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Infor VISUAL Enterprise


Infor VISUAL EnterpriseTM Functional Overview

INTRODUCTION CORE MODULES Manufacturing Window® Cost Accounting Quoting and Estimating Order Management Price Book Customer Order Entry & Invoicing Contact Center Purchasing Concurrent Scheduling Master Scheduling & MRP Shop Floor Control Executive Information System Inventory Control Interbranch Transfers Dimensional Inventory Tracking Engineering Change Notice (ECN) Common Sense ThroughputTM for CEOs Workflow Data Import Utility Messages Management Reporting Return Material Authorization Lot & Serial Traceability 3 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 2 OPTIONAL MODULES Infor VISUAL Business Intelligence Infor VISUAL eBusiness Infor VISUAL Barcode Material Barcoding Labor Barcoding Infor VISUAL Easy Lean Statistical Sales Forecasting Infor VISUAL DBR (Drum-Buffer-Rope) Infor VISUAL Advanced Material Planning Infor VISUAL Electronic Data Interchange 33 Infor VISUAL Product Configurator Infor VISUAL DesignLink Infor VISUAL Equipment Maintenance Infor VISUAL CRM Sales Help Desk Field Service Marketing Remote Sync Infor VISUAL Quality Management Infor VISUAL DCMS Radio Frequency-Based Paper-Based Infor VISUAL Financials Infor VISUAL Global Financials Infor VISUAL Human Resources Infor VISUAL Payroll Payroll Tax Tables Infor VISUAL Time & Attendance Infor VISUAL Instructor Infor VISUAL Mobile Infor VISUAL Project 34 35 36 37 37 37 38 38 38 39 42 42 43 44 48 49 50 50 51 52 53 54 25 26 27 27 28 29 30 31 32



Infor presents, Infor VISUAL Enterprise, the comprehensive software solution that addresses your front office, back office, manufacturing, engineering, distribution, and business performance management needs. Incorporating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eBusiness, and Warehouse Management System (WMS) capabilities, Infor VISUAL Enterprise provides companies with an integrated solution. Infor VISUAL products appeal to manufacturers and distributors with a combination of affordability, functionality, and ease-of-use. For manufacturers, Infor VISUAL offers applications that support production strategies including engineerto-order, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock, and mixed mode manufacturing. For wholesale distributors, manufacturer/distributors, and Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers, our Infor VISUAL product line also supports customers that build diverse product configurations, manage complex storage and picking, and require tools for value-added services, such as kitting and light warehouse assembly. Infor is committed to providing exceptional services to our customers. We offer personalized local support through our extensive Partner network, which allows companies to effectively learn, implement, and use their Infor VISUAL products. Infor implementations are typically rapid and cost-effective. This combination has enticed thousands of businesses around the world to purchase Infor VISUAL solutions and achieve high returns on their investments. Infor caters to English- and non-Englishspeaking audiences. Infor VISUAL Enterprise is available in several languages, including Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Infor VISUAL Enterprise's innovative use of Windows ® GUI technology provides an intuitive, full-color graphic interface and point-and-click capabilities, which allow companies to make decisions and act on them immediately. Powerful client-server and relational database technology facilitates easy access to crucial information. Infor VISUAL's built-in scalability allows the system to grow with the success of the organization. Applications within Infor VISUAL Enterprise integrate to provide enhanced, customized solutions for productivity, customer management, engineering and estimating, quality, financials, e-business, human resources, and payroll. This total integration of functionality provides timely, accurate information to everyone in the organization--from the design engineer and the shop floor foreman to the controller and the payroll manager.


Manufacturing Window ®

The Manufacturing Window ® is the master engineering and production management tool within Infor VISUAL Enterprise. The full-color, graphical interface allows you to create an engineering plan or Bill of Material (BOM) quickly and easily, then use the design to automatically create a quote and/or work order. The display and reporting features of the Manufacturing Window provide a comprehensive view of the materials and operations involved in the engineering process. The Manufacturing Window integrates seamlessly with the material planning, purchasing, and scheduling tools within Infor VISUAL Enterprise to provide the ultimate control over inventory, costs, and resources. Comprehensive tracking tools offer complete as-planned and as-built data from the highest level of summarization to the lowest level of detail for each individual transaction for accuracy in your cost roll-ups. · Perform "what-if" scheduling, availability checks, and material netting with the option to generate purchase orders. · Display a history by revision level for the Bill of Material. · Automatically create quotes and work orders. · Drill down to view labor and inventory transactions without leaving the Manufacturing Window. · Create, view, and modify engineering plans using a graphical display with point-and-click technology. · Choose your view for the Bill of Material and routings, either graphical or text, single or multi-level, hierarchical, or split-window. Or you can define up to six custom views with color-coding and size options. · Display a costed Bill of Material with estimated, actual, variance, and projected costs.



Cost Accounting

The Cost Accounting features within Infor VISUAL Enterprise support both actual costing and standard costing, providing you with the flexibility to choose the method that works best for you. Infor VISUAL Enterprise captures costs as changes occur, ensuring up-to-date and accurate costing. You can also link purchases directly to existing work orders through the Purchasing or Manufacturing module, earmarking costs specific to the appropriate job. Additionally, you can link work orders to specific customer orders, which allows you to know the true margin earned for each customer order. Infor VISUAL automatically charges work order costs for customer orders to the Cost of Goods Sold upon shipment to the customer. · Automatically update stockroom and WIP inventory records in real-time. · Link POs to work orders to capture costs for a job. · Link work orders to customer orders to measure true margins. · Calculate actual costs for a one-time or limited run production without having to add part numbers. · Directly charge jobs for expense items not listed on a PO. · Create and post manufacturing journals to the General Ledger quickly and easily.



Quoting and Estimating

Infor VISUAL Enterprise's Quoting and Estimating capabilities allow you to create professional and comprehensive quotations, determine realistic delivery dates based on material and resource availability, and turn quotes into sales orders. You can create quotes quickly and easily by copying from another quote, an existing work order, or a Bill of Material, then modifying the new quote to match the customer's specifications. Infor VISUAL Enterprise computes a cost estimate that includes material, labor, burden, and outside services. When awarded a contract, you can easily create both a sales order and a work order from the quote. · Create, view, and modify quotes quickly and easily using a graphical display and point-and-click technology. · Copy a quote from another quote, a work order, or Bill of Material, then make modifications as necessary. · Separate markups for material, services, labor, burden, and GSA. · Choose your quote price source, either engineering specification, quote, or standard prices. · Use a "what-if" analysis to verify the availability of material and capacity in order to determine an order's delivery date, then lock it into shop resources. · Automatically print the proforma, quote, quote log, and engineering cost report. · Automatically generate the vendor RFQs (Request for Quote).



Order Management

Order Management allows companies to manage a large volume of customer orders and meet varied fulfillment objectives. The application helps users manage customer order allocation and new product deployment planning throughout the supply chain. Order Management helps you achieve optimized fulfillment, rapid order processing cycles, cost-effective sourcing of inventory to customer orders, and increased revenue with capabilities such as substitution, cross-selling items, and Value Added Services. · Save time processing orders with easy-to-use Windows features and "Drag and Drop" capabilities. · Improve customer support, order monitoring, and order maintenance with access to detailed order status information. · Confirm current inventory availability and future availability. · Set up prices by customer, part, · Define primary and alternate warehouses for each customer. · Track inventory easily. · Reserve inventory for priority customers with future ship dates. market, commodity, or groups. · Adjust prices "across the board" to eliminate redundant adjustments. · Use custom formulas to create any combination of prices or discounts. · Define commissions for sales staff. Price Book is a flexible pricing and commissions tool. This module integrates with the Order Management window and other ERP pricing packages. The application maintains its definitions in a separate database from the ERP database, with derivations available through an open COM interface, allowing Price Book to be a centralized pricing solution. · Establish price breaks based on cost or quantity (e.g., spend $100 and get a 20% discount, or buy two and get 20% off).

Price Book



Order Management continued...

Customer Order Entry & Invoicing

Infor VISUAL Enterprise's Customer Order Entry & Invoicing features allow you to access complete sales order information instantly, while providing your customer service representatives with online support to enter and track customer orders and create invoices. Infor VISUAL Enterprise is fully integrated from the point of customer quotes through customer order entry, engineering, production, costing, shipping, and customer service. This allows customer service representatives to take action on credit problems, reschedule requirements, and release orders in a timely manner to meet required shipment dates. It also provides access to crucial data including general customer information and credit status, order backlog, material and resource availability, order acknowledgments, commissions, percentage of completion, and shipping information. Comprehensive sales analysis reports help decision-makers track everything from customers to sales representatives. · Access information about customers including, but not limited to, customer-specific price lists, discounts by part and customer, and online credit checking, as well as customer-specific part numbers, descriptions, and drawing numbers. · Calculate sales tax by order or by individual line item. · Specify sales commission splits with variable percentages. · Print pre-formatted sales acknowledgments, sales orders, invoices, and shipping labels, as well as comprehensive sales analysis reports by product code, customer, or sales representative. · Create multiple delivery schedules and shipping addresses, allowing quick and easy entry of Blanket Orders for customers. · Fully support RMA (Return Material Authorization) information for customer orders. · Generate customer orders from quotes to automatically create order line item details within firmed work orders. · Access online information including customer open order balance, open receivable amounts, last payment date, average payment days, last order date, and total payments. · Verify credit limits and aged receivables when entering customer orders.



Contact Center

Contact Center is offered as part of the standard functionality within Infor VISUAL Enterprise. It helps you retain your existing customers and acquire new accounts by tracking "everything there is to know" about your prospects and customers. You can schedule activities, write letters and e-mails, and keep detailed notes about conversations with contacts. You can easily view histories, tasks, and other sales data for every contact, at every account. You can also access important back office data such as accounts receivable, current part inventory, return material authorization (RMA) status, estimates, sales orders, credit status, shipments, and more. · Access your company, product, and pricing events with the fully customizable VFO Today Electronic Bulletin Board. · Send e-mails, letters, and documents easily with direct integration with Microsoft Office. · Use the "Mail Merge" feature to instantly send information to multiple contacts. · Schedule and assign tasks and activities, and track details such as driving directions and meeting highlights.


· Find accounts and/or contacts rapidly with advanced search-and-find capabilities. · Convert prospects to customers automatically without redundant data entry. · Track calls, meetings, and To Do tasks with Calendar Management. · Customize your views and classify contacts or accounts with user-defined fields. · Create organizational charts to easily track account decision makers. · Develop on-the-fly custom reports or view important data using the standard reports included in Contact Center. · Customize the Navigation Explorer Bar to execute other applications that you use on a daily basis, such as Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint®.




Infor VISUAL Enterprise allows you to easily coordinate material purchases by providing online decision support that simplifies record keeping. It helps you maintain control of inventory to enhance your company's cash flow and shorten delivery times. Infor VISUAL Enterprise handles all types of purchases, including inventoried items, supply items, outside service operations pertaining to a manufacturing order, and subcontracted items that require components being sent to the vendor. Drop shipments can include specific locations other than the primary ship-to address, such as various warehouses or customer locations. Infor VISUAL Enterprise's purchasing module provides standard form reports such as purchase orders, acknowledgments, and order lists for purchasing personnel, as well as analytical accounts payable-related reports, including purchase order lists and accrual reports. · Specify multiple parts and delivery dates on purchase orders, approved vendor lists for each part, and include the vendor's and/or manufacturer's part number for cross-referencing. · Generate vendor RFQs (Request for Quote). · Generate vendor purchase requisitions. · Use standard reports to review all requirements not covered by purchasing; compare on-hand, on-order, and allocated levels at a glance; and view suggested purchase dates by part, product, or commodity. · Book purchase accruals based on goods received from the vendor automatically. · Maintain Blanket Purchase Orders, supporting multiple delivery schedules and shipping addresses. · Enter purchase orders, order receipts, and returns in real-time and let Infor VISUAL automatically calculate the adjustments to POs. · Purchase materials directly to a job without having to assign internal part numbers. · Link a PO line item to a specific job requiring that item. · Issue materials to a work order when you receive items purchased directly to a job.



Concurrent Scheduling

Infor VISUAL Enterprise's Concurrent Scheduling feature includes two powerful tools, the Global Scheduler and the Scheduling Window , that work together to ensure the most efficient use of your materials and resources and provide the information you need to deliver your product on time. Infor VISUAL Enterprise was the first software system to feature Concurrent Scheduling, which considers both material and capacity constraints when generating your shop schedule. The Global Scheduler develops a schedule for all firmed and released work orders based on due dates, priority, and resource and material availability. The Scheduling Window allows you to view the schedule in a full-color, graphical format. Zoom in and out capabilities allow you to closely focus on a portion of the schedule or see the long-range plan of operations. The "Drag and Drop" feature allows you to make adjustments to the schedule quickly and simply by clicking and dragging with the mouse. Unlike other schedulers, the Global Scheduler details each attempt it makes to schedule the job.


· Choose finite or infinite scheduling; optionally set individual work centers to infinite within a finite schedule. · Verify material availability along with capacity. · Use forward and backward scheduling capabilities to make the most efficient use of your resources. · Calculate and display critical path and determinant path time lines. · Perform a capacity analysis to determine when too much or too little capacity has been allocated to a work center, and when you have excess capacity for a resource. · Run "what-if" scenarios to determine the effects of changes in capacity, load, or timing. · Use "Drag and Drop" to make scheduling changes quickly and easily. · View the comprehensive audit trail of scheduling attempts and results.



Master Scheduling & MRP

The Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module assists you in managing the balance between supply and demand. The MRP module provides a comprehensive analysis of your material situation, including the suggested action to restore balance. It suggests when to release supply orders (for either purchased or fabricated parts), based on the most up-to-date supply and demand information available. MRP helps reduce inventory, increase manufacturing productivity, and ultimately facilitates cash flow. Working with MRP, the Master Production Schedule (MPS) module translates your business plan, including your forecasted demand, into a production plan using firm planned orders in a true multi-level, optional component scheduling environment. With MPS driving the manufacturing process, you can avoid shortages, costly expediting, last minute rescheduling, and inefficient allocation of resources. · Integrate forecasts, master schedule items, sales orders, and firm-planned orders for MRP processing. · Choose between various planning policy options including discrete, minimum/maximum order quantity, fixed period, period supply, etc. · Peg MRP planned orders to the "next" and "top-level" assemblies. · Generate material reports with options for netting methods, various sort orders, and other filtering options. · Generate MRP by independent warehouses; view supply and demand separately in these warehouses. · Consolidate planned parts within the Master Production Schedule. · Produce master schedules and forecasts for any level in the Bill of Material for any kind of part. · Maintain separate forecasts by customer. · Maintain and manipulate the Master Production Schedule forecasts using the Statistical Sales Forecasting module. · Explode all assembly schedules into component requirements and choose between including or excluding firmed, released, unreleased, closed, or canceled requirements. · Review and implement rescheduling recommendations for work orders and purchase orders based on actual production and demand schedules by severity exceptions. · Choose regenerative processing or net change for level-by-level processing.



Shop Floor Control

Infor VISUAL Enterprise offers you complete shop floor control through seamless integration of all its features, including inventory control, material and labor tracking and reporting, purchasing, and scheduling. Infor VISUAL Enterprise provides complete control over production operations, which eliminates redundant data entry and ensures consistency and accuracy throughout the shop floor. · Quickly generate work order travelers that include work instructions, linked files, design documents, and pictures. · Capture and analyze all labor, material, burden, and service costs charged against each work order. · Schedule orders individually or collectively to monitor the load on your shop floor. · Generate dispatch lists for your work centers. · View the immediate status of completion for a job. · Receive to stock or ship from the floor. · Ensure accurate inventories by linking purchased materials to work orders. · Manage material requirements by the job, by stocking levels, or a combination of both. · Manage and conduct your business based on up-to-the-minute information, a result of seamless integration of order entry, inventory, production, shipping, and invoicing.



Executive Information System

Infor designed the Executive Information System (EIS) to provide executive decision makers with a powerful, yet simple tool that allows them to view and analyze key factors and performance trends in the areas of sales, purchasing, production, and finance. EIS allows you to see both summary and detail level data. You can display summarized data that reflects the overall status of your enterprise. EIS spotlights areas that need attention before situations become critical and costly by highlighting key performance indicators. Drill-down capabilities provide you with the flexibility to trace problem areas directly to the source. · Signal uncontrolled situations with upper and lower limit alarms. · Search, sort, and filter information using pre-programmed buttons. · Select which time frames to include and which measurements to monitor. · Point-and-click your way through an easy-to-use graphical display of Infor VISUAL Enterprise data. · Choose between pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs. · Display highly summarized data, then drill down to the detail level.



Inventory Control

Infor VISUAL Enterprise gives you more control over your inventory by providing greater accuracy and immediate access to inventory information throughout the company. Infor VISUAL Enterprise automates the process of tracking parts by adjusting inventory whenever you create a transaction involving a part. Inventory items can be designated as purchased, manufactured, stocked, or non-stocked so that you can immediately place a purchase order or issue a job order when you need a particular item. Infor VISUAL Enterprise also allows you to easily track material and costs on a per-project basis. The Material Planning window provides an online, in-depth, time-phased, netting evaluation of your complete supply and demand situation for your parts. The extensive reporting capabilities of Infor VISUAL Enterprise provide complete profiles of any part in the system. · Easily transfer parts between locations or warehouses. · Automatically issue materials by work order, operation, or sub-assembly. · Automatically issue floor stock items. · Set up specialized item pricing such as quantity and discounted pricing, contract pricing, etc., for both purchasing and selling. · Perform automated physical inventories, cycle counting, and ABC analysis. · Print standard reports that include a sales and purchase history and an inventory report of FIFO with cost. · Assign comprehensive part definitions including variable length part numbers up to 30 characters long, extended part descriptions, user-definable fields, and supplier information. · Stock goods in one unit of measure while purchasing, selling, and/or consuming on a work order in another unit of measure. · Assign multiple warehouse locations for a part and/or multiple locations within a single warehouse.



Inventory Control continued...

Interbranch Transfers

From the Inventory Control module, you also have the ability to perform Interbranch Transfers. An Interbranch Transfer (IBT) is an internal shipping document that allows you to accurately track the movement of part quantities between warehouses. Easy-to-use windows allow you to enter detailed shipping information, assign supply to outgoing IBTs and demand from incoming IBT lines, and ship and receive IBT quantities. · Receive up-to-the-second information about parts and quantities. · Enter, ship, and receive transfers quickly and easily. · View and control IBTs in the Material Planning window. · Enter detailed shipping information. · Assign supply to outgoing IBTs and demand from incoming IBT lines. · Expertly track inventory between warehouses.



Dimensional Inventory Tracking

Infor VISUAL Enterprise's Dimensional Inventory Tracking module provides you with an added level of control over your inventoried parts. Instead of simply seeing the total inventory quantity of the item, you can see the total quantity broken down by its various dimensional sizes. In addition, Dimensional Inventory Tracking allows you to issue a specified number of pieces by dimension, then lets the system calculate the correct total order quantity by making the necessary conversions. · Issue/return from WIP as well as Dimensional Inventory Tracking interacts with Infor VISUAL Enterprise so that any transaction involving a part causes all associated values to be immediately adjusted. This high level of integration allows you to purchase, receive, and enter a material requirement simply by entering the number of pieces of material, the required dimensions, and the warehouse location. Dimensional Inventory Tracking can also perform a physical inventory when you specify the number of pieces and dimenadjust in/out for drop management. · Receive partial pieces that differ in size than those listed on the originating purchase order. · Track inventory by location of pieces within the plant for managing drops. · Take a full physical inventory by specifying the number of pieces and their dimensions. sions of those pieces. · Define up to three dimensions and an unlimited number of dimensional records for each part. · Specify Unit of Measure conversions for materials. · Calculate purchase costs automatically.



Engineering Change Notice

The Engineering Change Notice (ECN) module allows you to establish controls and manage the process of making changes to documents and drawings, parts, Bills of Material (BOMs) and routings, work orders, and projects. · Create an ECN process flow with multiple ECN user groups and notification systems. · Generate and track ECN tasks and apply electronic signatures for approvals and task completion. · Track ECN and revision history on all parts, documents, bills of manufacture, work orders, and projects. · Maintain an audit trail of changes to the ECN record throughout the change process. · Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of changes to the Bill of Material and routings. · Apply engineering changes to some, or all, relevant in-process work orders. · Prevent transactions against parts and in-process work orders while they are under ECN control and notify engineers and production personnel of pending changes. · Update part or document revision levels automatically upon incorporating changes.



Common Sense Throughput for CEOs

Throughput is a measure of productivity that considers the contribution of a job or product toward company profit. It is calculated as the price of goods sold minus the cost to produce it. Infor VISUAL Enterprise's Common Sense Throughput TM is a strategy for using this information to aggressively increase the profit of a manufacturing company by working a schedule that will increase throughput. Through the use of the Common Sense Throughput strategy, Infor VISUAL Enterprise uses measurements not commonly found in ERP and MES systems. Infor VISUAL Enterprise uses the Throughput Window to access a variety of reports and inquiries: Actual or Expected Throughput reports, and Utilization, Contention, and Material Constraint inquiries. These tools provide the information to be discussed at the daily Common Sense Throughput meetings. CEOs can use Common Sense Throughput to avoid incorrect decisions based on allocations and theoretical profit of a piece. · Graph throughput inquiries at a daily, weekly, or monthly level. · Drill down to view shipment, costing, allocations, or work order finish date information. · Compare and match customer orders with work orders. · Choose to include unavailable or on-hold inventory in inquiries. · Determine the ten most frequently used resources by schedule, load/ capacity ratio, incidents of highest severity of contention, or user-defined time span. · Create trend graphs by shop resource. · View the past orders that have generated maximum throughput for time spent at bottleneck resources. · Determine the orders in the future that should generate maximum throughput for time spent at bottleneck resources. · View an audit trail that reliably identifies potential resource and material bottlenecks, both primary and secondary. · Create throughput data for an unlimited number of schedule simulations. · Obtain accurate measurements of absolute profit contribution.




Workflow allows companies to automate their business processes, integrating policies and procedures with information flow according to predefined conditions or rules. Workflow is a business process management tool that allows information to pass from one person or department to another through a process cycle. Predefined rules dictate courses of action. Infor VISUAL Enterprise offers master, predefined, and user-defined workflow templates to help users create and ensure a logical, repeatable flow of data. After defining a workflow, companies can release this design into the Infor VISUAL system where it operates behind the scenes. Various mechanisms notify users of tasks and activities that require action. The system can route information, such as customer orders, purchase orders, or engineering changes, to internal and external participants in the business process, incorporating approval functions along the way. Users can also conveniently track and monitor the status of documents using Workflow. · Create workflow tasks for users. · Initiate approvals for workflow steps. · Track individual workflow documents thoughout the process. · Assign e-mail notification for workflow steps. · Automate business processes. · Route documents throughout the organization. · Ensure information stays up-to-date. · Shorten the lifecycle of otherwise more lengthy manual processes.



Data Import Utility

The Data Import Utility (DIU) provides a Bill of Material and Part import interface to Infor VISUAL Enterprise for third-party applications. The third-party applications must generate a properly formatted flat file (that follows Application Program Interface guidelines) to pass to the DIU for import. Users can run DIU interactively or by command line from an external program. The DIU will validate all fields, recalculate required quantities, and produce a log of all transactions during the import process. · Link third-party applications with Infor VISUAL Enterprise. · Create Infor VISUAL engineering masters, work orders, and quotes from external data. · Create new parts in Infor VISUAL from external data. · Manage imported data with a program that validates fields, recalculates required quantities, and maintains a record of all transactions.




Messages is a powerful workflow communication tool for your manufacturing business. It transmits important information to the appropriate person, either within or outside of your company, using the familiar features of e-mail. For example, you can automatically send an e-mail message to your customer when you ship their order. In addition to e-mail, Messaging also delivers alerts to user workstations, pagers, cellular phones, printers, and fax machines. You define the important events within the manufacturing process that trigger Infor VISUAL Enterprise to create and transmit messages to key personnel. This allows your employees to focus on other business without the necessity of constantly "checking in", while ensuring that they will be informed of, and can act on, critical information. · Direct messages to company e-mail, Internet e-mail, user workstations, pagers, cellular phones, printers, and fax machines. · Choose between multiple event types, including user-defined queries. · Set up automatic database queries. · Request status information on messages. · Generate and route automatic messages to one or more recipients based on events that occur within Infor VISUAL Enterprise. · Specify standard messages, or define your own variable content message. · Include binary data, pictures, bitmaps, and text documents.



Management Reporting

Management Reporting provides powerful data access and reporting tools for Infor VISUAL Enterprise and Infor VISUAL Financials, allowing you to easily analyze and manage enterprise and accounting data. You can easily build customized queries and forms, define business graphics, and create complex crosstabular reports. Additionally, the system's throughput management tools help you to pinpoint resource contention, or bottlenecks, to improve your shop floor schedules, increase on-time delivery and improve profit. · Define queries, reports, and forms with an easy-to-use graphical interface and point-and-click technology. · Use report templates to simplify report building. · Analyze data with a variety of built-in features. · Define business graphics quickly. · Access secure, enterprise-wide data.



Return Material Authorization

Infor VISUAL Enterprise allows companies to manage Return Material Authorizations (RMAs); documents that control the return of parts previously sold and shipped to a customer. Costing issues become complicated when repairs and replacements are an issue, especially when users take in to consideration that the original customer order may not exist in the system, or that the parts being repaired originate from another source. An RMA is a document that contains an ID, status, and other identification about who is returning the material and for what purpose. · Maintain documented control over the return of parts. · Track information that will help you improve both customer service and overall part quality. · Receive material returns for customer credit. · Issue repair or replacement orders for returned materials.



Lot & Serial Traceability

The Lot & Serial Traceability module was designed for manufacturers who require more stringent control over product tracking. Lot & Serial Traceability provides this control by creating a trace record (known as a Trace Profile) for each lot number, serial number, or other grouping of a part, and by automatically tracking each part as it flows through your plant. You can assign additional information including a description, expiration date, and other user-definable fields. Within Infor VISUAL Enterprise, Lot & Serial Traceability tracks the part from receipt of materials from the vendor through delivery of the product to the customer, as well as all intermediate levels. As jobs move through the plant, operators are prompted for additional information when receiving and issuing material and reporting labor. Inquiry capabilities allow you to review the flow of material lots and serialized parts as they move through the manufacturing process. · Track raw material lot numbers. · Use the description, expiration date, and ten user-defined fields to track information for each lot. · Assign serial numbers to finished products and components used within a Bill of Material. · Trace a customer shipment back to the raw material lot used to produce the finished part. · Perform online inquiries by part for lot numbers and serial numbers received or shipped as well as inventory balances. · Customize part traceability requirements and specify special tracking requirements by part. · Assign alpha and numeric properties to trace parts. · Assign lot numbers for purchased materials at receipt or for finished products coming from the shop floor.



Infor VISUAL Business Intelligence

Powered by business intelligence technology known as Graphical Performance Series ® (GPS), Infor VISUAL Business Intelligence (VBI) offers pre-packaged views, as well as indepth customizable management views and reports that allow users to analyze key performance metrics. VBI's powerful reporting tools provide clear answers about what is happening with revenue or operating costs and, more importantly, highlight the factors that reveal why situations occur. This allows managers to make more strategic and profitable business decisions. By deploying VBI across their enterprise, companies can take advantage of complete OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing), graphing, and reporting functionality. By manipulating and viewing shared multidimensional information, users can pool information in VBI from across Infor VISUAL Enterprise and other in-house applications. VBI also collects metrics about multi-site operations and worldwide sales statistics and combines this data into a single view. With improved access to critical information, and by avoiding the time and cost associated with creating and distributing reports, companies can save money and focus on continuous improvement. VBI integrates with Microsoft ® Excel. · Choose the option of eDeployment; VBI's Web Client offers full OLAP, graphing, and reporting functionality, which users can access via a network, the Web, or e-mail. · Access key performance indicators and scorecards and drill down to specific information using an executive dashboard (Excel-based graphical display). VBI will automatically send e-mail alerts to notify personnel when the indicators exceed a defined threshold. · Receive clear answers as to what is happening with revenue or operating costs and understand the factors that reveal why situations occur; get a clear, comprehensive view of your business performance. · Make more strategic and profitable business decisions with accurate data available at the click of a mouse. · Eliminate the time and cost associated with creating and distributing reports; save money and focus on continuous improvement. · Perform in-depth business data analysis using query and reporting tools that integrate with Infor VISUAL Enterprise. · Collect metrics about multi-site operations and worldwide sales statistics and combine this data into a single Information View. · Create custom reports that include exception highlighting, calculated fields, rankings, and other features.



Infor VISUAL eBusiness

Infor VISUAL eBusiness is a Web-based solution that makes it easy for manufacturers and distributors to put order information online and implement a self-service storefront. This application supports both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Businessto-Consumer) transactions and is flexible enough to accommodate various business models. The core functionality within Infor VISUAL Enterprise includes Foundation to help companies quickly get started on their ebusiness initiatives. Companies can personalize their Web pages using a generic framework that functions with their customer database. The intuitive architecture of each page enables users with even the most basic skills to customize the format and convey their company's "look and feel." Customization requires minimal editing. · Provide customers with the ability to place orders via the Internet in a shopping cart format. · Improve customer service and eliminate response time. · Display part specifications, product catalogs, product listings by category, and customer-specific pricing. · Secure your site and ensure customer confidentiality. · Improve selling efficiencies. · Decrease sales order costs. · Allow customers to request quotations (RFQs) and estimates. · Offer detailed search capabilities and the ability to create multiple wish lists. · Access enhanced account management options. · Offer customers access to part availability information, shipment tracking, and lists of substitute and crossselling items. · Allow detailed part searches. · Provide customers with the ability to create wish lists.



Infor VISUAL Barcode

To meet your inventory management and labor tracking needs, Infor offers you Infor VISUAL Barcode (BTS). Using barcode technology, Infor VISUAL BTS allows your enterprise to automate material and labor tracking processes, print industry-compliant barcode labels, and eliminate data entry errors. Infor VISUAL BTS offers three optional modules: Automated Material Tracking System (AMTS), Automated Labor Tracking System (ALTS), and Wedge/PC Barcoding to help you manage material, inventory, and labor and optimize your workflow. It also offers a label print utility that seamlessly integrates Infor VISUAL Enterprise and Loftware ® Print Server 2000, providing barcode label design and printing technology. Together with industry-leading Loftware label design and print software, Infor VISUAL BTS supports a range of customer and standard label types. Automated Material Tracking System (AMTS) By incorporating AMTS functionality, Infor VISUAL BTS uses barcode hardware to help companies optimize inventory and manage material and finished goods. With barcode technology, you no longer have to search for "lost" parts or wait for batch updates to perform planning activities. Infor VISUAL BTS provides the functionality and integration that you need to control inventory from receipt through shipping and improve customer service. · Perform PO receipts, as well as issues to/from work orders. · Track and ship inventory in a timely and cost effective manner. · Perform physical inventory counts more quickly, easily, and accurately. · Optimize warehouse operations by keeping inventory flowing smoothly between locations. · Print barcode labels from any of the industry-standard barcode thermal printers. · Ensure inventory accuracy. · Improve customer service and decision making with real-time information about inventory and locations.

Material Barcoding



Infor VISUAL Barcode continued...

Labor Barcoding

Infor VISUAL BTS helps you record the accumulation of direct labor hours expended against a work order, as well as the accumulation of indirect labor hours not specific to a work order. Infor VISUAL BTS offers two optional modules of barcode tracking: Automated Labor Tracking System (ALTS) and Wedge/PC Barcoding.

Wedge/PC Barcoding

The Wedge/PC Barcoding module uses an Infor VISUAL workstation attached to a wedge input device. You enter data via a barcode wand or laser gun and the PC keyboard. Entries appear directly on the PC screen, allowing you to view more extensive information than can be displayed on a simple entry device. · Enter data quickly and accurately using a barcode wand or laser scanner and the keyboard. · Track labor information instantly. · Choose between single and multiple job modes, and define either a time or cost basis for prorating multiple jobs. · Track clock in, clock out, indirect labor, and direct labor, including both setup and run information. · Use integrated serial and/or lot number tracking (available as an add-on module).

Automated Labor Tracking System (ALTS)

Infor VISUAL BTS offers you the ability to use radio frequency barcode readers to track labor transactions in real-time using the Automated Labor Tracking System (ALTS). Using the ALTS module and the Radio Frequency (RF) scanning system, you gain more control over the labor entry components in your system, improve accuracy, and promote real-time access of labor information throughout the company.



Infor VISUAL Easy Lean

Simplified Market Pull

Infor VISUAL Easy Lean is a fast-implementing solution from Infor that provides the protection you need for your planning and execution processes. It is a scheduling method that works with Infor VISUAL Enterprise and delivers significant results within 30-90 days. With a few small changes to your traditional planning methods, such as setting up shipping and inventory buffers, you can gain visibility into your materials and production. This visibility allows you to make better decisions, release inventory at optimal times, and smooth production flow. It helps you avoid chaotic situations on the production floor, take on increased business, and ultimately drive more money to your bottom line. Whether you operate as a make-to-order or make-to-stock company, Infor VISUAL Easy Lean can protect your on-time deliveries through shorter lead-times and provide the critical information you need to overcome market constraints and increase business and profits. Unlike traditional scheduling solutions, Infor VISUAL Easy Lean focuses on pulling materials through the shop (Simplified Market Pull), which helps keep your inventory levels low and your ability to respond to customers high. · Reduce on-hand inventory and shorten lead-times. · Keep flow throughout production and stay efficient with lean business processes. · Avoid stock-outs and misappropriation of goods. · Quote shorter lead-times with supreme confidence and go after sales opportunities requiring aggressive deliveries. · Gain visibility into your materials and production, allowing you to make more profitable decisions. · Respond to the market quickly. By incorporating shipping and inventory buffers into scheduling, the system allows you to protect both customer due dates and constraint resource schedules, as well as protect the availability of raw materials, purchased parts, common subassemblies, replacement parts, and finished goods. · Protect your ability to deliver on time every time; protect pre-production, production, semi-finished goods, and finished goods. · Manage market constraints and increase your ability to compete in the global marketplace.



Statistical Sales Forecasting

The Statistical Sales Forecasting module automatically prepares accurate forecasts quickly and easily. Whether you require forecasts for hundreds or thousands of items, it selects the best model for each individual series, optimizes the parameters, and creates the forecasts. You can easily graph results, view the forecast reports, and make discretionary adjustments instantly. You can either specify the methodology, or allow the Statistical Sales Forecasting module to choose automatically. No statistical knowledge is required to use this module. · Automatically generate forecasts using a wide variety of options including automatic model selection, trading day adjustment, power transformations, and forecast evaluation. · Evaluate your forecast to fine tune model selection and compare different forecasting systems. · Generate and print forecasts, confidence limits, model details, and diagnostics. · Import data from any database or spreadsheet. · Export data into Lotus ® and Excel spreadsheets, ASCII files, or directly to the Infor VISUAL Enterprise database.





Infor VISUAL DBR (Drum-Buffer-Rope) is an application for production planning inspired by the Theory of Constraints (TOC) business management philosophy developed by Dr. Eli Goldratt. Incorporating Murphy's Law, which states, "Anything that can go wrong, will," Drum-Buffer-Rope includes features to help companies create production schedules that are protected from the adverse effects of "Murphy" events. Using time buffers to accommodate occurrences, such as last-minute customer requests, unreliable vendors, and absent employees, the system works to ensure customers receive products on-time. DrumBuffer-Rope is an approach for regulating the flow of work-inprocess at, or near, the full capacity of the most restricted resource in the manufacturing chain.


· Determine your constrained resource(s) and generate production schedules protected from "Murphy's Law." · Establish optimal dates for releasing material. · Identify orders with scheduling problems quickly using the Buffer Management Window. · Use the DBR Scheduler to take corrective action and avoid unwanted and costly delays. · Create multiple "what if" scenarios and compare them to the standard shop floor schedule to determine the best plan for on-time delivery and highest throughput. · Use the Customer Service Impact window to see the effects of changing capacity on your constrained resource. · Define and record problem classifications and standard buffer sizes for each product or job. · Edit buffers company-wide or individually on engineering masters and work orders. · Integrate Infor VISUAL DBR data throughout Infor VISUAL Enterprise, using the Manufacturing Window, the Scheduling Window, and the Throughput Window.



Infor VISUAL Advanced Material Planning

Designed to accommodate the needs of make-to-stock and repetitive manufacturers, the Infor VISUAL Advanced Material Planning module helps you increase throughput by ensuring material availability, efficient allocation of resources, and costoptimized scheduling. The Material Planning Window, run in Advanced Planning mode, provides planning capabilities for both real and planned parts. User-defined color-coded demand fences allow you to view the availability of parts for both real and forecasted demand within user-specified time periods by manipulating Planning Calendars. By showing all demand and supply, including planned orders, the system generates Exception and Shortage messages from which you can prioritize your activities. Using MRP by Warehouse, you can define warehouses as independent and plan parts separately for each warehouse by establishing individual planning factors. This allows full multi-warehouse inventory planning and control. · Be alerted to exception conditions and view system recommended remedial actions. · Firm multiple planned orders for a variety of parts for a specified date range. · Define Planning Bills of Material that include sub-assemblies for real or planned parts. · Create alternate Master Production Schedule scenarios via Planning Forecasts. · Identify multi-level part relationships and specify the percentage of each subordinate part to the parent. · Generate MRP by independent warehouses; view supply and demand separately in these warehouses. · Facilitate intelligent planning, viewing, and managing of parts with multiple Planning Calendars and multiple scheduling date options (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly, etc). · Drill down to view item details for customer orders, work orders, and planned orders while viewing summary information by time period. · Master schedule planned parts from the Master Production Schedule window, including manipulation/consolidation of customer forecast data.



Infor VISUAL Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Any organization that exchanges information can use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), including enterprises involved in procurement/purchasing, finance, trade and transport, health, law, and revenue/tax collection. EDI can help you reduce paperwork and administrative lead times, send timely business transactions, access information quickly and easily, and eliminate redundant data entry. These benefits allow your enterprise to adopt more efficient practices such as Just-In-Time, Quick Response, and Direct Store Delivery. To achieve the maximum benefit of implementing EDI, you must integrate this business process with your existing enterprise systems. Infor VISUAL Enterprise Data Interchange (VMDI) helps you accomplish this task by providing a link between the EDI data and your Infor VISUAL Enterprise software. This optional module works with your EDI software to import and export data between your Infor VISUAL database and the EDI application. You can import firm demand to customer orders, track cumulative quantities, and maintain fabricated and raw material authorizations. In addition, the customer order import allows you to automatically access and update pricing, units of measure, contact information, terms of sale, and ship-to information if needed. · Create any standard transaction to meet the EDI requirements of your trading partners. · Convert inbound EDI documents into customer orders and forecasts. · Manage releases and ship schedules from your customers. · Maintain fabricated and raw material authorizations. · Cross-reference Customer Part IDs to Infor VISUAL Part Numbers. · Create data files for Advanced Ship Notices, Vendor Purchase Orders, and Invoices. · Track and enter orders using features such as Ship-to by line item and delivery schedule line. · Operate your integrated EDI processes manually or in unattended or "Hands Off" mode.



Infor VISUAL Product Configurator

The Infor VISUAL Product Configurator is a development tool for manufacturers of complex, highly configurable products with numerous standard and available options. It enables your sales force to correctly customize and configure your product, then quickly and easily create quotes and customer orders in Infor VISUAL Enterprise. Infor VISUAL Product Configurator is a sophisticated configurator and compatibility engine that handles all requests for changes to the base specification through an easy-to-use Windows interface. The end result is a product specification that has been fully checked for component compatibility and completeness. The Product Configurator is rules-based and enables accurate point-of-sale customization, configuration, and pricing. Infor VISUAL Product Configurator supports a Parametric Configurator, allowing for the setup and creation of Bills of Material and Engineering Masters based on user-defined criteria. The user can create a set of options and assign a series of complex formulas which, in turn, define the possibility of custom parts, configured and priced based on the customer's needs. · Integrate various toolkits for use within the Configurator. · Create engineering designs for complex engineer-to-order or configure-to-order products using rules-based parameters. · Define engineering rules for including, excluding, and combining features. · Define complex, user-defined formulas for weight, quantity, and length calculations. · Configure your product's features and options dimensionally. · Maintain product, data, and price information quickly and easily. · Create a quote and Bill of Material automatically from an engineering design. · Enter catalog numbers easily with Product Code Nomenclature.



Infor VISUAL DesignLink

Infor VISUAL DesignLink works with applications such as AutoCAD ® from Autodesk to seamlessly integrate your engineering operations with your manufacturing operations. This allows enterprises to maintain and retrieve engineering and manufacturing information from a single, accessible source, improving communication, eliminating data entry, and ensuring consistency. With Infor VISUAL DesignLink, you can create a Bill of Material (BOM) or Parts List within an existing or new drawing, and then use that information to build an engineering master, work order, or quote within VISUAL Enterprise that includes both materials and operations required in the manufacturing process. It provides a dynamic link between information in the AutoCAD drawing and the Infor VISUAL database, allowing you to browse and add parts directly between the two applications. Infor VISUAL DesignLink ensures control on the shop floor by allowing you to maintain and track engineering changes separately within Infor VISUAL Enterprise without updating the original drawing. This allows you to modify designs at the shop level without changing the original design template. · Update the Infor VISUAL Enterprise parts database with new parts supplied by engineering. · Create a BOM from an engineering design and create a new BOM each time you make revisions. · Eliminate redundant data entry by automatically adding pertinent information between applications. · Create drawing header information for storing and accessing files and for building part information. · E-mail an export file of drawing information to your associates. · Allow engineering and manufacturing personnel to access the same design information within the context of their typical working environment. · Synchronize information throughout your enterprise, including up-to-date data about parts availability. · Create multiple BOMs from a single engineering drawing and maintain customizations within Infor VISUAL Enterprise to preserve the integrity of the drawing.



Infor VISUAL Equipment Maintenance

Plant and Equipment Maintenance improves your ability to schedule routine internal maintenance and generates revenue for your company by allowing you to maintain customer service agreements and schedule preventative maintenance tasks for customer-purchased products. The integrated system provides a single information source from which you can track and access data about multiple and customer-specific maintenance agreements. Plant and Equipment Maintenance also helps you respond quickly to unplanned repairs with minimal effect on production and delivery. Regularly scheduled maintenance usually prevents most equipment problems from occurring, but unfortunately, unexpected problems do arise. By tracking maintenance activities within a single system, you can view equipment histories and guarantee that you stock the parts typically needed for repairs, which allows you to respond immediately to service requests. Plant and Equipment Maintenance makes servicing customer agreements and your own equipment less time consuming and more manageable. · Schedule labor resources to perform tasks. · Assign service tasks to Regional and Branch locations (for multi-plant operations). · Bill customers for services quickly and easily. · View reports instantly about previous maintenance issues. · Maintain multiple, customer-specific maintenance agreements. · Log reported problems into the intuitive "Call Center" display window. · Record detailed information about unplanned maintenance activities including Fault Type and Fault Codes, Urgency and Escalation Codes, and response Remedy Type and Remedy Codes. · Maintain schedules for preventative maintenance tasks for plant equipment, internally-used products, and customerpurchased products. · Maintain multiple task schedules for a single piece of equipment (daily, weekly, monthly, annually). · Generate work orders for maintenance tasks and track revisions to that work order.




Infor VISUAL CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provides the tools you need to manage your prospects, customer accounts, contracts, and sales and marketing campaigns. Infor VISUAL CRM includes a Contact Center foundation module, as well as five optional, add-on modules to address your company's individual requirements: Sales, Help Desk, Field Service, Marketing, and Remote Sync. · Assign quotas by sales representative, territory, business unit, branch, or division. · Develop and analyze revenue pipelines.

Help Desk

· Track customer calls and create a knowledge base of issues and resolutions.


· Improve the effectiveness of your sales team. · Develop price quotes and accurately configure products using the optional Parametric Configurator. · Convert quotes to estimates and orders automatically without redundant data entry.

· Manage information with Help Desk's automated record keeping and helpful search tools. · Log calls according to Part ID, serial

· Develop sales plans to chart the next step in a sales cycle. · Create estimates using a direct interface to Infor VISUAL Enterprise's Estimating Window.

number, product categories, and service contracts. · Prioritize calls and assign them to specialists for resolution. · Track the history of each resolution attempt, complete with a time, date, and user ID stamp.



Infor VISUAL CRM continued...

Field Service

· Deliver exceptional field service. · Manage service orders, warranty and maintenance contracts, dispatch scheduling, RMAs, inventory, and billing. · View maintenance schedules and assign appropriate technicians to service orders. · Improve customer satisfaction by managing inventory and labor to avoid delays. · Trace issues by Part ID, serial number, or service contract. · Enter service orders and search customer records quickly (search by contract number, serial number, or Part ID). · Auto-generate invoicing and assign charges to the General Ledger.


· Track the effectiveness of your campaigns and events. · Maintain catalogs of marketing literature and automate literature fulfillment. · Plan targeted strategies and increase your overall marketing ROI.

Remote Sync

Now your sales and service team can receive the most current information, even when they travel, with Infor VISUAL CRM's powerful synchronization technology, Remote Sync. After working offline, your remote users can dial-in to send information and download the latest leads, account history, and product data. This optional functionality helps improve productivity and eliminate manual errors by synchronizing data from the Sales module, Contact Center, and e-mail. You can transfer data quickly because Remote Sync updates only the fields you changed or added since the previous synchronization, not the entire database.



Infor VISUAL Quality Management

Infor VISUAL Quality Management is a fully integrated enterprise quality management system that addresses quality assurance issues in specific areas of your operations. You can establish, track, and manage every engineering activity and supply chain expectation while supporting business growth and profitability goals. You can create critical manufacturing specifications for products, processes, equipment, and measuring devices, and improve enterprise team collaboration with vendors, customers, and employees. Infor VISUAL Quality Management provides tools to help you automate associated design, pre-production, production, and post-production activities; expertly manage business performance; and easily collect, control, and analyze quality system data.

Engineering Project Management

· Initiate and drive short- and long-term engineering activities such as new product development, new OEM projects, and other critical activities.

Product Data Management (PDM)

· Unite part master information, Bill of Material detail, design characteristics, and key production specifications into one database environment to achieve complete control over products.

Infor VISUAL Quality Engineering and Product Management

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

· Manage engineering processes from concept and design through all phases of product development.

Document Management

· Centralize the location, change history, and document audits for electronic and physical documents.

Inspection Plans, FMEAs, and Control Plans

· Maintain critical product and process specifications with associated equipment, device, inspection, and control charting as defined in Product Data Management and Process Management. · Create inspection plans linked to statistical process control (SPC) for engineering review and evaluation.



Infor VISUAL Quality Management continued...

Equipment and Tooling Management

· Use tools for preventive and reactive maintenance, including equipment and tooling lists, integrated ERP and Preventive Maintenance scheduling, work order generation, spare part and equipment usage, Preventive Maintenance records, and more.

Process Capability & Statistical Process Control (SPC)

· Prepare control charts and perform management direction, planning, gage capability, process control and capability analysis, sampling plan preparation, and process detail documentation.

Calibration and Device Studies

· Document, schedule, and track devices and test equipment for calibration.

Infor VISUAL Quality Supply Chain Management

Customer, Supplier, and Employee Communication

· Involve suppliers, customers, and employees through documented and addressed feedback, advanced quality planning, and individual or team training.

Integrated Process Management (IPM)

· Identify problems that can positively or negatively impact operations before the product reaches shipping or material review board personnel.

Skills, Training, Qualifications, Productivity, and Performance Tracking

· Develop, track, inventory, schedule, and perform time-consuming tasks involved in managing human resources.

Skip-lot and Vendor Performance Management

· Manage either manual or automated ERP/Regular incoming and ERP/Skiplot inspections for customer-specified and internal receiving requirements.



Infor VISUAL Quality Management continued...

Automated Preventive Maintenance (PM) Scheduling

· Schedule and track all preventive and reactive maintenance.

Infor VISUAL Quality Management Workflow Tools

System-wide Task Management and Enterprise Team Collaboration

· Use the single point-of-reference window, My To Do List, to analyze all activities within the system, access employee work overload conditions, reassess priorities, and assign additional human resources.

Nonconformances (NCM) and Quality Traceability

· Detect, assign, and track continuous improvement activities using complete problem-solving details.

Corrective Actions and 8 Discipline (8D) Reports

· Manage assignments and performance with the system-wide task manager.

Cost of Quality and Audit Management

· Assess and control overall business performance and establish best direction for bottom line improvement.

Projects Management

· Record, schedule, and track resource usage and project assignment completion.

Multi-Vendor Workflow

· Manage your end-to-end e-business strategy from product conceptualization to multi-site worldwide distribution with the manufacturing business process as the central point.

E-mail Integration

· Employ e-mail messaging in conjunction with direct database-driven notification and activity tracking for individuals inside and outside the company.




Radio Frequency-Based

Infor VISUAL DCMS offers an advanced Radio Frequencyenabled Warehouse Management System (WMS) as part of Infor's complete end-to-end supply chain solution, Infor VISUAL Enterprise. It is an execution-based "4 walls" application designed to optimize inventory flows, labor planning, and resource management in the warehouse. Using online, real-time, point-of-work data collection via RF devices and client/server, relational database technology, Infor VISUAL DCMS manages inventory throughout the distribution cycle in a cost-effective and timely manner. It offers tools to increase throughput and provides advanced tracking and reporting capabilities. The application streamlines tasks for Distribution Centers that run Work In Process/Value Added Services (WIP/VAS). · Use a distributed architecture that accommodates single or multiple DCs with real-time, point-of-work processing. · Add or "turn off" features with a scalable and configurable system design. · Perform system-directed tasking and real-time updating of · Perform WIP/VAS, Hot SKUs, and Cross Docking, as well as standard Receipts-to-Stock and Returns. · Monitor and adjust your location and inventory automatically. · Use physical inventory tools to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. · Create finite capacity schedules using the full-color, graphical Distribution Scheduler, with advanced "What if" modeling and Active Alert features. · Take advantage of Wave Generation, which supports picking (including Zone Picking, Cluster Picking, and Batch Pick/Distribute) and replenishing styles (Demand-Based, Emergency, and TopOff). · Interface to industry-standard manifesting system. · Print shipping documentation including VIC's Bills of Lading (BOLs). · Use tools that support the Third Party the database using RF. · Access critical data using detailed windows, which helps you route and deploy inventory in a timely and profitable manner. · Gain tools for inbound operation planning and workload review along with Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), quality assurance, pallet building control, and system-directed putaway using point-of-work confirmation.



Infor VISUAL DCMS continued...


Infor offers a paper-based version of Infor VISUAL DCMS for smaller distributors that need a cost-effective alternative to Radio Frequency (RF) barcode scanning solutions. Infor VISUAL DCMS Paper-Based is an affordable, powerful option that allows companies to automate their operations, track inventory within locations, and take advantage of many of the features in Infor standard Warehouse Management System (WMS) product. It operates best in companies with zone picking environments that maintain simple work flows and perform manual routing. Infor VISUAL DCMS Paper-Based allows companies to avoid the higher-priced implementations of RF-based solutions while gaining the tools to plan, direct, and record all point-of-work transactions from a single, powerful system. Infor VISUAL DCMS Paper-Based offers a comprehensive DC Task Manager Window that enables companies to effectively control and monitor their entire warehouse staff and efficiently maintain location-level inventory accuracy without the use of RF terminal equipment. · Track Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), quantities, and inventory location. · Assign trailers, and plan, select, and print tasklist for picking. · Plan and view optimal schedules with "What If" capabilities. · Move inventory between storage locations and replenish picking locations. · Print shipping documentation including VIC's Bills of Lading (BOLs). · Perform cycle counting and physical inventory; monitor and research inventory discrepancies. · Use the Tasklists Window to plan, direct, and record all point-of-work transactions, including inbound, putaway, and outbound transactions. · Search tasks by category or other criteria and quickly assess order status. · Assign work to employees and maximize the use of key resources. · Review complete audit trails of warehouse activities; track inventory more precisely than ever before. · Use the DC Scheduler to plan efficient picking waves and picking tasks. The system supports zone picking and topoff replenishment.



Infor VISUAL Financials

Infor VISUAL Financials provides a total enterprise solution for your accounting needs. Infor VISUAL Financials helps you compete in the global marketplace by offering multi-currency capabilities and handling consolidation of disparaging charts of accounts between subsidiaries as well as differing system currencies. You can automatically create vouchers, generate invoices and credit memos, write checks on-the-fly, create customized reports, and post to journals. Infor VISUAL Financials includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Cash Management, and Cash Book, which fully integrate with Infor VISUAL Enterprise and allow for the seamless transfer of information. This ensures information is accurate and current, and eliminates the need for repetitive data entry. Each of the Infor VISUAL Financials modules is a fully functional system within itself--together they comprise a powerful set of tools for addressing the total accounting needs of your business. · Print vendor checks for invoices scheduled for payment. · Review extensive A/P information available on standard A/P reports. · Create journal entries for Infor VISUAL Financials General Ledger as a result of A/P processing. · Update miscellaneous charges to a work order and job cost information automatically in Infor VISUAL Enterprise from A/P invoices. · Create and maintain multiple remit-to addresses. · Allow for a flexible payment schedule negotiated with any of your vendors. · Write checks "on-the-fly" in support of immediate payment of invoices. · Create vouchers automatically through POs/receipts matching. · Apply credit memos to open vendor invoices. · Create recurring vouchers and specify the frequency. · Assign vendor accounts to specific A/P control accounts on the G/L.

Accounts Payable (A/P)



Infor VISUAL Financials continued...

Accounts Receivable (A/R)

· Generate A/R invoices automatically from shipping activities in Infor VISUAL Enterprise. · Assign customer accounts to specific A/R control accounts on the G/L. · Create journal entries for Infor VISUAL · Report customer prepayment and have Infor VISUAL automatically deduct the amount of the prepayment or credit from the invoice total. · Share A/R customer payment and · Generate credit memos from returns in Infor VISUAL Enterprise. · Create credit memos for price adjustments, then apply them to open invoices. · Apply cash receipts to specific customer invoices and determine how overpayments and underpayments should be credit data with Infor VISUAL Enterprise. · Manage credit risk customers with Collection Schedules. · Apply Collection Notes to provide diary-tracking capability for Credit Management. Financials General Ledger as a result of A/R processing. handled. · Review extensive A/R information available on standard A/R reports such as Aged Receivables, Customer History, and Customer Statements.



Infor VISUAL Financials continued...

· Reprint check controls. · Review financial information by printing standard G/L reports, or use the G/L Report Writer to create customized reports. · Define a Chart of Accounts that mirrors your enterprise structure. · Select the G/L reporting method, either monthly, 4-4-5, 13 Period, or a user-defined value. · Define multiple financial entities for consolidated reporting. · Create recurring journals, reversal journals, and automatic allocations based on rules you specify. · Post to multiple fiscal periods (including the future year), subject to definable controls. · Post journals created in Infor VISUAL Enterprise and Infor VISUAL Payroll to eliminate repetitive data entry and ensure data integrity. · Predict future cash flows, based on actual trends, through the use of the online, real-time capability of Cash

General Ledger (G/L)



Infor VISUAL Financials continued...

Management. · Post bank adjustments to the G/L during the reconciliation process. · Customize your window with various graphical display capabilities. · Create standard performance reports for payment, receipts, and shipments.

Cash Management

· Take advantage of Infor VISUAL's full multi-currency support. · Filter cash plans by specific corporate entity or combine multiple entities for a consolidated view of your organization's cash position and/or forecast. · Create unlimited cash plans. · Integrate actual cash performance, as well as projected and forecast data. · Use the Setup Wizard to guide you through the creation process. · Choose between multiple view capabilities to turn off/on actual, projected, and forecasted data.

Cash Book

· Mirror the bank statement and filter the Cash Book display to view only those items that correspond to the period covered. · Set cleared items individually, by range or by group, and mark as cleared. · Reorder the display in ascending or descending value by double-clicking on the column header. · Add multiple or single line adjustments with the click of a button. · Drill down and open any item in its native context, simply by doubleclicking on the desired record line. · Balance display control totals to easily check and compare to bank control totals. · Create standard reports including: -- Cash receipts register -- Cash payments register -- Cash Book -- Bank Reconciliation



Infor VISUAL Global Financials

Infor VISUAL Global Financials is Infor's latest solution designed specifically to meet the requirements of companies operating multiple entities, divisions, sites, and subsidiaries around the world. It is a transaction-based business management tool that helps companies effectively handle customer and supplier relationships, as well as comparatively monitor business performance across various levels of an organization. Created by Infor using the Microsoft .NET Framework, Infor VISUAL Global Financials enables companies to work within a multi-company and multi-currency environment with support for global consolidation. The application allows users to document all production and warehouse-related financial transactions and to segment financial data into appropriate entities for improved statistical and budget tracking and reporting. It promotes faster, accurate, real-time transactions and provides managers across all levels of the company with the information they need to make more informed business decisions. Infor VISUAL Global Financials is an advanced application to help manage all of your company's accounting and cash management demands. · Maintain customer and supplier relationships. · Manage data security with a user-friendly inquiry system. · Real-time processing of financial transactions. · Segment financial information into appropriate entities and business components for improved tracking and reporting. · Work within a multi-company and multi-currency environment with support for global consolidation.



Infor VISUAL Human Resources

Infor VISUAL Human Resources is a comprehensive data management and reporting tool. It maintains vital data about applicants and employees and provides numerous standardized reports. The flexibility of Infor VISUAL Human Resources allows you to track as much or as little information as you require. Because of its dynamic integration with Infor VISUAL Payroll, the shared data between the two applications eliminates the need for repetitive data entry, and ensures consistency and accuracy. · Use consignment tracking to monitor · Record and track job postings, applicant information, interview notes, and results. · Improve overall corporate awareness · "Hire" an applicant to automatically create an employee record in Infor VISUAL Payroll. · Track Time Accrual balance by employee, including automatically triggered increments, and reduction from Infor VISUAL Payroll payments. · Create or modify user-defined reports and queries through Gupta TM Report Builder and/or other third party report writing/OLAP tools. · View, print, e-mail, or export data from an assortment of standard reports. and provide a better level of service to your workforce. · Grant level of security access by processor. assigned company property. · Record and track employee performance, education, salary, attendance, seniority, and grievances. · Report and track accidents and workers' compensation claims. · Attach and preview files from several tracking screens and gain convenient access to critical information.



Infor VISUAL Payroll

Infor VISUAL Payroll is a sophisticated payroll processing and reporting system. It is fully integrated with other Infor VISUAL applications including Infor VISUAL Enterprise, Infor VISUAL Financials, and Infor VISUAL Human Resources. Information can easily be transferred between these applications, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry and ensuring the integrity of your data. Infor VISUAL Payroll supports all federal and state taxes and includes state-of-the-art functionality such as direct deposit, 401(k) plans, electronic tax and wage garnishment remittance using ACH or EFTPS payment systems, magnetic media tax filing, and sophisticated report sorting and timing features. · Import labor ticket entries from Infor VISUAL Enterprise, including proper breakdown of shift differential and overtime hours. · Create templates for standard earning and/or deductions to reduce data entry and input errors, and ensure accuracy. · Correct input errors during processing, without disruption. · Define company 401(k) plan(s), establish automatic deductions by employees, and automatically accrue 401(k) · Issue tax, assignment, and garnishment payments timely according to a user-defined payment schedule. · Grant level of security access by processor. · Direct deposit of employee wages with an unlimited number of splits. · Reconcile payroll bank accounts. · Create or modify user-defined reports and queries through Gupta Report Builder and/or other third party report writing/OLAP tools. · View, print, e-mail, or export data from an assortment of standard reports. company matches. · Track company and/or 401(k) loan balance and apply payroll withholdings to debt repayment. · Set up electronic payments and use ACH or EFTPS to generate tax and wage assignment payments rather than issuing paper checks.

Payroll Tax Tables

Users can subscribe to tax table maintenance support. This option allows users to conveniently download tax tables from that contain the most up-to-date federal and state tax rates for use with Infor VISUAL Payroll.



Infor VISUAL Time & Attendance

Infor offers a time and labor management system: Infor VISUAL Time & Attendance. Available in a limited license and full-scale offering, you can track employee attendance, manual time sheets, and manufacturing labor. You can configure each data collection station to accept any or all types of tracked transactions. User-definable compensation rules allow for flexible work cycle and pay calendar definitions, multi-level premium rules, and shift differentials, among others. Infor VISUAL Time & Attendance fully supports both piecework and incentive pay. Infor VISUAL Time & Attendance uses the compensation rules when calculating earnings, and exports the data to Infor VISUAL Payroll or other third-party payroll processors. Track the employee information you want to track; hourly workers, pieceworkers, and both exempt and non-exempt salaried employees. For salaried employees, you can generate a time sheet log, rather than Infor VISUAL Time & Attendance's standard clocking functionality. · Define holiday and payroll frequency calendars, and use auto-clock functionality to define breaks and meals, as well as grace periods, then specify whether they are paid or unpaid. · Automatically generate standard work schedules, based on shift definition parameters, with the ability to update generated schedules. · Use browser-based collection capabilities to track offsite users through a Windows MobileTM 2003 or later as well as a standard PC-based Internet Explorer interface. · Apply message trigger options to alert users to specific events or milestones. · Synchronize your Infor VISUAL systems' data to reduce redundant data entry. · Enable "total time accounting" to comply with DCAA collection methods. · Enable supervisory electronic time approval with electronic signature capabilities prior to calculating employee earnings. · Create extensive audit trails and employee information histories upon edits to time entries. · Take advantage of paperless manufacturing labor data collection, through the use of multiple types of hardware and direct interface to labor tickets.



Infor VISUAL Instructor

Infor VISUAL Instructor offers your employees focused training on the various business functions within Infor VISUAL Enterprise and Infor VISUAL Financials. Each course within Infor VISUAL Instructor includes five lessons that follow a transactional approach to the task presented. Employees learn by following instructions and participating in hands-on, interactive training. A final certification exam reinforces the lessons learned and tests for comprehension. Infor VISUAL Instructor helps supervisors teach new and existing users on Infor VISUAL quickly and efficiently and improves employee productivity. Supervisors can assign employees to various courses and confirm the completion of lessons. They can print user reports and track each employee's progress for internal Human Resource or quality certification. o Manufacturing Window o Material Planning Window o Service Planning Window o Physical Inventory Process

The Financials suite includes:

o Accounts Payable Invoice Entry o Accounts Receivable Invoice Entry and Billing o Accounts Receivable Management and Collections o Cash Management Infor is currently expanding the available courses within each suite and is developing a Web-based platform for future versions of Infor VISUAL Instructor. · Learn multiple lessons for each specific subject title. · Test users with review questions after each lesson; ensure employees learn the tools correctly by offering a "final exam" for certification. · Track employee statistics for companywide use in reports and for quality certification. · Bookmark pages so you can easily return to them for reference. · Ease the change to a new software system and allow employees to become comfortable with the application in a user-friendly environment. · Decrease the time for employees to learn new jobs, improving overall productivity.

The Manufacturing suite includes the following courses:

o Purchase Receipt Entry o Inventory Transaction Entry o Shipping Entry o Purchase Order Entry o Customer Order Entry



Infor VISUAL Mobile

Infor VISUAL Mobile allows users to access high-level business information from Infor VISUAL Enterprise using wireless handheld PCs. Infor developed the solution by combining the portability and convenience of handheld devices with browser-based Microsoft .NET technology, the high-speed networking capabilities of Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi), and direct integration to the Infor VISUAL database. Infor VISUAL Mobile helps managers stay responsive and agile by connecting them to real-time data when and where they need it. With Infor VISUAL Mobile, companies can enable employees to access crucial, real-time information from Infor VISUAL Enterprise whether they are on the road, in meetings, at home, or just away from their desks. By leveraging wireless Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) with direct integration to the Infor VISUAL database, managers, sales associates, and shop floor personnel can take immediate action whenever important events happen that affect their business. They can instantly track critical records and consistently make informed decisions, leading to increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction. · Connect to executive, financial, sales, and shop floor data, including: -- Order and shipment volumes, cash flow, work-in-progress, and product and profitability reports. -- Invoices, accounts receivable, accounts payable, gross profit, and short term cash plans. -- Customer contact information, quotes, orders, shipments, inventory part pricing, stock levels, inventory by warehouse, and demand versus order. -- Work order efficiencies and status, open, started, past due and completed jobs, expectant receipt of materials, foreman dispatch reports, jobs due by resource, and employee productivity. · Gain the portability and convenience of handheld devices with browserbased Microsoft .NET technology and the networking capabilities of Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi). · Integrate directly to the Infor VISUAL database without the need of a thirdparty interface. · Save time and energy by eliminating the delay of "having to go back to the office" to confirm information. · Access critical, real-time data instantly. · Improve service and sales by promoting accurate communication with customers and suppliers.



Infor VISUAL Project

If you are a project-based business or a professional services firm, Infor offers an Infor VISUAL Project solution that will have you managing with ease and accuracy. It's time for you to take advantage of features that unite your project managers with integrated data for capturing costs, maintaining contracts and projects, handling long lead-times, and delivering on-time complex projects. Your project-oriented customers need complex goods built to specification and delivered within budget. Your project managers need real-time integrated tools to track revenues, expenses, and profitability. Project Management automates workflow, increases efficiency, and, most importantly, promotes customer satisfaction. This solution facilitates teamwork and encourages the exchange of information. Project Management integrates with Infor VISUAL Enterprise to help you control project lifecycles with tools for: · Project/Contract Administration, including flowing down of terms and conditions. · Multiple Project Billing/Invoicing Methods, such as Milestone, Shipment, Progress, and Time and Materials. · Project Management and Project Control, including Budgeting and Estimate to Complete. · Project Inventory Management, including MRP by Project, Commingling Options, Virtual Project Warehouses, and Customer-Owned Material Control. · Project Profitability Tracking by Project and or Business Line. · Project Funds Tracking. · Bi-Directional Integration with Microsoft Project. · Maintaining Accounting Records compliant with DCAA, FAR and CAS. · Multiple Project Revenue Recognition Methods, such as Cost Plus Earned Fee, Shipment, Percentage of Completion, and Milestone. · Managing and controlling Complex Overhead Rates, including multi-year rates, waterfall burdening, and retroactive rate adjustment capability. · Project Costing by Work Breakdown Structure, including Earned Value Reporting.

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