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Phase 2

Tavares, FL (Near Orlando) USA



ShantiNiketan is a retirement community based on different cuisines around the world. It is based on the philosophy that as one ages they would like to have their own

food and be around people who speak their own native language. Phase 1 with 54 condos was successfully developed and sold out during the worst economic and real estate market. Encouraged by this success and demand from potential buyers, we have launched Phase 2 of this concept, which will consist of 112 condos, with 2BR/2BA and 3BR/2.5BA condos, each with a large one car garage. Phase 2 is located about 1/4 mile south from Phase 1, on the northeast corner of David Walker Drive and Route Old 441, on the same road where Phase 1 is located.

ShantiNiketan is located in the city of Tavares, the county seat of Lake County. It is right in the heart of the retirement belt of Central Florida. Hospitals, all specialities of medical care, grocery stores, Walmart, Kmart, Target are all located within a 2-3 mile radius of ShantiNiketan.

Work on Phase 2 was started in April 2011 with the earliest occupancy expected in early 2012 and the entire project to be completed by end of 2014.

2 352-508-7060

ShantiNiketan2 will consist of 112 2BR and 3BR condos. Each condo will have a large one car garage, except a few of them which are located on the second storey of the last wings. SN2 will also consist of a Welcome Center and a ClubHouse. Phase 2 will be just like Phase1, but larger in the number of wings and the common facilities. This is an age-restricted community where at least one of the residents should be above 55 years of age. Guests of any age can visit and stay with the residents. There is a maximum limit of 30 days stay per year for children below 18 years. No school facilities will be offered by the City/County to the residents of the community. The Welcome Center in the front is a semicircular building, consisting of the Office, Internet and Satellite receiver rooms and socializing areas. Behind the Welcome Center

condo also has a front door facing the road and also an attached garage. The entire facility is fenced and gated. Only residents and their guests will be able to come into the facility. Residents will be able to open the gate for their guests right from their condo. ShantiNiketan is an ideal compromise to going back to India for your retirement. We get all the facilities that we seek in India (company, food, services, etc) and at the same time we are only 2 to 3 hours away from our children and



grand children. Many residents in Phase 1 have tried the routine of going to India every year for 4-6 months and given up the travel because of many reasons, like the tiresome journey, anxiety of falling sick in India and worrying if they will be able to see their loved ones in time. ShantiNiketan will be like visiting your village for a wedding. No worry about cooking and other chores.There is someone to take care of those mundane things in life! All you do is just have a good time. After all you have earned it. We think it is time for you to cash it in! ShantiNiketan is a retirement community based on different cuisines around the world. It also offers pure Vegetarian food cooked to suit our palette. Lunch and Dinner are hot cooked meals. Breakfast is continental style and is open to the Food Club members 24 hours a day. There are 2 separate kitchens for vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. The cooks will be different, utensils will be different, cutlery will be different etc, in consideration of our pure vegetarian residents. Eating in the Food Club is optional. Residents can cook their own food in their own condos if they want to. There will be a large screen movie in the ClubHouse everyday after dinner. 3

is the Central Courtyard which looks like an "aangan" ­ typically found in the villages in India. There are fully grown trees transplanted here. After the Courtyard is the main ClubHouse building which contains the veg and non-veg kitchens, dining hall, prayer room/temple, gym room, health room, and other meeting rooms. There is also a computer room for those who do not have their own computers to be able to check their emails etc. There will be a total of 12 wings named from "A" through "L". Wings A through F are on the south side and wings G through L are on the north side of the central ClubHouse facilities. Each wing has a corridor running in the middle into which opens all the condos and facilitates the residents to walk under shade/covered area when the weather is very hot or rainy. Each 352-508-7060

ShantiNiketan is located one hour North West of Orlando International Airport (MCO). It is located between Mount Dora and Leesburg in Lake County. You can reach ShantiNiketan from Orlando by taking the Florida Turnpike North (10 miles), 429 North (10 miles), 441 North (15 miles), and then turning LEFT on David Walker Drive. We are about 1/2 mile from 441.

Indian Restaurant Hospital Walmart, Kmart, Target



Hindu Temple

MCO-Orlando Airport

To Port Canaveral To Miami

Directions to Orlando Airport: LEFT on David Walker Drive ­ 0.5 miles RIGHT on 441 South ­ 15 miles RIGHT on 429 South (Toll road) ­ 10 miles EXIT on Turnpike South (Toll) ­ 10 miles EXIT to 528 East (Toll) ­ 5 miles EXIT for Airport

Directions to Hindu Temple Casselberry: LEFT on David Walker Drive ­ 0.5 miles RIGHT on 441 South ­ 21 miles Continue straight on 436 East ­ 10 miles LEFT on US 17/US19 North ­ 1.5 miles RIGHT on Seminola Blvd ­ 2.5 miles Seminola becomes Lake Drive ­ 0.5 miles Temple is on right side (1994 Lake Dr)

Directions to KMART,WALMART, TARGET: LEFT on David Walker Drive ­ 0.5 miles RIGHT on 441 South ­ 1 mile KMART, WALMART, TARGET is on RIGHT Directions to Indian Grocery Store: LEFT on David Walker Drive ­ 0.5 miles LEFT on 441 North ­4 miles Indian Store is on RIGHT



Tavares is located about 35 miles NorthWest of Orlando, Florida, midway between the east and the west coasts

Population in July 2007: 13,661

Median resident age: 55.5 years Florida median age: 38.7 years Estimated median household income in 2007: $39,739

Races in Tavares:

White Non-Hispanic (86.9%) Black (7.7%) Hispanic (3.5%) Two or more races (1.1%) Other race (1.0%) American Indian (0.8%) Asian Indian (0.6%)


German (18.4%) English (15.0%) United States (10.5%) Irish (9.9%) French (5.1%) Italian (4.0%).

2008 cost of living index in Tavares: 83.4 (less than average, U.S. average is 100)

Elevation: 76 feet Land area: 7.09 square miles Population density: 1927 people per square mile (low).

352-508-7060 5

Tavares is a city in central Florida in the United States. It is the county seat of Lake County. The city was founded by newspaper and railroad man Alexander St. ClairAbrams in 1880 and named for a Portuguese ancestor. While St. ClairAbrams did not achieve his dream that Tavares become the state capital of Florida (Tallahassee has held the spot since 1823), in 1887 the city was named the seat of Lake County. St. Clair-Abrams later chartered a railroad to run from Tavares to Orlando. Casselberry Temple is about 30 minutes from ShantiNiketan, going towards Orlando.

tavares nearby


Mount Dora, the town just 2 miles south of ShantiNiketan has been rated as one of the top 10 places to retire in the US.

The Villages, the largest Retirement community in the US is located approximately 20 miles north of Tavares on US 441 N. This town has over 50,000 residents and is a completely a retirement town with no schools!

medical facilities

The Florida Hospital - Waterman is less than 2 miles from ShantiNiketan. There will be a medical consulting room where preliminary evaluation can be done by voluntary doctors and if necessary they will refer the patient to the hospital. Routine checkups, ECG, etc can also be performed. This unit will be coordinated by our doctor residents who volunteer their services for this.



Old Lake County Courthouse


Mahesh Shastri:

ShantiNiketan is just what the name says. Full of tranquility and peace, this place suits those who seek a peaceful place to reflect on the spiritual realities of life and beyond. Before moving to ShantiNiketan, I had never imagined that such a peaceful place can even exist in the USA. And everyone who lives here are all professionals, matured and content in their lives, who have come here to spend the remaining part their retirement in bliss. And yes, the food, which is delicious and healthy, is a very important aspect of the community. It saves us a lot of time, and gives us ample time to pursue what interests us most. We celebrate all Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali etc with music, great food, and lots of joy. It is like an Ashram where one is free to practice their own way of life without having to follow anybody's philosophy. Evening walks around the lake side reminds me of my days in Rishikesh. With God's blessings it will become a world famous place. ShantiNiketan is a blessing in my life.Thanks to Shanti and Iggy for their commitment and passion in giving us this beautiful place to live in our retirement.

Ashwin Pandya:

Iggy, For last few years , I have believed that we the Retired Indo-Americans need to develop a close knit community. When you came up with the ShantiNiketan Project, I jumped at the opportunity. And now that I have become a resident, I got more than expected. I hope you commitment to create such facility with all the services and support will be available to others.

Manubhai Nayak:

children - Tavares (abode of peace) . , , grand - , -

, , Medicare, Social Security - !

- , , YMCA

, prayer room Consulting Physician - exercise swimming pool relax Vacation and Long Weekend Grand Children -

! !




When you click on the Allotments Link on the website, you will see the following image come up on the website. Here you see all the condos marked with condo numbers withing RED or GREEN circles. RED circle indicates that it is already allotted to someone else and is not available. The GREEN circled condos are available if you want them. Many people ask us which condo would be preferable. There is really no condo that is not preferable. You just select based on whether you want one near the ClubHouse or away from it, facing East orWest etc.

Prices vary depending on when the wing is completed. New prices will be published every month. You can get the latest pricing information from the website at

8 352-508-7060


how to buy

The following are a projected estimate of the various expenses. The actual costs would vary depending on the actual usage of the various items. Real Estate Taxes: $150+ per month Utilities: $200+ per month average Condo Fees: $250+ per month Food (Optional): $200-$250 per month per person

1. We suggest you first make a trip to ShantiNiketan and tour its facilities and see if this is what you are looking for.Talk to our residents and ascertain that the lifestyle here will suit you. 2. Select a condo from the ones available for sale at that time. Check the Availability link to see which condos are available for sale now. 3. Call us or send us your preference through the Contact Us page. 4. We will then send you a Purchase Contract filled out for you to sign and send it back with a 20% deposit. 5. Once your condo is ready, our attorney will send you the closing papers.You can come personally to close or do the closing my mail itself.






Housekeeping: Housekeeping services are organized by the Housekeeping Club. The Club committee decides on the rates to be charged based on their costs. Prayer Room: There will be a Prayer room inside the Club House where bhajans will be held every evening at 7PM. This will be a common Prayer room accomodating all faiths.

the main road. Visitors come into the Welcome Center. Located in the Welcome Center are the main Office, Internet/Phone room, Satellite Receivers room, lounge areas where residents can sit in groups and look outside the large windows and also watch TV located in each lounge area.

Courtyard: The central Courtyard located between the Welcome Center and the main ClubHouse building is a favorite location for many residents. Some have their morning and evening cup of tea there while socializing with others. It is also used for pre and post dinner get togethers.

Theatre: The main hall of the ClubHouse will become a movie theatre where SuperHit Bollywood and other Regional language movies will be screened every evening at 9PM after dinner. This auditorium will also be used for Religious discourses by visiting and resident speakers, and also used for cultural events. Library/Computer Room: This will have periodicals which is subscribed as per the needs of various residents. Common computers will be available for those who do not have their own, to send and receive emails etc.Those unfamiliar with the usage of computer can learn to use it with the help of other residents. Gym: Although the YMCA is next door with many facilities, the ClubHouse will have a small gym with basic equipment like treadmills etc. If anyone needs fancier equipment, they would go to the YMCA next door, which has two swimming pools, a heated pool, and a state of the art gymnasium. Welcome Center: The Welcome Center is the main semi-circular building that is visible from 10 352-508-7060 Hi-speed Internet: Every condo has a Hi-speed internet outlet. Residents can attach a router and make their whole condo wireless. There is no extra cost for this. It is included in the monthly condo fees. DISH TV: We subscribe to a common commercial system that offers Hindi Mega pack, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali packs, and regular American channels like CNN, CNBC, etc. There is no extra cost for this DISH TV cable service to the residents. It is included in the monthly condo fees.

The condos are basically for sale. Some of the buyers are not able to, or planning to move into ShantiNiketan for a few years. ShantiNiketan offers a service to rent out these condos to those who maybe unable to purchase or may just want to rent it and stay here for a while before deciding to buy.

ShantiNiketan offers a package for rentals as follows: For $1,000 per month per person (on a 12 month lease), we provide a one bedroom


(in a 2 bedroom condo - so two people will share a 2 bedroom condo, each with their own bedroom and private bathroom), pay for the condo fees, utilities (upto a certain cost) and FOOD. There will be no other payments needed from the tenants. For a couple the cost will be $2,000 per month (on a 12 month lease) and they will get the entire 2 bedroom condo along with utilities, condo fees, and food. The advantage for the owners is that they get a cashflow until they are ready to move in, and for the renters their advantage is to live at a reasonable cost in ShantiNiketan without having to buy them. However, ShantiNiketan DOES NOT guarantee the rentals of the condos and the owners will be responsible for paying the monthly condo fees, taxes etc. Many people have asked for short term rentals, for a few days to a few months (especially in winter). If available, we will offer them on short term rentals at 50% above the basic costs. For example, a couple who wants to rent during the winter month(s) will pay $3,000 per month for two people which will include rent, utilities, condo fees and vegetarian Food. Of course renters should be aware there is no guarantee that their leases will be renewed once the owners decide to move in. Its a good option for the short term to experience the life here. Very few units, though, are available for longer term rentals.

How to reserve for short term rentals:

Send one month rental charges ($3,000 per condo) along with a request to reserve a condo for the particular month you are looking for. On receipt of the check, we will put your name on the list of rentals for that period. This DOES NOT guarantee the rental. It just puts you on the PRIORITY list. If a condo becomes available for that period we will let you know. At that time if you decide not to rent the condo (for whatever reason), we will refund your deposit and allot the condo to the next person on the list.

352-508-7060 11


Food is organized through a Food Club.Those who want to eat their food in the common kitchen will become a member of the Food Club. Some may also choose to join the Food Committee. The Food Committee sets the menu for every day, the charges for various options, guests etc.They will also keep the accounts and let the members know every month what their share of that month's food is. The costs for labor, groceries etc are divided among the number of residents eating in the Food Club. The main kitchen is the Vegetarian kitchen. Everyone gets to eat the basic vegetarian food cooked two times a day for Lunch and Dinner. A secondary kitchen is used to cook nonvegetarian food as needed.This will have separate cooks, utensils etc. On Sunday evenings the kitchen is closed. People wanted this option so that they can explore other local options or visit friends etc.This allows an evening off for our kitchen staff. Members are also encouraged to provide voluntary help in the kitchen if they want to. The Menu for the week can be seen on the website in the FOOD link. A typical days menu could look like:


Whole Moong Dal Bindi Suran Roti Rice Yogurt/Pickles


Poori Masala /W Potat&Tomato Gravy Roti/Dal/Yogurt/Pickles

12 352-508-7060





Florida Hospital Waterman

Publix Grocery Store

ShantiNiketan Phase1


Dav id

Wal ker Dr

ShantiNiketan Phase 2

Old 441



Walmart, Kmart, Target
















22 352-508-7060

ClubHouse Photos





Welcome Center Photos




Standard Appliances GE White-Colored Gas Range, Hood, Refrigerator, Dishwasher Formica Carpet Single Pane Optional Upgrade Counter Tops Flooring Windows Additional Options Granite Ceramic Tiles

Quality Home

GE Washer, Gas Dryer, Stainless Steel Gas Range, Hood, Microwave above stove, Refrigerator, Dishwasher

Low-E Double-Pane, Blinds Solar Tube, Grab Bars, Bidet Toilet Seat, Garage Shelves

And other standard features in every condo... · 110 MPH Hurricane-Resistant Construction · Goodman Central A/C · Walk-in Shower With Built-in Seat · Internet & Dish TV With Hindi Mega Pack Included · Stucco Finish On Interior And Exterior Walls · Red Roof Tiles · Attached Garage · Insulation: · R-30 for the ceilings · R-11 for framed walls · R-4.2 for block wall





Iggy & Shanti Ignatius were the chief architects of this concept supported by many others.They moved to Tavares from Michigan in early 2008 to execute this project and became the first residents of ShantiNiketan Phase 1 in March 2010. Iggy is a Mechanical Engineering and a Management graduate from BITS, Pilani, and an MBA from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Shanti is a housewife. They have 3 children and 3 grand children (as of April 2011). Iggy & Shanti are committed to bringing the joy of living in ShantiNiketan to many more people across the world. They are helping many other groups in various cities, helping them set up similar projects.

Attorneys: To advise on Land purchase, and sales contracts with buyers: Richard Newman McLin & Burnsed P.A. 1000 West Main street, PO Box 491357 Leesburg FL 34749


Engineers: To Survey, Design the layout, obtain the approvals from the City

To prepare the Condominium documents and file the papers with the State Condominium Authority: Melissa K. Nelson, Esq. Holland & Knight LLP 50 North Laura Street, Suite 3900 Jacksonville, Florida 32202 Accountants Gregg Padgett Padgett WSetz & Young P.A. 206 North Third Street Leesburg, FL 34748


Architects: Rabits & Associates Bob Rabits 245 S.Highland St, Suite 9 Mt.Dora FL 32757 Builders: IGGI Builders LLC Tom Pfeiffer Jeffrey Ignatius 27

999 David Walker Drive Tavares, FL 32778 Tel: 352-508-7060 Fax: 866-760-1260


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