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Stock Challenge!

Been trying to get a ShadowTrader T-Shirt and Coffee Mug by sending in 30 questions per week to Ask The Shadow, but never get picked? Well now there's an easier way! Play the weekly ShadowTrader Stock Challenge and get the prizes you've been wanting for years! HOW TO PLAY: Pick any stock over $10 in price, either long or short that you think is going to either outperform or underperform the market in the coming week. Fill out the template below and email your stock pick to Jireh Chao of the ShadowTrader SquawkBox on Friday morning before 11:30am. Jireh will pick 10 players and we'll pit all the stocks against each other starting on Monday at 9:30am. Tune into the SquawkBox every day live on your thinkorswim platform (ShadowTrader channel under support/chat, or Live Audio in the Gadgets section), for real-time updates on how your pick is doing against the competition. The stock that has risen or fallen the greatest amount on a percentage basis from Monday's open to Friday's close is the winner. Once your prize comes in, wear your t-shirt to your next PTA Meeting, Bar-Mitzvah, Prostate Exam, Yoga class, Company picnic, etc, and be the ENVY of all your friends! Winners will also be listed in the Stock Challenge Hall of Fame section of the ShadowTrader Weekend Update. THE SUBMISSION TEMPLATE: Email your submissions in the following format only. Submissions that don't follow the format will not be accepted and will be deleted immediately. A sample is below: Email to: [email protected] Subject line: Stock Challenge (body of email) Name or Tos screenname: Ben Bernanke City and State: Washington, DC Stock: AAPL Direction: Long Rationale: AAPL has been pulling back recently and is about to touch its 200 day moving average. I think the stock is going to bounce off that key area and be very strong next week. Steve Jobs is also going to unveil iPhone 17 on Tuesday. That's it! Keep it simple and make sure to include only the items above. We're not interested in pictures of your cat or that your son made varsity soccer this year.

Alfred E. Neuman, ESQ

Official Contest Rules and fine print that our lawyer told us we should say:

1) The ShadowTrader stock challenge is a fun way to learn about stocks and what other stock investors are thinking and why! Each week contestants may submit their favorite Long or Short stock/ETF play for the following week. ShadowTrader will select Ten (10) contestants each Friday at 3pm EST from all of those who have submitted a qualified stock selection, and will announce the players in the Challenge live on the air during the afternoon session (1:30pm EST to 4:10pm EST) on the ShadowTrader SquawkBox. The objective is to select and share a qualified stock selection that you feel will either rise or fall by the greatest percentage move during the specified stock challenge week. Each submitted selection must be accompanied by a brief amount of written remarks either Technical or Fundamental or both to support your trade selection (see "Submission Template" example above). All stock selections that do not meet the stock challenge specified criteria will be void and ineligible for contest selection or prize winnings. All stock entries must be delivered by email to [email protected] and received by 11:30am Eastern standard time on the Friday afternoon prior to the week ahead the stock challenge begins. 2) The stock contest Winners are determined by the weekly stock challenge Top Percentage Gainer or Loser from the regular market hours open price on Monday morning (9:30 a.m. ET) to the last price on Fridays close (4:00 pm ET). Contestant selected trades will be priced at Monday's Market Open price against Friday's Market Close price and measured by greatest percentage move up or down during stock challenge period. There is no "trading" in and out of any stock, prices will simply be marked at the open on Monday and again at the close on Friday. 3) Only one (1) entry per household per week is permitted. If any person is suspected or proven of using multiple stock entries, ShadowTrader reserves all rights to deny that person from qualifying along with any/all prizes and future participation in the ShadowTrader Stock Challenge. If your submission is not picked in any given week and you would like to be considered for the following week, you must resubmit a stock pick the following week. 4) To enter the contest all stock/ETF selections must be submitted from one of the listed Exchanges; NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX stocks ONLY. Stock selections may be submitted either as a Long (Buy) or Short (Sell) to Open trade. Your stock/ ETF selection submitted must have a minimum Bid price of Ten ($10.00) per share to qualify. All stock selection submissions that do not meet the stock challenge criteria will be void and ineligible for contest selection or prize winnings. 5) All stock entries must be delivered by email to [email protected] and received 12pm (noon) Eastern standard time on the Friday afternoon prior to the coming week's stock challenge. Entries submitted before Friday morning at 7:00am EST or after 12:00pm EST will not be qualified for contest selection for the following week. Every week will be another stock trading challenge. 6) Contestant stock picks are selected each Friday at 3:30pm Eastern standard time by ShadowTrader. ShadowTrader will deploy a "Best-Efforts Selection Process" to ensure that opportunity to compete is made available to a greater amount of contestants as the stock challenge continues. Contestants are permitted one (1) entry per household per week. In any case where multiple prospective players

send in the same stock pick, ShadowTrader will attempt to select the first person to send in that particular stock symbol selection. Only one (1) of each selected stock symbol can compete during a stock challenge week. Enter your stock as early as possible to avoid duplicating others entries. 7) Once a weekly stock picking challenge period is over and ShadowTrader has declared the winner by percentage increase or decrease performance for the specified weekly challenge, ShadowTrader will send an email to the eligible contest participant notifying them of their victory. Eligible Winning contestant must respond back to ShadowTrader by email within one (1) week with confirmation of their official Name and Mailing address to claim their prizes. If eligible contestant winner does not respond within one (1) week, ShadowTrader will not be obligated to deliver non-claimed prizes to the contest winner. 8) Anyone, worldwide may enter the contest but ShadowTrader will only send prizes to North America, Canada, or Europe. 9) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER ­ ShadowTrader is in no way promoting, endorsing or recommend any stocks, options, futures or contestant contributor within this site or contest. ShadowTrader will be recording results for discussion and education purposes only. Please know that the trading of stocks, options, futures and other financial instruments has inherent risk and can result in loss of all your money. Always consult a financial professional before investing. Do Not Buy or Sell anything based on this website or the information read or contained herein.


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