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CV of Gerrit-Claes Bierenbroodspot.

Born and based in the Netherlands, Gerrit-Claes Bierenbroodspot started his career as an three day event rider, he rode several international events and competed in the European Junior Championships. He had his own riding school at 19 years old and focused more on teaching and training. At the age of 24 he was awarded the "Leo van de Kar" award for most promising young trainer in the Netherlands. At the age of 24 he was National trainer of the Dutch three day event teams of the juniors and the young riders for 5 years, until he stared to work for the Dutch Equestrian school for professionals. This is the Dutch government run equivalent of Warendorf in Germany and Flyinge in Sweden. Here he worked as an instructor for 16 years, the last 6 years as head instructor. He leaded the equestrian part of the international course "Study and Ride", an one year course for riders from all over the world, until he decided to work fulltime for his own company "HorseFind Holland" Gerrit-Claes has trained in and all over the US on a regular basis since 1988 and helped hundreds of people from training level up to Grand Prix level. He also trains/ trained riders of all levels in Demark, Belgium and England Methode. Horsemanship, understanding of the horse's reactions and the horse his wellbeing are key factors in the training. His work is concentrated on the possibilities of the horse, the effect the rider has on the balance of the horse in respect to his aids, position and understanding of the reactions of the horse. "The horse didn't ask you to sit on them, so it's the rider's responsibility to learn to understand the horse." "Anybody can learn to feel, as long as you're open to it." A good trainer can work with people from all levels, from training level up to Grand Prix level. "As long as the horse is sound and the rider is willing to learn I can work with them."

About HorseFind Holland BV. HorseFind Holland is a Dutch based company who specializes in finding and matching horses to all kinds of riders who are looking to buy a horse, from training level to Grand Prix. We find horses all over Europe and the USA. HorseFind Holland arranges everything from picking you up and returning you to the airport, your hotel arrangements, traveling to see various preselected horses, if wanted help with trying out the horses, to the arrangements concerning vetting and shipment of your horse. "If you want to buy a horse all you need to do is buy a ticket to Amsterdam" Website:


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