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MOSCOW TPP-26, Unit 8 - Russia 420 MW - KA26-1 MS

Heat and power combined cycle power plant

CUSTOMER OJSC Mosenergo (Open Joint Stock Company) PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS - Cogeneration combined cycle power plant - The first power plant Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project in Russia - The first project with major contribution from an international company ALSTOM SCOPE Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of: - One KA26-1 multi-shaft combined cycle unit - Control systems, electrical rooms and transformer units - Steam extraction for district heating - Gas fuel plant (gas preparation center, booster systems and diesel generators) CONSORTIUM PARTNER Energomachinostroitelny Alliance (EMAlliance), Russian power engineering group Scope : Balance of Plant

Moscow TPP-26 power plant is located within the limits of Moscow city

Turnkey EPC combined heat & power plant with high efficiency

More value for customers with Plant Integrator

Plant Integrator is Alstom's unique way of creating more value for customers . We combine outstanding expertise at component and plant level, as we are both an equipment manufacturer and an EPC contractor with proven worldwide references. We ensure our customers meet their business objectives and serve their market better by helping them : Optimise investment costs, integrating operating & maintenance costs Reduce lead times to produce electricity faster Improve fuel efficiency Improve reliability & efficiency

Meeting Mosenergo's requirements

The TPP26 project is part of Mosenergo's programme to develop Moscow's power network to meet the fast-growing needs for power and heat in the capital's region.


MOSCOW TPP-26, Unit 8 - Russia

420 MW - KA26-1 MS Heat and power combined cycle power plant

THE RIGHT INTEGRATION OF ALSTOM PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS, EPC CAPABILITIES AND STATE-OF-THE­ART KEY COMPONENTS Alstom's proven and mature combined cycle technology is based on: - advanced class GT26 gas turbine with over 2 millions operating hours - three-casing steam turbine with double flow low-pressure turbine - air-cooled generators - water-cooled condenser - three-pressure re-heat, horizontal type, heat recovery steam generator - control system based on Alstom's ALSPA P320 technology - heat extraction with up to 265 MWth heat for district heating CUSTOMER BENEFITS A very environmentally-friendly power solution with : - sustainable and reliable performance - high efficiency - high flexibility and availability - reduced emissions


Fuel: natural gas with liquid fuel as back-up

Cooling system: mechanical draft water cooler Grid Connection: 550 kV

1 x KA26-1 MS

"This project confirms Alstom's ability to deliver clean integrated power solutions"

Number of units Kombi Anlage = Combined Cycle Power Plant Gas turbine type / GT26 Block arrangement [1+ 1 + 1] that is : 1 gas turbine + 1 heat recovery steam generator + 1 steam turbine Multi-shaft


PT-PE/LEAF/MSWTPP06/eng/PPS/03.07/FR/6161 - advertis - 409 593 233 rcs lyon

Guaranteed gross efficiency: 59 % at 15 °C



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