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The ATA is proud to announce LeeAnn Martin's

$200,000 Lewis Challenge

For the 2011 Grand American

Here's how it will work: There is a $200,000 added starter fund which was donated by Lee Ann and Bill Martin. To enter the option, participants will pay a $200 option entry fee by Monday of Grand American week. The $200 entry fee will be split $100 to the 1,000 target High-Over-All and $10 per 100 targets ($100) for each High-Over-All event during championship week. This fee will make participants eligible for both daily and a High-Over-All Lewis options. 50% of shooter's option entry fee will go into an option that will pay out for each 100 targets. These options will be paid out to 5 Lewis classes divided 60/40% High Gun. An example of how the 100 target options would work with 500 entries is: 500 shooters x $200 = $100,000 total shooter's portion of Lewis entry Half ($50k) would be spread across the championship events, and half ($50k) to the total HOA Add the Martin's donation to the events and the HOA and the total available for each becomes $150k. The events Lewis payout will be in 5 divisions, 60-40 High Gun, so with 500 entries, a 100 target event will have $15,000 total, or $3,000 for each Lewis division. The 200 target events will be double that, $30,000 total in the Lewis, or $6,000 for each Lewis division. With the same 500 entries, the HOA (split 5 divisions, 50/30/20% percentage) will have $15,000/$9,000/$6,000 for each division. Since the distribution on the HOA is percentage system 15 different scores will hit the HOA money.

The event Lewis distribution will be 5 divisions, 60-40% HIGH GUN, the HOA Lewis will be 5 divisions, 50-3020% PERCENTAGE SYSTEM.

Please Note: The $100,000 Grand American Challenge will return to the 2011 Grand American as well.

The ATA Encourages ALL trapshooters to thank LeeAnn and Bill for their generosity.


The ATA is proud to announce

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The ATA is proud to announce