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Written: 8/00 Nursing Policy: W-20 Revised: 6/04 LSUHSC-Shreveport, LA Reviewed: 04/07; 2/10 _____________________________________________________________________________________

WARMING UNIT (Bair Hugger Warming Unit 505) PURPOSE: To provide guidelines for the utilization of the Bair Hugger Warming Unit 505.

POLICY: 1. Physician's Order The physician must write an order for the use of the warming unit. Staff Application Only RNs and RN Applicants who have documented competency in their file of the necessary knowledge, skills, and ability to perform the procedure may initiate therapy. Cleaning The patient care unit is responsible for cleaning the Bair Hugger warming unit in the unit according to infection control and the manufacturer's guidelines. Equipment Defective/ Malfunctions See Nursing Policy E-40: Equipment (Defective/ Malfunctioning). Operator's Manual See the operator's instructions in a booklet located inside the machine. See the Nursing Operating Equipment Manual for additional information.





References: Nursing Operating Equipment Manual: Bair Hugger Warming Unit 505 (2001) Operator's Manual (Total Temperature Management System) Augustine Medical Company, Eden Prairie, Minnesota.


W-20: Warming Unit (Bair Hugger Warming Unit 505)

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________________________________________ Jamie Jett, MBA, RN Administrative Nursing Director Psychiatry, Coordinated Care and Professional Practice

___________________ Date

________________________________________ Jean DiGrazia, MBA, RN Assistant Hospital Administrator and CNO Patient Care Services

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