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JULY 2004

219-778-2585 [email protected]

VOLUME 30 #9


This year's Leprechaun Hunt© is going to be the best ever!!! August 1st, 2004! The big prize will be worth $1,500! There will be a drawing at the end of the day - the winner will win a trip to Ireland for two people. And I've been tied up with lots & lots of details. Haven't even had time to think of hiding places for the Leprechauns. They will probably be "hid" right out in the open. We also have in an extra supply of divining rods to make it easier to find the Leprechauns. We have people located around the areas so's you could get tickets easier. Martin & Joan Collins - Munster - 219-972-2158 Russell & Karen Derderian - Schererville - 219-322-4957 Bill & Anne Franz - Crown Point - 219-662-1536 Fiddler's Hearth - South Bend - 574-232-2853 Richard & Marge Heinrich - Michigan City - 219-872-4358 Tony & Donna Maicher - Dyer - 219-864-7440 Patrick Dougherty - Valparaiso - 219-462-0269 The cost of this year's Leprechaun Hunt© is still the same - $40 for adults in advance, $35 for seniors over 65 in advance, $45 for adults at the gate & $40 for seniors at the gate. Money must be received in our office by Friday, July 30th to qualify for the advance sale price. Children accompanied by parent or grandparent - if the children are 17 or younger - are free. We are pushing forward in all our programs and need the extra support. If you haven't come yet, this is definitely the year to come. August 1, 2004 Sharing Meadows

Just off of Rt. 20 between Michigan City and South Bend. If you can't find us, you shouldn't be driving!


The 12th Annual Share Foundation Golf Outing took place on Monday, June 28th at Innsbrook Country Club in Merrillville. Thank you to all of the participants and sponsors! Check the August Good News for a complete report of the event! Hidden winner: Mr. & Mrs. Frank Moses, Cedar Lake, IN 46303


Share Foundation's new and improved website continues to grow in popularity! Last month total hits to the site were 21, 050 with visitors coming from all over the United States, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and the UK. Check it out for yourself:


By Kathleen Kelly Yesterday I received a bill for repairing our tractor. While bills aren't fun, they are an inevitable part of life and just as necessary as maintaining the equipment and grounds at Sharing Meadows. When unexpected bills come in, we look for ways to save money and somehow, we manage to pay them. God certainly does provide for our needs by touching the hearts of our donors and so much is accomplished through their generosity! So many people have supported us in so many ways. I remember one time when a woman from Whiting held a garage sale with all proceeds going to Share Foundation. Another group, from Lowell, recycle aluminum cans to raise money for our programs. Recently one of our donors came up with another unique way to support our work with other abled individuals. When Susan Ladendorf and Roy Jenkins were planning their wedding, they wanted to honor their guests in a special way. They decided to make a donation to Share Foundation for each guest who was there to help them celebrate their joyous day and they gave each person an envelope with a sheet explaining their intention and a brochure explaining Share Foundation's mission. The newlyweds made their day truly special by sharing the joy and bounty of it with others. Susan is no stranger to Share's work and the concept of giving since her Mom is Shirley Ladendorf, chairperson of our Spring Luncheon and long time friend, advocate and supporter of Share Foundation. Shirley and her husband, Bob, must be proud to see their daughter and son in-law continue the family tradition of sharing. There will always be bills to pay, both monthly ones and those that we don't expect. Sometimes, we need greater amounts of money to fund capital projects. We have always been blessed by generous donors who see that our needs, and, more importantly, the needs of other abled people, are met. We have just embarked on our second Capital Fund Drive to support the cost of expanding the residential program at Sharing Meadows and we trust that you will respond positively. We have a few volunteers working hard to secure pledges. Please listen to them and pledge your support for the future! God has always provided for our needs and we hope that you will allow Him to work through you for the future of Sharing Meadows and the other abled people who want to call it home!


Share Foundation has gratefully received the following donations from the Knights of Columbus from their annual Tootsie Roll Drive: $500.00 from Ascension Council # 10318 of Ft. Myers Beach, FL $350.00 from Our Lady of Sorrows Council #12149 of Valparaiso, IN God Bless the Knights of Columbus for their generosity!


Charitable Remainder Trusts--Part One: Just How Do They Work?

In last month's column we focused on questions you should consider when planning your estate, including how to choose an executor and the ins and outs of making a bequest. This month, as promised, we've put together a guide that you can clip out and take with you when discussing your estate plan with an attorney or financial adviser. Remember, there are many different types of estate planning documents such as general and medical powers-of-attorney, living wills, and general wills. A will is a written document that makes it possible for you to determine how your assets will be distributed in the event of your death. The document that follows is not a will, but rather it is intended to help you begin making the decisions necessary to determine how your document will eventually read. PERSONAL INFORMATION Name:______________________________SSN:_______________________ Address:_____________________________Work Phone:_________________ ____________________________________Home Phone:_________________ State of Residence:___________________Country of Birth:________Citizen: Yes No Marital Status (circle one): Single Married Is your spouse a U.S. Citizen? Yes No Name of Spouse:__________________________ Name of Former Spouse:____________________ Have you and your spouse entered into a pre or post-nuptial or community property agreement? Yes No Divorced Widow

CHILDREN Please identify if children are biological (B), adopted (A), or stepchildren (S) Name ______________ ______________ ______________ DISTRIBUTION OF PROPERTY (How is your property to be disposed of at your death? A specific bequest gives identified property to a specific individual. You do not have to make any specific bequests. Instead, you can make a general bequest to one or more individuals.) Do you own a family business or farm to be disposed of under the will? Yes No (If you do have a business or farm you may need to see a civilian attorney specializing in estate planning.) Do you have any real estate that needs to be disposed of under the will, i.e., any real estate that will not automatically pass to another joint owner at the time of your death? Yes No Address of property:_____________________________________________________ Do you have any specific bequests of cash or property to specific individuals or charitable organizations: Yes No If you have specific bequests of cash or property and are not using a Personal Property Memorandum, please list: " [Description of bequest...] to Share Foundation with the Handicapped, Inc., P.O. Box 400, Rolling Prairie, IN 46371-0400." General bequests (any remaining portion of your estate not specifically disposed of above): ____ All to your surviving spouse, or if your spouse dies before you, to your surviving issue (children and grandchildren), per stirpes (representation) _____All to your surviving issue, per stirpes (representation) _____All to your suriving spouse, or if your spouse dies before you, to your surviving issue (children and grandchildren), per capita (Equal distribution to a group of beneficiaries) ____All to your surviving issue per capita (an equal distribution to a group of beneficiaries) ___All to other beneficiaries: Name(s):_________________________________________ Relationship to you:________________________________ Is the will to disinherit anyone (to the extent permitted by law)? If so, who? If the beneficiaries named above predecease you, is there an alternate beneficiary? Yes No If yes, give full name: __________________________________________________ Relationship to you:_____________________________________________________ Additional alternate beneficiary:___________________________________________ Relationship to you:_____________________________________________________ EXECUTOR The EXECUTOR, sometimes referred to as the PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE is the person you want to handle the distribution of your estate after your death. This person must be an adult. List your first choice (usually your spouse) and at least one alternate in the event the first person is unable to serve. Local law may require that the person be a resident of the state in which you reside if they are not family members. Name:______________________________________ Relationship to you:________________ Alternate/Co-executor:_________________________ Relationship to you:_________________ Age _____ _____ _____ Status ______________________ ______________________ ______________________


Make plans now to join us at the 10th Annual Leprechaun Hunt© that is being held on Sunday, August 1st at Sharing Meadows. Whether you have been to many Leprechaun Hunts© in the past or this will be your first hunt, this Leprechaun Hunt© is guaranteed to be fun for the entire family. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary, we are giving away more prizes than ever before. Find one of 27 leprechauns that have been hidden somewhere on our 185 acres and win a cash prize anywhere from $25 up to $1500 for the grand prize leprechaun. Also, by dropping your ticket stub in the box at the gate on the day of the hunt, you are eligible to win a trip for 2 to Ireland! These great prizes are reason enough to attend, but there is so much more! The gates open at 11:00 a.m. to get cars parked and hunters into position for the official start at noon. On Father Blaney's command, the hunt will begin along with other activities in and around the St. Timothy Center camp building. Chef Philippe Joseph of Stones Bones in Munster will serve the traditional Leprechaun Hunt© buffet of all you care to eat barbequed ribs, roasted lamb, sausage, corned beef and cabbage, chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, various salads and zucchini bread baked by our Villagers along with beer, wine and pop. For the kids there will be popcorn, snocones, a moon bounce and a variety of games to keep busy. There will be Irish entertainment that includes music, singing, dancing and more. The Villagers of Sharing Meadows will have their handmade crafts for sale. The pond will be open for fisherman to test their skills and catch the tagged fish. A live auction will be held in the afternoon as well. There are so many activities to keep visitors busy, but most importantly the Leprechaun Hunt© is a wonderful opportunity to spend a day with family and friends! You can enjoy this celebration for the cost of $40 per person in advance ($45 at the gate) and $35 for seniors 65 and older ($40 at the gate). Money must be received in the Share Foundation office no later than Friday, July 30th to get the advanced ticket price. As always, children 17 and under are free when accompanied by a parent or grandparent. You can reserve your tickets today by calling the Share Foundation office at 219-7782585. We are looking forward to celebrating the 10th Annual Leprechaun Hunt© with you and your family!

Rich and Lisa Miller were ready to start their day at the Leprechaun Hunt with children Matthew and Megan.

Joe & Lauri Blaney enjoyed the day with their daughter Clare.

These 3 ladies enjoyed the Leprechaun Hunt from a table on the porch of the St. Timothy Center.

The Leprechaun Hunt is fun for the entire family!

St. James Gate entertained the crowd with their festive Irish Tunes. The rain didn't stop this group from having fun dancing under one of the tents!


Blessings for Brother James Blaszak C.S.C. for his 40th Jubilee, int. Patricia Turner In honor of Dick & Nancy Bolesky's 50th Wedding Anniversary, int. Jeffrey A. Cusick Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Bernie & Helen Burns, int. Louis & Louise Henrich Kathy Brill James Kovalcik & Family Congratulations & God's Blessings to Carol Conway, int. Tom & Eunice Conway In thanksgiving for the safe arrival and birth of Tyler Matthew Craig (4-02-2004) and congratulations to his parents, Pat & Tricia Craig! Int. Love, Great Grandma Lou DeWulf Health & God's Blessings for June Graham, int. June Urback Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Jack & Betty Helm, int. Ed Miltenberger Congratulations on your 1st Holy Communion, Charlie Long! Int. Eric & Sheryl Chelovitz Prayers for the 25th Anniversary of Diane & Nick Janus, int. Janet Edwards In honor of our Family & Friends who helped us celebrate our wedding day on 05/30/2004, int. Roy Jenkins & Susan Ladendorf Happy Birthday to Ken Kelley, int. Your Mom, Caroline Pagels Happy Birthday Lori Kozy, to a wonderful daughter, int. Much Love, Mom Happy Birthday Donald Lax, & a quick return to good health, int. Love, your sister Patsy In honor of Eileen & Joe LoPiccolo on their wedding anniversary - May the sun be on your face; the wind be at your back; and God hold you in the palm if his hand! With love, int. Marcella Mooney God's Blessings for a return to good health for Marie Mannion, int. Jim & Kathleen McCormack God's Blessings & strength to my 90 yr. old godmother, Agnes Timm McCleer, int. Helen Johnson In honor or Fr. James P. McGrogan's 40th Ordination Anniversary, int. Louise, Susan & Jeff Cusick Prayers for the 30th Anniversary of Mary Ann & J.P. Michel, int. Janet Edwards Happy Birthday to Sue Miller, a terrific daughter, int. Much Love, Mama Thank you God, for one of our lives greatest blessings - our loving, caring & very giving parents, Jim & Ann Miskovich. Kindly continue to bless them as they celebrate their 51st Wedding Anniversary, Amen., int. Love, Jim, Lynn, Nancy, Tom, Karen, Sue, Jeff, Cassie, Jeffery, Tommy, Danny & Ross Happy Birthday to Lloyd Pagels, int. Your Mom, Caroline Pagels God's Blessings & a Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary for Stephen & Josephine Pasztor, int. John & Phyllis James In honor of the Pembroke & Shortall Family members, int. Mr. & Mrs. John J. Pembroke

Happy Birthday Jaime Ryan & Congratulations on your concert, int. Much Love, Mom Prayers for Patrick & Sonia Ryan, in resolution for a personal dilemma. Blessings for Fr. Gerald Sroka for his Senior Priest Status & his 44th Anniversary of Ordination, int. Patricia Turner Happy 50th Golden Anniversary to Al & Mary Therese Young, int. Tom & Pat Mullaney

Loving thoughts and happy memories of my dear husband, Max Boyan, on our 56th Wedding Anniversary July 3rd. Love you & miss you., int. Evelyn Thank You for many loving memories, Andrea, on our 51st Wedding Anniversary, July 25, 1953, int. Raymond Buell Remembering my brother-in-law, Joseph Bugajski, int. Delphine Murzyn In loving memory of my husband, Robert Burgess, on his 4th anniversary in Heaven (June 22, 2000), int. Alice Burgess With cherished memories of Jay Calhoun, int. Nettie Aslanian Nicole & Jeff Farrell Ruben & Julie Shehigian Sara Simonian With cherished memories of my dear brother, Richard M. Chmielek on his Birthday; June 20th, int. Sister Doloeres, John, John & Diane, John & Joshua In remembrance of Mary M. (Churosh) Biel, int. Joseph Knish & Family Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pers In loving memory of Mary (Churosh) Biel friend & co-worker at Condes Restaurant, int. Ann Pachuta Friends can be sisters too! In loving memory of Chris, Joan & Gloria for their Birthdays on June 6th, 9th & 21st, int, June Urback Remembering Louise Ciciora, int. Gertrude A. Wasik In loving remembrance of the 1st Anniversary of your death. I miss you & will always love you., int. Your devoted Daughter, Jeannie In loving memory of Virgil R. Cole, int. Ron & Jill Long In memory of Robert Crowe, int. Ron & Madelyn Toth In loving memory of Eugene T. Cwiok on his Wedding Anniversary, int. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cwiok With cherished memories of Sam D'Angelo, int. Peggy McGroarty In memory of John R. Dado, Sr., int. John & Eve Novosel In remembrance of Louis J. Deiotte - Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart, on what would have been our 47th anniversary. I love you and miss you so much. int. Mary Ellen S. Deiotte In loving memory of Eugene M. Dembowski, int. Jim & Gloria Shiel In memory of my sister, Jean Demkowicz on her 3rd Anniversary in Heaven, int. Lorry Lach In memory of Arthur Dewes, int. Jerome & Rosalee Hoffman With cherished memories of Helene & William Dietzen, int. John & Janis Dietzen In loving memory of my husband, Edward M. Dosen, int. Gloria Dosen In remembrance of Donna Jo Dreske, int. Helen C. Neulieb Gert & Bob Miller


In remembrance of Robert "Bob" Austgen, int. Jim & Gloria Shiel In loving memory of Stephen Bachani, int. Celia Irk In loving memory of my husband, Stanley J. Bachurek on his 21st Anniversary in Heaven on July 31st int. Loving Wife, Rose - Miss You. With cherished memories of Lewis Bagaloff, int. George & Deane Janjecic In memory of Mark Balucki, int. Frances C. Felus Remembering my dear father, Ken Bannon, on his 8th anniversary in Heaven (July 18, 1996), Sadly missed and never forgotten, int. Daughter, Candy Wilde In remembrance of Annette Bauer, int. Delphine Jasinski In memory of Peter Becich, int. Maryann Becich In remembrance of Stanley Bernat, int. Wanda Bernat Ray & Virginia Benjamin Anna Benson & Family Nick & Joann Bobeck Stephanie Bobeck Ely Braca Ted Braciak Dr. & Mrs. Bukata Connie, Nate & Nick Burchfield Wally & Lisa Cisowski & Family Rose Dominik Linka Jesko Pat Kelly Keith, Kathy & Kelsey Lennon Mary Lewandowski Carmie Lewis Ann Lieber Bashir & Joyce Masoodi Mary McKinney & Family Antoinette Mihal Kevin Mihal Joseph Nowicki Dolores Olis Marianne Oprish Lois Outlaw Pearl Pazdur Lizanne Pilot Corinne Rosco George & Michael Schmidt Mary Sotak Sophie Sprusansky Veronica Thompson James Tracy Anna Varlan Lee & Sharon Wronko With treasured memories of our Brother-inLaw, John Blastik, we will miss you., int. Thomas Kusbel The Daniel Kusbel Family. George & Jane Curosh

In loving memory of Margaret Dreske, int. Mike & Lorraine Dreske Beverly J. Milcarek & Family Gerti & Bob Miller Lester & Elmer Nowatzke Ted & Mary Nowatzke Dennis & Joanie Wahl Donald & Charlotte Wentland In tribute to Katherine Drosus, int. Larry & Ruth Broviak In loving remembrance of the deceased members of the Duffy & Daly Families, int. Margaret Daly In loving memory of my dear husband, Don Edinger, int. Wife, Eileen Remembering K.J. & Selma Francis, int. Angelo & Adele Costa Remembering Herb Fischer on "Grampy's Day", int. Nate, Jon & Stacey Rebholz In memory of Al Gajewski, int. Don & Josie Bolek With cherished memories of Mother, Ruth Galinowski, and remembering her 1st birthday in Heaven. int. Karen Galinowski In loving memory of our son-in-law, Michael Gaskey, int. Joe & Sally Rivich In tribute to Robert E. Geisen, int. Mildred E. Baccino In memory of our brother-in-law, Paul Gerdsen, int. Bill & Anne Franz & Family In memory of Marie A. Gesmond, int. Jerry Sutko With treasured memories of Carrie Glick, Happy Birthday Mommy, int. your son, Austin Glick In loving memory of our niece, Carrie S. Glick, she would have been 21 on July 30th, 2004. Happy 21st Birthday Carrie (while in heaven) we will be celebrating with you. We love & miss you so very much., int. Aunt Joanie & Uncle Denny (Wally) In loving memory of Andy Gliottoni, int. Dimitre & Agnes Adich In remembrance of Katherine & Harriette Gondeck, int. Adrian J. Stasiak In memory of my husband and soul mate, John E. Grams, I love you. int. Wife, Delores Grams Remembering Ben L. Gregorowicz, int. Mary A. Smolen In remembrance of William Lee Grgurich, Sr., int. Don & Janet Mayersky In loving memory of Tony Grzeszczyszyn, int. Irene Abram In memory of David Hesterman, int. Frances C. Felus In remembrance of Ben Hicks, int. Dale, Joyce & Gary Barnes In tribute to Duane Hicks, int. John & Donna Etter In remembrance of Dorothy Hinkel, int. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Grimmer In loving memory of Ignac & Hodakowski, int. Bernice Hodakowski Ann

Remembering my siblings, Henry, Jean & Ted Hodus, int. Zochna In memory of Earl Hoffman, int. Matt & Mary Duffy In remembrance of Jeanette Hoffman, int. Jerome & Rosalee Hoffman Remembering our friend, Don Jaroscak, int. Joyce Choncoff and Family In memory of Ann Jones, int. John & Donna Etter In remembrance of Louis & Rafka Joseph, int. Mary R. Joseph In loving memory of Emogene & Louis Josvai, int. Alice Lummio Remembering Charmaine V. Joyce, int. Joseph G. Joyce In loving memory of my cousin's wife, Sharon Kado, int. Raymond K. Komasinski In loving remembrance of a very dear friend, Evelyn Kandalec Dan, int. Evelyn Boyan With cherished memories of my wife, Leota L. Karras, int. James G. Karras In remembrance of Jack Kasper, int. George & Jane Curosh In memory of John "Jake" Keckich, int. Joseph Knish & Family In remembrance of my dear, wonderful husband, John F. Kelly, int. Dorothie M. Kelly In remembrance of Mary Kelly, int. Kelly Kids Klub In loving memory of William & Harriet Kelly, int. Kelly Kids Klub In remembrance of Pat Kelty, int. Mary J. McEnery With cherished memories of Pamela K. King, int. Her Loving Family With cherished memories of my mother, Mary Kissel, on her birthday - July 15th, int. Margaret Springer Remembering Barbara J. Koch, int. Raymond Buell & Family In loving memory of our Father, Emory J. Kosac, int. Jo Kosac Gruber James (Jimmy) Kosac Kath Krum Noreen Oresik Betty Reba Judy (Boots) Kosac Schlueter Dale & Susan Schurg Bob & Helen Vincent In memory of Jamie Krasowski, int. Ed Ciesar Jeff Ciesar Al & Yolan Fabian Frances C. Felus Peggy Paulson In remembrance of our loving parents Josephine & Joe Krieter, int. Charles & Paula Krieter Remembering Sophie Kroslack, int. Patricia Ruth In loving memory of Dorothy Kuipers, int. Jean Cormican Jerry & Lynette Cormican In memory of Staniszewski Al Kulczyk, int. Cheryl

Remembering Caetano Lacous, int. Jessie Ancich In loving remembrance of Emily Lambert, int. Edna & Phyllis Frances Fuzo Henrietta Kriesel Irene Wroblewski and Family In memory of Lucille Larson, int. Mary R. Joseph Remembering Kenneth E. Lindsay, int. Celia Irk Theresa Holajter In remembrance of our neighbor, Augustina Lizcano, int. Raymond Buell & Family Remembering Marcia Longawa, int. Ed Lebryk & Family With cherished memories of my dear husband, Edward Lukawski, int. Wife, Helen Remembering Raymond Lukosik, int. Steve & Julie Zaborski In tribute to Gerald Marsh, int. Laverne Vechey In memory of Charles McAllister, int. Loretta Krawczyk Always thinking of Melanie Mailander, int. With Love, Aunt Denise In remembrance of Ronald Mallonee, int. Jim & Eleanore Campbell D & B Poplon Family In loving memory of my wife Phyllis McCampbell, int. Ralph McCampbell In memory of our friend, Dorothy McGuire, int. Della & Casey Stayback Dale, Joyce & Gary Barnes Mary R. Joseph In memory of Joanne McKee, int. Mr. & Mrs. Gene Smiertelny Mrs. Phyllis Boo In loving remembrance of Meredith Melnyczenko, 12/26/1980 - 03/04/2004, int. Semone Walter In remembrance of Bess Mengon, int. Anna May Prucy In memory of John A. Mihalik, int. Mrs. Josephine Boniecki In loving remembrance of Mary Mihalo, int. Bernadette "Cookie" Mihalo Mr. & Mrs. Jim Companik Joseph Knish & Family Remembering Edward "Pete" Molenda, int. Bob & Dorothy Bragiel In tribute to David Molodet, int. With Love, Mom & Dad In loving memory of Busia & Grandpa Murzyn, int. Mark & Paul In loving memory of my dear husband, Gene Murzyn, always in my heart, int. Wife, Sue Loving thoughts & memories of my dear daughter-in-law, Kimberly (Nelson) Murzyn, int. Delphine Murzyn With treasured memories of my dear husband, Streaky Murzyn, & remembering all the happy times when we were together, int. Loving Wife, Delphine In loving memory of Rose Nierengarten, int. Jean Chiki

In rememberance of Kathy Nowak, int. Andrean Students In memory of George Nowfel, int. Walt & Dolores Huryn Scott & Kathy Ebert Philip & Diane Faroh Tony & Mary Di Paolo Sylvia Petoskey Tom & Helen Hathoot In loving memory of Lottie Nytko, int. Margaret Gray In rememberance of John Nytko, int. Margaret Gray In loving memory of Mrs. O'Donnell, int. Joe & Elaine Rizzardo Remembering Eileen O'Hara, int. Fran Rokita In loving memory of Jay Oloween, int. Mary R. Joseph In memory of my beloved wife, Millie Opat, int. Fred Opat In remembrance of Elsie Oppolo, int. Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Lamantia Remembering Thomas Orginski, Jr., int. Gertrude Orginski In memory of Arnold Orolin, int. Annette Paprocki Roland & Ann Reed With cherished memories of Rose Evelyn Parker, int. Frank & Pat Keilman In loving memory of Louis & Theresa Paunicka, int. Dolores J. Callahan In loving memory of Emma Paveza, int. Antoinette Camarata Kathleen Kelly Loretta Krawczyk Remembering the Pembroke & Shortall Family members, int. Mr. & Mrs. John J. Pembroke Remembering Donna Pena, int. Mr. & Mrs. John & Lucille Blasko I love you, Joe Pieters! int. Wife Joann In memory of Jerome Pizarek, int. Amon & Rose Mary Webb In loving memory of Helen Plesniak on the 1st Anniversary of her death, int. Your Daughter Dorie In loving memory of John M. Polis, int. Joan Polis In memory of Catherine Porsoska - our beloved daughter, int. Mom & Dad With cherished memories of Poweska, int. Bill & Betty O'Leary Edward

In loving memory of Lou, Louie & Tony Salvatore, int. Helen Salvatore Remembering Nina Schaum, int. Lloyd Pagels & Ken Kelley In loving memory of my wife's birthday, Agnes Scheidt, 07-01-04, I Love You, int. your Husband Francis J. Scheidt In memory of Florence Schweitzer, int. Bob, Emma, & Terry Ann Defenser Remembering Frances Schweitzer, int. Dick and Joyce Dominoski In remembrance of Elizabeth Schwoegler, int. Mrs. Ray Basanda (Betty)

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Pavlock Janice & Richard Schumaker John Topa Family United Transportation Union #1526 Mary Wroblewski In loving memory of Victor & John Torres, int. Maria Torres In memory of Betty Tragesser on the 6th Anniversary of her death, "You are the wind beneath my wings", int. Phyllis Uram In tribute to Steve R. Vrlik, Jr. - one year ago on July 2nd we shared our last goodbye. Rest in peace, int. Your Wife, Marie Vrlik In memory of Don Wargo, int. Bob & Rose Gacsko In loving memory of my mother, Ethel Mae Wigglesworth, int. Judy & Dale Hiatt In Remembrance of Clarence C. Wirtz, int. Mr. & Mrs. Vernon G. Miller Remembering Joseph G. Yancich (04-29-04), int. Kay Badowski & Family In memory of Joe Yonker, int. Charles & Paula Krieter With loving memories of Pami Young, int. Alton & Laurie Custer In memory of Wallace Zablocki, int. James & Eleanor Campbell With cherished memories of Anna Zalik, int. Annette Paprocki With cherished memories Zatorski, int. Dorothy Zatorski of Michael

In loving memory of Ed Sekulski, int. Niece JoAnne John & Phyllis James Dam Jamrose In loving memory of Ted V. Sidor, always in my heart, int. Dolores Sidor In remembrance of Joseph Smiertelny, int. Jessie Garbacik In loving memory of my beloved wife, Ellen Smith, int. Your Family, Ken, Kimberly & David Remembering Lorenzo Soto, int. Elizabeth J. Sedey Thomas M. Sedey Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Soto Mrs. Angeline Vela With cherished memories of Marilyn & Tom Starr, int. Starr girls & Families In memory of Helen Stefanac, int. Marie Harmon & Family In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Stolarz, int. Joan F. Polis In loving memory of George Such, my brother & brother in-law. May you rest in the arms of Jesus. May 13, 2004. int. Mary Lou & John Such James R. Potesta Jim & Nori Potesta - Sajdyk With cherished memories of Helen Such, int. Alyce Kenzie In remembrance of Timothy Sullivan, int. Robert Joseph With cherished memories of Anthony Svitko, int. Mary Radziwiecki With loving memories of Aunt Marian T. Swiniarski, int. Sis & Joe Schepanek In remembrance of Chester P. Szyndrowski, int. Distilled Spirits Council Of The United States Pernod Ricard USA Remembering Chester Szyndrowski, int. Pernod Ricard USA In memory of Ethel & George Tomaszewski, int. Ken, Sue, Rich & Families In remembrance of Cecelia Topa, int. Mike & Lou Ann Bankowski Doug & Renee Buell David & Patricia Gangwer Pam & Jeff Jones Brenda Kocikowski Mary Lucas Sharon McDaniel Mrs. Dolores M. Morse

In loving memory of Richard Zembron, int. Ed, Barb & Katie Bryzgalski Remembering my brother-in-law Joseph Zielinski, int. Delphine Murzyn


In loving memory of our Dads, int. Mary Ann & Ed Bowen With cherished memories of Victor A. Falbo, int. Love from, Wife Jean, Son Bob & Family and Daughter Joanne & Family Victor S. Gruszka - Remembered on Father's Day with love, int. Marilyn & Frank Potosky and Family With loving memories of Andrew Mudrancik on Father's Day, int. Bette O'Leary In rememberance of Dewey O'Leary, int. Bill O'Leary With cherished memories of Claude Parker, int. Nancy Parker Remembering Frank S. Potosky, Sr. - Happy Father's Day Dad, int. Frank & Marilyn Potosky & Family In loving memory of Herb Fischer - Dear Dad, you living legacy: int. Bob, Michael, Karen & Chris...Love

In memory of Bruno Pradziad, int. Laura & Paul Ransom In remembrance of Anne B. Puntillo, int. Frank & Connie LaMantia Jim & Gloria Sheil To a loving mom & grandma, Phyllis Rovai. May your 1st Anniversary in Heaven be a blessed one, int. Love, Joyce, Jim, Zak, Sam & Pesqualli Remembering Luby Ruich, March 31, 1925 June 4, 2003, int. Stephanie Ruich Jim, Paul, Larry & Mary Jo


In Honor of my Dad, John T. Spear on Father's Day, int. Jacki Ramieriz


In Honor of our Mother, Bernice M. Lukas on Mother's Day, int. Mary Ann & Ed Witek & Family

JULY 2004

FRIENDS CLUB WINNERS Ms. Helen Banyai Munster, IN 46321 Lee Smith Munster, IN 46321 William Hewitt Lynwood, IL 60411

Winners receive a $100 gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.


Summer Camp Weeks July 4 - 9 July 11 - 16 10th Annual Leprechaun Hunt Sunday, August 1, 2004 Sharing Meadows Fall 2004 Mini-Camps September 10 - 12 October 15 - 17 November 12 - 14 December 10 - 12 Share Our Dreams Gala & Silent Auction Friday, November 5, 2004 Center for Visual & Performing Arts in Munster, IN

To remember Share Foundation in your will, the proper legal name is:

Share Foundation With the Handicapped, Inc. P.O. Box 400 Rolling Prairie, IN 46371


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