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The Report Card

Understanding the Report Card

You will receive a report card three times a year in grades 1 to 8. The Provincial Report Card is based on The Ontario Curriculum and tells you how well your child is learning what is expected in each subject. The letter grade or percentage mark tells you: · To what extent your child has learned the required skills and knowledge for his or her grade · If your child's work in that subject exceeds, meets, approaches or falls much below the provincial standard.

Level Definition Provincial Standard Letter Grade Percentage Mark (grade 1 to 6) (grades 7 and 8)

A+ A AB+ B BC+ C CD+ D DR 90-100 85-89 80-84 77-79 73-76 70-72 67-69 63-66 60-62 57-59 53-56 50-52 Below 50

Level 4

The student has demonstrated the required knowledge and skills. The student has demonstrated most of the required knowledge and skills. The student has demonstrated some of the required knowledge and skills. The student has demonstrated some of the required knowledge and skills in limited ways.

Achievement exceeds the provincial standard. Achievement meets the provincial standard. Achievement approaches the provincial standard. Achievement falls much below the provincial standard. Extensive extra support is required.

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

R or below 50 The student has not demonstrated the required knowledge and skills

The report cards are posted at:

The Provincial Report Card

Attaining Level 3 (B+ to B-), the provincial standard means that your child is well prepared for work in the next grade. Most children are expected to reach this level. "R"/"Below 50" indicates that the student will need extra support and that you and the teacher should develop a plan to help your child be successful.


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For more information and suggestions about success in school, see The Newcomers' Guide to Elementary School in Ontario at funded by

Citizenship and Immigration Canada Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada


H o w Te a c h e r s D e t e r m i n e Yo u r C h i l d ' s M a r k s

Your child's teacher will review the various aspects of your child's work during the term: tests, individual and group projects, assigned work, homework, and daily class participation. The teacher will look at the descriptions of the achievement levels in each curriculum document, choose the achievement level that best describes your child's school work and assign the appropriate letter grade or percentage mark. For more information about achievement levels, see the provincial curriculum documents. School office staff can tell you how to obtain a copy of the documents. They are posted at:

Religion and Family Life on the Report Card

In the Religion and Family Life section, the teacher will write comments about what your child has learned. In some school boards, teachers give students a letter grade or a percentage mark. The information in this section is not an indication of your child's faith development. It cannot be measured and is sacred to the inner life of the child.

Learning Skills

In the report card, there is also a section on your child's learning skills. This section gives you information on how well your child solves conflicts, participates in class, sets goals, shows initiative, completes homework, uses information, cooperates with others and works independently.

· Kindergarten Report Cards

Following Your Child's Progress Between Report Cards Talk regularly with your child about school. You will get a sense of what is going well and what might be difficult. Ask your child to show you samples of his or her work and test results. Read with your child to observe his or her reading skills. Be positive and praise his or her efforts. It encourages your child to talk about school. If you have a specific concern, speak to the teacher.

Each school board has its own kindergarten report card. Teachers use the descriptions of what students are expected to learn in kindergarten to evaluate your child's progress in kindergarten and complete the report card.

The Parent Response Form



Attached to the report card is the response form. You should sign it and return it to the school with your child or bring it to the parent teacher interview. Some parents write comments on the form. It is kept with the report card in your child's Ontario Student Record (OSR).






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