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Ancestors of Douglass Van Buren STONE

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5. Rauley STONE (b.Abt 1801-South Carolina d.1892-Razburg,Jefferson Co.,Alabama) 4. William Benton STONE (b.1830-South Carolina d.1880-Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 7. Joseph Garrett PARSONS (b.Abt 1740-England d.1823-Jefferson Co,Alabama) 6. Isaiah PARSONS (b.Abt 1782-Laurens Co.,South Carolina d.Abt 1853-Jefferson Co,Alabama) 8. James GOOLSBY (b.1716-James City,Virginia d.1797-Oglethorpe,Georgia) 7. Alcey GOOLSBY (b.Abt 1740-South Carolina d.Abt 1795-Laurens Co,South Carolina) 8. Elizabeth KIRBY (b.1728-Goochland Co,Virginia d.1814-Goosepond,Oglethorpe,G) 5. Tabitha PARSONS (b.Abt 1800-South Carolina d.Aft 1870) 6. Martha TRAVIS (b.Abt 1782-Laurens Co,South Carolina) 3. Jackson Van Buren STONE (b.1870-Arkansas d.1968-Crossett,Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 7. Jechonias WALDROP (b.Bef 1770) 6. Zachariah WALDROP (b.1785-Rutherford,North Carolina d.1867-Bessemer,Jefferson Co.,A) 7. Margaret HARRISON (b.Bef 1770) 5. Samuel Robert WALDROP (b.1809-North Carolina d.1886-Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 6. Esther MCCLERKIN (b.Abt 1790-North Carolina d.1875-Jefferson Co.,Alabama) 4. Artemisse Jane WALDROP (b.1834-Short Creek,Jefferson Co.,Alabama d.1890-Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 8. Johann Adamus HAMACHER (b.Abt 1718-Rhine Valley,Werkhausen,WR,R d.1783-) 7. David HAMAKER (b.1752-Pennsylvania d.1810-Augusta,Virginia) 9. Johann Christ LICHT (b.Abt 1692-Rhine Valley,WWR,R,Germany d.Abt 1750) 8. Eva Marie LICHT (b.Abt 1718-Wiedt,Wsterwald,R,G d.Abt 1762-Derry,Lancaster,P) 6. John HAMAKER (b.Abt 1780-Lancaster,Pennsylvania d.1864-Valley Creek,Jefferson Co.,A) 9. Rudolph Bare HERR (b.Abt 1701-Palatinate,Germany d.Abt 1775-Manor,L,P) 8. John HERR (b.Abt 1727-Cocalico,Lancaster,P d.Abt 1775-Cocalico,Lancaster,P) 10. Hans BRUBAKER (b.Abt 1678-Baden Aargau,Switzerland d.Abt 1788) 9. Barbara BRUBAKER (b.Abt 1705-Lancaster,Pennsylvania d.Abt 1780-) 7. Ann HERR (b.1760-Cocalico,Lancaster,Pennsylvania d.1795-Augusta,Virginia) 5. Susannah HAMAKER (b.1809-Stokes Co.,North Carolina d.1879-Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 7. William SPEER (b.1758-Somerset,Maryland d.1859-Jefferson,Alabama) 6. Sarah Elizabeth SPEARS (b.Abt 1785-Charlottsville,AC,Virginia d.1838-Jefferson Co,Alabama) 8. Thomas ESTEP (b.1730-Anne Arundel,Maryland d.1807-Salisbury,Rowan,NC) 7. Milley ESTEP (b.1764-Maryland d.1862-Alabama) 8. Susanna HOLMES (b.1742-Frederick,Maryland d.Abt 1770-Rowan,North Carolina) 2. Robert Marion STONE (b.1893-Berea,Ashley Co.,Arkansas d.1982-Hamburg,Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 6. Joseph RILEY (b.Abt 1790-Laurens Co.,South Carolina) 5. James Cooper RILEY (b.1826-South Carolina d.1882-Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 6. Unknown UNKNOWN (b.South Carolina) 4. James Nathaniel RILEY (b.1855-Ashley Co.,Arkansas d.1940-Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 6. Unknown DAVIS (b.Bef 1818-Virginia) 5. Elizabeth Ann DAVIS (b.1833-Mississippi d.1910-Berea,Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 6. Unknown UNKNOWN (b.Bef 1818-Virginia) 3. Anna Elizabeth Fidelia RILEY (b.1878-Arkansas d.1954-Crossett,Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 6. John W. TAYLOR (b.1812-Edgecombe Co.,North Carolina d.1853-California) 5. Robert W. TAYLOR (b.1835-Greene Co.,Alabama d.1862-Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 7. Harmon NEWSUM (b.1792-North Carolina d.1826-Greene Co.,Alabama) 6. Elizabeth A. NEWSUM (b.1818-Bedford Co.,Tennessee d.1897-Hamburg,Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 8. John MADISON 7. Lucy MADISON (b.1792-Greene Co.,Alabama d.1851-Clarke Co.,Mississippi) 4. Julia Fidelia TAYLOR (b.1859-Mississippi d.1878-Arkansas) 6. Duncan MCCLAREN (b.Abt 1810-North Carolina) 5. Elizabeth A. MCCLAREN (b.Abt 1837-Mississippi) 6. Romelia UNKNOWN (b.Abt 1815-North Carolina)

1. Douglass Van Buren STONE (b.1924-Ashley Co.,Arkansas d.2000-Hamburg,Ashley Co.,Arkansas)

6. John DOUGLASS (b.1764-South Carolina d.1839-Allen,Copiah Co.,Mississippi) 5. Jeptha DOUGLASS (b.Abt 1808-Little Nail Creek,Franklin Co.,Georgia d.1856-Tchula,Holmes Co.,M)

Ancestors of Douglass Van Buren STONE

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6. Nancy Denham WALDEN (b.1774-Copiah,Mississippi d.1836-Yazoo City,Mississippi) 4. Eli Smith DOUGLASS (b.1850-Carroll Co.,Mississippi d.1928-Marydell,Leake Co.,Mississippi) 7. John SMITH (b.Abt 1750-Goochland,Virginia d.1808-Wampee,Marion,South Carolina) 6. Elijah Calvin SMITH (b.1786-North Carolina d.1872-Sontag,Lawrence Co.,Mississippi) 7. Indian UNKNOWN 5. Mary SMITH (b.Abt 1813-Lawrence Co.,Mississippi d.Aft 1860-Yazoo Co.,Mississippi) 7. Thomas RULE 6. Mary Polly RULE (b.1792-North Carolina d.1871-Mississippi) 3. William Jeptha DOUGLASS (b.1870-Leake Co.,Mississippi d.1931-Hamburg,Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 6. Bennet (?) LEE (b.Abt 1804-North Carolina) 5. William Huston LEE (b.Abt 1826-South Carolina d.1868-Leake Co.,Mississippi) 6. Sarah (?) UNKNOWN (b.Abt 1802-South Carolina) 4. Saletha Jane LEE (b.1854-Georgia d.1929-Dossville,Leake Co.,Mississippi) 6. Micajah STONE (b.Abt 1800-Virginia d.Aft 1866) 5. Martha J. STONE (b.Abt 1827-Virginia d.Aft 1854) 8. William E. AKERS IV (b.Abt 1737 d.Abt 1834) 7. John AKERS (b.1771 d.1849) 8. Mary BLACKBURN (b.Abt 1740 d.Abt 1830) 6. Lucy AKERS (b.Abt 1804-Virginia d.Aft 1860) 7. Sarah BROWN (b.Abt 1778 d.1861) 2. Ruth Mason DOUGLASS (b.1896-Rains Co.,Texas d.1986-Crossett,Ashley Co.,Arkansas) 5. Unknown TURNER (b.Bef 1810-North Carolina) 4. Anderson Luke Robinson TURNER (b.1826-Georgia d.1903-Kosciusko,Attala Co.,Mississippi) 5. UNKNOWN (b.Bef 1810-South Carolina) 3. Mary Etta TURNER (b.1870-Center,Attala Co.,Mississippi d.1933-Monticello,Drew Co.,Arkansas) 5. Micajah STONE (b.Abt 1800-Virginia d.Aft 1866) ** Printed on Page 2 ** 4. Virginia Texas STONE (b.1837-Georgia d.1901-Kosciusko,Attala Co.,Mississippi) 5. Lucy AKERS (b.Abt 1804-Virginia d.Aft 1860) ** Printed on Page 2 **


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