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April 2011 Dear Pastor Wee and Church, Greetings in the Name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Firstly, I would like to say thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support that help us so much in God's ministry through us in Bandung. We thank God for the saved souls in our ministry. In our children's ministry, some children received Lord Jesus as their saviour, more specifically Rian, Sharon, Cynthia, Viona, Ageng, Jasmine, Juan Christio, and Juan Farrell. In our teenager's ministry, Juliana, Chika, Jane Audrey, Brian, and Silviana got saved. Bro Dwinhoff and two his friends came for first time to our service and received Christ in invitation. In the last two months, we received blessings from God, through his servants from Medan and Yogyakarta. Mrs. Dewi Gazali has already become a believer in our ministry last year, and she obeyed God in baptism last month. Her husband, Mr. Hauw Ching, a strong Buddhist with a background of occultism involvement. Praise the Lord; he wanted to trust in Lord Jesus in personal evangelism. Both of them and their son came to Sunday service and prayer meeting faithfully. Please pray for his discipleship and baptism. Our teenager (secondary school), Garry Jonathan, who got saved in Sunday school, obeyed God to be baptized. Please pray for our Bible school and discipleship program. Once again we appreciate and grateful for your love and support to the Lord's work. God bless. Yours in Christ's love and service as always, Gunawan, Febrina, Hoshea & Hannah. Bandung, Indonesia


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