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Request for Emergency Relief services District Khairpur Mirs Sindh

APPEAL: Recent heavy monsoon rains and flash floods in Sindh left more than

218 people dead and over five million displaced displaced. According to statistics issued by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), 31 children and 79 women were among th dead. the One year on from the devastating floods of 2010, Pakistan is again facing a rain rain-related emergency-2011. The spell of monsoon rains that started in the second week of August . 2011, evolved into a large-scale disaster, causing damage in various parts of the country. scale Sindh, however, remains by far the worst affected province. Government sources put the number of people affected to date at five million people mostly in the 22 out of 23 districts districts, 81 taulkas/Tehsil and 544 union councils are affected of Sindh province. To date, there are 218 confirmed deaths, accordin to the Sindh Provincial Disaster Management Authority according (PDMA). PDMA statistics show that over 2 279,941 individuals have been displaced to 2,243 camps in the province. The camps are housing people primarily in Government schools, buildings and makeshift-tented settlements. Nearly 1,190,454 houses have been damaged tented or destroyed while thousands of livestock have also been lost. The loss of standing crops exceeds 1.59 million acres which further accentuates the vulnerability of the agrarian based communities, many of whom are still trying to recover from the 2010 floods. Many cities are flooded and the affected population is without access to electricity and essential services for extended periods of time. The Government responded quickly to the disaster, President Asif Ali Zardari had appealed to the international community for humanitarian and rehabilitation assistance for the affected people however, the scale of the disaster and the number of people affected continues to grow.

Damages in District Khairpur

In this year in heavy rain 17 people have lost lives in 8 taulkas of district khairpur and more than 50 men and women got injured. Tehsil Thari-mirwah, Faizganj, Nara, Kot-di-ji and Kingri taulkas are ji highly affected. 70% crop of Khairpur Gambat and Khairpur, Sobhodero taulkas are damaged. LOSSES According to the data issued by government for Khairpur district. Persons affected 927,953 Area affected (acres) 412,862 Houses Damaged 12,000 School Buildings 105 Roads 400 Km Crops area damaged (acre) 106,187 Number of affected Union Council ffected 76 Number of affected Tehsil 08 SDTS-Appeal for Rain/Flood-2011 2011

Request for Emergency Relief services District Khairpur Mirs Sindh

Roads, drainage and water supply system have been damaged and due to that people are facing difficulty in city Khairpur. pur. Loss of Crops: 100% crop of cotton, 80% sugarcane, 100% rice and different products of vegetable and fruits are damaged in district khairpur. REQUIREMENTS · Tents · Non-Food items/NFIs · Medicine · Food Items · Water · Emergency latrines · Blankets · Mosquito nets · Mats · Jerry cans · Fuel Stoves · Animal Feeder · Vaccination for children and Animal

About Sewa Development Trust Sindh Sindh-SDTS

Sewa Development Trust Sindh is a humanitarian, non profit organization of Sindh that was founded non-profit in 2003 which implements humanitarian and development activities across Sindh throu the through following four program: Disaster Response Program (DRP), Social Development Program (SDP), Capacity Building Program (CBP) and Volunteer Development Program (VDP). SDTS is registered with Government of Sindh under Trust Act Act-1882. The SDTS envisages socio-economic changes aiming at the provision of equal opportu economic opportunities for the full realization of gender potential. SDTS has worked for the development and relief of marginalized and vulnerable communities on the basis that all individuals irrespective of race, faith, color, sex, economic status, political stands have the right to choose how to live. Relief /Emergency and Humanitarian activities: SDTS has vast experience in 2005 disaster and 2010 flood devastation, ood SDTS was actively provided relief support to 21,000 persons including women and children during emergency and provided 1000 Emergency Tents, 100 Pit Latrines, 1000 Hygiene kits, 7000 bars of washing Soap, 2000 jerry cans, 3000 Blankets, sweaters, caps , and shawls, and established four tent camps of 900 families with camp coordination and camp management facilities. SDTS-Appeal for Rain/Flood-2011 2011

Request for Emergency Relief services District Khairpur Mirs Sindh

ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE SDTS will be responsible for overall monitoring; reviewing and reporting of the program. Updates and reports will be prepared and shared with the donors regularly. The progress and final report will be submitted as per schedule. SDTS will ensure that financial and management aspects are managed with effic efficiency, transparency and accountability in all aspects. Regular financial updates will be provided to donors as required. At the end of the project the finance officer will accumulate the associated documents and an external audit will be done. MONITORING & REPORTING During implementation of the project, monitoring will be done by both SDTS and Donor and its local Implementing partners of this project. Monitoring will involve reviewing and planning project. work on regular basis, assessing whether activities are carried out as planned, identifying and dealing with problems during implementation. In order to increase the participation of the communities, Village Management Committees (VMCs) will be formed in each of the project locations. CO-ORDINATION Government, International Agencies UN-Clusters and other NGOs Agencies, The implementation will be done in co ordination with the relevant Government departments co-ordination of the project areas. Updates and analysis will be discussed with them regularly. Co ates Coordination with other national and international NGOs and Community Based Organisations will also be established to avoid duplication. Beside this, SDTS is co-ordinating with UN-Clusters includes many international NGOs and ordinating donor agencies. Co-ordination meetings of the clusters are being held frequently to discuss ordination the crisis situation and possible responses and co ordination in affected areas. co-ordination CONTACT: Sewa Development Trust Sind Sind-SDTS A-3, 3rd Floor, Civic Centre, Khairpur Mirs Tel/Fax: 0243-554082 Mobile: 0300 554082 0300-3123739 Email: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected], Website:

SDTS-Appeal for Rain/Flood-2011 2011


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