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What sets Media Supply apart from other DVD, CD & USB Flash Drive Duplication Providers: 1. Experience: Media Supply has been helping our customers Duplicate for over 20 years. Our in-house experts have been helping duplication service shops throughout the US for just as long. No one has more experience solving customer's problems and helping customers meet their production and pricing goals than Media Supply. Quality: Media Supply delivers quality with every disc or flash drive we produce. No one takes more steps to make sure your discs will look great and work in every system. Support: Media Supply's expert staff can help you in every step of your job, from getting the price you need to the packaging you require. We can walk you through setting up your artwork like no one else. Knowledge: Who do all the dupe shops in the US come to when they need to find the right equipment, packaging or disc solution? Media Supply. Our expert staff will act as your consultant, helping you match the right duplication solution to your budget and quality needs.

Duplication Services




Media Supply has what it takes to help you meet your goals. Visit our website at for more information. If you have questions, please call 1-800-944-4237 option 3. We'll gladly help you get started!


Media Supply, Inc.

611 Jeffers Circle Exton, PA 19341 800-944-4237

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Media Supply, Inc. · 611 Jeffers Circle · Exton, PA 19341 · 800-944-4237 ·

Duplication Services

Got a deadline on a DVD, CD or USB Flash Drive Duplication job and don't know where to start? Just relax; Media Supply makes the whole process simple and affordable by offering complete turnkey solutions for large quantities, small quantities and jobs needing fast turn-around. Talk to one of our Duplication Service specialists about what we can do to help you get your job done just the way you want it! Expert Duplication for DVD, CD & USB Flash Drives

DVD DVD Duplication: Media Supply offers everything you need for any size DVD job, including Same Day Services, Short-Run Duplication (jobs smaller than 1000 pcs), Large job Duplication available with offset printing, as well as Blu-ray and Dual Layer services. Media Supply can also offer Video Copy Protection for Short-run Duplication jobs! Media Supply offers every DVD packaging option available! Media Supply is here to help you get your Data or Audio CD job done fast and at the right price. Same Day Services are available on some packaging options, and we specialize in our offset quality printing on small jobs. Of course we can give you a great price on your large quantity jobs as well, and we offer every form of packaging available. Media Supply can help you master your Audio CD too! Media Supply offers custom USB Flash Drives for marketing, letting you put your company's, schools or organization's logo on the USB Flash Drive. Custom USB Flash Drives with your logo work great for school students, as marketing tools, trade show handouts and customer gifts. The drives are reusable, so they keep your name in front of users well beyond the first use. No one has more capacity for USB Drive reloading than Media Supply!

Duplication Services for DVD, CD & USB Flash Drives

DVD Services Include:

· Same-Day Service · Short-run Offset Quality Print · Video DVD Copy Protection · Limitless Packaging Solutions · Great Prices on Large & Small Jobs · Blu ray & Dual Layer Copying

CD Services Include:

· Same-Day Service · Short-run Offset Quality Print · Expert Packaging Assistance · Great Prices on Large & Small Jobs · Pre-printed Blank CD-R Service · Audio Disc Mastering Services


USB Flash Drive Services Include:

· 3-5 Day Quick Turn Inventory · USB Flash Drive Reloading Services · Great monthly specials · Large Selection of Drive Styles · USB Flash Drive Copy Protection · Great Packaging options

USB Flash Drives


Media Supply, Inc. · 611 Jeffers Circle · Exton, PA 19341 · 800-944-4237 · Media Supply, Inc. · 611 Jeffers Circle · Exton, PA 19341 · 800-944-4237 ·


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