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Morning Sessions Grad Teaching Lab (SWH 10115)

9:30-10:30 Walk, Run, Die

Afternoon Sessions Faculty Conference Room (SWH 10121)

1:30-2:30 Healing and Transition

Up Close and Personal:

Doing Qualitative Research

Josh Murphy

More Than Simply a Good Walk Spoiled: Examining the Game of Golf From the Player's Perspective

Tamera Jenkins

A Healing Journey: Trauma, Forgiveness, and Beyond

Tania Arvanitidis

"Redemption Comes From Within": A Case Study in Positive Youth Development

Krynn Finstad

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail: Examining US Political Rhetoric

Taylor Buis

"Not as Bad as Living in Jail, But Still Jail": The Role of Denial in the Halfway House

Becky Nash

The Dark Side of Mt. Everest

10:30-11:30 Seeking a New Future


(Il)licit Drugs

Hilary Kim Morden

Almost Like Normal: A Qualitative Analysis of Gang Life and the Exit Experience

Nick Athey

Is Performance-Enhancing Drug Use a Prerequisite to Acceptance in the "Subculture of Fitness"?: Exploring Differences Between Users and Nonusers

Raven Bowen

Squaring Up: Guided Discussions of Exiting and "Sexiting" the Sex Industry

Ehsan Jozaghi

Drug Dealing: "Scared Money Don't Make No Money"

Richard Konarski

Recantation in Domestic Violence: The Victims' Perspective

Elysha Cohen

Pain Before Pleasure: An Exploratory Examination of Medical Marijuana Users

A Symposium of Qualitative Research by the Students of Crim 862/2011 Wednesday, April 6th


Violence and Crisis

Joanna Amirault

From Recovery to Discovery: Self-Esteem, SelfAwareness and Human Agency

3:30-4:30 Acts of Understanding

Richelle Isaak

An Inherent Right to Self-Govern: Aboriginal Justice and its Relation to the Canadian Justice System

Sam Balemba

Fantasies and Decision-Making: A Case Study of a Serial Sex Offender

Yana Nuszdorfer

Honoring the Right to Self Govern: Exploring the Relationship between Vancouver's Downtown Community Court and Vancouver's Aboriginal Transformative Justice Society

The audience is welcome to attend or exit according to their interests, preferably at the session changes. Each panel involves successive 15-minute presentations followed by questions as time permits to the remainder of each hour.

Masha Tkatchouk

My Ride-Along with Mobile Crisis Response

Amélie Pedneault

Bundy on the "Malignant Being": An Analysis of the Justificatory Discourse of a Serial Killer

Julianna Psarris

"Interviewing is an Act of Intimacy": An Exploratory Study of Factors that Constitute Successful Police Interviews and Interrogations


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