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Summer 2011


Fall 2010

Equipping the Heart...Head...Hands

Southeastern Free Will Baptist College

President's Pen

God's Plan for Church Planting

One of the goals of Southeastern since its inception has been to train young men and young ladies to leave our halls with a burning desire to plant new churches, should God so direct them. We are pleased that God has blessed us with a number of couples who are doing just that. New ideas have emerged over the past few years concerning the style of church that should be started. Such descriptors as "contemporary" and "the emerging church" convey two ideas that are quite popular today. These concepts of church planting and growth appear to me to be an attempt to appeal to the world and make it more convenient for them and to spur interest and produce growth. As I view God's blueprint for the more palatable or appealing to people. With a heart of love and compassion a pastor must preach the gospel ­ the virgin birth of Jesus, His sinless life, vicarious death, shedding of blood for the remission of our sins, His burial and resurrection. A pastor should preach the love of God for the world and His hatred and punishment for sin. When you preach the Word of God, you must not worry about offending the congregation. They need to hear the truth about sin, which is why Jesus died ­ to make it possible to have sins forgiven. Therefore, sins need to be named so people will be convicted of their wrongdoing. The method must also be Biblical. There are tools that can be used to help grow the church. Many of them are good, but nothing should take the place of door knocking and one on one confrontational soul winning. God gives us this method in His Word. It still works today, and He will honor it. Music in the new and growing church should honor and glorify God. Old hymns, gospel songs, and choruses cannot be improved upon. The contemporary style is an attempt to appeal to the world so visitors and members feel more comfortable in the service. I fear that this style of music is not pleasing to God. I have visited and preached in a number of foreign churches and what I saw there was basically the same as you see here. Churches can be planted in North America and in other countries with good straight-forward Bible preaching, Scriptural standards and convictions, and God honoring music. May God help Southeastern's graduates to plant and build churches that are Christ-centered, Bible-based, Godhonoring and glorifying. That is our prayer and goal at Southeastern.

The Standard

Dr. Lorenza Stox, Executive Editor Heath Ferguson, Managing Editor Dr. Danny Baer, Graphics Debbie Baer, Page Design The Standard is offered free of charge For more information call (888) 847-3922, or visit our website at or e-mail us at [email protected] Administration Dr. Lorenza Stox, President Dr. Danny Baer, Academic Dean Ronald Davis, Director of Student Life Heath Ferguson, Promotional Director Vicky Morris, Business Manager Board of Directors Dann Patrick, Chair, Goldsboro, NC Nate Ange, Cary, NC Steve Berry, Melbourne, FL Scott Coghill, New Bern, NC Henry Horne, Chocowinity, NC Jeff Jones, Fuquay-Varina, NC Curtis Linton, Tulsa, OK Jim Marcum, Hookerton, NC Lee Patrick, Florence, SC Tim Rabon, Raleigh, NC Gene Williams, Greenville, NC

Churches can be planted with Bible preaching, Scriptural standards and convictions, and Christ-honoring music.

New Testament church, particularly in the book of Acts, I see no such concepts or ideas. God has made it very plain as to how a church should be planted and organized. For one thing the message should never change. It is not to be watered down nor altered in any way to make it

The Standard is the official publication of Southeastern Free Will Baptist College.

"...lift up a standard for the people." (Isaiah 62:10)


Southeastern has always held the preaching of the gospel in highest regard. Early in April, Dr. Danny Baer and his wife Debbie took eight of our Pastoral students to Southern Ohio to preach in eight churches in the area. Pastor Chris Oiler of the Union Free Will Baptist Church, near Portsmouth, coordinated the trip. We would like to thank the following churches and pastors for their hospitality and generosity: wBloom FWB Church, Pastor Kenny Klaiber wFredrick FWB Church, Pastor Rusty Larter wNew Hope FWB Church, Pastor Dan Widdig wPine Creek FWB Church, Pastor Ron Henthorn wSciotodale FWB Church, Pastor Aaron Reed wSwauger Valley FWB Church, Pastor Mike Simpson wTick Ridge FWB Church, Pastor P. J. Fitch wUnion FWB Church, Pastor Chris Oiler We would also like to thank the Union FWB Church for providing a meal when we arrived and accommodations for many of the young men on Saturday evening. In addition, we are grateful to Pastor Terry Hatcher and the Bethel FWB Church of MacArthur, West Virginia. They allowed us to conduct a youth service on our way back Sunday evening and provided a meal afterward. It is our desire to conduct one or two of these "Preacher Boy Trips" each semester in the coming year. In order to do so, it is crucial that we have a pastor who is willing to take

Preacher Boy TriP

Left to Right: Ryan Taylor, Angel Caraballo, Dustin Smith, Jonathan Webb, Nathan Kimbrell, Chase Bright, Blake Taylor, Josh Riggs.

on the responsibility of coordinating the event. This is not a fund-raising event for the college. However, we realize that most churches would provide a love offering to a visiting preacher. Since these offerings often vary, we add them all together and divide the total among the young men. We are also grateful for any church who feels compelled to provide money for our expenses. Be assured, however, our primary purpose is to provide encouragement to our churches, opportunities for service for our preacher boys, and the furtherance of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are interested in having a group come to your area, please contact our Promotional Director, Heath Ferguson. (919)365-7711 ext. 117 [email protected]

Each year we have students who enroll for a Church Internship course in partial fulfillment of either the Pastoral Theology or Missions degree. The following students will spend a good part of their summer in various ministries both in the United States and abroad.

Rodney Blackwell Esperanca Church Brazil David Aycock, Pastor

Summer Interns

Richard Hartley Emmanuel FWB Church LaGrange, NC Wayne Brown, Pastor Travis Lilly Friendship FWB Church Davidson, MI Cody Mansfield, Pastor Will Scrivner Hilltop FWB Church Fuquay-Varina, NC Jeff Jones, Pastor Daniel Daughtry Evergreen FWB Church Irwin, TN Billy Bevan, Jr., Pastor Lakeisha Glaspie Esperanca Church Brazil David Aycock, Pastor Ryan Taylor First FWB Church Sulligent, AL Stephen Cantrell, Pastor Jeremy Verret Beacon Baptist Church Raleigh, NC Tim Rabon, Pastor

Legacy Giving

We would love to give a short presentation to your church or small group regarding this important subject. There will be no pressure to give to Southeastern - just a time to share needed information. Call Dr. Danny Baer at the college office for details. For more about planned giving, visit

Stuart Harmon First FWB Church Ypsilanti, MI Rex Evans, Pastor

Josh Wheeless Landmark FWB Church Cary, NC Nate Ange, Pastor


Joseph Ange Autumn Aycock Associate Pastor Elementary Teacher Wildwood FWB Church Pleasant Acres Wilson , NC Christian School New Bern, NC

Chase Bright Angel Caraballo Jeremy Caraballo Youth Pastor Cornerstone FWB Church His wife, Samantha, Heritage FWB Church Mansfield, OH will finish her degree Ashland, KY

Lakeisha Glaspie Teacher Good News Christian School Richmond, VA

Jessica Green Teacher Hilltop FWB Church Fuquay-Varina, NC

The Delta Kappa Society Presidents Michael Smith and Katelyn Horne accept the Society Trophy Brittany is "hooded" by Director of Student Life, Ron Davis.

J.D. Webb and Breeana Aycock were engaged a few short days after graduation.

Rachel Smith is voted the Most Outstanding Student by the faculty.

Commencement was held on May 6th with 21 graduates. One student graduated with a Three Year Degree in Bible, nine with a Bachelor Degree in Bible, eight with a Bachelor Degree in Education and three with a Bachelor Degree in Religious Arts. The graduates pictured at the top and botAutumn Aycock calls tom of these pages her parents who are include their future Missionaries in Brazil and could not attend the place of ministry if commencement service. known.

They were able to view it live on the Internet.

Dr. Lorenza Stox confers degrees with Academic Dean, Dr. Danny Baer.


Rachel Smith Will Scrivner Julie Siders Michael Smith Married Chase Bright Praying for God's Will Praying for God's Will Youth Pastor True Light Baptist Church 4 Muncie, IN J.D. Webb Praying for God's Will

Jason Huff's parents are graduates of Southeastern from our early days.

Josh Wheeless Praying for God's Will

Noelys Wormington Praying for God's Will

Joshua Horne Jason Huff Associate Pastor Children's Pastor Emmanuel FWB Church Evergreen FWB Church LaGrange, NC Erwin, TN

Brittany Johnson Music Teacher Faith FWB Church Goldsboro, NC

Stacie Jones Nathan Kimbrell Serving with her husband Pastor Joseph Ange Mt. Olive FWB Church Mt. Olive, NC

Ashley McNeese Faith FWB Church Goldsboro, NC

Juliana Moreno Married Joshua Horne Teacher Wayne Christian School Goldsboro, NC

Juliana Moreno receives her diploma from Dr. Stox.

Julie Siders surrounded by her proud parents.

Jeremy (Jay-Jay) and Angel Caraballo pose with their mother.

Josh Wheeless is congratulated by Commencement Speaker, Phil Ange. Ashley McNeese with her Grandmother, Mrs. Marie Cordell.

Lakeisha Glaspie is happy to be a brand new "Grad"!



Josh Baer

Chase Bright

Joshua Horne Nate Ange Jason Huff

Dr. David Gibbs, Jr. Dann Patrick

Joseph Ange

6 Hemant Patel

Sounds of Praise

Dr. Lorenza Stox

Zachary Bell and Josh Baer

Camp meeting 2011

Camp meeting was held on April 11-13 and was a tremendous challenge to all who took the time to attend. The speakers this year included the pastor of the Landmark FWB Church, Bro. Nate Ange; Associate Pastor of the Cramerton FWB Church, Bro. Josh Baer; founder of the Christian Law Association, Dr. David Gibbs, Jr.; pastor of the Faith FWB Church in Goldsboro, NC, Bro. Dann Patrick; and Missionary to India, Bro. Hemant Patel. The Sounds of Victory Choir had the privilege to present the latest choir project, Telling the Story, on Monday night. The project was recorded earlier this year by the choir and masterfully presented before Dr. Gibbs brought the message that evening. The Alumni Association had a wonderful time of fellowship during the Alumni Lunch on Tuesday afternoon followed by the Alumni Choir singing during the evening services. The highlight of the evening was a moving tribute to Mrs. Dolly Stox who went to be with the Lord on January 14, 2011. Through a video presentation of a Board Member previous interview and the last and Pastor, time she spoke in chapel, Mrs. Gene Williams Dolly Stox was able to share her heart with a crowd of over 450. Many visitors from her church of Parkers Chapel FWB Church in Greenville, NC came to take part in the honoring of this dear lady. After the video presentation, the Alumni Choir sang a moving arrangement of the song "Well Done" while pictures of her life were displayed on the screen. A very fitting song for a life lived for the Lord Jesus Christ. On Wednesday mornSome of our Preacher Boys ing, four preacher boys from the college were allotted time to with visiting Pastors preach before the closing services of the conference. Don't miss the opportunity to attend next year's conference beginning April 9th and ending on the 11th. Every sermon is available online or by CD.Please contact the office if you would like to reserve your copy today. Some of our students helped in the orchestra Dr. Randy Cox, Joanne King Sounds of Victory

7 Mrs. and Mr. Bob Berry

Alumni Notes

Alumni Updates

Jeff Jones ('87) and Rose (Barnes) Jones ('87) are pleased to announce that their daughter Stacie ('11) graduated from SFWBC in May, and married Joseph Ange ('11) on June 4. Joe and Stacie now live in Wilson, NC, where Joe serves as Youth Pastor at Wildwood FWB Church. April (Shelton) Franks ('98) recently graduated with an Associate's Degree in Nursing and received the Nursing Leadership Award and the Nursing Academic Award. She and her husband, Tommy ('00), live in Hamilton, Alabama, where Tommy is the Pastor of Hamilton FWB Church. Scott Coghill ('00) and Kristie (Ange) Coghill ('00) welcomed the birth of their son, Matthew Scott, on March 19. The Coghills live in New Bern, NC, where Scott is the Pastor of Pleasant Acres FWB Church. Blake Nance ('05) and Kassie (Tugwell) Nance ('05) welcomed their first child on November 19, 2010. They are ministering in Mobile, Alabama, as assistant home missionaries with Tim Riggs ('87). Stephanie (Hamilton) Horne ('06) graduated from Bob Jones University on May 7, 2011, with a Master's in Music Education. She and her husband, Andrew ('06), live in Greenville, SC, where Stephanie works at a community music school and Andrew is pursuing a Master of Divinity at BJU. Daniel Mann ('07) and Melissa (Moran) Mann ('06) welcomed their second child, Colby James, on March 31. The Manns live in Cary, NC, where Daniel is the Associate Pastor at Landmark FWB Church. Jonathan Osborne (`07) and Karen (Cousar) Osborne (`06) moved to Evans, Colorado in August 2010. Jonathan is the Pastor of Highland Hills FWB Church in Greeley, CO. Karen enjoys staying at home with their daughter, Summer, and substituting part time in the local schools. Summer Hope was born on May 30, 2010. Brent Little ('08) and Courtney (Young) Little ('09) have moved to New Bern, NC, where Brent will serve as Music Minister at Pleasant Acres FWB Church and Courtney will teach in New Bern Christian Academy. Logan Wolf ('08) and his wife, Grayson, have moved to Provo, Utah, where they will plant a church. They plan to 8 begin weekly church services this September.

Back Row President, Steve Berry, Melbourne, FL Member at Large, Mike Cash, Mesa, AZ Member at Large, Aaron Pendergraft, Florence, SC Vice President, Josh Baer, Cramerton, NC Front Row Alumni Liaison, Rodney Holloman, Southeastern Faculty Secretary, Travis Moots, Fuquay-Varina, NC Member at Large, John Johnson, Greenville, NC Treasurer, Scott Coghill, New Bern, NC

Alumni Officers

Don't be left out! Sign up at to receive email updates from the Alumni Association.

We would like to remind you of the alumni scholarship in the name of Mrs. Dolly Stox. For more than twenty eight years, Mrs. Dolly showed her sacrificial love to the students of Southeastern. This annual scholarship is a way for Mrs. Dolly's devotion to the student body to be shared by each one that contributes. The alumni committee is challenging everyone to send in a special offering to for the "Dolly Stox Scholarship Fund."


Alumni Association at Camp Meeting

Uncle Coot (a.k.a. Sam Smith) entertains the crowd

Frank and Genell Rice

Gary and Melissa Goodfellow

Alumni Choir

Adam and Cassie Hinson

Laura and Benny Newton

Dr. Stox and Debbie Suggs

Dr. Stox and Darryl Grimes

Grayson and Logan Wolf

Cody and Jamie Mansfield

Allison and John Sinkhorn

Janet Howard and Denise Cox

David and Lisa Welch




A Student Must be Taking at Least 12 Semester Hours With No Failures or Incompletes to be Eligible for the Dean's List.

DEAN'S LIST - Spring 2011


Aug Oct nov dec Jan Mar apr may

"A" Honor Roll

Seniors Autumn Aycock Jessica Green Brittany Johnson Ashley McNeese* William Scrivner Rachel Smith Juniors Breeana Aycock Katelyn Horne Nicholas McCuiston Katie VanDeventer

"B" Honor Roll

(3.0 & Above)

Seniors Zach Botkins Joshua Horne Stacie Jones Nathan Kimbrell Juliana Moreno Lydia Morgan Julie Siders Richard Yanek Juniors Elizabeth Dickson Ethan Gaynor Doug Morgan


Sophomores Brook Anderson

Sophomores Daniel Dillard Kristen Guin Jamie Haggard Stuart Harmon Emily Rager Rebecca Smith Jacob Waldman Freshmen Megan Branch Nathan Cooper Casey Holland Cody Holland Zechariah Leonard Rebecca McNeese Jessica Sinkhorn Tyler Vick Dominique Ward

2011-2012 school Year 20 ------------------- New Students Arrive 24 -------------------- fall semester begins 4 ------------------------- Golf Tournament 10-14 ------------------------- Missions week 3-5 --------------------------- all access days 17-19 ----------------- tip off tournament 9 ----------------------last day of semester 11 ------------------ Spring semester begins 19-21 -------------------------------- grad days 5-12 ----------------------------- spring break 22-24 ------------------------ all access days 9-11 ---------------------------- camp meeting 4 ----------------------------------graduation

Important Dates

*Apologies to Ashley who should have been listed in the "A" honor roll for Fall 2010 Semester.

When asked to write this article, I hesitated. I never wanted to be known as the "fellow who had the bad accident." I want to be known as the pastor of Hilltop Church. In fact, I seldom ever speak about it in the pulpit now. May 24, 2008 was a day that my life changed drastically. I love motorcycles and riding was therapeutic for me. It was a Saturday, and I was going to go on a date with Rose to Carrabas that night, but I decided to ride a bit before going. While riding and heading toward Sanford on 42, an 88 year old lady in a pickup truck pulled out in front of me. Three days later I woke up at UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill. I found out later that I had been flown there on life flight. The immediate concern was the head swelling and bleeding on my brain. The accident resulted in four broken bones in my right arm, two broken bones in my leg and two fractures of my spinal cord at the C6-C7 area. The fractured spinal cord resulted in what I would learn is called Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injury. This simply meant the nerves were avulsed from my spinal cord, which made my left arm paralyzed. What followed were challenging days. My left arm paralyzed and my right arm in a cast presented terrible problems. Simple tasks like eating, bathing, dressing and even going to the bathroom were impossible to do by myself. I am so thankful for Rose and the rest of my family and friends coming to my side and being such a help. Inside I fought to be independent. I remember one day after I had sent Rose to the office and the kids were gone, I just wanted to dress myself. An hour later I just dropped to the floor in my closet and just wept. They were trying days indeed. I had several surgeries in the following weeks. The hardest was a 10 hour surgery performed by Dr. Li at Wake Forest University. He did what is called a nerve transfer in October, 2008. Very few surgeons can do this, and I was thankful to find one within three hours of my home. After over a year of paralysis, I received about 20% use of my left arm and full use of my hand. What a blessing! All in all, I learned five things that I want to share: 1) You can minister anywhere! I became "the Pastor of the rehab floor" in Chapel Hill the 16 days I was there, counseling and talking to so many folks about the Lord. I was able to really

Facing a crisis

Jeff Jones

speak to and help even the workers on that floor. 2) Friends are so important. I pastor the greatest folks in the world. They were there for me. My pastor friends came out of the woodwork to be a help with me personally as well as fill my pulpit for the 6 weeks I was gone. Men like David Gibbs III, David Crowe and Greg Floars all came to Fuquay to preach in our pulpit at Hilltop. Mark Cash, Travis Moots and Trevor Thompson were such a blessing to me during this time by carrying on the work of the church. We even pulled off hosting the State Meeting with me in the hospital. 3) I have a family who shows sacrificial love. My wife, children and brothers cared for me so much and in so many ways during those difficult days. 4) I learned I need God much, much more than He needs me. My church never missed a beat. My staff pulled together and carried on the work. Our church did fine without me. I need Him so much more than He needs me! 5) I now have compassion for anyone

with chronic pain. The injury left me without feeling in part of my left arm and hand, yet my hand also constantly burns. This is common with a brachial plexus injury. Some people have their arm amputated because of the difficulties of dealing with it all. I now understand and have compassion with those who experience nerve pain and chronic pain. After all those days in the hospital, even my hospital visitation has taken on a new meaning for me. When I visit to pray with someone before surgery, I remember the nervousness in my heart before my own surgeries. Through it all, God has been good. I praise Him and thank Him for all He has done. The injury is just part of me now, and by His grace, I am OK with it. I am so thankful for all I have learned through the trial. Jeff and his wife Rose are 1987 graduates of Southeastern, and their daughter Stacie graduated in May. He is also a member of the Board of Directors and an Adjunct Professor. Brother Jones pastors Hilltop Free Will Baptist Church in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.

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The Standard

P.O. Box 1960 Wendell, NC 27591

Southeastern Free Will Baptist College

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We praise the Lord for 358 registered, 293 of whom were teens from 23 churches and 6 states ­ NC, SC, TN, MI, FL, & OK


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