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The Sharon Messenger:

Proclaiming, Growing, Sharing

S h ar on M ora vi an Ch ur ch

"Home is where the heart is . . ."

My wife and I were given a trivet early in our marriage. It was in the shape of a house and had a verse one it. The verse said: Home is where the heart is and friendship is a guest. A book, a hearth, a handshake, a place for souls to rest. When I drove into Ohio on August 19th, I said to myself, "I'm home" and a tear rolled down my cheek. Its been 21 years since I last served a church in the great state of Ohio, but it still feels like home. Perhaps that's because my heart is here. I've been blessed by friendships from the past and new ones already beginning to grow. The handshakes

I have been blessed with four daughters whom some of you know. Karen and Beth live in Wisconsin and Ginnie and Sue are livLest you ing in Bethlehem, Pennsylthink I've come vania. They will be visiting periodically. Ginnie is in to sit on the porch and remi- remission with breast cancer and we celebrate. nisce, nothing could be further Karen is married to The from the truth. I know I'm Rev. Kerry Krauss and has two boys. Sue is married to in the right place at the Joe Testa and has two right time and this is boys. Beth is now The Rev. where God wants me to be. We're about to enter Beth Rohn-Habhagger having been married to Seth our ministry together this past June 4 and is exseeking that which God would have us do. I look pecting her first child. My forward to sharing ministry bride, Kay, moved into the with you, hearing your sto- more immediate presence of the Savior in June 2008. ries and getting to know you by name. I bring with There's one more me forty years of stories thing you should know. I from different kinds of have a Mustang. I call it my places. Ohio State car as it is dark red with silver racing I don't know how much you've been told so stripes. It's a convertible here is a little information with a tan top and tan interior. Now, you also should about me. I celebrated the fortieth anniversary of know it isn't the only one that is dark red with a tan my ordination this past June 28. My first call was top so just keep that in mind. Oh, and I've been to North Dakota, then Wisconsin, then Pennsyl- "tweeking" it a little bit so you'll probably hear it comvania, then OHIO, then ing before you see it. Pennsylvania, then New York, then Pennsylvania, and now OHIO. In those states I've served all kinds of churches from rural to inner city, from suburban to small city and now the suburb of the Village of Tuscarawas. That's a little about me, now I'm looking forward to hearing about you. I'm excited to be your pastor and look forward to ministry together. Pastor Denny

and smiles which have greeted me have helped my soul to be at rest. I'm home!

Volume 20 Issue 8 S ept ember 2 010

Inside this issue:

Christian Education Greeters & Nursery Birthdays and Anniversaries Board Meeting Recaps Thank You Notes

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· Pastor ~ Reverend Dennis Rohn · Christian Education Director ~ Mrs. Crystal Fox · Church Secretary ~ Mrs. Mary Long

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The Sharon Messenger:

Proclaiming, Growing, Sharing

C h r i s t i a n E d u c a t i o n & Yo u t h N e w s

A Back-to-School Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, bless the children and youth of this nation, returning to their schools and colleges. May your Holy Spirit enlighten their minds, purify their vision and strengthen their wills. Protect them as they learn in the classroom and participate in activities outside it. May they learn to follow in your steps, just as you grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. Amen.

Fall 2010

Sunday Mornings

We begin our normal schedule on September 19. Moravian Stars will meet in the adult choir room, grades 612, Joyce Sainato, director. Singing Sunbeams, orange room, grades PreK-5, Karen Baker & Shirley Henry, directors. Sunday School opening in Fellowship Hall: 9:15 - 9:30 Children/Youth Choirs: 9:15 - 9:45 Children/Youth Sunday: School 9:45 - 10:15 Adult Sunday School: 9:30 - 10:15 The next CEC meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 14 at 6:30.

Young Adult Convo 2010/2011 A Journey to the Holy Land December 28, 2010 to January 6, 2011 For young adults who have completed high school, through those who are 25 years old. For more information, please contact The Rev. Chris Giesler by email at: [email protected]

9:15 will begin our time together. Come join us as we get to know Pastor Denny! We will share some things about ourselves, too. We will be making a Sharon scrapbook for Pastor Denny so he can get to know us, so bring a picture of yourself or family that morning. This is for children, youth and adults. A light breakfast will be served.

We begin our normal schedule on September 19.

Sunday School opening in Fellowship Hall: 9:15 - 9:30 Children/Youth Choirs: 9:15 - 9:45 Children/Youth Sunday School: 9:45 - 10:15 Adult Sunday School: 9:30 - 10:15 Mike Reed will lead our Searcher's class. They will meet each Sunday morning under the staircase. They will be using lessons from the Thoughtful Christian website. Gloria Rentsch will lead the Covenant class on Sunday mornings in the church library, studying "Discovering Promise in a World of Uncertainty" by Rev. William W. Matz Sr. Karen Baker will lead the middle school class (grades 6,7 & 8) in the yellow room Rachel Braun will be teaching the Pre K through 5th grades in the red room Crystal Fox will be working with the senior high class in the room across from the church office.

Prayer Concerns

Home bound members: Betty Carpenter, Katherine Reichman Those in need of healing: Carol Anderson, Kim Johnson, Dave Keller, Bob Lorenz, Nicole Meese, Ida Meyers, Paul Feickert, Garin O'Connor, Lynn E. Reichman, Janice Rogers, Ginnie Rohn, Martha Rolli, Delores Williams, Ruth Winsch

T h l u S hea r o n M e s s e n g e r : s sP reo c l a i m i n g , G r o w i n g , S h a r i n g Voe m 20 I u 8

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Women's September Fellowship News Sunday S c h e d u l e The Dover Moravian Women's Fellowship has invited us to

September 5: Greeters: Bob & Martha Turney Nursery: Jerry & Judy Gwinn September 12: Greeters: Dan & Cindy Llewellyn Nursery: Sandy Link September 19: Greeters: the Fox Family Nursery: Sandy Schupp September 26: Greeters: Doug & Chris Krocker Nursery: Melanie Quillen

their fall kick-off on Thursday, September 9 at 6:30. Marie Couts will be speaking, graciously agreeing to introduce our fall study of the book "The Fruits of the Spirit Come Alive". A dessert buffet will follow, please call Jane Ann by August 29 if you'd like to go along. *** The Martha Housman Circle will meet on September 13, 7:00 pm, at the home of Reba Kollman. We'll take our own look into the book , "The Fruits of the Spirit Come Alive". The Lunch Bunch will begin meeting again next month on Tuesday, October 26, 11:00 am, at the home of Shirley Hill. ***

Adult Choir

This invitation comes to you as we begin a new year in the life of Sharon Church a new pastor, a new church season, a time of expectation! Please consider being a member of our Adult Choir as we resume rehearsals September 8. We'll meet at 7:00 pm on Wednesday evenings, usually for an hour (or a little longer in busy seasons). We welcome new singers along with our returning members. Being able to read music or having a "solo" voice is not a necessity. A sense of commitment and willingness to use your abilities to the glory of God is a necessary part. We realize that many of your schedules are quite full and that you may not be able to be here at times, but we try to work six weeks ahead so if you can be there most of the time, or in certain blocks of time, you should feel comfortable.

"Stepping out of the Boat" June 23-26, 2011

The 11th Moravian Women's Conference will be held at the Embassy Suites Golf and Spa Resort in Concord, NC. Featured speakers will be Liz Curtis Higgs, The Rev. Peg Chemberlin, Sister Angelene Swart. Registration forms are available online at www.moravianwomensconf If you do not have access to a computer, please contact the office and we will be glad to assist you. Pastor Margaret is responsible for the Opening Communion Service. Packets of registration materials have not come yet, but we'll let you know when they do.

Dart Baseball

Dart baseball will be starting in October. If you would like to play, call Lynn Reichman or John Carpenter.

Something Beautiful

"Spread love everywhere you go; to show love for God and our neighbor we need not do great things. It is how much love we put in doing that makes our offering something beautiful to God." ~ Mother Teresa

The West Salem Moravian Women are excited to announce the details for the upcoming fall retreat. The deadline for registration is September 20. Our speaker for the weekend will be Rev. Rebecca Craver, who We enjoy lively fellowship and spiritual enrichment is serving as a church through our time together. planter in Indianapolis. Please join us. We want and Fall retreat is open to all women of the Moravian Church need your participation. in the Mid-States Region. It is a wonderful opportunity to renew friendships and make new ones. We are looking forward to seeing everyone October 1 3, 2010, as Rev. Craver makes the Fruits of the Spirit Come Alive. If you have any questions, please contact me, Nancy The Sunday School card Gibbs, at 330-339-3673, or by ministry coordinator for email, [email protected] September is Anna Mae Registration forms are in the literature rack near the parking Loveday. lot door.

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The Sharon Messenger:

Proclaiming, Growing, Sharing

September Birthdays

2nd: Zane Love 3rd: Debbie Bober Karen Gazdik Matt Westbrook 4th: Kim Johnson Brennan Rentsch 5th: Bonnie Lorenz Pastor Denny Ellee Shepherd 7th: Mary Heavilin Dave Kellar Barb Lahm Shannon West 8th: Jesse Loveday 9th: Robin Kollman Cris McCarthy Melanie Quillen 10th: Sue Rummell Brad Schumacher 11th: Rosalie Pepe Jean Walker 13th: Katie Saho 14th: Carole Ronald 15th: Bob Briggs Jr. 17th: Nancy Glenn 19th: Judy Gold 20th: Dillon Bolon Chris DeLaCruz 22nd: Dan Fait Daniel Swaldo Donald Swaldo 23rd: Matthew Carpenter Elsie Robinson 26th: Bill Love Sr. LaVerne McKean 27th: Crystal Fox 28th: Janet Decker Kim Mahaffey 30th: Doris Donehue Rick Kollman Kristen Pittis Laura Vesco


September Anniversaries

Doug & Vicky Decker Heather & Mark O'Connor 10th: 11th: 12th: 16th: 19th: 20th: 30th: Brad & Liz Schumacher Skip & Jeannie Sours Mark & Kim Stull Jesse & Keri Loveday Todd & Brenda Pancher Anna & Brent Cross Sara & Richard Lentz


The Moravian Church of Sturgeon Bay requests the honor of your presence at the Ordination of Joshua Ryan Viste at the Sturgeon Bay Moravian Church, 323 South Fifth Ave., Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Saturday afternoon, Sept. 11, 2010, 4:00 pm. Reception and meal to follow. RSVP 920-743-6218 by August 27, 2010.

Birthday Sunday will be held following worship on September 5th. Come enjoy a piece of birthday cake!

Opening Doors Growing Churches

OMMC invites the Rev. Dr. Fred Lehr to Tuscarawas County for "Opening Doors Growing Churches", hosted by Schoenbrunn Community Moravian Church.

It's a Girl!

Rachel and Jason Peterson and big sister Sienna welcomed their new baby girl, Alden, into their family last Friday, August 20, 2010! Rachel is Marie Abbuhl's grand daughter, so congratulations to Great-Grandma Marie as well!

· ·

Saturday, September 25, 2010 9:00 ­ 4:00 (8:30 AM Registration)

This is an excellent workshop and Rev. Dr. Lehr has something to share that all of us need to hear. Please plan on attending this educational event that will help us help our church grow. If you desire the church to grow and thrive, don't miss this opportunity to receive the benefit of Rev. Dr. Lehr's expertise. Please call the office at Schoenbrunn, 330-3391940 to register. Please feel free to invite your friends from other congregations.

Our donation for the Food pantry this month is baby food.

Clothing Drop Box The Joyful Noise Offering Pump House Ministries picked up over 600 pounds of clothes for September from our parking lot receptacle! request all is Moravian Theyplastic bags,donations be in tied NO hangers and NO paper bags (the conOpen Door. densation can mildew clothes).

Volume 20

Issue 8

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Attendance Averages: June & July 2009: 110 June & July 2010: 96 Elders:

Marie Abbuhl Tami Bolon Sandy Fait Jerry Gwinn Shirley Henry Kenny Lawver Bob Lorenz Mike Reed Gloria Rentsch 740-922-2518 740-254-9162 330-339-3954 330-339-1549 740-498-8011 330-343-0123 740-922-4487 330-339-7178 740-254-4142

Tr u s t e e s

Kim Stull 740-254-9049 Dan Garver 740-922-3267 Cindy Knisely 740-922-1687 Doug Krocker 330-339-8848 Dan Llewellyn 330-339-4413 Glen Schumacher740-922-5648 Dave Smith 740-922-0825 Glen Swaldo 330-340-7735 Bill Westbrook 330-339-6341

Poll Workers Needed

The Tuscarawas County Board of Elections is in need of qualified electors to work as Polling Officials, or Poll Workers, on Election Day. To be a Pollworker, one must be a registered voter of Tuscarawas County and have declared one of the two major parties (Republican or Democrat) by voting that party's ballot in a Primary Election. The Position pays $175.00 which includes attending two training classes, one machine and one book work class. Pollworkers are required to be at their polling location by 5:45 AM. They are expected to stay until all materials are packed up after the last voter votes and the polls close. The polling location must remain open until 7:30 PM. Each precinct has four Pollworkers: one Presiding Judge and three Judges. The Presiding Judge is the Team Leader and is also paid a mileage and picking up supplies fee. All four Pollworkers work together as a team to process each voter and to ensure a fair and accurate election. For Pollworker Applications, questions, or concerns, please contact Barb Wills [email protected] or Tuscarawas County Board of Elections, PO Box 69, New Philadelphia, 330-343-8819. Applications can also be downloaded from our website:

The Board of Trustees have not met lately due to lack of quorum.


2200 East High Ave. New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663

CEC Meeting Recap for August

The Christian Education Committee met on Tuesday, August 10 at 6:30. Dale Shriver opened with a time of reflection and prayer. The June minutes, as well as the Treasurers report were approved as presented. Children's Lovefeast preparations are being made. The youth will be preparing and serving the Lovefeast. Elder approval was given to keep the children in the sanctuary for Pastor Denny's installation as well as for the Children's Lovefeast. The Elder's approved the Kids Own Worship ending on August 22. We will begin our fall season on Sunday, September 12, 9:15 will begin our time together. We want to get to know Pastor Denny and help him get to know us as well, so that morning we will share some things about ourselves by making a Sharon scrapbook for Pastor Denny. Bring a picture of yourself or family that morning. This is for children, youth and adults. A light breakfast will be served. We begin our normal schedule on September 19. Moravian Stars will meet in the adult choir room, grades 612, Joyce Sainato, director. Singing Sunbeams, orange room, grades PreK-5, Karen Baker & Shirley Henry, directors. Sunday School opening in Fellowship Hall: 9:15 - 9:30 Children/Youth Choirs: 9:15 - 9:45 Children/Youth Sunday: School 9:45 - 10:15 Adult Sunday School: 9:30 - 10:15 The next CEC meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 14 at 6:30.

Saturday, September 18, 2010 Dinner Theater - Dinner 6:30; Show 7:30 PM

Reservations Required Tickets, Prices and Menus are Available by Calling 330-339-1940 All proceeds benefit Schoenbrunn Community Moravian Church Christian Education and Music Programs

The Church Office will be closed on September 6 for the Labor Day Weekend.

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The Sharon Messenger:

Proclaiming, Growing, Sharing

T h a n k Yo u N o t e s

Sharon Moravian Church

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 385 Tuscarawas, OH 44682 Physical Address: 4776 Moravian Church Road SE New Philadelphia, OH 44663 [email protected] O FFICE HOURS: M ONDAY - F RIDAY 9:00 - 12:00 P HONE: 740-922-5507 F A X : 7 4 0 -9 2 2 -0 8 9 5

Moravian Open Door extends its heartfelt thanks to all those at the Northern Province Synod who made financial donations to support its ministry. A total of $733.75 was contributed to MOD, a very welcome gift to this Urban ministry to homeless adults, rebuilding their lives and helping them to independent living. MOD is also delighted that the Synod endorsed the memorial that will extend MOD's annual appeal to all members of Northern Province Moravian churches. A big thank you from myself and the Navajo Indian tribe in Arizona ­ they were amazed at the outpouring from you all! Everything was delivered, and the money that some of you donated was given to Pastor Boor. Thanks again! Art Viola Thanks to everyone who helped with our Music and Mission Presentation! The Sharon Youth Fellowship Thanks to everyone for their calls and prayers and a special thanks to Pastor Margaret during Kenny's recuperation. Thanks again and God bless! Linda & Kenny Abbuhl The Joint Board would like to thank everyone for your donations and help for the Farewell Toast-Roast Covered Dish Lunch last Sunday for Pastor Margaret Leinbach. The total contributions were $695.00. Thanks

again for a great day. We will miss her services. The Joint Board Dear Friends, Thank you for the supplies you sent with Brother Art Viola. We appreciate your generosity and your prayers. We have been missionaries to the Navajo for 44 years now and with God's grace and mercy hope to go as long as He allows us to go ­ so keep praying for us. I was an Ohio Bell employee for 25 years and a WWII Veteran. I never have regretted my change in occupations. We (my wife Nancy and my children) became missionaries in 1966 then arrived in the field in early June 1967. We adopted eight Navajo children and raised seven (one died) ­ so we have many Indian grandkids and great grandkids. My dear wife died in December of 2008 and I miss her greatly, but I have many who take care of me and help me when I need it. Thank God for my big family and also my church family who also help me a lot. So thanks again and drop by if you are out this way, and thank Brother Art for us. Love in Christ, Frank Bocher Thank you so much for the gift basket to welcome baby Claire. Also thanks for all the prayers during my hospital stay. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

Abby, Josh, Elliot & Claire Kimble Thank you very much for the $134 donation you made to the Twin City Christian Service Center in March 2010. Your contribution helps us continue to reach out to the increasing number of people in need in our community. With help from friends like you, we were able to assist nearly 13,000 people in 2009 with needed food items. Thank you for your continued support. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Valerie Wilson TCCSC Treasurer I want to thank the gracious members of Sharon Church for the many cards, wonderful food, phone calls and visits while in the hospital and the therapy program at Hennis. I can never say thank you enough. God bless all of you! Martha Rolli I would like to thank everyone for their prayers, visits, cards and food. You were all so good to me while I cooled my heels! God bless, Jane Ann Reichman Dear Sharon Moravian Women's Fellowship, The Dress A Child organization is extremely appreciative of your generous donation. As I stated last year, these are tough times, but wonderful people like you always come through. We live in a great community and you all make it great! Much appreciation, Diane Rafael

If you want to drop by to speak with Pastor Denny or Crystal Fox, PASTOR' S NUMBERS Home Phone: 740-922-4945 [email protected] CRYSTAL'S NUMBERS Home Phone: 330-343-8085 Text: 330-432-0239 [email protected]


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