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Atlas Copco Rock Reinforcement Swellex® Pull-test Equipment

Hydraulically operated test equipment with digitally displayed test results

The new version of Swellex pull-test equipment is designed to meet the high demands on accuracy and portability that professional users in the mining and tunneling industry put on a measuring instrument of this type. With Swellex pull-test equipment you can test any installed Swellex bolt. The adapter sleeve grips around the head of the bolt when you set up the equipment and you do not have to prepare a bolt for pull-testing prior to installation. This means that you can easily pull-test bolts installed a long time ago. You can pulltest bolts with or without Face Plates. The frame of the pull-tester is an open tripod that will always have a good contact with the rock thanks to the three contact-points with swivel-type feet. The open tripod also allows you to have full controll over the pull-test since you will be able to see the bolt at all times. The pull-tester has a maximum capacity of 250 kN and a measuring accuracy of 0.1% over the whole measuring-range (0-250 kN). The pull-tester is thus suitable for testing of Standard Swellex, Midi Swellex and Super Swellex rockbolts.

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High quality hydraulic components

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All hydraulic components are of high quality, supplied to Atlas Copco by the well-known company ENERPAC. The cylinder is the 30-ton cylinder RCH-302 with a stroke-length of 64 mm. The P-39 handpump is connected to the hydraulic cylinder with a 3.0 meter long, high quality hydraulic hose with a quickcoupling. There is also a 6.1 meter long hose available (optional). If there would be any problems with the hydraulic equipment ENERPAC's global "Service after the sale" guarantee applies. This means that the product will be repaired or exchanged for a new unit free of charge, if the defect is related to an error in the manufacturing process. For further information about this guarantee please contact your local ENERPAC dealer.

The manometer used is a precise microprocessorcontrolled pressure-measuring instrument made by the well-renowned Swiss company KELLER. It's high accuracy, solid construction and long-life battery, which lasts more than 200 days in continuos operation, makes it very suitable as manometer for a pulltest equipment. The manometer has an accuracy of 0.1% over its entire working range. The force acting on the bolt can be read directly in kN on the display and the manometer stores the highest value achieved in each test. The manometer takes readings two times per second and the latest 900 readings are stored in the manometer's memory. This data can be transferred to a PC for further analysis (equipment and software is not included but can be ordered). Each manometer comes with a calibration protocol. It is not necessary to recalibrate the manometer. The manometer is programmed for working together with ENERPAC's RCH-302 cylinder. The pull-test equipment is delivered in a heavy-duty box that provides good protection for the manometer and hydraulics.

Part No.

Digital high-accuracy manometer

8613 1108 00 Complete pull-tester for Mn12, Mn16 and Mn24 8613 1108 80 6.1 m long extension hose

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