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Press Release

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20th International Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (ICOMS) To Feature World's Leading OMS as Speakers

November 1-4, 2011, Santiago, Chile Topics and Speakers Tuesday, November 1, 2011 Major Symposium I: Facial Reconstructive Surgery Chairs: Robert T.M. Woodwards (UK), Edwin Valencia (Chile) 1. Sylvie Testelin (France) ­ Facial transplants: indications and future challenges. 2. Rui Fernandes (USA) ­ Pedicled flaps in facial reconstruction. 3. James Brown (UK) ­ Reconstruction after bone resection. 4. Chen-ping Zhang (China) ­ Rui Fernandes Microvascular soft tissue reconstruction in head and neck. General Symposium 1: Dentoalveolar Surgery Chairs: Edela Puricelli (Brazil, Jose Luis Montes (Chile) 1. George Blakey (USA) ­ Third molars clinical trials after a decade. 2. Tara Renton (UK) ­ Management of the risk for the inferior dentoalveolar nerve bundle during wisdom tooth removal. 2. Silvio Gutkind (India) ­ Personalized treatment of oral cancer. How close are we for clinical reality? 3. Robert Ord (USA) ­ Current status of management of para nasal sinus carcinoma. 4. Gregorio Sánchez (Spain) ­ Current concepts in skull-base tumor surgery 5. Camilo Roldan (Germany) ­ Robert Ord Management of lip malignancies. General Symposium II: Aesthetic Facial Surgery Chairs: Luis Passeri (Brazil), Marcelo Sarsoza (Chile) 1.John Griffin (USA) ­ Aesthetic facial surgery for OMF Surgeons 2. Peter Kessler (The Netherlands) ­ Nasal surgery in orthognathic surgery 3. Jose Roberto Parisi Jurado (Brazil) ­ Facial liftings 4. Andrew Hegge (Australia) ­ Rhinoplasties. Peter Kessler Special Committee Session: Research Committee ­ How to enhance the impact of research in our specialty Chairs: Stephen Feinberg (USA), Laura Pacheco (Mexico) 1. Ashraf Ayoub (UK) ­ Critical reading: the basis for sound science. 2. George Dimitroulis (Australia) ­ Asking the right questions-- formulating and testing a hypothesis. 3. Anh Le (USA) ­ Basic research-- any chance for involvement with George Dimitroulis clinicians? 4. Henning Schliephake (Germany) ­ Translational research--where is the way from bench to bedside? 5. Ritta Suuronen (Finland) ­ Clinical research--is it still


3. Masaharu Mitsugi (Korea) ­ Corticotomies for orthodontic George Blakey purposes 4. Sandy Van Teeseling (Netherlands) ­ Aspects of anchorage in orthodontics with miniscrews/plates. Special Symposium I: Oral and Head & Neck Cancer Chairs: Moni Abraham Kuriakose (India), Marcelo Diamante (Argentina) 1. Joseph Helman (USA) ­ Evolution in management of oral cavity cancer in the era of organ preservation.

The mission of the International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons is to elevate the quality of healthcare worldwide through the advancement of the art and science of oral and maxillofacial Surgery. For more information, go to: and


International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Press Release

competitive? Moderator: Takahashi Tetsu: Reactor Panel: Johan Reynecke (South Africa), Ramon Ruiz (USA), Waldemar Polido. Stephen Feinberg (USA) ­ How to enhance the impact of research in our specialty. General Symposium III: TMJ Surgery Chairs: Daniel Laskin (USA), Christian Droguett (Chile) 1. Frank Dolwick (USA) 2. Gerhard Undt (Austria) ­ Stem cells in tissue reconstruction of TMJ 3. Pushkar Mehra (USA) ­ TMJ reconstruction in autoimmune/connective tissue disease patient-fitted alloplastic 4. Robert Gatchel (USA) ­ Biobehavioral approaches to the Florencio Monje assessment and treatment of TMJ 5. Florencio Monje (Spain) ­Arthroscopy in the management of TMJ pathology. Is there a role? Wednesday, November 2, 2011 Major Symposium II: Complications in Orthognathic Surgery--Why they happen and what to do Chairs: Paulo Medeiros (Brazil), Percival Herbozo (Chile) 1. Johan Reyneke (South Africa) ­ Tissue morbidity in orthognathic surgery. 2. Douglas P. Sinn (USA) ­ From the aesthetic standpoint. 3. Luis Quevedo (Chile) ­ From TMJ and occlusion standpoint. 4. Gabriele Millesi (Austria) ­ Johan Reyneke Complications in segmental procedures. Special Symposium II: Pediatric Maxillofacial Surgery Chairs: Timothy Turvey (USA), Loreto Castellon (Chile) 1. Ghali Ghali, (USA) ­ Indications for neonatal and pediatric distraction. 2. Ramon Ruiz (USA) ­ Pediatric facial fractures 3. Luigi Clauser (Italy) ­ Craniofacial surgery.

Luigi Clauser

4. Ignacio Garcia Recuero (Spain) ­ Tumors of the Facial Region 3. Ulrich Joos (Germany) ­ Long-term outcomes in complete UCLP and BCLP General Symposium IV: Conservative vs. Aggressive Odontogenic Tumor Surgery Chairs: Anthony Pogrel (USA), Adriana Basili (Chile) 1.Paul J.W. Stoelinga (The Netherlands) ­ Reasons these lesions recur and the use of Carnoy's solution in the management of these lesions. 2.Meredith August (USA) ­ Role of marsupialization and decompression for odontogenic keratocysts Meredith August 3.Anthony Pogrel (USA) ­ Role of cryosurgery in the management of aggressive lesions. 4.Bryan Bell (USA) ­ Need for aggressive surgery for aggressive lesions. 5. Sanjiv Nair (India) ­ Management of facial vascular lesions. General Symposium V: Imaging & Technology in OMFS, Part One Chairs: Nabil Samman (Hong Kong), Pablo Cortes (Chile) 1.Gwen Swennen (Belgium) ­ State of the art in orthognathic virtual planning. 2. César Oleskovicz (Brazil) ­ Virtual oral and maxillofacial surgery planning. 3. Lim Cheung (Hong Kong) ­ Virtual craniofacial surgery planning Lim Cheung 4.Robert Sader (Germany) ­ Current imaging technology application in OMFS virtual planning. Special Committee Session I: How to Write a Scientific Paper (IJOMS) Chairs: Piet Haers (UK), Miguel Miranda (Chile) 1.Piet Haers (UK) ­ How to write a scientific paper. Essential

Piet Haers

17w220 22nd Street, Suite 420, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181 United States of America


International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Press Release

considerations when planning a research paper. 2.Joseph Piecuch (USA) ­ Evidence-based reviews and Cochrane libraries--strengths and weaknesses. 3. Peter Ramsay-Baggs (UK) 4.New IJOMS Editor-in-Chief ­ My vision for the IJOMS. General Symposium VI: Imaging & Technology in OMFS, Part Two Chairs: Rolf Ewers (Austria), Antonio Marino (Chile) 1.Jamie Gateno (USA) ­ Surgical navigation in OMFS. Where we are and where we go from here. 2. Alexander Schramm (Germany) ­ Navigation in routine dental implants 3.Bryan Bell (USA) ­ Navigation in reconstructive surgery. 4. R. Schmelzeisen (Germany) ­ Preformed implants and intraoperative imaging: reality and Ralf Schon visions for the future. 5. Rolf Schon (Germany) Navigation vs. intraoperative CT: farewell to navigation? General Symposium VII: Update in Distraction Osteogenesis Chairs: William Bell (USA), Juan Munzenmayer (Chile) 1. Mikail Samchukov (USA) ­ State of the art in distraction osteogenesis. 2. Adrian Sugar (UK) ­ Distraction in congenital pediatric deformities 3.Cesar Guerrero (Venezuela) ­ Evolution of mandibular distraction. 4. Adi Rachmiel (Israel) ­ Maxillary,midface and alveolar distraction. Mikhail Samchukov 3. Stephen Feinberg (USA) ­ Stem cells in oral mucosa regeneration. 4. Riitta Suuroren (Finland) ­ Clinical applications of stem cells. Presidential Lecture: Jay Malmquist (USA) Education, Research, Technology, Innovation: The Foundation of an Exceptional Specialty A Look at the Past, Present and Future of an Evolution

Jay Malmquist

Special Committee Session III: Trainees Forum ­ Current Surgical Management of Facial Trauma Chairs: Julio Acero (Spain), Carlos Ries (Argentina) 1. Michael Perry (UK) ­ OMFS and management of the polytrauma patient. 2. Edward Ellis (USA) ­ Management of the midface trauma. 3. Michael Ehrenfeld (Germany) ­ Customized versus non-customized meshes for orbital reconstruction. 4. Richard Werkmeister (Germany) ­ Rene Rojas Principles in the treatment of soft tissue lesions and blast injuries of the face. 5. Richard Loukota (UK) ­ New perspectives in surgical management of condylar head fractures. 6. René Rojas (Chile) ­ New proposal for indications of open or closed treatment of condylar fractures. General Symposium VIII: Two decades of surgical treatment of sleep apnea syndrome Chairs: Cristian Guilleminaut (USA), Rene Rojas (Chile) 1. Stephen Schendel (USA) ­ Surgical vs. medical treatment of OSAS 2. Reha Kisnisci (Turkey) ­

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Major Symposium III: New Developments & Research in OMFS Stem Cells Chairs: Stephen Feinberg (USA), Jose Luis Ferreria (Argentina) 1. Anh Le (USA) ­ Embryonic and iPs 2. Premjit Arpornmaeklong (Thailand) ­ Stem cells in bone regeneration.

Premjit Arpornmaeklong Peter Waite

17w220 22nd Street, Suite 420, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181 United States of America


International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Press Release

Differential diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea for the management of the skeletal surgery. 3.Peter Waite (USA) ­ Surgical treatment options of OSAS and their long-term outcome. 4. Julio Cifuentes (Chile) ­ Protocol Friday, November 4, 2011 Major Symposium IV: State of the Art: The Role of Implants in Oral and Facial Reconstructive Surgery Chair: Cosme Gay (Spain), Alejandro Martinez (Mexico) 1.Paul Sambrook (Australia) ­ An overview of the dental, medical and therapeutically contraindications for dental implants. 2.Edmond Bedriosan (USA) ­ Graftless approach for treatment and reconstruction of the edentulous maxilla. 3.Stephen Lundgren (Sweden) ­ Grafting approach for treatment and Paul Sambrook reconstruction of the edentulous maxilla. 4.Thijs Merkx (The Netherlands) ­ Indications and evaluations of dental implants in oral cancer rehabilitation. General Symposium IX: Controversies in Orthognathic Surgery: Long-term management of Condylar Resorption Chairs: R.V. Walker (USA), Petro Sole (Chile) 1.Paul J.W. Stoelinga (The Netherlands) ­ Idiopathic condylar resorption. A clinical challenge. 2. Bonnie Padwa (USA) ­ Progressive idiopathic condylar resorption: diagnosis and management. 3. Konrad Wangerin (Austria) ­ Paul J.W. Stoelinga Condylar resorption in severe malocclusion before and after surgery 4. Larry Wolford (USA) ­ Treatment protocol and long-term results. 5. William Arnett (USA) ­ Treatment protocol and long-term results. General Symposium X: Training of a Maxillofacial Surgeon in the Future: Leveraging Technology Chairs: Larry Nissen (USA), Eduardo Rey (Argentina) 1. Leon Assael (USA) ­ Education for the oral and maxillofacial surgeon in the 21st century. 2. Eric Carlson (USA) ­ North American perspective 2. Lim Kwong Cheung (Hong Kong) ­ Mario Gabrielli Asian perspective. 3. Mario Gabrielli (Brazil) ­ Latin American perspective. 4. Risto Kontio (Europe) ­ European perspective. 5. Paul Sambrook (Australia) - Oceania perspective. 6. Ademola Olaitan (Africa) ­ African perspective.

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17w220 22nd Street, Suite 420, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181 United States of America



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