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Written: October 1993 Revised: 2/96;7/98; 9/00; 6/04; 3/07; 1/10

Nursing Policy: L-11

LSUHSC-Shreveport, LA

LIFT DEVICES - HOYER PURPOSE: To delineate policy and procedure for lifting patients using the Hoyer lift device. POLICY: 1. Staff Utilization Lift devices are available for general care units and may be utilized by any staff member who has demonstrated competency. Patient Education Unit staff shall educate the patient and family members on the use of the Hoyer lift device. Moving a Patient Using the Lift Device Nursing judgment shall be utilized to determine if a patient should be moved using a lift device. General guidelines for using patient lift devices are listed below: A. When using a mechanical lifting device to move the patient from the bed to a chair, roll the patient to his side to position the sling. B. To position a one piece sling correctly, the top of the sling should extend above the patient's shoulders with the bottom of the sling extending to just behind the patient's knees. A one piece sling is preferred. If using a two piece sling, be sure to position the back portion of the sling under the patient's arms to prevent the patient from slipping out of the sling. C. D. When the sling is in place, raise the bed and connect and adjust the lifting device. Guide the patient away from the bed with one staff member supporting the patient and one manipulating the lift. The chair shall be placed properly to receive the patient. Slowly lower the patient into the chair. Leave the lift sling under the patient while he is sitting in the chair. Special slings are available for use with commodes. Slings shall be sent to the laundry for cleaning. Reverse the above steps to return the patient to bed. Contact the Nursing Supply Coordinator for replacement slings.





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L-11: Lift Devices ­ Hoyer

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Operator's Instructions See the manufacturer's operating instructions located on the machine. See the Nursing Operating Equipment Manual for additional information. Equipment Malfunctions See Nursing Policy E-40: Equipment (Defective/ Malfunctioning)


Reference: Nursing Operating Equipment Manual: Hoyer Instruction Manual for Patient Lifters (1984). Ted Hoyer and Company, Inc. Oshkosh, WI.


L-11: Lift Devices ­ Hoyer

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________________________________________ Jamie Jett, MBA, RN Administrative Nursing Director Psychiatry, Coordinated Care and Professional Practice

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________________________________________ Jean DiGrazia, MBA, RN Assistant Hospital Administrator and CNO Patient Care Services

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