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PeopleSoft Financials Implementation Fall 2004


This document contains two topics: New Chartfield Structure (new naming) Chartfield Descriptions · Fund · Department · Project · Account · User 1 · User 2 NEW CHARTFIELD STRUCTURE (NEW NAMING) Every accounting transaction needs to be identified by a distribution string. The string is made of six chartfields: Fund, Department, Project, Account, User 1 & User 2. (The User 1 and User 2 chartfields are optional.) Table 1 - FASBE vs. PeopleSoft terms FASBE term PeopleSoft term "Complete Account" Chart of Account string Account Alias Not used Fund Fund Department Department Project Project


· Projects always have a Dept. · Fund 11 & 15 do not require a Project number · Optional · Optional

Object Softpart1 Softpart2 Part

Account User1 User2 Chartfield

Examples: Operating - Fund 11 or 15

Old (FASBE) New (PeopleSoft)

11 0 16511 6312

11 16511 6312 Campus code no longer used 13 875854 6312 13 16501 875854 6312

Project Fund

Old (FASBE) New (PeopleSoft) Fund Dept Project Acct

13 16501 (automatically assigned from project # - do not change) 875854 6312

FINS Glossary ­ Chartfield Structure Rev. 03/12/2004

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PeopleSoft Financials Implementation Fall 2004


Fund is a two digit identifier. Fund is the highest level used to organize accounting transaction distributions. The following are some examples of Funds in use at SFU 11 - Operating General 15 - GOP Capital Equipment Fund 21 - Special Purpose Projects

Department is a five digit identifier. Departments are used to identify account transactions within organization units. In SFU, a range of Departments is assigned to a faculty or an administrative department. PeopleSoft also uses a tree structure to organize distribution strings in the General Ledger. Most administrators and faculty are familiar with their range of departments, for example: Faculty of Arts uses the 20000 to 23999 range of Departments. The following are some example Departments in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. 21111 ­ Arts Deans Office 21211 ­ Arts Archaeology 23111 ­ Arts Psychology Project is a six digit identifier. The project Chartfield is used to manage funding for special projects, for example a research grant. The funds are received and distributed based on rules specified by the benefactor. All projects are also identified by a Fund and Department Account is a four digit identifier. (Previously Object) This is used to subgroup accounting transactions based on the type of transaction. i.e. revenue, expense and specific User1 is an optional seven character identifier ­ either numeric or alphabetic or combination. This is an optional Chartfield that users can use to assign to transactions for the purpose of grouping in reporting. There may be a desire to subgroup a set of accounting transactions within a group of transactions. This could be useful to identify a set of costs for a specific event. Format - the first three characters are the first three digits of the department Chartfield. Characters 4, 5, 6 & 7 are available for user choice. Before you can enter values for User 1, contact Jimmy Wong in Finance to set up valid User 1 codes. Example code: 211ARCH User2 is an optional seven character identifier ­ is similar to User1 except this is used to designate time periods. Contact Jimmy Wong in Finance to set up valid User 2 codes.

FINS Glossary ­ Chartfield Structure Rev. 03/12/2004

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