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On 4 October 1957 the first man-made satellite, Sputnik 1, orbited Earth. It wasn't long before the space race between Russia and America was on, with the first space walk in 1965. Man walked on the Moon just four years later (1969) and the Voyager probes (1977) went on to explore Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune. The Hubble Space Telescope, the largest space-based optical telescope, was launched in 1990 and the building of an International Space Station began in 1998.


It's 50 years since the first Christmas stamp was issued in Australia. Each year thousands of cards and parcels are sent to friends and relatives, both here and overseas, using special Christmas stamps designed to celebrate the holiday season. This special issue of stamps shows different designs used through the years. One even featured Santa on a surfboard.


Christmas on Christmas Island is celebrated as a family festival. These Christmas stamps see Santa delivering presents with the help of some friendly crabs, Boobie birds and gulls. The island stamps are bright and colourful, with a very cheery Santa happy to be on Christmas Island.


It's a great way to have a holiday or just get away, and people have been doing it for years. Families would hook up their home-away-from-home and go anywhere they wanted to. Caravanning is still very popular and modern caravans are often like luxury hotel suites! Do you spend your holidays or weekends caravanning?


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To celebrate Stamp Collecting Month you can get a 15% discount on this great new stamp album. The album will keep all your stamps organised and includes a pack of used stamps to get you started.

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Hi Gang

October is Stamp Collecting Month and it's all about the first 50 years of space exploration. You know how much we like to explore, so the Gang's getting ready to do some serious space exploration, launching from Explorer Island. We've been spending a lot of our time looking up. Everyone has a job to do as part of the Explorer Island Space Exploration Team ­ even Bill. The Gang thinks Bill makes the perfect astronaut! Have you seen the new space stamps and coin yet? I'm starting a special SPACE collection.

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NSW: Alanna Street, Isobel Edwards, QLD: Jordan Gardner, Stephanie Schulz,Rebecca Nucifora, Atakan Picakciefe, Carly Augustine, SA: Shania Harrison, Samantha Freeman, TAS: Kate Spencer, Carla Mazur, Karena Brown, VIC: Tatjana Johns, Scott Cavanagh, Grace Glennen, WA: Callum Douglass, Matthew Gover, Leon Dekker, Olivia McCarthy, Claire Maloney

WHERE were the stolen bananas hiding in Explorer 90?

Love Sniffer and the Gang

Look at the boy running down the stairs, at the botom of the market store.


Souvenir Stamp Sheet


$15.95 each

Sheetlet Pack


$9.95 each

Shark Includes a bonus "Tweety" plush toy Souvenir Stamp Sheet

1113837 11135374

Sea Horse


$15.95 each

$14.95 each


Here's an idea to keep all those bits and pieces tidy and in one place. The Alien Desk Tidy is 19cm tall and you can make it any colour you like.

What you need··

· One long cardboard tube · cotton balls · pipe cleaners · piece of wooden dowel · large buttons · empty matchbox · a ping-pong ball · pegs · felt-tip pens · silver wrapping paper/foil · pot of glue · notepad and pencil · cardboard base


The American space flight involved a "secret stamp"?

In February 1962, the first American-manned spacecraft to orbit the Earth carried astronaut John Glenn. He was the third American in space, the first being Alan Shepherd in May 1961. In April 1961, Russia's Yuri Gagarin became the world's first person to reach space. John Glenn's flight was special because a "secret stamp" was produced. The 4c stamp was sent to every post office in the United States in sealed packages that could not be opened until the order was given. Then the stamp was placed on sale and everyone was surprised. There is an Australian connection to the story. When John Glenn passed over Western Australia at night, the people of Perth switched on their lights and John Glenn saw the lights clearly from space.

Blast off! 50 Years in Space first day cover

$3.80 1542002

Caravanning through the Years stamp pack

$2.95 1553126

Blast off! 50 Years in Space stamp pack

$7.45 1542126

Blast off! 50 Years in Space minisheet

$3.50 1542142

Caravan through Years first day

$2.80 1553001

1542067 1542126 Blast Off! 50 Years in Space 1542142 1542002

1553067 1553126 1553001 1543067 1543001 1554067 1554001 1490306 1113877 1113837 1113879 1113878 1113880

stamps stamp pack minisheet first day cover stamps Caravanning through the Years stamp pack first day cover stamps stamp pack first day cover stamps first day cover stamp album stamp album souvenir sheet souvenir sheet sheetlet pack coin coin

1543126 50 Years of Christmas Stamps Christmas Island Christmas

Postie Kate Sniffer & the Stamp Gang Looney Tunes Mickey & Friends Disney Princess Ocean Series Coin - Shark 1113881 Ocean Series Coin - Sea Horse INSURANCE POSTAGE AND HANDLING GRAND TOTAL

$3.50 $7.45 $3.50 $3.80 $2.50 $2.95 $2.80 $2.95 $6.35 $3.25 $2.05 $2.35 $11.95 $11.95 $15.95 $15.95 $9.95 $14.95 $14.95

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Christmas Island Christmas first day cover

$2.35 1554001

nning the cover

50 Years of Christmas Stamps first day cover

$3.25 14530001

50 Years of Christmas Stamps stamp pack

$6.35 1543126

PRIVACY POLICY Your personal information is collected to enable us to administer this competition. Entries without all or part of this information are not valid. Winners' names will be published in a future edition of Australian Stamp Explorer. Entries may be published in a future edition of Australian Stamp Explorer. You may request access to your personal information while it is stored with us and we will assess your request in accordance with the law. We will give you reasons where we deny access. Your personal information may also be disclosed to third parties who form part of our products/services delivery, such as mailing houses that administer competitions, so that they can help provide the products/services to you. Packs will be awarded to the 20 entries judged to be the best. All entries must be received by 10 November 2007 to be eligible.

There are 20 SCM prize packs to be won

Tell us in 25 words or less what your favourite subject for a stamp issue would be.

Competition closes 10 November 2007

Send your entry, name and address to:

Stamp Explorer 91 "My Stamp Idea" Competition

Locked Bag 3300 KEW VIC 3101




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