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Key Services & Solutions Digitizing and Setup Map Updates & Revisions Raster Scanning & Vector Conversions Creation & Maintenance of GIS Databases

Municipality GIS Solutions

Meeting the Utility Mapping Needs of Municipal Governements

Sentinel USA specializes in automated mapping, facilities management and geographic information system services. Our Mission is to provide the industry with the highest quality services that are dedicated to meet the needs of each individual client.

Custom Mapping Services

We understand that many companies find the task of mapping to be too overwhelming to tackle by in house personnel alone. Our firm is committed to providing cost effective solutions for your company. Sentinel USA offers a wide variety of mapping services directed specifically toward the utility industry. Whether your company is in the beginning stages of GIS development or expanding and improving an existing one, our firm is dedicated to help your company achieve your GIS goals. At Sentinel USA, we realize that every mapping project is unique and whether you are in need of digitizing services or GPS field inventory, every project must be

executed with accuracy and precision in order to perform reliable analysis studies of your GIS system. The possibilities for GIS are endless and as the technology increases, we are focusing on researching and developing new and innovated ways to build and maintain the most cost effective GIS systems. Our firm is experienced in a wide variety of GIS Platforms and we work closely with other leading industry providers to make sure that our clients receive the maximum benefits of today's technology forum. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to speak with one our representatives or receive additional information regarding our services.

You can contact Sentinel USA, Inc. during regular business hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday ­ Eastern Standard Time.

51 North Third Street Suite 702 Newark, OH 43055 Tel: (740) 345-6412 Fax: (740) 345-9438

Key Services & Solutions Consulting Digitizing and Setup Map Updates & Revisions Raster Scanning & Vector Conversions Creation & Maintenance of GIS Databases

GIS Needs Assessments

Helping Municipalities define Operational Mapping Needs

The first step in implementing an enterprise-wide mapping system is to assist in defining the internal operational mapping needs. A GIS needs assessment answers the following mission-critical questions:

Mission Critical Questions · Where are we now with regard to using mapping data? Where do we need to go? What do we need to do to get there? · Determining data set and mapping requirements for implementation in GIS; Establishing how potential users will use the GIS; Identifying potential GIS applications for each department; Identifying staff training issues related to implementation; Identifying areas for potential process improvements and data sharing. Decision making: Directors, engineers and other decision-makers can use GIS to gather and present relevant information for issues on which decisions must be made. Unlike traditional information systems, GIS allows the graphic presentation of data and provides reliable data for making sound decisions. Return on investment: GIS can return value for the investment in the system. This may take the form of compliance with GASB 34, reduced review time, sustainable decisions, and the successful analysis, which reveals alternative solutions to area problems. An increase in data management efficiency usually leads to improved productivity.

· ·

· ·



A needs assessment clarifies current and future GIS opportunities.

The specific benefits resulting from using GIS are wide-ranging. Properly constructed, an enterprise-wide GIS can support: Analysis of Mapping Data: By adding a visual component to spatial mapping data, GIS involves the integration of many varying layers of information. This integration then allows in-depth engineering analysis of the data by showing the relationship between the various layers. The presentation and analysis is repeatable and allows the retention of supporting data, so that the analysis can be viewed as reliable.

It Includes:

· Evaluating the content, accuracy and adequacy of existing data sets and maps across departments; Identifying data needs in relation to work function requirements;


51 North Third Street Suite 702 Newark, OH 43055 Tel: (740) 345-6412 Fax: (740) 345-9438

Key Services & Solutions Digitizing and Setup Map Updates & Revisions Raster Scanning & Vector Conversions Creation & Maintenance of GIS Databases

Conversion & Maintenance

Vendor Neutral Custom GIS Services for Municipalities

Sentinel USA provides GIS conversion and maintenance services for our clients. We are familiar with all major industry GIS software systems and platforms and can help your company achieve your conversion goals.

Custom Conversions Map Maintenance

Sentinel USA practices an integrated approach to project management and customer conversion projects. The strength of our client relationships is based upon our "GIS vendor neutral" business strategy, which is the key ingredient to our success. We focus on providing an array of conversion services for many different types of applications. Such services would include: · · · · ·


Sentinel USA provides an array of map updating and revision services for our clients. Many of our clients find that the time and personnel needed to allocate toward revisions can be both a cumbersome and cost insufficient process. As your facilities change in the field, we focus on helping you stay digitally current to keep your system maps up to date.

Our firm is experienced in preparing databases conversions to correspond with a wide array of applications. By working with other leading software providers, Sentinel USA can help your company build and maintain the GIS Mapping system to meet your individual needs.

Supported Platforms · · · · · · · · · · AutoDesk ESRI Intergraph / MicroStation MapInfo GE Smallword Third Party Applications Access SQL Server Oracle Main Frames

Paper Coversions Digital Migration Database Conversions Raster to Vector Conversions Standardization Upward Migration / Upgrades Upgrade to GPS Compatibility Sentinel USA provides database creation and database maintenance services for our clients that are designed to effectively integrate with other in house systems such as billing, engineering and trouble call analysis packages.


51 North Third Street Suite 702 Newark, OH 43055 Tel: (740) 345-6412 Fax: (740) 345-9438

Key Services & Solutions Programming Digitizing and Setup Map Updates & Revisions Raster Scanning & Vector Conversions Creation & Maintenance of GIS Databases

Programming Services

Custom Programming for Mapping Automation and Interfacing

Sentinel USA provides custom programming and menu customization services to meet our client's needs. Many clients are in need of user specific solutions.

Custom Programming

Custom Interfacing

Programming Languages · · · · · · · · · · · · · AutoLISP Visual LISP Avenue AML MapObjects ArcObjects MDL VB / VBA Basic, C/C++ Fortran MatLab Postscript HPGL SQL

Every client is unique and they usually require tailor made programs to correlate with existing standards. Such examples would include; creating and/or modifying map-grid generation programs to match your existing specifications. Our firm is experienced in developing custom programs to meet your needs and we focus on providing solutions that will work for your mapping department. Our programming staff uses the latest software tools available to furnish highquality and state-of-the-art GIS applications. Throughout the projects duration, application design, prototype, development, and implementation process, our programmers will work closely with you to explicitly define and meet your needs.

In order to effectively share the mapping data with other departments, the GIS mapping system must be interfaced and linked with other in house operating systems such as billing, accounting, engineering, operations, etc.


Sentinel USA is experienced in developing links to an array of operational software. By working with other providers and developing intelligent links to other applications, Sentinel USA can set your municipality up to perform crucial information queries such as engineering and trouble call analysis.

Dynamic links reduce overall expenses by eliminating duplicate data entry and improves overall communications between departments.

51 North Third Street Suite 702 Newark, OH 43055 Tel: (740) 345-6412 Fax: (740) 345-9438

GIS Landbase Solutions

Meeting Landbase needs for Municipal Governments

Cost Effective Upgrade to GPS Compatibility

Aerial imagery derived from

Developed by: Sentinel USA, Inc.

Precision LandBASETM

is not a software application, instead it is an intelligent and seamless compatible raster/vector data set that has been designed to easily integrate with your existing GIS software application. All major GIS platforms are supported. Precision LandBASETM is a GPS coordinate controlled aerial and vector GIS data product designed to meet the needs and demands of the GIS data and spatial management industry. The landbase imagery has been positioned to match GPS control points, resampled and exported into new compressed geo-referenced image file formats to a coordinate projection of your choice. The vector portion of the product includes all major topographic layers and features such as primary and secondary roads, hydrology, railways, boundaries, etc. The vector layers are spatially intelligent and referenced to the imagery to ensure the integrity of the landbase set.

Control Points are determined by identifying key fixed intersection points such as roads, bridges, streets and railways that are identifiable on the aerial imagery. Precision LandBASETM was designed to meet the critical needs of the GIS user industry by providing a shared landbase data model. GIS Landbase data development costs are traditionally expensive, due to the cost associated with the creation and the long-term maintenance. We realize that the implementation of an effective landbase requires the establishment of sound geospatial data standards and we strive to satisfy the full spectrum of GIS applications in order to foster and maintain good working relationships with our clients. Precision LandBASETM provides engineers with the core mapping foundation to perform engineering analysis work.

The landbase data set adds intelligence to engineering analysis and GIS mapping systems by allowing engineers to query its database for specific information related to the landbase features and provides essential information about the landbase to assist operating and engineering personnel in planning, designing, operating, and maintenance. The landbase accuracy and overall foundation is important to engineers during the decision making process for analyzing distribution facility information.

For additional information and pricing, please contact us at:

Sentinel USA, Inc. 51 North Third Street, Suite 702 Newark, OH. 43055 Tel: 740-345-6412 Fax: 740-345-9438 and/or Email: [email protected]


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