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Cardiopulmonary Services NICU Specific Policies Proc 17.36

NEOPUFF Infant Resuscitator

Purpose: Description: This device may be used instead of the self-inflating resuscitation bag for bagvalve-mask ventilation of neonates in the delivery room. The Neopuff infant resuscitator is a manually operated pneumatically powered resuscitator that provides controlled and accurate positive pressure breaths. The Neopuff is to be kept on the south wall of the labor unit core between delivery rooms 3 and 4. The supplies are to be kept with the device and replenished as needed. NRP guidelines are to be followed. Infants and neonates requiring positive pressure ventilation in the delivery room. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Neopuff Infant Resuscitator Patient supply tubing with T-piece Gas supply line with flowmeter Neonatal face mask Test lung

Indications: Equipment:


1. Respiratory Therapists and Technicians 2. Neonatal Nurse Practitioners 3. Physicians Setup 1. Connect gas supply tubing from oxygen or blended oxygen/air flow meter to the gas inlet port on the Neopuff. 2. Connect the patient circuit with a patient T-piece to the gas outlet port. 3. Connect a test lung to the patient T-piece. 4. Adjust the gas supply to the desired flow rate between 5 and 15 LPM. To check maximum pressure 1. Occlude PEEP cap and turn PIP control clockwise until the manometer needle stops. 2. Adjust the maximum pressure control knob counter-clockwise until the desired peak inspiratory pressure is set. To set PEEP 1. Adjust the PEEP cap to desired PEEP level. To Resuscitate 1. Check and/or adjust the gas supply to the desired flow rate. 2. Fit patient T-piece to a neonatal resuscitation mask and place over the infant's mouth and nose. OR Fit patient T-piece to the endotracheal tube. 3. Resuscitate by placing and removing thumb over the PEEP cap to allow inspiration and expiration.


Infection Control: 1. The patient circuit and T-piece are single patient use items that are to be disposed of after each patient use.

Cardiopulmonary Services NICU Specific Policies Proc 17.36 2. The Neopuff device is to be wiped down with a hospital approved disinfectant and kept in the Labor Unit "core" after each use. References: 1. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare 3. American Academy of Pediatrics, Neonatal Resuscitation Program, 2000.

Written: December 2002


NEOPUFF Infant Resuscitator

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NEOPUFF Infant Resuscitator