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SWAGS & JABOTS Package includes patterns and instructions for window treatments A,B,C,D,E,F, bows and rosettes. Yardages and measuring instructions given for G.H.I.J. Swag and Jabot A,B will fit curtain rod 32" - 40" (81cm - 102cm); C,D will fit 48" 70" (122cm -178cm); E,F will fit 64"-100" (165cm-254cm); swag J will fit 60" (152cm). A,C,E,G,J are 60" (152cm) long; B,D,F, H are 36" (92cm) long. I is 90" (229cm) long. G,H,I,J are cut by suggestion; measurements given on instruction sheet. FABRICS: Home Decorating Fabrics: Moiré, Broadcloth. Unsuitable for obvious diagonals or uneven plaids. Allow extra fabric to match even plaids and stripes.*with nap. **w/o nap. ALL YARDAGES ON INSTRUCTION SHEET.


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