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CONTENTS RESEARCH ARTICLES Gender Assignment and Agreement in L2 Spanish: The Effects of Morphological Marking, Animacy, and Gender Irma V. Alarcón A Case of Grammaticalization in the Use of the Perfect for the Preterite in Bilbao Spanish Clara Burgo Testing the Cognitive Load Hypothesis: Repair Rates and Usage in a Bilingual Community Jenny Dumont Perceptions of Second Person Singular Pronoun Use in San Salvador, El Salvador Jim Michnowicz & Soraya Place Intervocalic Tap and Trill Production in the Acquisition of Spanish as a Second Language Marda Rose BOOK REVIEWS Martínez-Cachero Laseca: La enseñanza del español en el sistema educativo brasileño / O ensino do espanhol no sistema educativo brasileiro. Talia Bugel STATE OF THE DISCIPLINE Topic: Pidgin and Creole Studies Pidgin and Creole Studies: Their Interface with Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics Armin Schwegler 431 423 267







VIEWPOINTS Topic: The Place of Naturally-Occurring and Elicited Data in Linguistic Studies The Necessity of Both Naturally-Occurring and Elicited Data in Spanish Intonational Phonology Timothy L. Face Beyond "Naturalistic": On the Role of Task Characteristics and the Importance of Multiple Elicitation Methods Kimberly L. Geeslin Naturalistic and Elicited Data in Grammatical Studies of Codeswitching Jeff MacSwan & Kara T. McAlister The Place of Conversational Data in Spanish Syntax: Topic, Focus, and Word Order Francisco Ocampo 485


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Microsoft Word - Contents 3-2

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Microsoft Word - Contents 3-2