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English Vocabulary in Use Pre-intermediate and intermediate Level Test

1 2 3 4 A Kiss 5 6 7 8 A My own 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 In the sentence `Jim broke his leg', `his' is A a personal pronoun B an uncountable noun You can add A disB un. C a transitive verb D a direct object to `appear', `like' and `honest' to make their opposites. C misD into make it an adjective. C fashion D danger

You can add ­able to A comforting B pain

cannot be both a noun and a verb. B Dream C Rest D Meet is not correct. B a strong coffee C a heavy traffic . C no problem D hard work

The collocation A a weak accent

`Make up your mind' means A don't worry B decide

D it's your decision .

The correct preposition for apologise, wait, apply and look is A to B on C for D from does not make a fixed expression with `by'. B Mistake C Hand D Accident D Sorry

can be used as a reply to `thank you'. A It doesn't matter B Please C No problem I don't want to watch this film­ A I don't mind it B I can't stand it

! C I quite like it

D I'm really into it D Really? That sounds interesting

.' `I've passed my driving test!' ` A Oh, what a pity B Oh, that's brilliant What time does your alarm clock A get through B give up C go off I A make a shower every morning. B do C have D have got a decision. C take D have

C I don't mind in the morning? D go out

We have to A make B do You can A get B take You can have A a slice of

a bus, a cold, a ball and a criminal. C find D catch paper, cake and advice. C a packet of D a piece of

B a box of

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The expression is not correct. A I have too much homework B I want to buy some jeans C I don't like modern furnitures D Put your luggage there The food was A very delicious . B absolutely delicious the Atlantic. C over C a bit delicious

18 19 20

The plane flew A along B above A Also

I watered the plants, they didn't grow. B In spite of C However D Although . B so I had to walk home C because I had to walk home

21 22 23 24

I missed the bus, A unless I walked home A A sheep You A yawn A mean

does not live on a farm. B cow C gorilla D goat when you are tired or bored. B shake hands C smile D nod your head is the opposite of `generous'. B honest C tense D pessimistic with our hands. C wave D stroll

25 26

We cannot A clap B point

. The suburbs are A in the town centre B outside the town centre C an area with factories D an area with lots of shops and offices. A A carpet is not in the living room. B television C cooker D sofa C the cost of living

27 28 29 30 31 32 33

The expression A the worth of living He was A wounded

is not correct. B a good standard of living D shot D Grapes D healthy

in a car accident. B beaten up C injured C Plum . C salty

is not a fruit. A Pineapple B Broccoli Cream cakes are very A fattening B spicy

When you want to drive past a car in front of you, wait until it is safe to A park B pull out C brake D turn A Pilot is a skilled manual job. B Electrician C Accountant D Architect D desk D gone up sharply


34 35 36

You do not find a A filing cabinet

in the office. B photocopier C chest of drawers

. `Prices have increased slowly' means they have A risen gradually B dropped sharply C fallen slowly A Hit is the odd word out. B Throw C Kick D Whistle C about D set

37 38 39

? Where is the film A take place B happening The A first You can A collect

means the same as `the latest'. B best C oldest D newest the file from the Internet. B browse C download D save


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The police have arrested a man and . A charged him with murder B investigated a crime D proved he is guilty If a country has a king or queen, it is a A monarchy B republic C dictatorship A A famine

C broken the law

41 42 43 44 45 46

. D democracy

happens when there is no rain for a long time. B drought C flood D earthquake C no meals with tourists in the summer. D packed D by 8 o'clock

. `Full board' includes A all meals B breakfast only The centre of Rome is always A lively B cosmopolitan The expression A at midnight A Long

C busy

has the wrong preposition. B for ages C during two hours

cannot be used to describe a person. B Tall C Short D Thin .

47 48 49

If you mix red and white together, you get the colour A beige B pink C turquoise D purple means `be careful'. A Out of order B Do not disturb C Mind the step

is a formal expression. A Excuse me, where's the loo? B If you require further assistance, contact the manager C I reckon you'll get the job D The flat is handy for the shops A Dr can only be used to address men. B Mrs C Mr D Ms



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English Vocabulary in Use Pre-intermediate and intermediate Level Test Answer Key

1 A Unit 2 A Unit 3 C Unit 4 D Unit 5 C Unit 6 B Unit 7 C Unit 8 A Unit 9 C Unit 10 B Unit 11 B Unit 12 C Unit 4 13 C Unit 14 A Unit 15 D Unit 16 D Unit 17 C Unit 18 B Unit 19 C Unit 20 D Unit 21 B Unit 22 C Unit 23 A Unit 24 A Unit 25 D Unit 25 26 B Unit 27 C Unit 28 A Unit 29 C Unit 30 B Unit 31 A Unit 32 B Unit 33 B Unit 34 C Unit 35 A Unit 36 D Unit 37 D Unit 38 D Unit 54 39 C Unit 40 A Unit 41 A Unit 42 A Unit 43 A Unit 44 D Unit 45 C Unit 46 A Unit 47 B Unit 48 C Unit 49 B Unit 50 C Unit 81















































English Vocabulary in Use Pre-intermediate and intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Cambridge University Press 2008



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