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December 11, 2010 FROM THE LIBRARY

Yvonne Barrett


DECEMBER 14 ES Winter Concert, 2:30 pm @ Theatre DECEMBER 15 SOIS HS Student Council Cleaning Day DECEMBER 17 Half Day of School SOIS HS Student Council Christmas Party DECEMBER 18 First Day of Winter Holiday

Librarian / PYP Coordinator

The elementary and middle school students were entertained by the storyteller, Kuniko Yamamoto, on Friday 3 December. Kuniko performed folktales from the Japanese book of Kojiki which portray the culture and moral perspective of Japan. She used original masks, origami, stylized movements and a touch of magic to entertain the students. There were many "oohs" and "ahhs" especially from the younger children. Students and teachers were both entertained and enthralled. Osaka is Kuniko's home town, and she was very happy to be able to perform here at the school, which was the last day of a tour including other international schools here in Japan.


Friday, December 17 will be a half day. All students will dismiss @ 11:30 am. Buses: School Bus will depart @ 11:45 am. Public Bus will depart @ 12:03 pm. Cafeteria: Closed.

Holiday borrowing: With the holidays fast approaching students will be able to borrow double the amount of books for holiday reading. Parents are also welcome to come in to the library and borrow books, especially if you have children in the younger elementary grades.


December 16 (Thursday) : open as usual December 17 (Friday) : 8:00am - noon (no extended opening) December 18 (Saturday) ­ January 10 (Monday) : closed for winter holiday January 11 (Tuesday) : open as usual

JANUARY 11, 2011 MS/HS Classes Begin JANUARY 12 ES Classes Begin JANUARY 17 *MS/HS Parent-Teacher Conference, 4:00 ­ 7:45 pm @ Library JANUARY 18 *MS/HS Parent-Teacher Conference, 8:30 ­ 11:45 am @ Library (*Please read the details on the next page.)

From Friday, December 3, MS/HS students can borrow extra books for winter reading. ES winter check out will begin at each class from December 13. These books should be returned by Friday, January 14.


MONDAY, December 13 kitsune udon / Japanese wheat noodles with deep fried bean curd TUESDAY, December 14 stewed hamburger WEDNESDAY, December 15 rice and cheese casserole with sausage THURSDAY, December 16 cheese burger


Cecilia Rawlins

Elementary School Principal

Congratulations to the ES students who participated in the Piano Recital on Wednesday, December 8. They have been studying piano after school with Kazuko Ogura and all performed beautifully. Thank you to all the teachers, classmates and parents who came to support the students. The elementary performers were: Lydia Ha (G1), Illya Said (G1), Emma Wahlin (G2), Miyu Suzuki (G2), Ren Heimer (G2) and his mother, Yuki Heimer, Kazuro Honjo (G2) and his mother, Becky Honjo, Skye Inada (G3), Zoe Holden (G3), Eddie Olsson (G3), Yusai Suzuki (G4), Emma Murray (G4), Kentaro Honjo (G4), NIki Heimer (G4), Hana Gostelow (G5), Sola Lutringer (G5), and Mia Lewis (G5). We are so proud of all the students and are, especially proud of the elementary students. Some of the children had never performed in public before. Again, thank you to all who supported them and congratulations to our elementary musicians. MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL UPDATE

Leanne Stephen

WEDNESDAY, January12, 2011 rice & cheese casserole with chicken THURSDAY, January13 kitsune udon / Japanese wheat noodles with deep fried bean curd FRIDAY, January14 beef cutlet MONDAY, January 17 teriyaki chicken dog TUESDAY, January 18 spaghetti carbonara WEDNESDAY, January 19 curry rice THURSDAY, January 20 locomoco / rice with egg & hamburger topping FRIDAY, January 21 pizza

Middle and High School Principal

January 2011: OIS Middle School and High School Parent Teacher Conferences OIS values communication between parents and teachers as a means of supporting and enhancing student learning at school. Each trimester, teachers have two formal opportunities to report to parents/caregivers on their son/daughters progress and achievements across subject areas. Each trimester concludes with the issuing of an end of trimester report; however, the midpoint of each trimester is seen as an opportunity to provide some feedback on student progress. In Fall and Spring trimesters, this mid-term communication takes the form of a narrative style Progress Report. However in Winter trimester, we welcome the opportunity to meet with parents/caregivers in person, in the form of our annual Parent Teacher Conferences. These conferences are scheduled to be held in the Library shortly after the winter vacation. We employ an Open Appointment system and parents are free to speak to any teacher at any time during the scheduled sessions ­ details below ­ more information will follow in the form of a letter in January, however please contact me if you have any questions in the interim. We look forward to seeing you in January. Conference Dates: Monday, 17th January 4.00 pm to 7.45 pm Tuesday, 18th January 8.30 am to 11.45 am


OIS Fair Committee On Nov 20th we held the OIS/SIS International Fair -- it was a beautiful day for the event and thanks to everyone's support we had a very successful Fair. The PTA representatives are especially thankful to everyone's efforts and send our sincere appreciation.

The "eco" efforts proved to be successful as well: Thanks to all who encouraged this campaign by using; "my chopsticks", "my spoon", "my fork", & "my cup". We also collected a large number of bottle caps as part of the Eco-cap campaign. The money that we raised at the International Fair will be used in part, for next year's 20th anniversary of the school's foundation. Please note that there were some items left behind after the Fair and these are being held at Lost & Found at the reception in the genkan. Finally, thank you again for your kind support and cooperation in making this year's International Fair a great success!


Simon Parker


Lyn Melville-Rea

Activities Director

Community Service Coordinator

One final busy weekend coming up for the HS Basketball teams as we host the WJAA HS Girls Tournament here at school and the boys travel over to CA for the equivalent event. We are hoping for a packed house Friday afternoon in the gym as our girls take on EJKing High School at 12:00 noon and MCPerry High School at 3:00pm. Good luck to everyone and we are hoping to see many of you in there cheering on the Sabers teams as they continue their preparations for the AISA tournaments in Korea after the Xmas break. A big weekend also for our MS teams as the boys basketballers travel to Marist on Friday and Saturday for their season ending WJAA Tournament and the girls go over to CA on Saturday for their season ending soccer festival. The girls incidentally did exceptionally well to come in third place at the Saber Invitational two weeks ago. For a full check on all the action in the coming weeks as well as for round ups of the major events so far this school year just click on the school website at and follow the link to Sports. Important Upcoming Dates: December 10th/11th WJAA HS Boys Basketball Tournament @ CA WJAA HS Girls Basketball Tournament @ Osaka WJAA MS Boys Basketball Tournament @ Marist December 11th WJAA MS Girls Soccer Tournament @ CA January 14th/15th, 2011 WJAA HS Boys Basketball League Weekend @ Kyoto WJAA HS Girls Basketball League Weekend @ Kyoto January 21st/22nd, 2011 JV Boys/Girls Basketball Tournaments @ Yokohama January 27th-30th, 2011 AISA Boys Basketball Tournament @ KIS, Korea AISA Girls Basketball Tournament @ SIS, Korea As soon as we return from the holidays we will be embarking on a new season for the MS teams. Official start date for practice is Thursday January 13th, 2011 and the activities on offer are: MS Boys Soccer - Mr. McGill / Mr. Stone MS Girls Basketball - Mr. Brooke / Ms. Hasegawa On the elementary front all block 2 clubs will come to an end this week. My thanks go out to all the teachers who have sponsored events this trimester and I am really excited about some of the activities we have coming up after the holiday in block 3. Please make a note in your diaries - information for the next block of elementary clubs will be distributed week beginning January 17th, 2011 and the activities themselves will start week beginning January 24th, 2011. If you have any questions relating to the sports and activity programme here at school please do not hesitate to contact me at school by phone or by email to [email protected] All that remains is for me to thank everyone who has contributed in some way to the programme in 2010: the coaches, the activity leaders, the players, the members, the caterers, the homestay families, the referees, the conductors - I wish all of you and your families a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. See you all back here in 2011!!

Together, we can make a difference.

Please take a few minutes to see if you've got some warm blankets, new underwear, heat packs, soap or sleeping bags that you can spare for Osaka's homeless. Please put your donations in the two wire baskets in the genkan by the last day of school, December 17.

Christmas Night December 25, 7:00 - 9:30 p.m.

Children from Sannoh Children's Center in Kamagasaki will offer onigiri, our donated goods and a kind word to those who have no home, stable or manger in which to sleep. If you would like to join this `yomawari', please contact Mami or Haru at Ph.06-6633-8415

Animal Refuge Kansai

Five high school students volunteered at ARK last weekend. Visits to ARK have also become a once-a month activity.

Elementary Service Projects

Classes are currently choosing from 3 activities: Exchange with patients at Senri Rehab. Hospital Gardening at school Community clean ups



John Searle, Head 072-727-5080 [email protected] Leanne Stephen, MS/HS Principal 072-727-5050 [email protected] Cecilia Rawlins, ES Principal 072-727-5050 [email protected] Karen Killmer, Counselor 072-727-5061 [email protected] Mike McGill, Admissions Director 072-727-5070 [email protected] Steve Lewis, Business Manager 072-727-5090 [email protected] Peter Heimer, IBDP Coordinator 072-727-5290 [email protected] Caroline Rennie, MYP Coordinator 072-727-5050 [email protected] Yvonne Barrett, PYP Coordinator 072-727-5050 [email protected] Natsuko Hasegawa, School Nurse 072-727-5050 [email protected] Student Attendance 072-727-2305

The Winter Holiday begins next week and for many of our families it is also time to celebrate various festivals. Many families will be traveling to visit family and friends, both close and far away, and we hope that you make the best of such moments which are very precious in our busy lives. We would like to thank all parents for their support during the last term, and would like to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year. As the old year comes to close may we remind you all that this will be the last printed Bulletin. From January the news will only be available by school email. Please take a moment to activate your account if you have not already done so. Please also remind your friends and classmates' parents to sign in. The Educator will continue as a monthly paper publication.

2011 is my year!


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