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407.282.1983 [email protected] 4050 Flowering Stream Way Oviedo, Florida 32766

SUMMARY PROFILE 12 Years of Experience: o 4 years contracting through my own companies, Shaw Innovations, LLC and Red Beard Development Inc. o 5 years as Senior Software Developer at America's Health Choice Medical Plans and its spinoff, Innoapp, LLC. o 3 years as an Application Developer Co-Op at Lockheed Martin Graduated with Honors and a B.S. in MIS from the University of Central Florida with a 3.5 GPA (3.8 in Major)

EXPERIENCE Shaw Innovations, LLC ( CEO/Founder July 2007 to Present o Florida Virtual School, Orlando, FL Software Developer September 2010 to Present TECHNOLOGY C#, Visual Studio2010, T-SQL, SQL Server 2008, JQuery, AJAX, Web GUI AND SKILLS Design, Software Development Processes, Team Foundation Server 2010 Virtual School Administrator ­ Added functionality to the course registration system as specified by the business team. I was also involved in the complete "reimagining" of their registration process. We prototyped a system that uses a Google style search that performs auto-suggest operations as the student types what they want. There is also an advanced search option that gives the student more granular control of the courses that they will see. o Hard Rock Cafe Int'l, Inc., Orlando, FL Software Developer January 2010 to September 2010 TECHNOLOGY C#, Visual Studio2008, Visual Studio 2010, T-SQL, SQL Server 2008, JQuery, AND SKILLS AJAX, SharePoint Integration, Web GUI Design Café Website Management Tool ­ Added functionality and bug fixes to the café content management system. The main content areas I was responsible for included the Event system, the Café Menu system, the Banner Ad management system, and the Photo Gallery system. PCI Compliance Initiative ­ Updated and rewrote several applications from legacy code to .NET 2.0/3.5 in order to move them to a new server and plug security holes. In addition to the technology upgrade, the authentication/authorization schemes were updated to use Active Directory Groups to grant permissions to different applications and functionality within each. o CPA WatchDog, LLC, Lake Mary, FL Senior Developer March 2009 to December 2009 TECHNOLOGY C#, Visual Studio2008, XML, T-SQL, SQL Server 2008, SOAP, PHP, MySQL, AND SKILLS JQuery, AJAX, Google Visualizations (JavaScript Library) CPA WatchDog Services ­ Redesigned and added functionality to a service for the prevention of ecommerce fraud. The focus was on affiliate marketing fraud but, the logic extended to aspects of consumer fraud and competitive sabotage. The system was written in C# using ASP.NET and SQL Server 2008. A demo application was created in PHP using MySQL and consuming the .NET web services using SOAP. o Attorney's Title Insurance Fund ("The Fund"), Orlando, FL Developer May 2008 to March 2009 C#, Visual Studio2008, Visual Studio2005, Infragistics Control Suite, XML, TTECHNOLOGY SQL, SQL Server 2005, WCF, Composite Application Block, Enterprise AND SKILLS Application Block, Team Foundation Server, Windows Forms GUI Design ATIDS XE ­ Add functionality and troubleshoot bugs in an application that provides information to support title insurance policy writing. This application integrates several data sources in a company that is in transition from legacy applications to a new architecture. o Adventist Health Systems, Lake Mary, FL Security Application Consultant April to May 2008 TECHNOLOGY C++, C#, C, Windows Driver Development, Active Directory Integration, Security AND SKILLS Architecture Active Directory Security Wrapper ­ Created an application to be installed on PCs as a stop gap solution to a lack of enterprise wide security. The application authorized all attempts to access EXE files before allowing them to run. If an executable was on a denial list, the user would be required to login using their Active Directory account. If the user fails to login, access to the application is denied. o TriFactor, Lakeland, FL Sr. Web Application Consultant February to March 2008 TECHNOLOGY C#, DotNetNuke, Visual Studio2005, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSLT,

ASP.NET, T-SQL, SQL Server 2005, Time Estimation, Graphic Design, Third Party Integration Content Management System ­ Modified an existing content management system to add forms and functionality. o Adventist Health Systems, Lake Mary, FL Sr. Web Application Consultant July 2007 to February 2008 C#, DotNetNuke, Visual Studio2005, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, TECHNOLOGY ASP.NET, Telerik Control Suite, T-SQL, SQL Server 2005, Time Estimation, AND SKILLS Graphic Design, Third Party Integration, System Architecting, GUI Design DotNetNuke Module Development in C# for a multiple hospital portal implementation. Project Management ­ Documented project requirements and assisted in setting the 9 month project schedule in my first week on the job. Adjusted all technical tasks to a more realistic timeline, reducing the programming hours significantly and providing more time for quality assurance tasks. This ensured a better final product. Online Baby Nursery ­ This module allows the hospitals to offer an online viewing area for newborns while also protecting the privacy and keeping identities safe. Charitable Foundation Management ­ This module integrates management of multiple funds for charitable foundations. Users can donate and view their donation history. Administrators can add, update, and delete funds as well as get in depth reporting and export data for other programs. Media Gallery ­ This module integrates the video content from a health video provider, custom video content hosted on a Content Delivery Network (CDN), and Podcast RSS aggregation. The different sources (web services, JavaScript generated content, and xml) are combined into a very easy to administer system. Virtual Tour Management ­ The client required a system that accepts virtual tours developed in house and by a third party. This module allows the client to upload a zipped package, specify the default file, and display the tour to the public with just a few clicks. An additional module allows for placing a single tour anywhere on the portal. Health Content Integration ­ This module integrates encyclopedia style health information throughout the portals. This information originally was to be pulled from a web services architecture but we found out during the first week of development on this module that the vendor could not deliver on promised technology. I reworked our development plan to now include a flat file integration and update system and still delivered the product on time. Red Beard Development, Inc. ( Director/Founder October 2001 to Present VB.NET, C#, DotNetNuke, VS2005, VS2008, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, TECHNOLOGY XSLT, ASP.NET, Telerik Control Suite, ASP 3.0, VBScript, T-SQL, SQL Server AND SKILLS 2005, E-Commerce Solutions, Business Development o Business Development ­ Founded Red Beard Development, Inc. in October 2001 with one partner and built a loyal customer base in locations across the country. Red Beard has successfully tripled yearly revenues every year since its inception. o Systems Architect ­ Architect full systems with data, business logic, and front end design. I design applications for the web and desktop, including database structure, data access, business logic, and presentation. Keeping complexity to a minimum, I create applications that are easy to maintain. o Develop Software Products for a Broad Customer Base ­ We have developed several products that have been branded the rbd Control Center. These products include content management, contact management, email marketing, and e-commerce. These systems are in use by customers in several industries including retail, business communications, and legal firms. These systems are flexible enough to match the needs of a broad range of customers with very little implementation cost. o Develop Software Solutions to Fit the Needs of Customers ­ We help customers assess their needs and their budget and, from that information, we create a requirements document. We then deliver a software product that meets those needs. I develop using the technologies that best suit the job, including VB.NET, ASP.NET, Web Services, asp, visual basic, Windows Server 2003, MySQL, Sybase, and MS SQL Server 2000. Innoapp, LLC., Melbourne, FL Vice President Feb 2006 to Aug 2006 VB.NET, VS2005, Inter Dev, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, ASP.NET, ASP 3.0, TECHNOLOGY VBScript, T-SQL, SQL Server 2005, Team Leadership AND SKILLS o Company Transition ­ Helped transition the software development division of America's Health Choice into a new company named Innoapp, LLC. o IT Service Contracting ­ At Innoapp, I managed development of all software for America's Health Choice. This included all of the systems listed below. America's Health Choice, Vero Beach, FL Senior Software Developer Nov 2000 to Feb 2006


HMO Management ­ Created ASP application to aid in managing an HMO from adding a member to cutting a check for claim repayment. Application also uses Visual Basic COM for areas that needed faster completion of more complex tasks. It makes it possible for the company to be compliant with new government regulations requiring strict Medicare claim auditing (AHC must be able to identify where a claim is in the payment process at any given time). VB.NET, VS2005, Inter Dev, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, ASP.NET, ASP 3.0, TECHNOLOGY VBScript, T-SQL, SQL Server 2005 and earlier, Technical Leadership and Mentoring AND SKILLS o Scheduling System ­ This system is web-based and very robust. It allows corporate to schedule doctors at Health Centers in our network and to automatically notify the Centers' staff of schedule changes. The system does not allow over-scheduling a doctor at more than one Center. The old system required corporate to call every Center affected by the change as well as fax them the change and this often failed to notify the correct people. With the new system this is no longer a problem. Inter Dev, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, ASP 3.0, VBScript, T-SQL, SQL Server TECHNOLOGY AND SKILLS o Appointment System ­ Appointments are created and tracked across all Health Centers in our network. Employees at centers can bring up information on patients and when previous appointments were scheduled. This system interacts with the Scheduling system to let the Center's staff know which providers are available for appointments at any given time. Inter Dev, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, ASP.NET, ASP 3.0, VBScript, T-SQL, TECHNOLOGY SQL Server AND SKILLS o Lockheed Martin, Orlando, FL Application Development Co-Op May 1998 to Feb 2001 o Network Management ­ This application was distributed across the U.S. on the Lockheed Corporate network. Using PERL and Visual Basic, it collected usage information from network equipment and created trend reports on it. The data collected was stored in a MS SQL Server database and was accessible on the Lockheed intranet through ASP pages that created graphs of the data using Graphics Server. Visual Basic, Perl, UNIX scripting, T-SQL, SQL Server, SNMP polling, ASP 3.0 TECHNOLOGY AND SKILLS o Change Management ­ This application tracked national changes at Lockheed Martin. The change management group needed to track their requests and their results. It also used a combination of ASP, SQL Server, and Graphic Server. ASP, SQL Server, Graphic Server TECHNOLOGY AND SKILLS o Help Desk Online ­ Internal website designed to decrease the call volume on the actual help desk, written in Cold Fusion. Users could access information on common problems (updated on the fly) and request help on noncritical tasks via email. A different help desk employee was profiled on the main page every week, this was done randomly from the database. Cold Fusion, T-SQL, SQL Server TECHNOLOGY AND SKILLS

EDUCATION University of Central Florida Orlando, FL 32816-0114 Class of 2001 o GPA 3.5 (3.8 in Major) o Graduated Cum Laude o Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems o Member of the University Honors College o Gained membership in Golden Key National Honor Society for college students with high GPAs o Member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, participating in a variety of activities in the community and on the UCF campus

AWARDS AND CERTIFICATIONS Microsoft Certification Technology Specialist: .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications ­ September 2006 Completed the Microsoft course MS 2063: Introduction to ASP.NET ­ September 2002 ASP (Active Server Pages) Certification from Brainbench.Com ­ October 2000 Lockheed Martin Vision Award ­ November 2000 Lockheed Martin Vision Award ­ June 1999


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