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Customer Support on

OnLine Customer Support (OLCS) Overview

Support on Your Web portal for your technical support and repair needs.

September 2012

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Getting to the Web Site

Go to, click on the "Support" tab. You will be taken to a landing page with links to the Alcatel-Lucent Support and Training. You may also go directly to

Under "Network Customer Support (OLCS)", (OLCS) click on "Sign in" to be directed to the OnLine Customer Support site..

You are able to view the OLCS site as a "guest". However, because entitlement is not provided, access to content is very limited.

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OnLine Customer Support (OLCS)

This snapshot is of the OnLine Customer Support Web Site before you log in. Limited content is available without an il bl ith t account, so all are encouraged to register. i t

Find full registration instructions at: p pp g g p

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

How to Register

1. 2.

Select "Sign In/Register" on Select "Register for Access"

Need Help while registering? From the U.S. and Canada: 1 (866) 582-3688, prompt 7. Globally: 1 (630) 224-9000. You may also contact your regional Global Welcome Center and select prompt 7.


Follow the 6 steps

Via email: [email protected], or with the site's Contact Us form. Use this OLCS help desk number for OLCS access problems, registration questions, password resets, navigation questions, etc.

You will need to input an authentication code, that will be emailed to you.

Your profile data will be saved and will often be used to prepopulate forms for you, customize your Web view, etc. Use "Upgrade Registration" if you believe we have missed anything, or if you have a "My Extranet" account and wish to request OLCS be added to it.

1. 1

You will receive an email confirmation of your registration and site access privileges. We strive for 2 business days or less response.

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OLCS Site Access Policies

Your access to content on the OLCS Web Site is determined by your service agreements.

Any changes or updates that are recorded to your service agreements will automatically refresh your Web experience; typically in under an hour.

Select "My Entitlements on OLCS to view the service agreements which you or your company My Entitlements" are authorized under. (See slides at the end of this package)

You may also access this via My Profile > Customer Support > View Support Entitlements

A high level summary of access policies is shown below; however there may be differences for specific offers and products products.

General Access Service Offerings Support Policies Site Announcements Support Announcements RMA (Repair) Support Phone Numbers Warranty Access All General Access Content Technical Documentation Software Downloads (fixes) Data Drop Box Alerts Warranty defect reporting via CARES Web Service Agreement Access All General Access Content All Warranty Access Content CARES Web for ARs, PRs, and FSRs ask AL Knowledgebase Services Collaboration Utilities and Tools

Availability may vary dependant onCodes of Maintenance contract purchased andForums and Wiki's policies. Product Index Hash type Discussion product policies


All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Restricted Content after Logging in

After Log In, content on "My Customer Support" home page will be personalized based on the user's and company's support entitlements

The email address that you registered with is your log in. You set your own password while registering, along with a Security Q&A so that you can change it yourself online.

"My Products" aids in Quick navigation ­ remember to Save your Favorites "My Entitlements" lists all of your service agreements with Alcatel-Lucent

"My Subscriptions" aids in managing email notices

Click Cli k on "Select Default "S l t D f lt Home Page" to set OLCS as your default page if it is your primary destination on lucent com (set by default) default). Review the "Guide for New Users" if this is your first time on OLCS.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Site Design

The "My Customer Support" portal is the umbrella p y g portal to all of the underlying content and tools. Product-specific content Access to content and tools can also be done functionally, by going directly to is organized "by product" each of the underlying applications My Products M P d t Product Index

Alphabetical or By category Also via the Documentation or Downloads links


"Technical Content for" portlet Documentation Software Downloads ask AL Knowledgebase Alerts and Alerts (PCN) Product Change Notices (PCN) Wireless Utilities and Tools Service Router Knowledge Base (SRKB)

All of the items listed on the left, plus: CARES Web Services Collaboration areas Software License Keys Hash Codes Data Drop Box Discussion Forums NAES and OSIA Repair and Exchange Services Support Phone Numbers Site & Support Announcements Wiki's

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Navigating on OLCS

There are four primary ways to navigate on OLCS.

1. "Jump to Content Page" pull-down Found in the upper right corner of most pages Is h I the primary means to navigate b i i between "M C "My Customer Support" home and the underlying applications, or among the applications without returning home. 2. "Technical Content for" Portlet Easy access to product-specific content and tickets without navigating d i i deeper i to the product pages. in h d If a particular content link does not appear, it means that the content is not available for that product. 3. "My Products" Clicking on a product on your "My Products list will take you My Products" to the Product Summary page, our traditional access to both product-specific content and any other available applications. You can also access these pages via the "Product Index". If your company has purchased many products from AlcatelLucent, and you wish to shorten the list to only those that you are responsible for, select "Manage My Products". 4. Quick Access Portlets Easy access from the home page to heavily used applications, such as CARES and ask AL. They can also be accessed from the "Jump to Content Page" pull down, or under "Other Resources".

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Quick Access Portlets

For convenience, we have `Quick Access Portlets" on your My Customer Support home page, for some of our most heavily used features.

Use the "CARES Requests" portlet if you know your AR, PR or FSR number f a quick status l k b for i k t t lookup. It also provides easy accessibility l id ibilit to Create a new request or to the full Query page (Find a Request).

Use the "Technical Content for" U th "T h i l C t t f " portlet t di l product specific tl t to display d t ifi content and tickets. You can choose to select from your Favorite Products or All Entitled Products. This content can also be accessed in the traditional way, by clicking on a product in your "My Products list. My Products" list

Use the ask AL query box after selecting a product for quick access to solutions. You can also access ask AL under the "Other Resources" portlet.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Quick Access Portlets (continued)

The "My Status" portlet allows you quick access to quickly assess whether there is recently updated content for Alerts, Documentation or Product Change notices based on your product entitlements. Your Ticket counts can also be swapped to reflect your own personal tickets or your company tickets.

The "Services Collaboration" portlet will list any customer-specific or project-specific spaces you are entitled to see.

The "Order Management" portlet gives you access to applicable Software Orders (currently limited deployment) and Software License Keys. If you are approved for Alcatel-Lucent OM, you will have a general li k t th O d M l link to the Order Management site. t it

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Manage My Products

You can manage your list of entitled products to select your favorites. Under "My Products", select "Manage My Products". P d t " Simply check the boxes for the products that you want to appear on your page. Your selections will take effect immediately. You can edit your selections or restore the full list at any time.

In addition to making the list that appears under "My Products" shorter, the saved list will also be reflected under the 'Technical Content for' portlet, Alerts Advanced Search, and in your CARES product lists for ticket creation and queries. This will make your experience on the site more efficient, based on your specific product responsibilities.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

My Subscriptions

"My Subscriptions" consolidates all of your active OLCS subscriptions on one page. In addition, all other available subscriptions are conveniently listed, to make , p y , it easy for you to add these choices as well.

On existing subscriptions you can review your choices, edit or update, and unsubscribe via these links links.

You can also subscribe to choices that you are not currently using.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

My Bookmarks

For convenience, you can bookmark pages or content. The "My Bookmarks" portlet will appear only if you have bookmarked items. y You can view all of your bookmarks, or edit/remove those no longer needed, by clicking on needed "View All/Edit".

To bookmark at the page level, go level to the desired page and select "Add to Bookmarks" from the "Jump To Content Page" pull down list in the upper right corner corner. It is also possible to bookmark selected documents. If you see a bookmark checkbox, simply click it and confirm your bookmark selection.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Customizing Your Home Page

All entitled content and tools elements on the site will be automatically set to display. If you wish to remove items that you do not use, select "Customize Page Layout" under the "Administer" section on the right side of the page. To remove items from your home page view, de-select the check boxes and click `Submit'.

Your customized page layout will take effect immediately. You can reverse y p g y y your changes g or make additional changes at any time.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Finding Your Product

For convenient access to your entitled products, select "My Products": OR access the full Product Index:

Click on Product Index > View List or Jump to Content Page pull down list and select "Documentation" or "Downloads"

To make your product selection from the Product Index,

use the Alphabetical or the Category listing:

Category listing

If you Can't find y y your p product? Use Product Name Look-up to find products that are renamed, migrated etc.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Product Summary Page

Selecting a Product opens the Product Summary page and displays available content items:

· Content will vary by product: - Access from this page directly - or Filter by Release · If contract entitlements do not allow access to posted content, a "key" icon will be display next to p y unavailable content item(s).

Available Content

Find the State of the Product and a short "Vanity URL" for convenient access posted in the page footer.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Combined Product Summary Page

Filter by Release to access Documentation, Alerts and Software Downloads for the selected release from a single Combined Product Summary page.

Use checkboxes to include additional documents/downloads in the results list.

Filter on sub-release, model, title or doc number. Sort by Title, y , Doc Number or Date.

Combine access to Alerts, Documentation, and Electronic Delivery/Software Downloads y on a single page.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Documentation: Content

Available product documentation may include:

Manuals and Guides User guides, OA&M manuals and other technical documents. Technical Notes Product Information Bulletins (PIB), troubleshooting tips, FAQs and Operator Sheets. Release Information Documents on software releases, features and upgrades. In addition to .pdf and .html formats for online document viewing, other document formats may also be available . These include: Downloadable collections (iso, tar, zip or gzip formats) EPUB (iPhone/iPad) MOBI (Kindle) Document libraries may also include CD-ROMs, DVDs or other tangible media for purchase. Note: Document content and format availability vary by product.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Documentation: Search

There are multiple methods available to search for product documentation: · Full Text · Title · Document Number · Topic

Note: Full Text search utilizes the powerful OLCS Search interface highlighted later in this presentation.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012


Alerts are our cross-product communication vehicle to share product and support issues that are of a maintenance, preventive, informational or product life cycle nature.

Simple subscription process ­ click the boxes

· Ability to select products, urgency and type of Alert you receive

Alerts will be sent to you via email. You can also subscribe to Alerts during the registration process.

Access Alerts subscriptions under "My Subscriptions", directly on the Alerts page or via My Profile > Customer Support. Alerts keep you proactively informed on issues that affect you, your network, you network and your service to your customers.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Alerts - Home Page




Archived for online viewing. Emailed in PDF format, by subscription. "Attachments" can be received directly in subscriber's e-mail inbox, or receive the link for web viewing. Advanced Search for Alerts allows user to save queries for re-use, re use, search by date range, and to download results in Excel.

Subscribe to be notified when new documents are posted Content from OSDS Archives for Legacy Vehicles Update your Email

Alerts ­ Advanced Search

Advanced Search for Alerts allows filtering by:

Type Urgency Product Category P d C Products (Favorites or All) Date Range Year

Report options include:

Web viewing Excel format E lf t Counts only view

Saved Query

If you routinely query for the same set of products or parameters, consider saving your query so that you can call it and reuse it anytime

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

ask AL Knowledgebase

ask AL is the Web interface to the Knowledge Management solutions database.

Example: Select product (1675 LambdaUnite MSS) Enter your query: "port monitoring warnings"

When Wh you click on th ask AL li k it will di l all products th t h li k the k link, ill display ll d t that have solutions l ti available, for which you are entitled to see the ask AL database. Search for solutions using natural language queries p product of interest To narrow search, unclick all boxes except for the p Available only for premium Technical Support customers

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

ask AL Knowledgebase (continued)

Enter your query (as shown on previous slide) Solutions are returned showing percentage weight or % match based on search criteria Ability to refine results:

"Are any of these statements related to your question?"; or "Do any of these facts resemble your environment?" Ability to refine based on actual database content

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

More on ask AL Content

Solutions : either a "problem" or a "question" Most solution creation is driven by actual customer inquiries from Assistance Requests (ARs) Solutions go through a quality and technical review process before availability Content can grow every day as solutions move through review cycle g y people Statement roles and weights are based on industry research on how p p solve problems ask AL represents substantial person-years of product knowledge and technical support experience

Customers are asked for feedback after a solutions query. Feedback indicates ask AL answers their question and saves them a call well over 50% of the time!

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

CARES Assistance Requests (ARs)

The "Display an AR" gives the customer easy access if they know the AR number. This is a very popular interface to do simple status checking. Customers have four options to query for status and view their ARs, and the underlying Parts Requests (PRs) and Field Service Requests (FSRs): Display Your Request Find a Request Quick Reports Create and submit an request online; update it online; view attachments online

Advance notice of any planned maintenance will be posted here, as well as under OLCS Site News.

The very popular "Quick Reports" p feature gives customers convenient access to standard, preformatted reports on their t th i requests ­ Support ARs, Repair PRs, and On-site FSRs.

Easy to understand instructions to use the CARES Web interface are available online.

Search for, and read, archived Product Notifications (UPNs, P d t N tifi ti (UPN Bulletins...) on many products. Note: current notifications are sent via Alerts.

Customers may set many preferences, including their report and subscription preferences f emailed or t t pager AR and d b i ti f for il d text d PR Notifications.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Highlights of CARES Web Capabilities

CARES Web capabilities span the three major types of maintenance requests:

Service Technical Support Repair and Exchange Service (Advanced Exchange & Return for Repair) Field Maintenance (formerly On Site Technical Support) Field Service Request (FSR) Request Type Assistance Request (AR) Parts Request (PR)

Capabilities include:

Create and submit new requests Update an existing request Query requests online with a variety of different reports and filters. Save Report Queries for convenient re-use later Download reports to your desktop Subscribe to receive emailed AR/PR Notifications to track your request request. CARES: Customer Assistance Request Entry System

ARs will be routed to the correct Welcome Center based on product and country, and will be resolved per your support agreement.

Please allow an extra 5 minutes for Response targets.

The Web can be used for Severity 2, 3 & 4 ARs and Priority 1, 2, 3 & 4 ARs Please note ­ 2 1 2 ARs. customers should not enter service outage ARs/Severity 1's via the Web.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Creating an AR (Technical Support)

Click on "Create a Request" in the right navigation menu. The "common" or header screen will appear.

Online Help is available.

The contacts and companies specified on this page will carry forward though this request.

A freeform contact field to enter any other reach information. This information is for t s eac o at o s o at o s o this AR only and does not update your profile. Select your Company, if necessary, as you may be authorized for different products under different Companies. Each Company will likely have a different set of entitled products. Select the Service requested. For an AR, select "Remote Technical Support", as shown. If your Company has its own ticket tracking number, you can enter it here. You can also use this freeform field to enter project names names, etc. This field is searchable.

28 | OLCS - CARES on the Web | March 2011

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Create an AR - By Product Tab

Three ways to create an Assistance Request: By choosing Product first, finding the Product Instance first or By Copying an AR you created earlier. Choose the easiest or quickest method for your line of work.

Choose the Model and Version, if required

Select the applicable Service Agreement and Service Offer. NOTE: This section will be hidden, or "collapsed" from view when all of the values are preselected for you if there is only one option available in each field. You may expand or hide the view by selecting Show or Hide

Specify geographic location of product. There are three methods to use: 1) Select the location in geographic hierarchy 2) Use the "Find Instance" (detailed on the next page) search to bypass the hierarchy if you are confident of the Instance name fid t f th I t 3) Use the "List All" feature to see which Instances we have recorded for the selected product in our database.

29 | OLCS - CARES on the Web | March 2011 All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Create an AR - By Product Instance Tab

Note the Product Instance is entered first and the Product Location is already chosen for you. The y remainder of the page contains the same data fields as each of the other methods of creating an AR

30 | OLCS - CARES on the Web | March 2011

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Create an AR - By Copying Existing AR Tab

Note the data from the existing AR is automatically populated into each field. This allows for the duplication d plication of the common elements in both requests. You may override any field that may be unique to this request.

31 | OLCS - CARES on the Web | March 2011

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Completing the AR Request (Using any Method)

Continued from the previous slide Enter a Request type (Support, Defect, Enhancement) Enter Severity (per definitions) and Priority (which reflects more of a qualitative importance). No Severity 1 requests are allowed to be created on the Web. Please t ll dt b t d th W b Pl call the Global Welcome Center instead. Clear buttons have been added for your convenience to quickly alter your descriptions, if necessary.

Enter Short description Enter a Detailed Description of the request to assist in troubleshooting. You can copy/paste details in; or even attach log files or other data on the final Acknowledgement page of the AR creation process

These fields populate automatically either from your profile or from the initial "Create a Request" screen.

Click Submit to finalize your request

32 | OLCS - CARES on the Web | March 2011

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Staying Informed About Your Requests

With our flexible Notification subscriptions, CARES web users can:

Subscribe to receive AR and PR Notifications, or choose to receive none at all. Specify additional email addresses within their company to be copied on notifications. Specify the type of notification -- email or text messaging (text pagers) -- or select both. Specify the conditions upon which to receive email on your ARs, such as: Receive notifications when the AR state changes to Created, Resolved, Closed, or Pending Customer Action Receive notifications any time an Alcatel-Lucent engineer modifies the Investigation text field Receive notifications any time the Short Description, Current Summary, Description or Resolution text fields is modified. Note: The first option will result in the fewest emails to the customer; the last option will generate the most email. Select all three if desired (not cumulative). Email notifications on your PRs will be sent upon: Receive notifications when the PR State changes to: New, Entered, Shipped or Partially Shipped, Delivered, Customer's Return Parts Received, Cancelled. To subscribe, unsubscribe or change their subscription to AR Notifications, customers with CARES logins should login and select "AR Notifications" preferences. The AR Notifications subscriptions is also one of the "My Profile" selections on the OnLine Customer Support (OLCS) site.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Subscribing for CARES Notifications

Access from "My Subscriptions", directly from the CARES page, or from My Profile > Customer Support

Subscribe for Parts Requests notifications here as well.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Software Downloads

Alcatel-Lucent Electronic Delivery (ALED) is our software download platform. Benefits of using ALED:

Greater convenience to the software you need ­ in any location. No more searching for that disk! Around-the-clock access - with 24/7 availability for emergency fixes and installation. i ll i Simplified maintenance - streamlined access to tested releases for multiproduct Solution software through customized web pages Lower OPEX ­ through faster availability for your deployments, and minimizes your time tracking and routing software disks. g y g y Built-in file integrity ­ highly secure platform with sophisticated integrity checks.

Multiple delivery options globally

- Both Web (HTTPS) and private network (FTP) interfaces may be used - State of the art B2B VPN solution - Dedicated T1/E1 connections possible if volumes warrant it - Secure Shell FTP interface

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Repair and Return Services

Links to available repair web sites for Alcatel-Lucent products are conveniently grouped on the OLCS Home page:

Repair and Exchange contact information with phone numbers and e-mails for each region. Submit requests for part repair or exchange. Check part warranty information

Search our P t C t l S h Parts Catalog

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Parts Search

Search our parts catalog by part number, Comcode, CLEI code, Borg/Legacy codes, or Description. Please "Tell Us" if you cannot find the part that you are looking for. An email will be sent to the Parts Administration team with your inquiry inquiry.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Product Change Notices (PCN)

Access to web-based PCN content is included with your Technical Support agreement.

Subscribe for PCN Alerts. Search capability on PCNs. · Includes Class A, B, and D

Cross Reference, Application Status, and other PCN information. information

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Mobility Features

In addition to the standard OLCS features, the following are available for our Mobility customers:

Utilities and Tools Asserts (searchable error codes) RDAF Requests (Requests for new features) FDD / FFRD (Feature Design Documents / Fast Feature Requirements Documents Information Exchange (has evolved to Services Collaboration) User Conference (CEMUG) registration and presentations Release information/notes (for cell releases, retrofits, BWMs, Crafts, etc) Wireless specific training material and tutorials Data MRs (RCV/DB changes in the ECP release) Ordering of IBM Prospect CDs online Mobility subscription services (for notices of new FDDs, tools, some release notes)

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Services Collaboration Area

Private "Services Collaboration" spaces can be set up on OLCS for customers upon request. Typically these are for special projects or for customers with customized information needs. d Users of the services collaboration space are granted permissions. A user with "publisher" permission can grant access to others and define navigation of the folder structure. Any file type is allowed for upload. There are no nominal size constraints, although space usage will be monitored.

The publisher defines the folder navigation structure.

The file publishing is simple to use.

If you h have access t one or more S i to Services Collaboration spaces this portlet will display on "My Customer Support" home.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

File Sharing (Data Drop Box)

Access via "Other Resources" portlet or "Jump To Content page" dropdown.

To increase responsiveness of troubleshooting issues, technical support teams and customers can share files (uploads/downloads) Data Drop Box can be used by a customer in tandem with guidance and direction from their technical support engineer HTTP or FTP protocol options Temporary file repository only ­ all files deleted after 14 days Accommodates file sizes up to 50MB Contract customers with CARES access can also use A l Attachments h on their ARs to share information to assist with troubleshooting.



All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Network Administration and Engineering Support (NAES)

Access via "Other Resources" portlet or "Jump To Content page page" dropdown NAES Information includes: ENEC & LUSAT Forum 5ESS Engineering Topaz configuration tool Access to NAES content is included with your 5ESS Technical Support agreement

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

OLCS Search Capability - Standard

A powerful search capability enables you to easily search information across all OLCS-entitled products and solutions within the portal. Results are based on your service agreements

Search is available from all pages on OLCS

Find explanation of functionality here

Results are default-sorted by Relevance but can also be sorted by Title or Date. Results can be refined by various criteria and across different areas of OLCS, including Alerts, Documentation, Software Downloads and Services Collaboration. Search terms are highlighted to show document matches. Note: pdf documents open to include a search results list with file paths and matches highlighted

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

OLCS Search Capability - Advanced

Using Ad i Advanced Search capabilities, you can f h refine your search criteria. dS h bili i further fi h i i

Help provides details about search functionality and available refinement options options. Refine search terms. Refine criteria to search all products or a specific product with the ability to narrow your search to a specific product category or release. Find documents by number and/or title metadata.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Understanding "My Profile"

Access Select "My Profile" to view the Service Agreements you are authorized under for Web content. See example on next page Also use My Profile to manage your business information and subscriptions. Subscriptions can also be conveniently managed from "My Subscriptions" on My Customer Support home. You can also now access this directly i "My Entitlements" on di tl via "M E titl t " My Customer Support home.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

"View Support Entitlements"

My Profile >> Customer support >> View support entitlements - or-

This screen shows a summary of the services you have purchased from AlcatelLucent, Lucent and which products they cover, and it also shows the applicable Web content available to you. Click Cli k on Service Agreement S i A t number for a more detailed view.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Service Agreement Details

Drill down to see details by p y product.

This date will display in red as your contract nears expiration. t t i ti

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Selected Feature Highlights

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Access OLCS Content Directly from Product Catalog

You Y can access OLCS content f most products li d i the for d listed in h Product Catalog, directly from the "Collateral" tab.

Restricted content will be shown with the key icon. If you are logged in, you can click and access the content without signing in again. Guest users will be able to see unrestricted content only. To be taken directly to the product summary page in OLCS, click on the "View all available Support content..." li k t t " link.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Services Links Directly from Product Pages

For your awareness and convenience, we've added We've added linkage from our linkage from the OLCS product summary pages to highlighted Service offerings.

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Other Aids

Online Guide for New Users will help you get started Use `Upgrade Registration' if you believe the records that you see under "My Profile" are incomplete. Please include the Service Agreement number. Technical Support phone number listings - Pl Please use th these if your coverage i l d phone includes h support for technical support - Select a country

Read our Site Announcements to stay cu e t with c a ges ead ou S te ou ce e ts current w t changes to this Web site All conveniently available from My Customer Support home page

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Maintenance Services Portfolio and Support Policies

Convenient access to portfolio and policy information:

· Maintenance Services Portfolio:

· Support Policies:

All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 - 2012

Improving OnLine Customer Support

Thank You for your attention. The OLCS Web site is constantly growing and evolving. Feedback is very important to us. We encourage you to let us know how well we are meeting your support needs by giving us your feedback. - Proactively provide comments or suggestions via your account representative representative,

`Contact Us' online or in customer surveys.

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