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Part # 253038 263104 363200 363401 363346 363404 603033 423022 453041 423405 483062 823246 523475 533122 533123 583362 583363 593130 Part # 363206 323041 453040 363403 363403 343020 343020 483079 483079 423270 423270 483083 483083 523002 523500 523500 583213 533022 583515 593077 593077 603077 583488 583488 593220 Description 5hp recoil (H) 8.5hp recoil (V) 12hp recoil (V) 12hp recoil (V) 12hp electric (V) 12hp electric (V) 16hp recoil (V) 16hp electric (V) 18hp recoil (V) 18hp electric (V) 18hp electric (V) 18hp electric (H) 20hp electric (V) 20hp electric (V) 25hp electric (V) 26.5 hp diesel (H) 31hp gas (H) 31hp electric Vanguard (H) Description 12hp (V) recoil 13hp (V) recoil w/ KAI 14hp (V) recoil 15hp (V) recoil 15hp (V) recoil w/ KAI 15hp (V) electric 15hp (V) electric w/ KAI 17hp (V) recoil 17hp (V) recoil w/ KAI 17hp (V) electric 17hp (V) electric w/ KAI 19hp (V) electric 19hp (V) electric w/ canister 20hp (H) electric LQ 21hp (V) electric 21hp (V) electric w/ canister 22hp (H) electric LQ 23hp (V) electric A/C w/ canister 23hp (H) electric A/C 25hp (H) electric A/C 25hp (H) electric A/C w/ canister 25hp (V) electric A/C w/ canister 27hp (H) electric LQ 27hp (H) electric LQ w/ canister 28hp (H) electric A/C w/ canister Spec # 135202-1015-E1 283702-1193-E1 283702-1041-E1 218802-0111-E1 283707-1068-E1 218807-0112-E1 303772-1045-A2 303777-1044-E2 350772-1045-A2 31M777-0112-E1 350777-1144-E1 350447-1217-AL 351777-1044-E3 44H777-0118-B1 44N777-0114-B1 582447-0219-E2 580447-0218-E2 543477-0115-E1 Spec # FB460V-BS28 FH381V-BS22 FC420V-FS15 FH430V-AS03 FH430V-BS22 FH451V-AS16 FH430V-BS23 FH500V-AS13 FH541V-BS22 FH500V-BS24 FH541V-BS31 FH601V-BS18 FH601V-CS26 FD620D-CS03 FH641V-BS16 FH641V-BS24 FD661D-BS02 FH680V-CS28 FH680D-AS07 FH721D-AS07 FH721D-BS09 FH721V-CS25 FD750D-AS00 FD750D-AS11 FH770D-AS04 CV14T-1417 CH22S-66542 CH25S-68597 OHV14-203607E GTV 990 - 0049470 Used On Thatcher WB WB WB WB WB WB Z42 WB Z34/Z42 Z48 FC Z52 X48 X52/X60 MC/FC MC/FC MC/FC Used On WB WB WB WB WB Z34 Z34 WB WB Z42 Z42 Z48 X48 Pro-Line Rider Z52 Z52 FC X52 MC/FC MC/FC MC/FC Z60/X60 MC/FC MC/FC MC/FC WB FC FC WB MC


KOHLER 14hp (V) recoil 363266

823247 583082 22hp (H) electric 25hp (H) electric


483081 14hp (V) recoil GENERAC 593184 33hp (H) electric w/ canister


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Engine Spec Numbers.xls