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Negotiating the CBASE EXAM

Michael Frizell, Director of the Writing Center, Missouri State University [email protected] Angie Miller, A.A.T. Coordinator, OTC [email protected]

What's the C-Base?

· The C-Base is a criterion-referenced test required to teach in the state of MO ­ Measures how a student masters a set of skills, not how well a student scores against other students.


Writing Reading & Literature


Basic Math Algebra, some Geometry


Earth Science Biology

Social Studies

American History Geography

Scores are used. . .

· As your EXIT EXAM out if you are completing an A.A.T.

· Your EXIT EXAM from SFCC is the ETS Proficiency Profile

· As your ENTRANCE EXAM into a 4-year Education program


·235 ·That's a 44% ·MSU's 265 = 52%

Test Scores...

Lowest Score (theoretically)


Highest Score (theoretically)



· State Requirement (and OTC's): 235 on EACH SECTION · MSU's Requirement: 265 on EACH SECTION · Just about anyone else's requirement: 235 on EACH SECT. · Scores are valid for 2 yrs--you may retake any section on which you do not score high enough

Testing Procedures: What To Bring With You

Admission Ticket/Letter Photo ID Two or more #2 Pencils Basic Calculator Watch Layers of Clothing Directions to Test Site

Testing Procedures: What NOT To Bring With You



Scientific Calculator Bad Attitude (i.e. "I can't do this!!!!)


Some is needed Visit Test Site No excuses

Take Control

Change negativity

Prepare Body

The Nine Day Study Plan

Day 9 · Gather any old tests available and study guides in one place. · Divide the material into FOUR EQUAL PARTS: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies. · Schedule study time! 45 minutes per day.

Day 8

· Thoroughly review all material for the ENGLISH section. · Write study sheets using your notes and text book in your own words. · Identify main points within this area. Draw visual aides for clarity. · Ask yourself questions about the material and quiz yourself. · Go to the WRITING CENTER to practice the essay.

Day 7

· Repeat instructions, this time reviewing Mathematics. · Go the MATH LAB with sample problems.

The Nine Day Study Plan

Day 6

· Repeat for Science Section. · Visit MATH LAB with problems.

Day 5

· Repeat for part Social Studies Section. · Visit WRITING CENTER for essay.

Day 4

· Schedule two 45 minutes sessions with a 15 minute break. · Review English and Mathematics.

Day 3

· Schedule two 45 minutes sessions with a 15 minute break. · Review Science and Social Studies.

Day 2

· Schedule one 45 minute session. · Focus on the PROBLEM AREA (you'll know by now which one).

The Nine Day Study Plan


Do something fun!

Sleep well!


The Morning of the Test...

Dress Eat!

Take everything needed

Don't arrive too early!

Talk to no one before...or after!

Studying the Subject Areas:



· · · ·

Poetry Literature Movements History

· Grammar · Punctuation · Structure



· · · ·

Mood Style Tone Subject


Studying the Subject Areas:


General Math



Studying the Subject Areas:



· Basics · Cells · Key Words and Ideas


· Basics · Graphs and Charts · Metrics


· Earth Science · Scientific Notation · Basic Concepts


Studying the Subject Areas:

Social Studies


· United States · Concepts


· Major landmarks · Maps, etc.


· United States & World · Major time periods


Additional Social Studies Tips

· It's advised that you are able to locate on a map:

­ Spain ­ Portugal ­ Afghanistan ­ Pakistan

· Know when the Great Depression took place, in relation to things like the US Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean Conflict, etc.

More SS Hints

· Consider checking Wikipedia for the following:

­ China and Japan--social and economic relations ­ The climate of the Alps (in general) ­ Location of the Nile, the Amazon, the Mississippi, and the Missouri Rivers ­ Impact of acid rain ­ Christian Roman Emperors (the first) ­ Basic order of American movements in history (civil rights, end of slavery, women's rights)

Unfamiliar word or phrase?

· Break it down:

­ "Protestant Reformation"

· What do you think this might be about? · What root words do you see? "protest" "reform" · Eliminate all answer choice that have nothing to do with "protesting" or "reform" · Take an educated guess from options that are left

­ "Columbian Exchange"

· What do you think this might be about? · What root words do you see? "Columbia" To who might this be referring?

If a question causes you to panic...

· SKIP IT!!!!!!!!! · Mark it in the margin and come back to it later. When you're done with the rest of the test, you might look at the question with a better, clearer perspective and be able to discern the best answer. If not: GUESS! · Don't sit and fret over a question for longer than 1 minute--doing so will just increase your stress level and cause you more anxiety on the rest of the test. JUST SKIP IT AND COME BACK TO IT!!!! · GUESSING DOES NOT HURT YOU ON THECBASE-- ANSWER EVERY QUESTION


· For English review: More English:

Math Review: Social Studies Review:

Science Review:


Negotiating the CBASE EXAM

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