 Position Closes: 9-9-02 Salary: $ Negotiable w/ benefits. BIG CYPRESS Position: Assistant Cook Department: Ahfachkee School Position Opens: 10-7-02 Position Closes: 10-21-02 Salary: $18,700 with benefits Position: Modernization Supervisor Department: Housing Position Opens: 9-30-02 Position Closes: 10-14-02 Salary: $Negotiable w/ Experience w/benefits Position: Assistant Cook Mgr. Department: Preschool Position Opens: 10-7-02 Position Closes: 10-21-02 Salary: $ 18,158 annually with benefits. * Position still available* Position: Guidance Counselor Department: Ahfachkee School Position Opens:9-3-02 Position Closes:9-16-02 Salary: $ Negotiable with experience with benefits. Position: Physical Ed. /Health Teacher Department: Ahfachkee School Position Opens: 7-22-02 Position Closes: 8-5-02 Salary: $Negotiable with Benefits Position: Tour Guide Department: Ah-Tha-Thi-Ki Museum Position Opens: 9-30-02 Position Closes: 10-14-02 Salary: $15,184.00 w/benefits Position: Varying Exceptionalities Teacher Department: Ahfachkee School Position Opens: 7-29.02 Position Closes: 8-12-02 Salary: Negotiable with experience with benefits. *Position still available* Position: Utility Clerk Department: Utilities Position Opens:3-21-02 Position Closes::4-40-02 Salary: $18,700 annually with benefits. IMMOKALEE Position: Foster Care Worker Department: Health Position Opens: 9-3-02 Position Closes:9-16-02 Salary: $ Negotiable with benefits. Position: Maintenance Worker Department: Recreation Position Opens: 12-19-01 Position Closes: 1-2-02 Salary: $ 14,500 with benefits. Position: Operator Maint. Trainee Department: Utilities Position Opens: 6-6-02 Position Closes: 6-20-02 Salary: $ 18,700 annually with benefits. Position: Modernization Supervisor Department: Housing Position Opens: 9-30-02 10-14-02 Salary: $Negotiable w/ Experience w/benefits Position: Video Programmer Department: Broadcasting

Tribal Halloween Events

Big Cypress- Friday, Oct. 25, 6:00 p.m. at the Big Cypress Gymnasium Brighton- Saturday, Oct. 26, 6:00 p.m. at the Brighton Ballfield. Immokalee- Thursday, Oct. 31, 6:00 p.m. at the ballfield. Hollywood- Thursday, Oct. 31, at the ballfield. 4:00 p.m.youth activities, 5:30dinner, 6:00 p.m.- costume contest.

City Of Hollywood Celebrates Halloween 2002

Sunday, October 27 For Seniors 60 & over: Haunted Halloween Dance Featuring Harvey Nevins Band. Have a bewitching time dancing in your favorite costume. A Senior Dance presented by the City of Hollywood, Florida/Fred Lippman Mufti-Purpose Center, the Area Agency on Aging of Broward County, and the State of Florida. 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. Fred Lippman Multi-Purpose Center 2030 Polk Street FREE for seniors 60 & over, 954-921-3408 Tuesday, October 29 For ages 5-13: "Who's Afraid of the Dark" Halloween Party At David Park This event for children ages 510 consists of "scary" games & costume contest. 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. FREE. David Park Community Center 954-9674236 Thursday, October 31 For Ages 5-13: Halloween Party A second annual safe Halloween party with dancing, games, food & much more. 7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Washington Park Community Center 5199 Pembroke Road. FREE. 954-9674240 Friday, October 25 For ages 8-15: Halloween Youth Dance ­ Co-sponsored by Driftwood Civic Association for Afterschool Program participants & their guests. Everyone must wear a costume. 7:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m. * $4.00 Driftwood Community Center 3000 N. 69th Avenue 954-967-4241 Wednesday, October 30 For kids & families: Halloween Spooknight Spooky festivities include a Haunted House, DJ, Carnival Games, Costume Contests & Bounce House. Prizes, hot dogs, candy. Come in costume. FREE. 6:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Beverly Park Community Center 6291 Funston Street 954967-4234 Thursday, October 31 Jefferson Park Safe Halloween Sponsored by the Hollywood Lakes Civic Association, 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Contact Betty Orton, 954925-0843 Thursday, October 31Tentative For adults: Rocky Horror In The Park Adults will enjoy the classic cult film. Young Circle Park & Amphitheater, U.S. 1 & Hollywood Boulevard, 8:00 p.m.­12 midnight * $15.00 954-923-3005. Note Time Change 8:00 p.m.

The Seminole Tribune


October 18, 2002

Announcements v Ahnahhegeh v Nakorkerkecetv


Good-bye In loving memory of Tiffany Doctor and Wesley Frank And so it comes just as it is A day no longer here. Through my trembling fingers Tips the memories of the years I wave farewell to all our dreams. I will forget you never I wonder if our crazy dreams Will stay with you forever. But, as I cry in pain of loosing My dear and such good friends. I will not close the book and Say "Farewell, this is the end." For good-byes create swift Hellos. Days from now you'll see that Through it hurts to say good-bye Your friend I'll always be. Respectfully, Mallory Osceola Someone should have taught him I went to a birthday party But I remembered what you said You told me not to drink at all So I had a sprite instead I felt proud of myself The way you said I would That I didn't choose to drink and drive, Though some friends said I should. I know I made a healthy choice and Your advice to me was right As the party finally ended, And the kids drove out of sight. I got into my own car, Never knowing what was coming, Something I expected least. Now I'm lying on the pavement I can hear the police say "The kid that caused this wreck was drunk." His voice seems far away My own blood is all around me As I try hard not to cry I can hear the paramedic say, "This girl is going to die." I'm sure the guy had no idea While he was flying high, Because he chose to drink and drive That I would have to die. So why do people do it, Knowing that it ruins lives? But now the pain is cutting me Like a hundred stabbing knives Tell my brothers and sisters not to be afraid, Tell daddy to be brave, And when I go to heaven to put "Daddy's Girl" on my grave. Someone should have taught him That it's wrong to drink and drive Maybe if his mom and dad had, I'd still be alive. My breath is getting shorter I'm really getting scared These are my final moments And I'm so unprepared I wish that you could hold me, Mom As I lie here and die. I wish that I could say I love you and good-bye.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Daija Baxley and Maria Moncada on Oct. 3. From everyone at the preschool! Happy Birthday to Daija. We love you very much! Love, Mom, Dad, Chooge, Amya, Teja. Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mother, Maria, I Love you, Baby Howie.

Happy 1st Birthday Maleah Kelsey Smith. We love you very much. Hope you enjoy your special day. Love Mom, Dad, Little Brother Teijo, Aunt Pam, and late Aunts Tiffany and Paige. Happy Birthday Maleah - baby girl. Love, Grandma and Grandpa. Happy 1st Birthday, October 3 to our Granddaughter and Niece Maleah,who has brought us so much joy and happiness. With all our love always, Grandma, Pop Pop and Uncle Mike.

Catlin Joey Jim, October 23, 2002. Seems like only yesterday... Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are? Up above the sky so high, with your sixteen candles on your cake. Make a wish! I hope it all comes true. You are always in our hearts. Juliet, Courtney and Mike

Mike Harrell, 10-3-02. It's been a while since we first met you. We've had our ups and downs. Now the time has come for your birthday to come around! Make a wish and blow out the candles. The flames are so bright, I am blinded by the light. Happy belated birthday. We love you and we mean it! Juliet and Courtney

Happy Birthday to Clayton Jack Billie, who turned 19 on 7/25. Wish you the best. We love you very much. Mom, Rasta and bros. and sisters. Lorraine Jim, October 24, 2002. Another year has come and gone! One more candle that we can add on! Have a great birthday! Hope you have a healthy and prosperous year to come! So make a wish and blow out the candles! We love you and Happy Birthday. Juliet, Courtney and Mike

To "Little Michelle" Annie Billie. Hope you had a great 4th of July birthday! We love you! Love, Grandma, Rasta and the whole Otter Gang.

Jon Ryan Davis. Happy Birthday Baby! Love You, Mom & Dad

Arek Dalton Jumper. Happy 3rd Birthday, Potatoes. May God bless you in every way possible. Love you lots, Momma and Daddy.


Baby Princess, I love you forever and ever after. Joshua Happy Belated Birthday, Katelyn and Rhett Tiger. Love you, Mom, Dad, Trinity and Tianna.


Chickee Baptist Church

64th Ave. and Josie Billie Hollywood Seminole Reservation Sunday Morning Worship 10 a.m. Sunday Evening Worship 6 p.m. Wednesday Prayer Meeting 7 p.m. Rev. Arlen Payne: Pastor (954) 894-5651

Welcome to the family. Teijo Caden Ray Smith, born September 5, 2002 at 10:01 a.m. 7 lbs., 10 oz. 19 ½ inches long. In memory of your aunts T-bone and Paigeo. Proud parents Mary Ann Doctor of Hollywood and Jason Smith of Cherokee, NC and Big Sister Maleah. Grandparents: Virgil and Juanita Doctor, Colleen and Chuck Osceola of Hollywood. Mary and the late Ray Smith of Cherokee, NC. Great Grandparents: Joann Henry of Fort Lauderdale, Helen Jackson of Cherokee, NC and Great Great Grandmother Minnie B. Doctor of Hollywood. With all our love always your family.

Jacee Tai Jumper - Born August 26, 2002 arrived at 12:00 p.m. in Ft. Myers at Health Park Hospital. 7 lbs., 14 oz. 20 inches long. Parents Naha and Boogie Jumper. Grandparents: Moses and Laquita Jumper Maternal Grandparents: Norman Johns and Deborah Johns Welcome to our family, we love you. Mom & Dad and Grandparents!

Gravin Bob Driggers-Born July 29, 2002 at 7:35 p.m. in Sebring at Florida Hospital Heartland. 9 lbs., 10 oz. Parents: Adale and Audrey Driggers of Venus. Paternal Grandparents: Wade and Julia Johns Driggers of Venus. Maternal Grandparents: James and Emily Buchanan. This is the couple's first child. We love you, our new "Little Man", Mom and Dad

Aunt Jessica would like to welcome her newest niece JoLee Marie Metcalf August 23, 2002,19 ½ inches long, 7 lbs., 12 oz. Parents are Melissa and Jesse Metcalf Junior. Big sister Kristen Metcalf. Grandparents Paul and Meg Buster.

Miah Renee Davis She is 2 months old, born 7 lbs., 15 oz. at Ft. Myers. Mother: Marlo Garcia Father: Justin Davis Big Brother Jon Ryan Davis

Araya Youngblood Born May 2, 2002 7 lbs., 14 oz. 20 3/4 inches long. Parents: Robert & Brenda Youngblood Grandparents: Jimmie Scott Osceola and Gloria Osceola

The Seminole Tribune


October 18, 2002

Photos by: Paula Cassels, Ernie Tiger, William Osceola



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