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Miller Heiman Strategic Selling®


Strategic Selling is our process for developing comprehensive deal strategies to help our clients win high value complex sales. When an organization makes a significant purchase, the decisionmaking process can get extremely complicated. Several players with different objectives, motives and degrees of influence get involved; emotions and politics further complicate matters. This dynamic creates major challenges for Sellers, who must often form a team of their own experts to identify the buying players and their extent of influence, understand their concerns, and develop strategies to win their support. Many deals are lost or delayed at the last minute because a key buying influence has been overlooked. In a large deal, information is power.

The process

Strategic Selling gives our clients a clear, straightforward process to gather essential information and develop winning deal strategies. This includes identifying all important decision makers and influencers and their motives, developing internal coaches, evaluating competitive positioning, and building action plans to shoreup weaknesses and uncover uncertainties. It enables our clients to understand the scope of the deal, organize their efforts to cover all the bases, and set objectives and timelines necessary to move the opportunity forward. Increase close ratios by identifying, influencing, and inspiring all the decision makers in your pipeline Shorten sales cycles by implementing practical fieldready strategies, including realistic action plans and timetables Gain visibility into your sales organisation in order to improve pipeline forecasting, resource allocation, and communication between management and the field Unify your sales organisation with a universal sales process that is simple and intuitive, while winning business and creating customers for life

What you'll learn

Communicate with a simple sales language Use a universal sales process adaptable to any sales situation Identify the buying influences present in every sales opportunity Focus your selling efforts on areas that matter most Overcome obstacles that can derail your sale Create a result that's good for you and the customer Convert your prospect's buying influences to work in your favour

Miller Heiman Strategic Selling®

Who should attend

You are leading a sales team or are member of the sales team. You are working directly or indirectly on complex B2B sales projects and are looking for strategic approaches for your sales projects and opportunities as well as for your account management.

Realworld selling strategies

Strategic Selling involves you in realworld situations, not theoretical case studies, and enables you to create detailed action plans for your own accounts that: Identify critical changes in your selling environments Define Single Sales Objectives Identify Buying Influences, their roles, relative importance and receptivity Create winwin relationships Evaluate competitors Create an Ideal Customer Profile Manage the Sales Funnel to improve productivity Develop an action plan to win business consistently



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