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Mooring Rental Contract

Please Print when filling out this contract

Your Name:__________________________ Address:____________________________ City, State, Zip:_______________________ Home Phone #:_______________________ Work Phone #:_______________________ Cell Phone #:_________________________

Please check off what you require _____100 pound mooring _____Snap Hook _____150 pound mooring _____Tall Pickup Stick _____200 pound mooring _____Tender Service _____250 pound mooring _____300 pound mooring _____400 pound mooring _____500 pound mooring _____Other (by arrangement)

Boat Name:__________________________ Registration #:_______________________ Power or Sail:________________________ Manufacturer:________________________ Length:_______Weight:________________ E-Mail Address:_______________________

Location Desired ____ Seymour's Tender Service Area _____Public Dock Area _____Centerport Yacht Club Member _____Northport Yacht Club Member _____Other (specify)________________________ __________________________________

Date Required to be set______________________ Please use the enclosed information sheet to select the correct mooring size for your boat, what options you want (if any), and to calculate the charges due. Customer is responsible for the following: 1. Providing chafing gear properly placed and suitable for your vessel. 2. Keeping the pennants clean and free of growth to prevent chafing at chain buoy. 3. Keeping the chain buoy and chain clear of growth to prevent chafing and to prevent buoy from sinking. 4. Securing tall buoy on deck. 5. Notifying Seymour's of loss of mooring or buoy. 6. Notifying Seymour's if mooring is moved from location. 7. Notifying Seymour's upon completion of mooring use. 8. Notifying Seymour's if vessel changes hands. Subletting of mooring is not allowed. 9. At least 3 days prior to launching boat, confirming that mooring has been set. 10. Vacating mooring no later than December 2nd.

Customer will be billed for any loss or damage to equipment due to failure to comply with the conditions stated above. Seymour's does not accept any responsibility for damage to boats which break away or drag during heavy weather or for damage to pennants due to chafing. It is expressly understood and agreed that in the event the boat, its contents and/or equipment are lost or damaged through theft, fire, vandalism or act of God, Seymour's shall not be liable to the owner for such loss or damage.

I have read the above and understand what is set forth in this contract.



Microsoft Word - rental.doc

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