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INDEMNITY BOND This indenture of indemnity bond is made and executed on this_____ day of Month, Year by M/s._______________________ having their office at ____________ in favor of M/s Evergreen Shipping Agency (India) Pvt Ltd. having their office at ________________________________________________________________________ _______(herein after referred to as "the said Company"). WHEREAS the (a) Container No.(b)having Bill of Lading No.(c) description of the goods. (d) Name of the consignee and address, (e) De-stuffing place, (f) vessel and voyage No. (g) arrived on, (h) IGM item no._____________________ required to be removed the said container for destuffing purpose at the address given above, we the consignee M/s_________________ or on behalf of the consignee,/ we CHA M/s________ undertake to do and expressly agree as under:1) We undertake to remove at our risk as to cost and consequences and after completing all formalities and payment of charges and custom duty remove the subject container from the container yard of the subject company at ___________ to our nominated site mentioned above, 2) We undertake and ensure that the subject container would be brought back and returned to the said Company in its nominated yard/site at _________________ in safe and sound condition as certified by the surveyors and inspected by the representative of the said Company. In the event of non compliance we agree and undertake to pay redelivery charges. 3) At any stage before the empty container is returned to the said Company if the container is found damaged or disfigured, the liability towards the cost of repairs or replacement will be of the us who have removed the container to their yard for de-stuffing, 4) We undertake to pay the cost to the surveyors if required and as ordered by the said Company, 5) We undertake to return the subject container to the said Company within maximum period of 1 month from the date of removal, in case of delay we shall obtain necessary permission from you and customs authorities to retain the container with us beyond 30 days. 6) In case the container is lost or totally damaged while in our custody, we undertake to pay to the said company with applicable custom duty on one container, Rs. 5,42,000/ (Rs.Five Lakh Fouty Two Thousand only) per forty Feet and Rs. 2,71,000/- (Rs. Two Lakh Seventy One Thousand only) per twenty feet container and Rs. 32,52,000/(Rs.Thirty Two Lakh Fifty Two Thousand only) per forty feet reefer container and Rs. 16,26,000/- (Rs. Sixteen Lakh Twenty Six Thousand only) per twenty feet refer Container. 7) We undertake to produce the original triplicate copy of Bill of Entry/D.O/Empty Plot in letter duly endorsed by the gate officer of the respective yard of the company within 7 days from the date of returning the said container in the company's yard along with survey report and inspection by the said Company's officer, (Note: Point no. 7 is not applicable for ICD & Tuticorin office) 8) We undertake to pay all port, custom and storage charges and demurrage charges as applicable from time to time till the date of return of the said container to the yard in good condition, 9) We hereby indemnify the said Company and keep the said Company harmless for any thing during the period the container is in our charge till it is returned safe to the Company, 10) We sign this undertaking, which is binding to our successors, partners, agents, etc. SIGNED AND EXECUTED by the ) Within-named Indemnifier ) M/s.________________________________ ) (Indemnifier) Identified by me, 1) 2)



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