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$100,000 Grand American Challenge

1) All ATA rules enforced. 2) $100,000 GAC competitors will shoot off from the yardage in which he/she qualified. 3) A Handicap Event Winner must have shot in at least four Handicap events during Preliminary through Grand Week to be eligible. 4) The ninth competitor will be the high shooter for the total 800 Handicap Targets. In the event that the contestant has won one of the Handicap events or was runner up and already in the shoot-off, the first contestant not already qualified as a winner or runner up, on the total 800 handicap targets, will be the ninth competitor. 5) Drawing for the tenth competitor will be held right after the Grand American handicap championship shoot-off or when the winner is decided. 6) The more handicap events you participate in, the more chances your name could be drawn. 7) When the name is drawn, the lucky person will have one minute to come out in front of the Grand Stands to check in for shoot-off and to verify qualification. 8) The $100K GAC will begin 15 minutes after the drawing; so, bring your guns and shells. 9) The $100K GAC will be televised and held on one trap in front of the main Grand stands. 10) Qualified contestants will shoot off in the order which they won their handicap event to qualify and can only qualify once. 11) Contestants will be squadded in accordance to ATA rules. All GAC shoot-offs will be held on one field. 12) The $100K GAC will be a televised event. Cameras near or on the shooting line will be considered a part of this event. 13) Cooperation with hosts, television cameras, and television crew's area is also considered a part of the $100K GAC. 14) White-Flyer, Orange Crush targets will be used to enhance televised viewing for the $100K GAC. In accordance with ATA rules, dusted targets with no visible piece are lost targets regardless of the amount of "dust". 15) Any contestant who enters into any handicap event, shooting either full or half price targets, is eligible to compete. Shooters that do not meet the minimum handicap target requirement, and elect to shoot TARGETS ONLY, ARE INELIGIBLE.

16) The $100K GAC must have ten contestants; therefore, if a qualified shooter misses the third call at

shoot-offs the next high handicap shooter from that particular event will be called.



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