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National Rule 2K Acrylic Urethane Sealer TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

DS693 ­ 2K Acrylic Urethane Sealer Gray DS694 ­ 2K Acrylic Urethane Sealer Black


Properly prepared bare metal or prepainted or primed substrates. *Do not use wet-on-wet over soluable substrates such as lacquer primer or lacquer topcoats.

DS695 ­ 2K Acrylic Urethane Sealer White



+ 4 DS693, DS694, DS695 Sealer 1 DH658 or DH659 Hardener Hardener Selection Chart DH658 upto 95°F DH659 over 95°F


· Adjust air pressure to: o 40-45 psi for conventional siphon feed gun o 30-35 psi for conventional gravity feed gun o 8-10 psi air cap pressure for HVLP gun Wet-on-Wet Application: Apply 1 full even wet coat to achieve 0.8 to 1.2 mils. Barrier Coat Application: Apply 2-3 medium coats, allowing each coat to flash hand slick before applying the next coat. Apply to complete panels only. Allow to thoroughly dry, and scuff or sand before applying topcoat.



· · For wet-on-wet application recoat DS693, DS694 or DS695 when handslick (usually 5-30 minutes). Recoat within 1 hour.


· Pot Life: 5 hours at 70°F 2 hours at 80° 1 hour at 90°F


· · · For use by trained professionals only. Read label, directions, and MSDS before use. Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment while mixing and spraying.

W10449 10/01/08

©2007 Western Automotive Finishes Cleveland, OH 44115

National Rule 2K Acrylic Urethane Sealer


DS693, DS694 and DS695 are a high quality gray acrylic urethane sealers designed to provide excellent topcoat holdout for superior gloss and DOI. These sealers fill 400 or finer grit sand scratches, preventing sandscratch swelling and ensuring adhesion to OEM substrates. The DS694, DS695 and DS693 can be mixed together to offer a gray scale color combination for any topcoat color. For optimum coverage of the topcoat, the following sealer colors are recommended with the corresponding color of topcoat: · DS693 Gray o Light grays, silver metallics, all light metallics such as golds, light blues and light greens · DS694 Black o All medium and dark colors · DS695 White o All whites, solid reds, oranges and yellows


Sand substrates with 400 grit or finer. Do not use wet-on-wet over soluable substrates such as lacquer primer or lacquer topcoats


Wet-on-Wet Application: Recoat DS693, DS694 or DS695 when handslick (usually about 5-30 minutes depending on temperatures and film thicknesses). Recoat with any of the Dimension® National Rule urethanes, enamels or basecoat. Sealer should be topcoated within 1 hour to prevent a possible recoat lift. If allowed to dry for more than 1 hour, reapply the sealer following the wet-on-wet procedure and topcoat within 1 hour. If sealer is allowed to dry more than 16 hours, scuff sand and reapply using wet-on-wet application. Temperature (°F) Dry to Recoat Barrier Coat Application: 60-70 6 hours 70-80 4 hours 80-90 3 hours 120 (Force Dry) 1.5 hours 140 (Force Dry) 30 minutes


As Packaged VOC Total VOC Less Exempt HAPs Volatiles Water Exempt Compounds Density

©2007 Western Automotive Finishes Cleveland, OH 44115

As Applied Lbs/Gal 3.30 4.57 G/L 428 551 Lbs/Gal Solids 3.04 Wt.% 57.4 0.00 18.2 G/L 1094 Lbs/Gal 3.57 4.59 Lbs/Lbs Solids 0.22 Vol.% 71.7 0.00 22.3 Lbs/Gal 9.13

W10449 10/01/08

G/L 395 547 Lbs/Gal Solids 2.70 Wt.% 57.1 0.00 22.0 G/L 1129

Lbs/Lbs Solids 0.17 Vol.% 73.1 0.00 27.7 Lbs/Gal 9.42


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